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November 8, 2018
Fabric Shopping, Good News Stories from Canadian Needle Nana

Hello from the land of Flying Leaves! 

This is Portsmouth by Minick and Simpson for Moda.  I bought a fat quarter bundle on special at The Fat Quarter Shop and I just love the quality and colours. Some of the pieces have a very chintzy look that I like.  Perhaps for the Dear Daughter Quilt; btw that block of the month is still continuing at Sentimental Stitches and you can download 4 patterns a month for free.  Or perhaps the mighty Caswell Quilt...I have the patterns for that as well...Daughter gave me the set last Christmas.  Dreaming here ...

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October 26, 2018
Shopping Loot, Stitching, Coffee- The Usual from Canadian Needle Nana

I'd just read an article about why our ears and nose look bigger the older we get.  So it's not my imagination or some form of dysmorphia I'm experiencing! My nose really is bigger and this realization provided one of those moments where I thought oh fudge! because really who of us have ever thought, can't wait till I'm older and this too small nose of mine will grow bigger. According to this article,  Our Nose and Ears Continue to Grow as long as we live. Sadly, it's true but back to the gratefulness ...

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October 20, 2018
Gratefulness, Pumpkins, and a Lap Ap(?) from Canadian Needle Nana

One of my Netherlands blogging friends made the point that though we have already reached a good age, her and I, was I like her and still wanted more days.  Are we selfish to wish this though so many did not get what we have gotten, she wondered. Yes, I agree, most definitely we do want more.

 I immediately thought about the friend who played the organ at my first wedding and has been gone over twenty years now.  She was so mature, talented, and remarkable in many, many ways...a true inspiration to me, and sadly did not get ...

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August 11, 2018
Plum Cake, Sewing and Flowers from Canadian Needle Nana

This is an odd thing; when I regard the world widely, it seems to be a more negative and unhappy place, environmentally and politically than I've ever known it. But when I bring my vision closer to home, everything is fine.
We are going along enjoying what we do, our freedoms, celebrating summer activities, our encounters with each other and nature the same as always. Other than recording more hot days this summer, all is seemingly as it should be.
 And I'm sure it's not just in Canada that it seems to be that way.

(But if ...

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August 2, 2018
Oh Thursday I Used to Love You from Canadian Needle Nana

Oh Thursday, I used to love you just because of your proximity to Friday.  Now my days are all Fridays or Saturdays or Sundays.  But Thursday, I still like you.

And on this Thursday I want to share some things I've enjoyed recently.

I made and ate this again...I love curried soups. I don't follow a recipe anymore but this recipe from Pinch of Yum  called Anything You Have Coconut Soup is a good one.  I used chicken broth instead of vegetable, omitted the tofu but added a handful of a rice/lentil blend I have and ...

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July 28, 2018
Middle of the Night Shopping from Canadian Needle Nana

With the internet comes a new advantage/concern...the ability to shop in the wee hours of the morning.  I woke this morning and thought, I think I ordered something during the night and checked -sure enough, at 3:20 am I ordered this little kit from Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy. I'm rather impressed that I remembered my Paypal password at that hour but I guess where there is a will, there is a way. Lol
It's Alicia's pattern for Summer, part of her seasonal series.  Pretty, heh.

                         Summer Storm Cross Stitch Sampler Kit

Well, I have another free Quilt Along for ...

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July 19, 2018
Wearing White from Canadian Needle Nana

Hello on a very hot Thursday from my home in the little woods.  This early in the morning all the windows are open hoping to catch the last of the overnight cooler breezes before having to shut them all.  It is still hot here- not complaining. Because all this sun is glorious!

My bouquet for indoors this week...the whites and the almost all whites. (Too many here but trying to dry some to keep). These are from the smooth Annabelle hydrangea trees that are on each side of the front walkway...the blooms are greenish (like in the photo ...

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May 25, 2018
What I Did Mother's Day 2018 from Canadian Needle Nana

I've been asked what did I do on Mother's Day. At my request I got to do some of my favourite things.
I'm a thrift store shopper and I like nothing better than a good dig. I hadn't done it in a while so was very eager to go.  Like any treasure hunt, gold dig, etc., patience gets rewarded in those endeavors sometimes.

A couple of my finds

A set of these coasters, machine stitched but pretty just the same.  I use coasters everywhere.

A  Coldwater Creek quilted vest for me in a gorgeous shade of ...

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May 20, 2018
Air Fryers, Aprons and Stitching from Canadian Needle Nana

Woken this morning by Rex barking his head off.  We usually have a lone turkey and this was the very first time the whole family showed up. Barkworthy indeed!
The females do not seem that impressed by that male!

Hind View !

Murphy took her usual morning dip in the pond.  She's done this every day since there was a crack in the ice. Cold temps obviously don't bother her.  This greatly enhances her unique doggy smell for the rest of the day!

Rex, on the other hand, hates getting his feet wet, never mind his body.

I like ...

