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October 25, 2020
Checking In to Say I'm Alive and Kicking from Quilty Folk

There's a new quilt in the hoop. Something easy and lighthearted. Possibly a little bit fallish too! It makes me very happy to have this in my lap late in the evening. Good vibes!
Dried Flowers

Of course I'm hand quilting it. Most of you know that machine quilting is definitely not my forte!
Getting sandwiched and pinned

I have a fond spot for this particular quilt. All the improv. strings make my heart sing. Plus using up the abandoned bits for the flowers was just pure fun. I'm probably overstating the case, but can you tell ...

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May 26, 2020
A Sweet Cozy Finish from Quilty Folk

It was a strange Memorial Day weekend. Usually we're up camping in the woods with a bunch of friends, young adults and teenagers, roasting hotdogs and trying to keep dry. This year we had a houseful of family and a little tiny campfire on the edge of our property. So nice to avoid the big push to get everything ready to go, but also a little bittersweet not being able to share that time with so many of our friends.

Makes me want to go to the beach!
Our son unexpectedly brought his family home for the entire week ...

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April 29, 2020
Playing With Fabric from Quilty Folk

I seriously thought about not posting this week as nothing very interesting has been happening around here. Life has been very quiet and restrained and as Kyle noted, creative juices seem to be acting rather sluggish. But I still have my quilt in the hoop and it's almost time to move the current one along and replace it with the new.

I Am a Maker next up in the hoop!
'I am a maker' is the next up in the hoop apparently. It's not the one that seemed like the most logical or sequential choice, but nevertheless, here ...

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April 7, 2020
One Stitch At a Time from Quilty Folk

So, even with all the stress and concerns of late, there are two new finishes around here. Funny how the finishes can be so far apart and then on occasion, somehow land on the same week. The first one 'Vintage Coxcombs', was started sometime in 2016 when I couldn't stand it any longer. Just needed to start a sunburst style applique block quilt with vaguely coxcomb details. No official pattern use, just something that I drew up from all sorts of inspiration seeds and cobbled together into a desired look.

Vintage Coxcombs is a completion!
These colors remind me ...

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March 24, 2020
Trying To Stay Sane in a Crazy World from Quilty Folk

I like to keep this blog mostly happy, but these are hard times. As an introvert, I'm someone who tends to pull inward during times of adversity. Regular posting, replying to comments, not to mention interesting new QAL's just seem to take entirely too much energy depending on what we've been dealing with on any specific day. Mentally and emotionally, I just don't seem to have any extra beyond helping to keep our family on an even keel.

Another layer for Ormes Inspired
Hand work has seemed to be the most satisfying lately even though I ...

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January 17, 2020
Finish It Up January from Quilty Folk

It's amazing how quickly something can happen once we're in the right frame of mind. This quilt project has been on the back burner for practically forever. Then comes January and I'm chomping at the bit to clear off the 'in-progress' list. Gotta free up space to start new projects!

Shimmer is a finished quilt top!
All the blocks were done, but I was dragging my feet big time. All those strippy pieces cut, sewn and then cut again? Yep. Though I pinned at every seam, just the weight of the rows kept pulling seams apart until ...

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November 26, 2019
Just Hitting the High Notes Then I Gotta Run from Quilty Folk

Life has been so busy lately, it almost feels like I'm in free fall, no control whatsoever. I know that's not exactly true, but with Thanksgiving right in front of us {and a litany of things going wrong lately}, it's definitely been hard to manage all the things that need attention. Quilting is happening in very random moments of time and blogging is all about the speed reading and smiles.

Joining the rows for Roman Stripe quilt
I'll catch up real quick and then probably disappear for another couple weeks. Whatever little bits of time I ...

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October 30, 2019
Checking Some Things Off the List from Quilty Folk

The little table runner is totally completed! I'm not sure there is enough hand quilting in the borders, but it's done. Not going to add more at this point.

The fall table runner
Next up in the hoop is Blue Plumes. It's kind of a different quilt for me, but other than admiring a similar shaped element in a shirt one day, the whole project idea is mine. 
Blue Plumes getting sandwiched and pinned
I can't believe this one has been at completed quilt top stage since 2017! Wowsers, does time fly! These funky looking fleur ...

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October 10, 2019
Here We Go Again from Quilty Folk

It was way past time for the Bullseye Medallion to get another border. I've been itching to get the red border on as the fabric just feels yummy. Only waiting for available floor space to properly lay things out and take a 'whole' quilt look!

The red border to Bullseye Medallion
My son {who has had the adjacent space next to the quilting room} finally moved out just last week. It only took him a month after he started talking about it and so I've been so {im}patiently waiting on him. Not that I wanted him to ...

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