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January 11, 2019
Mail Call!!! from Jo's Country Junction

Oh my.  With Christmas and the clean bug hitting many, my mailbox has been flooded.  So much so that I have to put all of this in TWO posts.

This whole post is about one delivery.  ONE!  Linda H from Minnesota was doing a little sorting and organization of her own sewing room and sent boxes my way.  This came.  I was trying to figure out what I possibly ordered.  A person doesn’t order this much and forget what it was!!!

I opened the Amazon box and the other box…ah.  Yep. I had ordered a book and I ...

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December 27, 2018
In My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

My mail is fun.  This box came a few days before Christmas.  It was covered with brown paper so me, being silly me, was soon singing Julie Andrews, “Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things…”

The mailman had delivered this to my garage as it was too big to fit in the mailbox.  I have an awesome mail lady.  The kids were chomping for me to open it so I did….

I read the note inside, “…I’m afraid my sewing does not keep up with my buying!”  Ah…I love it ...

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December 22, 2018
My Mail… from Jo's Country Junction

I’m behind on my mailbox posts again.  Just as soon as I get caught up, something comes.  It’s a good problem.

My first box of goodies came from Jan in CA.  It was filled with fun things.

Jan said she used to keep things around for her grandkids but they’ve outgrown them now.  Sadly that happens.

See all the corks?  I’m stocked now.

I know the kiddos will love these….They are velvet coloring pages.  They are great.  The kiddos can color them.  If they go out of the lines, there is no way to tell ...

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December 14, 2018
In My Mail…. from Jo's Country Junction

My mailbox has been busy again.  I love it.

Carla who is a long time blog reader asked if I could use yarn.  I have a friend who is VERY active making layettes for Lutheran World Relief and puts together shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse.  She finds a use for all yarns.

What a treasure trove of yarn Carla sent.

These will be used for stocking hats for Samaritan’s Purse boxes.

This will be used for the layettes.

If you think I get a lot done, you should see this lady.  She is amazing!!  I’ve said it ...

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December 2, 2018
My Mailbox #2 of the Day from Jo's Country Junction

I’m behind again on my mailbox posts.  I think I am all caught up and then there in my mailbox is a whole bunch of goodies.

No worries…it’s a good problem to have.

Check out what my niece Jody sent me.  How cute are these little towels?  They have a farm animal on each one…of so cute.  I know you all are going to roll your eyes but they are too cute to use…Don’t you think??  I need to find somewhere they can hang more of a decoration than actual use.  Hmm.

Jody is ...

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My Mailbox #1 of the Day from Jo's Country Junction

I’ve gotten so much in the mail lately and I’m so far behind on it that I’m interrupting my regular Sunday morning stash report and popping this in here.

I never know what’s in a box when it comes …things for the kiddos, fabric for me…fabric for charity…it’s always a guessing game.

Caryn did the best job ever of mixing it all up!!

Check out all the goodies on the table.  There is a HUGE variety.  No one was left out!!

Kelli happened to be here when the box came.  She immediately asked ...

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November 22, 2018
Trash or Treasure? from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

Yesterday was a productive day, just not as productive as I would have liked it. I hate when that happens, but that's just the way life is. Get over it and move on!

I had a lot of running around to do in the morning, but everything got done. Including a trip to quick trip to Chapters. I didn't buy anything, but I found something that sort of knocked my socks off. I'm going to share that with you tomorrow. Yes - there I was in Chapters taking pictures!

Last night I taught a class on paper piecing ...

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November 16, 2018
Mail Call!! from Jo's Country Junction

Some goodies landed in my mailbox.  I was excited to see them.  The childcare kiddos were too.  When the mail lady came to the door with the package they were excited.  I’ve ordered a few new toys lately so they were sure it was another toy…but it wasn’t a toy for them but goodies for me instead.

The box was from Karen in Martinsville, IN.

Precuts were included in the box….jelly roll..and charm packs…Yardage too!!

Check out this cute fox fabric….
Here is a laycake.  I think these extra fabrics might be able to ...

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November 10, 2018
Goodies Galore from Jo's Country Junction

You might remember back a bit ago someone contacted me saying they were cleaning out their sewing room and was I interested.  I was interested.  We met and I found homes for all of the goodies.

A bit ago, she contacted me again…she had more and was I interested.  I said yes!  I never know what is coming my way when I say yes and that is part of the fun!!

Check out this stack of patterns.

These two were my favorite.  It would be fun to sew a couple dresses for granddaughters’s so impractical.  It ...

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October 26, 2018
In My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

I had two boxes come in the mail.  They were both filled with wonderful goodies.  The first box came from Robin in IL.

Here is some fabric for a backing…PERFECT.  Some fabrics are meant to be backings and this one looks like it!

She sent along some blocks to embroider and some left overs for a black and white quilt.  I think I’ll dig through my stash and pull some black and white fabrics to go with is and then send it out to Ronda, our charity quilter.  She’s a wonder with left over blocks!!

Then in ...

