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September 5, 2017

Hello Quilters!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.  I didn't get much done but thought I could show you this finished mug rug.  I made it as a sample for an upcoming class.
I also worked on this little mug rug.  You too can make a cute mug rug during class at the end of the month.  Call the shop to register.  They make such nice little gifts.

Summer may not be officially over, but our routines have changed.  The kids are in school, time to get some of that fall cleaning done, and most importantly, time ...

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August 21, 2017

I worked on this little mug rug this weekend.  I love mug rugs. I like them to protect my burl wood tables.  I like them for the color they add to the room.  Most of all...I like them because they hide the dust.  This pattern is from the book Learn To Make Quilted Mug Rugs.  Now to sandwich and quilt this little mug rug.  

A busy week is coming up for the Attic Window Quilt Shop.   Check out the classes below.

  • Sling Bag, Monday, Aug. 21
  • Bee, Tuesday, Aug. 22
  • Bee Hive, Wednesday ...

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June 18, 2017
Hexagon Colour Wheel Mug Rugs Patterns from Cut Stitch and Piece

I'm introducing three new mug rug patterns to brighten your home for spring. The bright primary colours against white, black,  and grey is a crisp combination. You could use these as pot holders as well as mug rugs. They would look lovely in a modern kitchen. They would also be a great gift for an artist or art student. This is a good project for quilters just learning to foundation piece.

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June 14, 2017
Mug Rug binding tips from The Crafty Quilter

After sharing my Orange Peel Mug Rug last month, I promised you some mug rug binding tips.  Here they are – better late than never! I tried something a little different for this project and I’m pretty happy with the results.  I think you will be too.

Check out these mug rug binding tips from The Crafty Quilter that will make your next mini quilt project a breeze!

Mug Rug Binding Tips

Mug rugs are such delicate little things.  In the past, I’ve used traditional binding techniques with 2 1/4″ wide binding strips.  This time I tried a single-fold binding, and I think it “fits” the petite nature of these mini quilts.

Tip:  Single-fold binding reduces bulk in the ...

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April 17, 2017
Monday update: spring flowers from With Strings Attached

Easter weekend was sunny and very warm.  The church service was inspiring.  We had lamb, asparagus, and new potatoes for supper -- I am a holiday-meal traditionalist! (I did try a new dessert recipe: Honey-Walnut Cake . Very good.)

Lots of rain last week flooded the trail at Camp Logan, the part of Illinois Beach State Park where I like to walk. The path is the white patch in the center of the photo, taken Sunday afternoon.

Bloodroot is a wildflower volunteer in the back garden. (There's another along the fence, about 40 feet from this one.)

("Volunteer" was my mother ...

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March 10, 2017
Almost A Full Circle (Whitney, TX) from QuiltinCats

We are back in Whitney, TX.  Travel day was very dreary with some very nasty accidents on the highway.  I wish people would learn to slow down during rain storms.
The weather has been crazy this winter.  A couple of days of hot humid weather followed by a cold front that plummets the temps a good 20 to 30 degrees.  I had so many different clothes hanging up in the closet that I would wear for a couple of hours before changing into something cooler/warmer that the poor closet door would not close anymore! 
I'm not complaining!  I ...

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February 23, 2017
The Blue House – Pattern for mug rug and coaster from France Nadeau

The Blue House - pattern at francenadeau.comThe Blue House - mug rug and coaster - pattern at francenadeau.comThe Blue House - mug rug and coaster - pattern at

This is my latest pattern for mug rugs and coasters. This is a Blue House surrounded by Spring flowers starting to bloom. I had fun adding the flowers, but they are optional.

The Blue House can be made with the appliqué method or the paper-piecing method. I stitched the appliques by hand, but this could be done with a sewing machine. The binding was sewn with a sewing machine on top and by hand on the back. Of course, the binding can entirely be done by machine. You can see examples for both methods in the pictures (mug rug: appliqué ...

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February 18, 2017
We have winners! from Pamela Quilts

I am happy to announce that Mary D, Nancy, Anna Lutz-Brown, and Carolyn Montgomery are the winners of my giveaway!  I have e-mailed all four of you and if you will let me know your mailing addresses I will figure out who gets what and send you some happy mail Monday morning!

Thanks to everyone who entered, it was really fun to see what projects and colors you all liked. I see that a lot of you like blue as much as I do!  Thanks for all the kind words on my projects as well.  I really appreciate the nice ...

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February 16, 2017
Heart in Stripes – Third “rose garden” heart from France Nadeau

Heart in Stripes - tutorial at francenadeau.comHeart in Stripes - tutorial at francenadeau.comHeart in Stripes - tutorial at francenadeau.comHeart in Stripes - tutorial at francenadeau.comHeart in Stripes - tutorial at

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Heart in Stripes - tutorial at

On a Case - pattern at

Crafsty BOM Lone Star

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February 14, 2017
Warm Winter (Conroe, TX) from QuiltinCats

We woke this morning to severe thunderstorm warnings while tornado warnings were south of us in the Houston area.  Other than a couple of freeze warnings and this one bad storm, we have had a very pleasant winter.
View of Lake Conroe from our dining room table.
Not bad too shabby, right?
So, where have I been lately?  Well, if I am not outside walking or watching cats, I have been very busy sewing and getting use to our new home.  I have been very bad about taking photos, so here are a few that I took with my phone ...

