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July 13, 2018
Judaica, Old and New, With and Without Charlton Heston from Gefilte Quilt

Judaic studies professor Jodi Eichler-Levine wrote a beautiful essay about Judaica and "riffing on tradition," published in the Association of Jewish Studies' magazine, here. I'm beyond honored to be mentioned. Here's he full matzoh cover that she discusses.

And the detail that caught her eye:
Doesn't everyone put Charlton Heston on their matzoh covers? I blogged about it several years back, halfway down the page. Thank you, Jodi. It's amazing to be understood
In tallit news: One disadvantage of being an empty nester is that my kids, who used to serve as fresh, unpaid supermodels, are ...

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April 13, 2018
Freemotion Quilted Hebrew Alphabet Postcard Tutorial from Gefilte Quilt

How's your Hebrew? Mine could be much better, but that didn't stop me from making thirteen 4" x 6" quilted Hebrew alphabet postcards for a recent exchange.
A little closer: 

One example: This is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, 'aleph.' 
Mystics saw its structure as a ladder between heaven and earth (Can you see the ladder on the far left?) The rest of the background is freemotion quilted with objects that begin with aleph, including pears,  pineapple, ears, fire, and lion. OK, they're very sketchy, but they're there! 

These cards were made for my ...

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March 18, 2018
Teeny Quilts: Ancient Aliens Ate My Necktie Scraps from Gefilte Quilt

Everybody needs one! It's a 3" collage, mounted on wood, ready to hang. Each tells a different story. This first one is titled "Alien Reveals Key to Universe: Earth Mushroom!"  
It's an ideal gift for people who watch too much "Ancient Aliens" on the confusingly-named History Channel. The piece is mounted with double-sided carpet tape (but consider something stronger*) on a craft store wooden square that I'd painted black. On the reverse side, there's a wire loop for hanging, bent forward, and held on with plenty of glue and black felt. 
(Here's how the wire ...

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February 19, 2018
Rainbows, Unicorns and a Granddaughter's Birthday from Random Thoughts... do or "di"

We have ten grandchildren and with each birthday, Christmas and big life event it gets harder and harder to come up with gift ideas. For Olivia's 7th birthday last week I made her a huge Lisa the Unicorn pillow. Thanks to my friend, MaryAnn, for bringing this pattern to my attention, because the minute I saw it I knew Olivia would love it.
I made the mane using a rainbow of strips from my stash. The horn is made using several different blue fabrics.

lisa the unicorn pillow

To accentuate the mane I quilted it with a series of swirling lines using a ...

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February 14, 2018
Fast and Artsy Scrap Valentine Gifts from Gefilte Quilt

Here are some silk scrap Valentine brooches, though they can also double as magnets, or notecard decorations. They're very easy, you don't have to use silk, and, let's see, today's Feb. 3 - you have plenty of time to make them before the 14th. 

When I got tired of hearts, I made these: 

They look good without much embellishment: 

And even better with much embellishment. 

Below there's a polymer clay hand.
The dangle (above) is a a combination of glass, wood and plastic beads. Below, there's a dangling pink crystal from a vintage necklace and ...

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October 24, 2017
Its a Thread Thing from I Have A Notion

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but Thread is my thing!!! It is how I learned so much about needles and the best one for the job. Well that is not exactly true, it was Free Motion Quilting that led me down that path, but much of what is true for the Quilting part is also true for the Free Motion 'Threadplay' part. So I thought that my next logical step would be to do some show and tell ..

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October 16, 2017
Spotlite: 6 tips for quilting with metallic thread on a domestic machine from Quilt Social


Welcome to a week of shiny, sparkly thread! This week we’re focusing on WonderFil Specialty Threads Spotlite. I’ll show you some projects I’m working on and give you lots of tips for using this thread on a domestic and a longarm machine.

Spotlite is a 40wt rayon based metallic thread that requires a few little tips and tricks for trouble free stitching. Let’s look at 6 tips for using free motion quilting with the thread on a domestic machine.

If you’ve never seen WonderFil Specialty Threads Spotlite, here’s a brief video that introduces it ...

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October 3, 2017
dazzling thead and fabric from Charm About You

Experimenting with thread is always fun and I'm keen to try different varieties of threads. I have been adding metallic thread to sewing projects, even using some Wonderfil Spotlite on cork (which had it's challenges!). Metallic thread definitely requires you sew at a slower pace and do use a larger needle so it doesn't break.

This week I bought three spools of Aurifil Brillo from Lacewing Designs, in Black/Gold #646, Dark Copper #752 and Light Copper #723. They have really niceĀ colour choices and I'm very tempted by the pinks.

It almost has metallic specks ...

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