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February 18, 2019
Weekly update: three finishes from With Strings Attached

I made two tote bags.  These and the two I showed last week comprise my One Monthly Goal for February. 

The bag on the left uses the same pattern as one of last week's bags.  Both of them have fabric that I used for these tote bags .

Ripples blocks were made by ALA Biblioquilters for the silent auction at the annual conference in June.  They are easy to make -- two 1.5" x WOF strips sewn together, cut into 2.5" sections, and pieced. However, those pieces are devilishly slippery and they twist the wrong direction.  After I'd ...

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February 11, 2019
Weekly update: OMG halfway and more from With Strings Attached

After I assembled Spare Parts IV (see previous post) I got started on the tote bags that are my One Monthly Goal for February.   By the time the end Sunday night PBS programs (Victoria followed by a documentary about Princess Margaret) I'd completed two of the four totes.

I got the Blazing Star block in a long-ago swap. I came across it when I pulled out spare parts -- high time to showcase this beauty. 

The guild did not meet on Wednesday because of bad weather.  The round robin coordinator is intrepid and delivered the February installment to me at ...

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Weekend Stitching: Steady Progress from Life In Pieces

It was a good weekend to stay in and sew, which is pretty much what I did. British Baking on Netflix and a few cups of coffee, made for some very relaxing stitching time.  

First on the list was round two of borders for the Christmas Angels quilt. 

Christmas Angels, Pattern by Kate

The quilt is really straight, the photo was taken at an odd angle as the quilt has gotten to big to photograph easily.  Just one more beige border and it will be time to add the final dark green border.  So I'm on track with my ...

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February 4, 2019
Weekly update: stash report, RSC, Lotto, BOM, and OMG from With Strings Attached

I've been mentally composing my report on the ALA Midwinter Meeting but until then, here is the quilting news:
Stash report, January:
Fabric IN:   35 yards, $34.81
Fabric OUT: 35 yards
Net:  ZERO    
Yellow is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for February.  My project this year is MonthlyColor + gray/taupe pinwheels, one for each day of that month.  I made these 28 during TV-watching last evening.

This month's Block Lotto is "alternating nine-patch." The nine-patches are maker's choice with light squares and inky-dark squares.  These were a snap because I used nine-patches from my Block Swappers ...

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Weekend Stitching: This and That from Life In Pieces

It was nice to have a slower paced weekend.  The Aleve hasn't worked miracles, but I was able to sleep through the night last night and can walk without pain today.  Fingers crossed that sciatic nerve problem is in remission for now.   Even better, being able to navigate the stairs meant there was actually some progress in the sewing room this weekend. 

First off the list was the Christmas Mystery quilt. 

The flimsy has been de-threaded and pressed.  I need to check out what other boxes are in the attic, this one is a bit big. This mystery quilt ...

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January 28, 2019
Last Monday Check In: One Monthly Goal, PHD, and 2019 Strategy Progress from Life In Pieces

It's the last Monday in January, seems like a good time to see how my sewing room strategies for 2019 are working.  I really want to move some UFOs off the list this year.  

First up, the January One Monthly Goal was to get Inverted Star sent out for quilting.  

All that got done and the box actually made it to the post office.  It should come back in a couple of weeks.  Fingers crossed this one gets finished before the end of February. 

With Inverted Star sent off, I moved on to the second quilt on this year ...

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January 21, 2019
Weekly update: eclipse and OMG progress from With Strings Attached

The skies were clear Sunday night making the lunar eclipse easy to see, but the 6-degree temperature meant I viewed it very briefly from our front steps.

It's much warmer in the studio!
I'm pleased to report that I have completed both parts of my One Monthly Goal for January.

OMG Part One:  assemble the blocks for the Good Fortune mystery.  Last week I posted the photo and the story of my travails.  I haven't done anything to rectify the make-do corners on the outer border.

Instead, I worked on OMG Part Two: assembling the 30's ...

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Weekend Stitching: Back to the Fun Stuff from Life In Pieces

It was bitterly cold all weekend.  Perfect weather to just hang out around the house.  Once a few household chores were out of the way, I migrated to the sewing room for the rest of the weekend.  

First on the list was to finish the not fun stuff from last weekend: prepping Inverted Star for quilting.  ✔

It took a couple of hours to finish off the prep work.  I found the right size box in the left over pile from Christmas. The box needs to be taped shut and a label added then it will be ready to mail to ...

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January 15, 2019
Weekly update: Mis-Fortune?, RSC red, and something new! from With Strings Attached

 Rip, rip, rip.  I wrote last week that I sewed half the red/orange blocks the wrong way around. But in this case half was better than all. I ripped, pressed, and resewed.
I attached Border #1.  
I attached two of Border #2.  
I discovered that Border #1 was upside down. 
I ripped one of Border #2 -- and then I found out that only one of Border #1 was upside down; the other three were okay. But the wrong Border #1 was *not* the one that I'd ripped apart from Border #2.  (Are you with me?) 
Then I sewed ...

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January 14, 2019
Weekend Stitching - The Not Fun Stuff from Life In Pieces

We didn't get the snow, but we certainly got the cold and wet this weekend.  It was a good weekend to not have any place to go. I made good use of the home time this weekend. Mount laundry was scaled, the top of my "business" desk is clear and the floor of the sewing room is thread free. 

I did spend a good amount of time in the sewing room, but there wasn't a lot of stitching going on.  My One Monthly Goal for January is to get Inverted Star ready for quilting and shipped out to ...

