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March 26, 2020
Two, Four, Six Eight: Fat Quarter Quilts You’ll Appreciate from Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

Are you a Fat Quarter collector? Do you pick up a few here, a few there, or a whole bundle… “just in case”?  We can relate. After all, we are the Fat Quarter Shop! And today we’re pleased to present to you, one of the latest books from Martingale that is all about sewing with fat quarters.

Two, Four, Six, Eight: Fat Quarter Quilts You’ll Appreciate is a Moda All-Star book compiled by Lissa Alexander for Martingale. The book honors traditional and modern quilts alike proving that you can sew up just about anything your heart desires with ...

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March 5, 2020
Join this Sisterhood of Scraps from Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

The art of quilting can be done independently, but over time we quilters have come together as a family in quilting bees, groups, and retreats to share quilting and fabrics with each other! The sisterhood of quilting reaches far and wide, exchanging scraps, techniques and charity quilts!

The Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts by 7 Fantastic Designers Quilt Book, by Lissa Alexander for Martingale, celebrates scrappy quilts from her and all of her quilty friends! Come on and join this scrappy sisterhood!

Sisterhood of Scraps: 12 Brilliant Quilts from 7 Fantastic Designers

In Sisterhood of Scraps, Quilt Designer Lissa ...

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February 15, 2020
Guest Blog Post- Susan Ache from Moda Lissa

Today’s post is a guest post from the uber-talented Susan Ache.  Susan is one of the contributing artists in my new book Sisterhood of Scraps. Susan shares with us all about hibernation and what she does in THE cold month in Florida. ( one little hiccup- that I am posting this in February but I think you will get the gist and enjoy Susan’s process.)

Susan’s quilt from Sisterhood of Scraps, Scrap Diving.

It’s not something I get to say often, but, I am a “guest blogger”.  Thank you, Lissa, for inviting me to your space.  Let ...

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January 3, 2020
An Interview With: Linda Nitzen from Terificreations's Weblog

Sometimes when you meet a person there is something that simply clicks. I met Linda Nitzen, who was with Sizzix at that time, at a Quilt Market in Houston with Jake Finch, and Tracy Mooney. After a bit of texting between Jake and Linda, we, Tracy, Jake and I went down to the lobby of… Continue reading An Interview With: Linda Nitzen

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