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May 19, 2019
Inside ~ Outside from Life in the Scrapatch

The morning started inside with Maestro and I still working on de-threading 

Outside the lure of sunshine, green grass, fresh air beckoned me.

The sight and scent of spring won out.

I took my second cup of coffee and my garden gloves out to the yard swing,
filled the feeders and the birdbath and watched the birds ...

... and the critters.

Despite Maestro's best effort to work on inside without me,

Evening found the cat asleep on my sewing chair and the top folded up
and placed on chair back.

I did get the relatively thread-free backing loaded ...

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May 17, 2019
My Un-Quilting Adventures ~ Part 2 ~ De-Threading from Life in the Scrapatch

Unquilting a Quilt ~ Part 2 ~ De-Threading

What was I thinking ? 

The quilting  was

It is now 2:00pm 
and I have been working on removing all the loose threads 
since my first cup of coffee this morning.

I have tried a variety of things, including a spin in the dryer on no-heat for the backing.

The best tool is the seam ripper with the rubberized ends.
I will be buying another one of these. 

What am I thinking?

I am thinking it is time for another cup of coffee.

On to the next step ... de-threading by ...

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May 15, 2019
Ribbit ... Ribbit ... Ribbit ... Repeat from Life in the Scrapatch

is on-going ... and going ... and going on. 

The quilty kitties are helping.

In this photo, Maestro looks like she does not quite understand the concept.

It tried again to explain that I want to un-quilt this one so I can
quilt it again on my new longarm.
On the surface of things, it seams not to make much sense.
I know I would never finish this quilt on my regular machine now.
Trying to do the same quilting on the new long arm would not match.

It is too pretty a quilt top to let sit ...

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May 14, 2019
The Scrapatch Studio ~ Two Rooms ~ One Purpose from Life in the Scrapatch

The Sewing & Design Room

This nice squishy mat for standing on while quilting is a new addition,
a Mother's Day gift from one of my sons.

This reorganization has been approved by Scrapatch Quilty Kitties,
my every helpful assistants.

New List of Goals:

(1) Finishing our Dream Big Quilt,

(2) Loading another quilt on our long arm,

(3) Catching up with some block piecing,

and most important ...

Just Having Fun! 

Have a Happy Quilty Monday! 

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May 11, 2019
My Quilting Adventues ~ First Quilt Off My Long Arm from Life in the Scrapatch

The quilting is done!

Taking this off the frame really made me feel accomplished.

This is a wholecloth quilt made with a panel ...

It comes in many colors 

Today and tomorrow I must spend my time getting my home back in order
and moving what a lot of stuff back into my quilting room somehow.

Next photo of my quilting room will not look quite so open.

We moved the machine forward about a foot and will be moving the kitties
favorite "window seat" shelving back under the windows tomorrow. 

Thanks for following along ...

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May 7, 2019
My Quilting Adventures ~ Day 1 ~ Happy, Happy from Life in the Scrapatch

My quilty day started early while the sky was still gray.
My quilting room windows face west so they get afternoon sun.

My 1st stitches on my new Amara 20.
Little pebbles for the center of my flower.

I did not do a "practice piece" of plain fabric.

I jumped right in to my first real quilt. 

I chose this 

This is also my first "whole cloth" quilting.

I do not have a computerized Pro-Stither.

I have the basic regulated stitch touch screen panel
and will be doing hand-guided, free motion quilting on all ...

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May 6, 2019
My Quilting Adventures ~ Up and Running from Life in the Scrapatch

There she is!

My new beauty is up and running.

We actually had to move the rest of the shelf units out of the room.
Some will go back in,
 but as you can see the 8 foot frame and 20 inch machine, carriage, table and frame
take up most of the floor space in this small bedroom.

I did load a practice piece on the frame.

Then it was time for dinner and a rest.

When I went back to the room two hours later here is what popped up 
when I turned on the light ...

Maestro says, " Hi ...

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May 5, 2019
My Quilting Adventures ~ The Waiting Room from Life in the Scrapatch

My Sewing Room 
is ready and waiting ...

... to soon be

My Quilting Room!

My HQ Amara 20 Arrives Today!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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May 3, 2019
Ribbit ~ Ribbit ~ Ribbit from Life in the Scrapatch

What do I do when I have a quilt more than half quilted on my regular sewing machine

... and I am not happy with the quilting ...

... so I put it aside in my closet for a few months ... 

... and now my new long arm quilting machine should arrive (hopefully) next week.

We are still waiting for the frame to arrive.

I know I am never going to finish it on my regular machine.

I would have done so by now.

The "strand" quilting is not all that "bad."
However, it was making this light and airy top look "heavy" though ...

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April 27, 2019
The Right Katitude from Life in the Scrapatch

Four Katitide Blocks for four birthday friends.

I cut a few of these and put the in baggies and then follow my own

Katitude Block Tutorial

My personal katitude is a gray today.
It is raining and cold.
The windows are closed.
The heat is on.

I am still waiting for my long arm.

Katniss looks confused and is saying, 
"What is happening here in our favorite room?"

While I am waiting I am packing up and moving out everything in the old sewing room
so there is room to set up my new baby.
This photo was taken late ...

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April 23, 2019
Homemade Wool Pressing Board from Life in the Scrapatch

This is my new Homemade Wool Pressing Board
It is 51" by 17" 

Recovering my home made pressing board was part of my sewing space renovations.
I made this board several years ago and posted it
 DIY Ironing Board Here
It was longer, then.
I cut the boards down to fit the space between my computer desk
and the outer wall of my dining room
when I moved my sewing space to that corner.

I bought this 
This one is 20" by 54"  and  1/8" thick. 
and it was the least expensive one I ...

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April 16, 2019
My Quilting Adventures ~ Making Room ~ Day 1 from Life in the Scrapatch

Maestro says, "What is Happening Here?" 

Me: " I know, Maestro. There is something big going on.
We have to make room for the big new addition to our tiny little home.
Do not worry.  
Your humans are not going anywhere .
No new cats are moving in.
No cats will be left behind.
Life is good." 

Maestro:  "But, Mommy, where is my favorite ironing board nappy place?"

Me: I moved it to the dining room again." 

Maestro: " Mommy, where is the sewing machine?
I want to play with the bobbins." 

Me:  " In the dining room again." 

Maestro: "Mommy, there is stuff ...

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