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February 20, 2019
A Couple of Shop Events from Terificreations's Weblog

But first. In the next couple of weeks I will have a couple of quilter interviews including Elizabeth Rosenberg. Elizabeth had a great influence on my early quilting life, and still does in many ways. The link is to her new facebook page and new venture The Quilt Whisperer. Please take a moment and give… Continue reading A Couple of Shop Events

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February 17, 2019
Building vs Rehab from Terificreations's Weblog

This post is a reflection, focusing on recent drive time thinking of the difference between building new vs rehabbing established based on my Word of the Year, Build. It’s very quilterly, and rather nostalgic. Thirty years ago now, oh it feels so long ago, I was in the middle of a volunteer service year at… Continue reading Building vs Rehab

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February 11, 2019
Red............ from Exuberant Color

I was going to quilt the red and white star quilt but I couldn't decide whether to use red or white thread.  I finally decided I don't want to see white thread on red or red thread on white so I will hand baste it and quilt it in the ditch on my straight stitch machine.  I had this red crazy pieced quilt on my list to do in February so I pieced the back, loaded it on the frame and quilted it yesterday.
My thread is SoFine by Superior in a dusty red and I did a ...

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February 10, 2019
Four Improv mini quilts from Luna Lovequilts

Project #1 of my list for the first quarter of 2019 Finish-Along is finished at last ! I hand stitched the bindings while at our group meetings only so it looks like it took me ages to do it ...

Le projet #1 de ma liste pour le premier trimestre du Finish-Along 2019 est enfin terminé ! J'ai cousu ces bindings à la main seulement lors des rencontres de notre groupe et il me semble que cela a prit des lustres ...

Luna Lovequilts - Four Improv mini quilts - Class samples

On top of that my camera broke down just when I was finished ... I had to buy a new one meanwhile ...

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February 7, 2019
Time for a New Piece from Roxane Lessa Fine Textile Art

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Hi Everyone!

The felted lighthouse piece is done!  It is called Ninini Lighthouse, which is the actual name of the lighthouse in Lihue, Kauai. I ended up using a facing and keeping the edges clean. I hope to mount it on a canvas or better yet, inside a shadow box frame.

Now it’s time to turn my attention to something new.

I am always attracted to tropical places, scenes, plants, people, etc. And I recently got to spend my birthday at such a place- Punta Cana in the Dominican ...

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Huntington Quilters Guild & Quilts are Made of Memories from Terificreations's Weblog

A big Thank You! to Alyson Jean and Jean Ruvel for the invitation to speak at the Huntington Quilters Guild on Tuesday night. I really enjoyed sharing the quilt stories with you. Over the few days in the car prior to the Trunk Show thoughts of what I’d say flew through my mind and often… Continue reading Huntington Quilters Guild & Quilts are Made of Memories

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February 3, 2019
Quilting, Creativity, Vulnerability, Good Friends from Terificreations's Weblog

A beautiful side effect of traveling as a sales rep is that I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with friends I don’t get to see often enough, friends who know me well. To have this time now is priceless. Every now and again there is an opportunity to feature other quilters, and their… Continue reading Quilting, Creativity, Vulnerability, Good Friends

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February 2, 2019
Road to California 2019 Report, Part 2 from Gefilte Quilt

In our last installment, I showed about 30 masterpiece quilt from Road to California 2019. Below are 30+ more. They come with the same disclaimers:

  • I didn't come close to photographing everything I adored, because truly, I adored everything, and there were more than 1000 quilts at the show.
  • Some fabulous quilts aren't here because the photo I took was so bad. Even my acceptable photography is off-kilter. So please - forgive me. If you want a better view, I suggest googling the quilter's name. Artists who are skilled enough to get quilts in this high-skills show are ...

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January 29, 2019
Staggering Quilts at Road to California 2019, Part I from Gefilte Quilt

OMG, Road to California 2019, in Ontario, California. I was beyond honored - stunned, really - to have this English Paper Pieced quilt in this show; the icing on the cake was that my stunning DH came with me to see it!

Setting aside my own quilt - I could only see the flaws as it hung in a forest of masterpieces - here's some  objective advice: If you only go to one quilt show a year, this would be a great choice. There were more than 1,000 quilts, and I needed a thesaurus to come up with the superlatives that they ...

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Barn Lot Quilts....DONE from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

The hanging sleeves and labels 

have been stitched on...

time for a photo shoot!

Hand Dyed Backing Fabric

While we had a break in the rain 
in this Western Oregon weather, 
we set up the photo stand and put the 
first quilt up to be photographed.

The working name for these quilts has always been 
the Barn Lot quilt series.

They now have a formal name:

100 Years' Gatherin's

Quilt Number 1........The Relics

These are just a few of the old relics

that now live in our barn lot.

