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March 23, 2023
How to write a novel from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

I often wonder what it would be like to write a novel, as I can quickly crank out words - I do it daily for the blog, but each entry is completely unrelated. There's no character development to manage (well, maybe Murphy and Lexi), but there's no plot line to abide by and no details to pay attention to. 

I'm also good at writing blog posts for QUILTsocial, but they probably don't make sense to anyone. At least the first draft! I cranked out 1,600 words this morning, but it needs significant editing before I can ...

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October 2, 2022
And then there are the birds! from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

I have to laugh as I looked at the title of yesterday's post -- The eleventh quilt is done! The deadline for this particular push on the Quilts of Valour quilts is November 11. Yet the date yesterday was October 1? How is it that I finished something more than a month in advance? You know --- finishing the last quilt at the 11th hour? I think the old Elaine is still walking the Camino! However, I want to do a second grouping of 11 quilts, and that one may be down to the wire!

Anyway -- something has changed in me ...

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