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April 2, 2020
Quarantine Days are Strange But Busy, EPP, Poetry Too from Canadian Needle Nana

Sunshine warming our shoulders lately so April has been kind to us. March went out like a lamb; it had come in like a lion so, for once, the old saying stood up.  Look at all the leaves revealed now down that trail.

We had our grocery order delivered by SIL. Hubby watched the video on how to handle it so we got him to drop it at the bottom of the front walkway. We used rubber gloves and removed it all from the bags, put it in my own bags, then wiped it all with a bleach solution and ...

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March 30, 2020
Links to Amuse, Hand Quilting, Hair Do Photo, Painted SnowBunny from Canadian Needle Nana

Well, I don't have to ask because I know the introverts and the stitchers especially are faring well with our imposed isolation. The sewing machines are being given quite the workout these days. Including mine.
But for today I'll show my hand stitching results.
Final look at my scrappy Log Cabin in the Woods piece which is all finished. This was a goal to finish as declared at Elm Street Quilts OMG for March. I hand quilted diamonds in the bottom using a masking tape guide and decided on a starry, starry night for the sky.

 A fun ...

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March 21, 2020
Gifts, Quilty Shopping, Itty Bitty Turquoise Triangles from Canadian Needle Nana

There is so much to keep us busy and enjoy even though a thread of worry is winding its way through these strange days. I'm limiting how much I'm reading about it. I'm concentrating on feeding us well, reading your blogs and choosing the neat things to share with you for this happy Thursday post.

I just loved this little video from 1964 and was totally gobsmacked by how fast these women could knit.  What they produce are works of art really.  The opening bit badly needed an edit but the rest of the film is well ...

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March 18, 2020
French Apple Cake, Creativity, Mental Health, Hand Stitching, from Canadian Needle Nana

I had a hankering for cake on the weekend, thought about it Saturday and relented on Sunday.  I made a French Apple Cake and used several Ambrosia apples that we love from Costco. It was light and delicious...what a great recipe and wonderful instructions from the talented Jenn at Once Upon a Chef. Just because it has French in the title doesn't mean it's fancy- quite the opposite, simple ingredients really. It tastes so good we are not needing any cream or ice cream with it.  And because I'm basically sugar free, it is satisfying my ...

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February 24, 2020
Heart Shaped Cake and Pizza, After Quilts, Mourning Dove from Canadian Needle Nana

It is now past midwinter and our snow is piling on snow. 

A rabbit has been using the little ornamental fir bush at the front as a home this winter; have never seen him just the tracks.
But February days are flying by just like July's.
For Valentine's night we got to babysit littler grandson so his parents could go out to dinner. It was a nine course dinner where each course wouldn't fill your tooth, as my grandparents would say about scanty food on a plate. (They came home quite filled, however. :))
  But Daughter had made ...

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February 7, 2020
Quickest, Easiest Quilt Project, Newfoundland Raisin Buns from Canadian Needle Nana

It's almost a year since Hubby's incident on Valentine's Day when a lung embolism caused an emergency ride to the hospital and a subsequent 4 day stay.  Yesterday we had his last visit with the Thrombosis Center downtown where he was given a clean bill of health.  We are so thankful!
And here are a few other things that made this week a good one too.

I made a batch of Newfoundland Raisin Buns last weekend.  I shared them before with you way back in 2016 when I used coconut oil to grease the pan and ...

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February 2, 2020
Winter Survival Stuff Here at the Wooden House from Canadian Needle Nana

Lately our footsteps from all the days before are visible like small ruts in the snow. Melting and freezing enshrined them, then more snow has softened their look.  We pass the pond every day and I always think of the turtles and frogs marooned in their mud heaven far beneath the frozen snow covered surface. Most likely the same turtles I held in my hands last summer.

Keeping warm is important to me. I suffer from cold toes and fingers...the first parts to feel frozen, sometimes even when I am not particularly cold if you know what I mean ...

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January 18, 2020
January Cake, Three Beauty Products, Hope and Bunnies from Canadian Needle Nana

I must admit I am worried about how much of our planet is being incinerated right now as I write these words. With a preschool understanding of world politics, I can only wish for any changes necessary be made and that help continues to pour into these areas.  And that the people who need to take on the mantle of environmental stewardship, do so in a meaningful way.  Hope!
                                  Image result for bible quotes about hope
This reminded me of another small cross stitch project I finished...I can't remember when exactly.  I think at the old farm when I was seeing cardinals for the first ...