They have done a lot of work for us ...

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January 26, 2019
Play day! from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

Yesterday was a play day. I couldn't really afford the time for a play day, but it seemed like a good idea at the time when the play day was booked.

On a serious note - if anyone is in the $25 class at the Hobby Horse TODAY, the class has been canceled (and the schedule will be adjusted to accommodate the missed class). The parking lot is a mess with ice and they're working on getting it cleared up. That gives me some free time this morning, but I'll just plug away at more sample making and ...

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January 22, 2019
A lesson in Machine Quilting from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

The post has to be short this morning. I looked at my schedule and well - there's no time to waste! Actually, I have a magazine submission that was due yesterday and I completely forgot about it last night. So I'm going to sneak it in this morning before they get to work!

I had a great day at our Monday sewing! I'm going to share what happened there tomorrow. It's all a learning experience and I've got so much to share with the UFO group this weekend. Oh, we're going to get those projects ...

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January 21, 2019
Barn Lot Quilts....Quilting and Binding from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

I completed the machine quilting on 

3 of the Barn Lot Quilts

Trying to keep the quilting design masculine

is tough for me......I am a feather girl all the way.

I threw a few triangles in with the wavy lines

and finished up the quilting on Thursday...

I started the binding work on Friday:

I cobbled bindings together with leftover

border strips...

I like the way the 

quilting stands out in the borders

and blends in with the images 

and rust dyed fabric

As always, the quilting shows up

nicely on the backing fabric:

Today is Sunday...

I am ...

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January 18, 2019
Barn Lot Quilts...Under the Needle from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

As soon as the cattle are fed in the morning...

I race back home to the Thread Shed

and get to stitching on the Barn Lot Quilts

I am quilting them on the Sweet Sixteen

I am using long arm rulers...

Arc ruler and Ditch ruler

I do love feather quilting,

but this quilt needs simple, masculine lines.

I don't want the quilting to 

over-power the images

The dark gold Glide thread 

blends with the images nicely

I completed the first quilt...

lots more to go.....eek!

All of the bindings are done...

I rolled the binding up on ...

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January 14, 2019
Quilting-Texas Style! from The Inbox jaunt

Good Morning, Quilters! Woohoo! I’m teaching at the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild this month! I can’t wait! I will be offering a trunk show and lecture on Thursday, January 24th and a full day workshop on Saturday, January 26. We’ll … Continue reading

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Finish # 3 for 2019.......... from Exuberant Color

The binding on this batik Orphan Block quilt fought me all the way and took twice as long to do as it should.  This one definitely has to go to someone who doesn't know anything about quilting.
It ended up 52.5" x 68".

The back is 4 strips of batik fabric leftover from other backings.  I thought that was perfect for a quilt with so much variety on the front.  I will wash this one to soften it up since the batiks on the back are unwashed fabric.  I use Orvis soap, pure soap, not detergent to wash ...

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January 11, 2019
2018 Come and Gone from Lisa H Calle's Blog


Seriously 2019, how in the world did that happen?  Just yesterday it was September and Brody was starting school; now we are into the new year.  Boy time flies.   I certainly hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday season.  The holidays in the Calle household were wonderful but way too short.  I’m sad to report that the older boys already headed back at school.  </p>
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January 10, 2019
Happy New Year from Roxane Lessa Fine Textile Art

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Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year!

I discovered I had sold or given away many of my mid and small size pieces, so it’s time to add to the inventory for shows in the New Year.

So I have started a new needle felted landscape. The siren call of Hawaii still calls to me, and I must answer. I have many gorgeous photos of my trip to Kauai, and I plan to continue using them for inspiration. Here’s a gorgeous vista with a lighthouse.

There’s even a sea ...

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Qulting, basting, sorting............. from Exuberant Color

I finished quilting this colorwash about a half hour after taking this photo.  I pulled out the bastings and will get it trimmed and choose binding today.

I got the next one basted while doing laundry.

I'm going through boxes and found some old quilt books from around 1990.

They were all great books in their time period.  In fact the Seminole Patchwork book is still one of the best on the subject.

The Fons and Porter Ocean Wave book is from 1989.  All of these will probably go to Goodwill.

This book is autographed by Marjorie Puckett to ...

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January 9, 2019
Looking Forward from Creating Chaos

 I gave up writing new year targets and goals a few years ago and as it made no difference to the amount of creativity that happened during the year, so I see no reason to change!

My plans for the year so far are to take part in Contemporary Quilts Journal Quilt challenge, restart working daily in my sketchbook and complete a 'year of stitches', all of which are underway.

Journal Quilt

This year's challenge is a little different to the previous few years in that there are guidelines for each set of four months.   The first set (January ...

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