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October 16, 2019
"I Spy" Quilt for kids, Thanks Joan! from Elaine Adair Pieces

Joan, I'm using your novelty fabrics!  So cute

I quilted this in big swoopy swirls - nothing fussy.  I put 2 straight lines of quilting in the border.   

(Notice, our lawn is still GREEN!)

This backing is some of the fabric given to me, hoping I'd use it in a kid's donation quilt.

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Expecting a Baby from TheEclecticAbuela

No, not I!

My son and his wife will be parents in November. What is an Abuela to do in that situation? Make a quilt, of course!

I was going to try to make a calm, sedate baby quilt, but my style choices are usually about as peaceful as a riot. Once I saw the Laurel Burch flannel--I was a goner. No more plans for pale green and grey--I wanted her wild animals.

Wild Baby 42" x 54"

Wild Baby (backing)

Wild Baby (backing and binding detail)

I went with a simple pattern to show off the fabrics. Also, since ...

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September 29, 2019
No Passport Required (Part 2) from TheEclecticAbuela

In my previous post, I outlined the steps I took in preparing to make this Trip Around the World quilt.

No Passport Required 112" x 122"

After the prep, it was time to sew!

I don't have many pictures of the actual sewing--it was just stitching square to square...

I worked from two corners towards the center, making two identical rows and attaching them to the previously sewn sections. In this way, I was building up two parts of the quilt at once. In the end, I would join the two pieces to create the ...

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