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November 17, 2017
Quilt Market 2017 from Cheryl Lynch Quilts

The decision to be a vendor at the largest quilting trade show was an easy one to make this year.  My Mini Mosaic Quilts have been so popular at quilt shows and quilt guild meetings, so I knew I had to share them with shop owners.  I had a feeling that the pros (exposure and orders) would outweigh the cons (travel and booth expenses).  

My plan was to keep my booth simple so that I wouldn't need a lot of decorative elements.  I felt my quilts would speak for themselves.  I was able to pack everything in 3 suitcases ...

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November 5, 2017
In And Out from Cheryl Lynch Quilts

I never thought I would be a road warrior.  That was my husband when he was VP of International R&D at a major pharmaceutiical company.  I enjoyed staying at home.  So how did it happen that I returned home from the International Quilt Market in Houston on Tuesday and now I'm flying out of Philly at 5:30 AM Sunday morning, heading to Galveston, TX to teach on a quilting cruise?

I returned home, unpacked my bags and then had to repack to teach 3 workshops on that cruise.  I am the queen of making sure that my ...

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October 11, 2017
Road Trip! from Cheryl Lynch Quilts

Road Trip!
This post isn't about an actual road trip, it's about one of my most recent Mini Mosaic Quilts, that I've named Road Trip!

I thought Road Trip! would be a good name for this VW van.  
I'm sharing this quilt because I made it 4 times.  Why have I made it 4 times? 

I made it 4 times with different colorations.  My weakness in the creation of quilt of all different types and sizes is contrast.  It's my achilles heal.  
I must have trashed  my first attempt, because I can't find it ...

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