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January 13, 2020
Remnants- Christmas, Words, Garden, Fabrics, Home from Canadian Needle Nana

 A while back I posted a little verse from Proverbs about using kind words.  I was thinking this morning about how some words said to us even decades ago, stay with us, maybe forever. It could be stinging words, but also may be kind or complimentary words. Like the first boy I liked when I was about 14 told me one day that I had nice teeth and I was ever so pleased-he knows I'm alive and he thinks I have nice teeth!  I always smile when I remember that-his comment and my reaction.  Do you have such ...

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December 12, 2019
Pre Christmas Preparations, Projects of Christmas Past from Canadian Needle Nana

Lots of dillydallying going on here this morning...and coming right on the heels of the lollygagging mentioned in the last post. We had snow again but rain has wiped it out...again. Such strange weather so far this winter.  Meanwhile  I'm lingering here at the computer just writing away which is not an awful thing as sometimes my blog/writing ideas come to me in spurts and I can get a number of ideas recorded to be fleshed out later.

The whole place needs a good scrub...two old people, two big dogs. Fridge needs some deep diving ...

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December 5, 2019
Three Stitching Projects, There's Power in Kindness from Canadian Needle Nana

As I ate my late breakfast, oatmeal, walnuts and blueberries, this morning...

I thought of this.
Hubby lies down every day for a nap and it is not a factor of his age; he has been able to achieve this feat as long as memory serves him. He can be reminding me of our car appointment or what to say if so and so calls and the next moment be breathing deeply like somebody already past the dreaming stage. I marvel at this. As you know sleep is like a foreign country to me and I definitely can't lie ...

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November 29, 2019
Thankful Too On This Special Thanksgiving Thursday from Canadian Needle Nana

A big Happy Thanksgiving to my American pals! Enjoy every minute whether with family and friends or quietly with just yourselves. Hope the eating is great and please be sure to tell me all about it later.

Hubby got his annual Advent calendar from daughter...chocolate of course.

 He is a tiny bit Grinchish when it comes to Christmas and he has a wife whose family are quite the opposite.  He goes along. I have littler grandson spending his PA day with us tomorrow to help me with our Christmas decorating. This is year 3 he has done that with ...

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November 26, 2019
Seasonal Beauties, Breakthroughs, Birds and Wonders from Canadian Needle Nana

Here in Canada we have four distinct seasons and there are things to love about each.  And also things to complain about like last year when winter felt like it stretched into May. Yesterday walking, I noticed how fresh the air smelled and how crisp the landscape looked. It was so invigorating and I realized I'd forgotten that feature of winter.

Image result for phylis harris drawings every season has its beauties"
From Phyllis Harris Designs
Meanwhile the days are shortening. I took this at 4:30 recently just as total darkness fell in the front yard. Happy the ivy seems to find enough light there.
 It seems the long ...

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November 2, 2019
Cakes and Costumes from Canadian Needle Nana

 I love dressing up in costumes. Most of the schools I taught in allowed the teachers to dress up for Halloween and I loved it.  I always wore a costume to hand out candy on Halloween night and did the thing so many of you did, sewed Halloween costumes for the family. Maybe why is because I have such happy memories of loving Halloween so much as a kid.

 Littler grandson had his birthday party with his friends and I got to dress up for it.  It was fun to wear a long black and silver wig and help corral ...

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October 19, 2019
Halloween and Nature Patterns, Glorious Colours from Canadian Needle Nana

Too many things to count is the way I think about my weekly likes for this Thursday post. I've picked out these to share today.
I love how a close up of this Eastern Yellowjacket revealed an interesting pattern. Nature never disappoints.

And I loved holding this little guy in my hand; one of the small Painted turtles in the pond. He's got interesting patterning in orange and yellow too.
From looking down to looking up.
It is all about the leaves these days.
We are enjoying the spectacular colours around the property. Contrasting blue skies highlight the ...

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October 11, 2019
Prince Charles, Fabrics, Killdeer, and Me from Canadian Needle Nana

Nature's yellows are popping up all over the place including along our driveway. Joyful is how these vibrant colours make me feel.

I mentioned I would be popping into Sew For It on our way home from Hubby's appointment. That I did and bought these fabrics.  A subdued lot but what I was after.
Sulky threads are available there so bought two of the variegated that caught my eye.

 Quilters were there cutting fabric for a class stitch along. They seemed to be cutting hundreds of pieces which I know some of you love to do but was ...

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