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March 19, 2020
Ab morgen from Grit's Life

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

ich hoffe es geht Euch allen soweit gut. 
Bitte passt weiterhin gut auf Euch auf.

Heute habe ich etwas ganz tolles für Euch.
Ab morgen gibt es auf dem Blog von 
einen freien Mystery. 
Darauf bin ich sehr gespannt, denn ich mag Ihre Arbeiten und Stoffe unheimlich gern.

Sie benutzt für den Mystery Stoffe ihrer neuen Serie "Super Bloom".
Ich habe aus der kompletten Serie Fat Quarter (insgesamt 9 Meter Stoff) und 1/2m Pakete (insgesamt 18 Meter Stoff) gepackt. 

Ihr findet die Pakete und einzelnen Stoffe 

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February 26, 2020
Frolic Mystery Quilt from Becca's Crazy Projects

Part 3

I'm still working on my Frolic Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville. I shared previous progress in Part 1 and Part 2 blog posts. 
I was concerned I wouldn't have enough of the green for sashing, but after I cut a few strips of the black I discovered I had just enough.
I'm always challenged by blocks set on point. Not only is there the problem with keeping things from shifting because everything is on the bias, particularly along the edges, but it just takes longer to piece than blocks in rows and columns ...

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February 5, 2020
Frolic Mystery Quilt from Becca's Crazy Projects

Part 2

A couple weeks ago I shared Part 1 of my Frolic Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.
I've been making good progress on the many units that make up this quilt. First, I worked through the corner blocks.
Then, the side blocks.
I was finally filling in units and it was starting to look like a quilt.
This past weekend I managed to finish all the blocks. Now, I move on to the sashing. I don't make many quilts with sashing because it always seems like so much work. Great results, though.

Tools and supplies ...

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January 22, 2020
Frolic Mystery Quilt from Becca's Crazy Projects

Part 1
Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville hosts a mystery quilt that begins the day after Thanksgiving in the United States.

Frolic began on Black Friday in 2019. I wasn't excited about the mystery quilt this time. I did buy some fabric, but I didn't have the interest to actually play along with the mystery. This isn't the fault of the designer, just a general feeling of not wanting to make a quilt without knowing where I was going. I waited until after the reveal to settle on my colors.
I picked up the black and the gray ...

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January 20, 2020
I Do Love a Good Mystery from Hooked on Quilting

As mentioned before, I greatly enjoy reading mysteries. It has something to do with the need to have my brain in constant motion in order to keep myself from becoming bored. Yes, I do read the occasional romance novel, but they’re almost always so hokey and unrealistic that slogging through a whole one is quite an effort. No, give me a good who-dun-it, and I’m happy. What has this to do with tea, you’re wondering? Well, on one of my orders to Plum Deluxe I decided to add their Blender’s Choice option to my cart. I ...

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December 17, 2019
Not a mystery to me from The Academic Quilter

Hi everyone! Are you all done Christmas shopping? Me neither! I went out shopping last weekend and mainly just looked at all the decorations and enjoyed some Christmas spirit. I bought one thing, and I'm happy with that. I've actually only got a few things left since I got almost everything online. My parents have forbidden all of us from buying any more presents for them and the grandkids are still small enough to be happy with a box, so that only really leaves my husband. Anybody out there have ideas for a kinda nerdy engineering type who ...

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December 14, 2019
A Cross Stitch Finish and Bonnie Hunter Mystery from Pointless Quilter

It's been kind of  slow month.  My machine (Bernina 750) has been in the shop for the past two weeks so not a whole lot of quilting going on.  But I did finish a cross stitch piece.  It's a Prairie Schooler Santa.  See photo above.  This is the one with the Sewing Machine.  I also have the pattern with a quilt and that will be the next one I work on.  They are pretty easy patterns and they use mostly the same DMC colors so they all coordinate.  They have an annual Santa.  The one with the sheep ...

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November 22, 2019
A jump start from The Academic Quilter

Hi all! Long time no see! I don't know what's wrong with me lately, but I seem to be in a bit of a creative slump. This doesn't happen to me all that often, and it is definitely no fun. Do you think it's related to moving and having all kinds of personal upheaval in my life right now? Hmmmm. . .

Whatever it is, I need to get out of this, so I decided to do the only thing that I know for sure will perk me up-- start a new project. Sure, I have a ton ...

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November 6, 2019
Try, try again from The Academic Quilter

Hello all! Here we are in November and it's definitely started living up to its name. It's gotten cold and windy, but of course I love it when its dark outside at 4 pm. It makes driving home even more exciting. At least most cars have their lights on now. The deer, not so much.

As you may know, Bonnie Hunter has released the colors and yardage for her yearly mystery quilt. (You can find that info HERE if you're interested.) I love Bonnie, and her quilts, but I have not had a lot of luck with ...

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Quilting Up Leftovers from Becca's Crazy Projects

Way back in February I shared this little quilt made using the leftovers from last year's mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter. I finally got around to quilting it. To keep with the modern theme, I went with a modern all-over quilting design. 
Now I just have to remember if I made binding for this little quilt back in February.

Tools and supplies (affiliate links):
Creative Grids 6.5" x 24.5" Rectangle
Fiskars Rotary Cutter
Fiskars Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat
BLACK+DECKER Classic Steam Iron
Grabbit Magnetic Pin Cushion
Fiskars 8-inch scissors
Juki TL-2010Q
4.5" Easy ...

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November 4, 2019
Antique Quilt finish from Pointless Quilter

Top hand pieced by Lula Gurtrude Habaugh Smith.  This was made from clothes that were from Ida Smith Andersen who is my sister's mother-in-law.

My sisters mother-in-law had this quilt top in a bag in her sewing room and Beverly found it when they were helping her clean out her room when they moved to an assisted living facility.  My sister asked if I would be willing to quilt it for her and I jumped on the chance to work on it.  It's a pretty good sized quilt, about 74 x 100.   I rounded the borders off instead ...

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October 6, 2019
Sew Sampler Box October 2019 Sneak Peek! from Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

Ready for an adventure? We sure hope so because that’s the theme of our October Sew Sampler box! More specifically we are going on a Safari and things might get a little WILD. Like any fun adventure, you never know what you will find. Any ideas on what we might have included?

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join, currently our membership is at capacity but we have started a wait list. Sign up here to be notified if space in this club becomes available.

Be sure to follow us for more box reveals and future ...

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