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October 18, 2018
The Unexpected from Jo's Country Junction

A week or so ago I got an email message from someone whose name sounded familiar.  I thought and thought but nothing clicked.  Then I opened the email and it said, -Do you remember me?  I worked with your daughter Kayla at Pine Needles in Cresco.  I am helping my mom clean out fabric.  We have a couple boxes, are you interested?  If not we’re taking it to the thrift store.”

Oh be still my heart.  YES!  I’d love it.  So we make arrangements to meet in Decorah in the grocery store parking lot….here’s the two ...

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October 14, 2018
Stash Report and My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

There’s an auction happening here on the blog.  You can see what is available and bid here.

So I didn’t know if I should call today’s post an “In my Mail” post or a “Stash Report”…I guess it works either way.

At nap time this day I saw the UPS truck stop.  He was delivering a HUGE Amazon box.  I was sitting on the couch between Ruby and Carver trying to get Carver to go to sleep and keep Ruby from barking at the UPS man and waking everyone.  It was a task.  The box was ...

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October 1, 2018
In My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

I’ve had LOTS of things in my mail lately…some email…some snail mail.

I got a wonderful note from Vivian.  She claims to be a “wannabe” quilter but look what she’s accomplished.  I’m impressed.  When I first started doing the Double Wedding Ring instructions I’ll admit to being a little disappointed that not many quilters linked up seemed like they were quilting.  I think there are many more than I thought.  I’ve been getting comments that people have them bookmarked.  Comments that they are slowly working along.  That makes me happy as honestly, the ...

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September 15, 2018
In My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

It’s mail time!!  For three days in a row the mail lady had to bring my mail into my garage as the packages didn’t fit in the mailbox.  I definitely need to get her a courtesy gift card for Christmas again this year.  The first package came from Mary in WV.  She sent a note saying she was cleaning out her back log of quilt tops.  There are THREE here….another found a home already.  I didn’t get them out and show pictures as you’ll see much more of them as they get finished.

In the ...

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September 6, 2018
In My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

I’m behind on my mail updates…again.  I’m so terrible at it.  Please know that it doesn’t mean I’m not thankful for the gifts…just slow.

The first box of goodies came anonymously…or at least that’s what I am lead to believe as I can’t find a note in the boxes anywhere…well there is a card that says a return address in Wisner, LA but that’s it.  So whoever you are in LA, thanks so much.  I have passed all of this on to the knitters in my life.  My daughter ...

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July 31, 2018
In My Mail… from Jo's Country Junction

I’ve had so many goodies come my way as of late.

I found this in a package in the mail one day….

There was no note.  I had no idea who it came from.  I started thinking and the first person I thought of was Kayla….I called and asked and yes it was from her.  Things had been a little crazy around here and I was a little bummed Karl was moving so this was my pick me up from her.  How sweet.  I love it.  Those of you who are Eric Carle Fans from “The Very Hungry ...

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July 10, 2018
In My Mail… from Jo's Country Junction

Goodies for me!!  I love it.  I am sharing with Kelli and Kayla too.  First I got goodies from Carol in Sadona, Arizona.  She writes that she picked up some goodies while thrifting and shared them with me!!  She also writes that she just got an Instant Pot and wants me to keep posting recipes.  I’ll try.  I used it for so many things and most aren’t “recipes”.

There are some of the goodies.

…and more….

…and more.

I pulled this one out immediately.  Carver is way into trucks and construction equipment.  I think this will be a ...

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June 29, 2018
In My Mail…. from Jo's Country Junction

I’m behind on getting an “In my Mail” post written.  I get too busy…

Anyway…here it is!

I got a message from my niece Jody and she asked, “Are you still doing fairy gardens?”  Well, yes I am.  I thought it was an odd question as no other conversation happened after that.  Then a couple days later in my mail came a package with fairy garden goodies.  Yes, Jody is sweet like that.  Aren’t they cute?

Jody said her favorite was the troll on the swing.  I like him but something I could really use is the ...

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June 11, 2018
In My Mail… from Jo's Country Junction

I am so behind on my mail again.  I’ll explain more in another post why…for now let me just get you caught up.

I’ve had two deliveries come in…this is from Chris.  She was estate sale shopping and bought some goodies to share with me!  Wasn’t that sweet?

I’ve said it before and will say it again and again, I love the cards most of all the things that are sent.  It’s a human connection.  It’s a reassurance that someone else connects and likes estate sales too.   I love it….but I ...

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May 14, 2018
More Goodies for a New Sewist from Jo's Country Junction

This is post two about all of the things that blog readers sent for my new little sewist.

An organizer with goodies came from Lisa W.  The organizer is something she will love.

The layers come apart and all sorts of sewing goodies can be stored there.  Lisa even stocked it!

She also sent a cute little box to keep her “sewing stash” in.  Lisa included some fun goodies in the box.

A blog reader who chose to be anonymous sent some 6″ squares.  It looks like there is enough to make a nice quilt top.  How sweet to share ...

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