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January 14, 2020
In My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

I thought the mailbox rush I had was due to all of you heading to the post office to mail Christmas packages and you figured being you were going to the post office anyway, you’d take a box along for me or the kids, but the mailbox frenzy has continued into the new year.

I got a box of very nice baby quilt tops from a blog reader Maryanne in PA.  They are wonderful.

I didn’t take a picture of every one of them but I did a couple.  I know others of you who are charity quilters ...

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January 10, 2020
In My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

I’m working hard to get caught up on my mail posts.  I try to only do one a week but this week, I’m doing two…and then I might be caught up.  I know people who send things wonder if I got the packages if I don’t try to write in a timely fashion.  On the timely part, I often fail.  This time was especially not timely.  My apologies.

Melanie sent this package.  It wasn’t a huge box but oh my, it was packed with things.   Do you see what I see??  KAFFE!!

Like I said ...

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January 6, 2020
In My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

My mailbox was on overload over Christmas.  I’m trying to get caught up on the packages and get blog posts written about them.  The next two posts will likely be longer ones…and I’m hoping I get them right.  I had opened a couple of the boxes when the kids were home and then the boxes got put in the laundry room (you know the place where everyone throws everything)..I’m so hoping the right contents stayed in the right boxes and the right cards stayed in the right box.

This first one I know I have ...

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December 30, 2019
In My Mail… from Jo's Country Junction

Between some Christmas shopping, my ordering a few things as the sales this time of year are so good, and you all sending me goodies, my poor mail lady had a work out between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In the rural area where I live our postal carriers are wonderful.  If my mail doesn’t fit in the mailbox, they bring it in my garage and set in on the step that goes into the house.  How cool is that for me??  The best part about it, she never has a grumpy face when she has to do it.  She’s ...

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December 27, 2019
My Mailbox from Jo's Country Junction

It’s like it’s my birthday here every day.  I’ve been getting lots of goodies in.

This box came from Melanie.  Melanie had sent a box a bit ago and this was labeled as box #2.  The note on this one mentioned that I’d probably like what was in the #1 box better.  That box had all the bonus triangles in it.  Well look what was in this box….

When I first opened it and saw the green, I thought, hmm.  I think I’ll pass them on.  Green hasn’t been my favorite color and Kramer ...

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December 13, 2019
In My Mail…. from Jo's Country Junction

I had some pleasant surprises come my way via the mailbox.

I got a thank you card and goodies from Marilyn.  She had sent something to me a big ago and had sent with a link to her Etsy shop (find it here) and several of you ended up following the link to see her goods.  She wanted to thank me for sending you all her way.  How sweet.  So not only did she send a card but fabric too.

Isn’t this charm pack so cute.  I’d love to come up with an idea for it.  Hmmm.

It ...

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November 27, 2019
In My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

I’ve had fun mail again…It’s so special and means a lot to me.

The bunch of goodies came from Marian in Minnesota.
I was excited about the gray.  I have plans down the road to make this quilt…Silver Linings.  It’s from Bonnie Hunter’s String Frenzy book.  I’ve been collecting grays in everything that gets sent to me.  Gray is a fabric I never buy so if I want gray, I have to be patient and collect it.  You all have been a great help.

The grays will come in handy for this quilt ...

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November 26, 2019
Ask Jo: This and That from Jo's Country Junction

Every now and then blog readers send me a email or leave a comment in the comment section that I need to answer.  When I think other readers might be interested too, I answer them here on the blog. Today is one of those days

After Ruby’s trip to the vet and my mention that she was placed on a new allergy medicine and that the medicine was expensive but was working really well, I had a number of readers ask about the name of the medicine.  Seriously…who knew allergy medicine for dogs would be a hot topic ...

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November 20, 2019
In My Mail from Jo's Country Junction

My mailbox and the UPS man have have been busy here.  Recently a package came and it was from Amazon.  I knew I had ordered something but had knew it couldn’t be coming as I had placed the order that day.  I looked at the package…no, it wasn’t for Karl…I looked at the package again thinking someone reused the package…No.  It was from Amazon.  I opened it up to find this….

Can you read the note?
It says:
Hi Jo!  I noticed you had the egg holder that came with the fridge.  Not enough room ...

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October 30, 2019
In My Mail…. from Jo's Country Junction

I’m always shocked by all that comes to me via the mail.  So many times the things are timed perfectly.

Ila sent me a box of goodies….So many things.  There was a pack of toys for Ruby.  It was perfect timing as we’re celebrating the day she came home to live with us for forever.

Ila always sends things all packaged cutely together.  I end up taking lots of it apart and sorting it as to how I would best use it.

Lots went to the scrap bucket but I pulled these things.  Remember I said something ...

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October 11, 2019
In My Mail…. from Jo's Country Junction

My mailbox continues to be source of fun for me!!  Here’s some of the recent goodies that have been sent my way.

My first box of goodies came from Janne in Massachusetts.  Tell me this card isn’t the funniest ever!  Let me say this…I can relate.  I feel like I’ve been standing on a few cactus’ lately.  No worries..I’m doing okay.

So many goodies all inside one box.

Check out this batch of cute fabric.  The train panel, eye spy fabric and kitty fabric can only be described as super cute!!
There were lots ...

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