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January 8, 2019
Weekend Stitching: Good Fortune (Maybe Not) from Life In Pieces

The weekend got off to a rough start with some type of stomach bug.  I didn't stray too far from the recliner most of the day Saturday.  But by late evening I was feeling well enough to wonder into the sewing room and trim up the backing for Inverted Star.

Now the backing is ready for it's final pressing before it's packaged up for Trudy to quilt.  I hope to get that done this week.  Next weekend I'll clean up the back of Inverted Star, give it a good press and then package it up to ...

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January 7, 2019
Weekly Update: winnings, fireballs, dots, and Good Fortune from With Strings Attached

Raffle Mania was the main event at Wednesday's guild meeting.  Members bring quilt-related stuff they no longer love. Raffle tickets are distributed based on the previous year's attendance (1 ticket per month, 1 ticket for wearing a name tag). Additional tickets are .50 each.  I got 17 free tickets and bought 20 more.  I contributed 10 5-lb bags of fabric sorted by color (20 yards per bag), two smaller ziploc bags with fabric, and four bundles of 10 books each.  (I was ruthless when I selected the fabric to donate. How many years have I had this? Does ...

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December 31, 2018
Weekend Stitching: Mystery Sewing from Life In Pieces

Hard to believe it's the last day of 2018.  I'm hoping to spend a good part of it in the sewing room as I've not really had a chance to do that yet.  I've been tackling the closets while My Guy has been dealing with the decluttering the kitchen cabinets, so it's been a productive holiday break.  

I did get in a solid afternoon of stitching yesterday.  The focus was clues 5 and 6 of Good Fortune. 

I'm hoping to make more progress today.  Bonnie's been known to post the reveal on New ...

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Weekly update: somewhat biased, Good Fortune, something old, something new from With Strings Attached

I hope you and those you love had a merry Christmas.  We did -- candlelight service at 5 p.m. Monday, Christmas Day brunch at M.G.'s house with mutual friends.  I spent some of DH's generous Christmas check on fabric but still have enough to indulge at post-holiday sales (not just fabric but at other stores).  The weather has been relatively mild and snow-less.  The winner of the AAUW holiday raffle quilt couldn't attend the luncheon. When I offered to deliver the quilt to her she invited me to brunch on Friday. We had a lovely visit ...

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December 24, 2018
Weekly update: a finish, a flimsy, and clue 5 from With Strings Attached

After all the activity in the first half of the month it was nice to have a less-busy week.  I had two executive committee meetings (one of which was the last since I'm going off that particular board after 16 years). Rotary meets for Thursday breakfast (last meeting until January).  Pat J's retirement party on Wednesday was a library family reunion with many retired staff coming back to celebrate her 25 years of service. 

We saw not one, but two movies this week. (It's nice to go to the matinee showing.) We saw The Favourite on Monday ...

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Weekend Stitching: Holiday Stitching? from Life In Pieces

Merry Christmas Eve!  We are hanging out with family today, doing a bit of cooking and a lot of laughing.  Unfortunately part of the family has to work today, so we won't see them till tonight.  I have plans for some handwork while we all visit, that will be about it for stitching today.  

Between all the gift wrapping, card addressing, and house cleaning there wasn't a lot of time spent in the sewing room this weekend.  I did get some holiday stitching done, Halloween stitching, not Christmas.  

My Guy said the bats needed eyes, so I found ...

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December 17, 2018
Weekly update: holiday doings, catching up, and Clue 4 from With Strings Attached

The United Methodist Women had their holiday luncheon on Thursday.

In years past I've made ornaments as favors but this year I made coasters. (20 coasters, 5" squares = 2 yards of fabric used!)

Thursday evening I went to my friend Erika's P.E.O. chapter's holiday party.

At both parties we exchanged white elephant gifts.  I was happy to pass along some perfectly nice items I did not want. In return, both times, I got candy.

(Yes, I hang out with middle-aged/older white women. I fit the demographic.)

At church this morning the kids performed the ...

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Weekly update: Good Fortune and holiday flings about, out, and mostly in from With Strings Attached

Here's as much of Good Fortune Clue #3 as I was able to complete this weekend.  In the directions Bonnie cautioned to sew and press accurately in order to make the 2" bonus HSTs.  Using that method means that the units have very narrow seam allowances but it also means you don't have to make a separate set of HSTs.

Flinging about -- it was a week of holiday parties.   Monday: P.E.O. potluck and seasonal sock exchange.  Tuesday:  Zion Woman's Club holiday meeting (with a white elephant exchange).   Wednesday: Quilt Guild holiday dinner. We had an ...

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Weekend Stitching - Mysteries of Christmas Past from Life In Pieces

Stitching time was pretty much nonexistent this last week.  Between playing catch up on special projects at work, Christmas shopping and wrapping presents, my stitching time has been pretty limited.  I'm using a single fabric for Good Fortune's Clue 4, so not much to show off there.  The plan is to find out where clue 4 fits in and see how my color choice of black works with the other pieces.  If it doesn't work, I can change it out.  So for now, I'm not going to cut those rectangles.  

So while there is no progress ...

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December 11, 2018
Weekend Stitching: Mystery Stitching from Life In Pieces

This was one of those weekends where I'm glad to go back to work so I can rest.  We discovered mice in the house the Sunday after Thanksgiving. They were all caught in pretty short order, but not till after they had made a nest in the recyclables.  We pitched all that, but we kept catching whiffs of mouse all over the kitchen, living room and library.  So we did some deep cleaning this weekend.  We moved furniture, Mr. Cleaned the wood floor and baseboards in the kitchen, then steam cleaned the carpets in the living room and library ...

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