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February 6, 2017
February Mug Rug! from Jenn's Quilters Depot Blog

Tuesday Sampler:  **NEW**!  We have something new for you in 2017!  Join us the first Tuesday of every month to complete a years worth of mug rugs. There is a different mug rug for every month.  Mug rugs are small enough that if you ever wanted to learn applique this is a great chance!  Every month will be a free online pattern!  Most of every mug rug can be made from scraps! The uses are endless! The February Mug rug will be “Swishes and Hearts“ 
When: Tuesday, February 7th @5:30 to 8:30pm.  
Cost: $FREE$ just the cost of ...

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January 18, 2017
Red Cardinal Mug Rug from Cut Stitch and Piece

I love birds and came up with this quick little project for the holiday season. It would be a great last minute gift for the bird lover in your life. Combine it with a cute mug and a packet of hot coco mix.

Purchase it at MY ETSY or MY CRAFTSY

quilted mug rugs, bird mug rugs, cardinal birds, quilting


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January 12, 2017
On a Case – Pattern for mug rug and coaster from France Nadeau

On a Case - pattern for mug rug and coaster - francenadeau.comOn a Case - pattern for mug rug and coaster - francenadeau.comOn a Case - pattern for mug rug and coaster -

This is my latest pattern for mug rugs and coasters. It is based on a famous character. And his not-less-famous companion.

On a Case is made with the applique method. I stitched the appliques by hand, but this could be done with a sewing machine. I made the quilting with a sewing machine. The binding was sewn with a sewing machine on top and by hand on the back. These steps can entirely be made by hand or with a sewing machine.

The pattern is available in my Craftsy Pattern Store. What material did I used to make it? Black ...

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January 6, 2017
Good-bye 2016 Hello 2017 (Pipe Creek, TX) from QuiltinCats

I hope everyone had a nice time over the holidays.  I spent most of December being lazy and just getting use to our new home.  I managed to get a little organizing done with my stuff that I haven't pulled out for months.  During our move, I found quite a few things that I forgot that I had sitting in my storage bins.  Goodness, so many ideas, so little time!
Okay, a little catching up time....
We spent most of December near Waco, TX.  This time, we decided to visit The Magnolia Market in downtown Waco.  Both Dan and ...

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January 2, 2017
Snowman Coasters from Amy Made That

Hello, Friends!
Happy New Year!

Today I'm sharing some snowman coasters
that I made for a dear friend.

It's so cute in grays and whites, with colorful scarves.
As soon as I shared the pattern photo on Facebook,
my friend asked me if I wanted to make some for her.

{It's hard to say which one of us was most excited!} 

Photo from Annie's e-Patterns Central
Snowman Family Mug Rug Set
I chose some of my Cherry Christmas prints,
by Aneela Hoey for Moda...
and I made each one a wee ...

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December 24, 2016
A Little Knitting from Quilting in the South

 What can I say, I just couldn't stop knitting these slippers.  All in all I think I made 9 pair before I hid the yarn and made myself  turn to other projects.  I can knit them in my sleep and probably did.  But they are fun and, depending on the needle size, could be knit in any size. 

 Slippers even fit with mug rugs. 

 And if one set is good, two sets are perfect.  Hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and warm feet.  What could be better?

 In an effort to find something new to do, and not work ...

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Piggies get Tails! from The Modern Diary

 At work yesterday every time I was on hold I was working on piggy tails.  It was busy so took me about six hours to get all four on!  I then had an easy job in which I sewed the binding on the fourth one but forgot to take pictures of them all!  Now the piggies are separated.  One is at work for me to use, one is going to Norway for Rachel--in 2004 when I went to Norway we stopped at a grocery store with the kids and took silly pictures with the big pig out front (el reiser ...

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December 22, 2016
Piggies, Flamingos and Gnomes, Oh My! from The Modern Diary

 Today was a sewing day at Barb's.  I am all caught up on the mystery so I decided to bring some fabric and one of my new design boards and cut out four of the Penny Pig Mini Quilts by Lori Holt. 
 They were lots of fun to make while we gabbed.
 I forgot to put the tails on before I stitched them up but may figure out how to add one on each of them yet.  I am keeping the one that has yet to be hand stitched down  I am not the best binder in the world ...

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December 20, 2016
No binding mug rugs from Pieced Brain

Remember those leftover blocks  you did not know what to do with? Forget potholders! Enjoy their beauty every day in your studio, office, orby the couch after you transform them into mug rugs.

Mug rugs absorb water, prevent spills, and add color to your day. As you read my previous posts you will see I am a big fan of them. I hope my friends are, too, because I made these for them this Christmas.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make mug rugs without binding:

This four-patch was made with 2-1/2" squares a while ago. Find ...

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Sweetwater Mug Rugs from Amy Made That

Hello, Friends!

I'm almost ready for about you?
Earlier this week, the scene was set with some
beautiful snow.

I love to sit near the window with a cup of cocoa
and a little treat.
Hershey's Kisses are my favorite chocolate snack!

Not long ago...
that I couldn't resist.
I ordered one almost before I finished reading the post!
The box of Christmas goodness arrived quickly, 
and I was not disappointed!

I kind of hoard collect Sweetwater fabrics,
and I took great joy in creating a few ...

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