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April 7, 2018
Sweet, Sweet Thursday from Canadian Needle Nana

I have had a soft resolution since January-that being to spend an hour a day outside in the fresh air no matter the weather.  I have done well with this goal and usually split the time into two walks with the dogs.  I don't know if this has helped but can safely say now the winter has passed with no illness or sinus infections.

Near the pond on Tuesday; Rex is definitely slowing down (sadly).
However, my mood took a nose dive last week and I was under a cloud for a few days.  What is that? Could it ...

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March 9, 2018
Adult Happiness from Canadian Needle Nana

On these " I Like " Thursdays at Not Afraid of Color, some of us share things we enjoy and often they are very little things. I keep thinking it is a revelation older age gives us-that small things, even ones without a price tag, maybe especially those, are what gives us pleasure in life.

At this site, I tracked down this little poster. I was struck by how many of these things are so me...maybe cleaning out the dryer lint not so much, but all the others, yes.

Hello, Life, and Sorry: WEIRD THINGS THAT MAKE YOU  HAPPY AS AN ADULT  HEDGER HUMOR for babble.  Writing with a nice pen.  Having plans  canceled.  Q This is life.  Sooo sorry!  changing  Eating the corner brownie.  Freshly cleaned sheets.  Hello  my sweet.  Enjoying coffee in that  Cleaning the dryer  brief time before  lint screen.  anyone else wakes up.  Oh yeah.  Pure  bliss
What about you?
Now of course, this doesn't include my dogs ...

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February 3, 2018
Together on a Thursday from Canadian Needle Nana

Thursday with its nearness to Friday made it a great day in my working world.  I liked to do a house tidy up that evening so I could come home on Friday and have no pressing household chores to spoil the enjoyment of a weekend at hand.  Did you do that too? Do you do that?

And Welcome February!
Here is A Patchwork Year's February block ready to be sashed.  It has Forget Me Not on it and the hand is really not that wrinkled.

I like this illustration by Brett Ryder, a very talented UK artist. I learned ...

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January 18, 2018
Talking to Mom and Other Things from Canadian Needle Nana

During our weekly phone chats, Mom always asks me what I am making for supper.  She was saying yesterday how though she still has a good appetite (at 84), she is finding it harder to know what to cook and she is losing her interest in meat in particular.  Lately she has been making a simple soup of tomatoes, onions, broth and barley and throwing in some carrots and peas and this seems to be satisfying enough.  I don't know if this is what happens as we age or not.

Mom went on to say here I am with ...

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November 25, 2017
Something of Mom's and I like Free Patterns from Canadian Needle Nana

My mother did quite a lot of cross stitch in her day and loved it very much.  When she downsized she gave me a bag of pieces she had completed but never framed.  I thought of them the other day and got them out to have a look.  I had thought of framing something of hers for my sewing room (inspiration) and realized one of the smaller patterns would work well for a pin cushion.

The message is a good one for these uneasy times...praying or whatever it is we have to do to soothe ourselves and feel that ...

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November 22, 2017
Good Enough and Lily Love from Canadian Needle Nana

New to Me!

I love these shoes and my feet are thanking me now that I've decided to forego slippers and wear shoes in the house. I am much more sure footed as a result too. I now have a collection of Sketchers for indoor wear.
My constant companion is trying to figure out what are we looking at.

In that photo I'm wearing one of my favourite skirts that has swirly designs in pretty mauves and purples and is an inexpensive Joe Fresh  purchase. I included the link because online there is a Womens Plus ...

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October 21, 2017
Did This Make You Smile from Canadian Needle Nana

New to Me

I have a thing about mugs.  I just love using a mug or cup I like.  They can't be too heavy which is kind of sad because I love pottery and often those mugs are just too weighty.  They are always part of my hunt in thrift stores and Winners or Pier 1.  A surprising place I've found two mugs I really like and that is Walmart. They ran a series of Canadian items to celebrate our 150th anniversary and I really liked the mug that was part of the collection.  It is actually a ...

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October 5, 2017
Me Last Month and My Wishful Someday List from Canadian Needle Nana

I was trying to focus on Rex in this photo.  I don't move in the house without him being beside me. If I move, he moves.  He brings new meaning to the term loyal companion.

 I see now how unslimming this jumper is but I love how comfortable it is.  And comfort more or less reigns these days.
 See that little table in the background... I like it and it is antique, just barely though being Regency and is interesting.  It has faux drawers and also one secret real drawer.  There is a story in Hubby's family about ...

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September 28, 2017
My, What Big Ears You Have and Special Mail from Canadian Needle Nana

I'd like to be saying whoa to these late extended summer days.  Somehow lasso time to make it slow down just a bit.  The warmth is so precious and there is still so much to see outdoors. In fact all this continuing warm weather seems to have given the birds, dragonflies, etc. and little furry things renewed vigor.   I am happy that the beauty of this season and this land is not lost to me.  I'm doing my best to take note of it all and to that end, my daily walks help bring me that little bit ...

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