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June 29, 2015
Changes…. from Lisa H Calle's Blog

Whether it is a new haircut, new school or a new machine, change is always a little scary.  It was time for a change in  my studio and I’m absolutely thrilled.  As some of you know, I have sold my A1 to a wonderful couple in Delaware who assure me she will have a great home.  It was bittersweet as I have been quilting on her for 10 years.  That is a LONG time.  We produced many beautiful quilts together…. these are just a few.

Longwood Quilt Hula Hibiscus center Longwood quilt Swan's Journer Not so Plain Jane Longwood quilt Emerald Isle Neon Lights Red Velvet Crown Jewels Red Velvet Swan's Song Swan's Journey Mastering the Mini Sample Summer Solstice Playing Hookie Petit a Four
©2015 Lisa H Calle

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Sunday Stash Share from MMM Quilts

I know, I know, it's supposed to be computer-free Sunday in my world, but I haven't posted since Tuesday, and I do have a purchase from a Canadian, no less, quilt store, to share, as well as my (somewhat limited) progress on the star quilt.  And it's morning somewhere...maybe Hawaii?!

After hearing good things about Sew Sisters from Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts, I signed up for their newsletter.  Well, two months later, I made my first purchase.  They have a special on right now until July 1 or while supplies last, on the charm pack ...

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Bow Tie Quilt and UFO & Stash Reports from caledonia quilter

It's 2:30 in the morning - I seem to be having one of those nights when I cannot sleep.  That is a good opportunity to draft a blog post, which quite possibly will make no sense. But at least there are pictures. ☺
The UFO challenge for May/June was my Bow Tie quilt. 

This started several (!) years ago during a lesson at the Binbrook Quilt guild, when we learned how to make these cute 3-d bow tie blocks.
I really love the white with summer-beach-house-blues.  It has been custom quilted, using the IQ.

Now there is just the hand ...

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June 25, 2015
Work In Progress & Creative Space Tag from Pink Doxies

The Wrens & Friends quilt was loaded Sunday evening, and I started work on it. A pass or two, and I was off to bed. Monday afternoon I was back at it, but imagine my shock at how fast the looping went. By the time I was really relaxed and on a roll, it was over!

I didn't want an edge-to-edge on this quilt so I did straight lines on the border. It was loaded horizontally in the machine so the longest sides were at the top and bottom. With those done, I had to unpin the quilt from the ...

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June 21, 2015
Pet Project Show #25 from Pink Doxies

Thank you for all the warm wishes on my longarm acquistion. I've laughed out loud reading the names you've given to yours! You are some creative stitchers.

In honor of the Pet Project Show, I stylized a couple of our pets in thread up above--a llama and a dachsund.

 My first finish is this little test run. The front looks pretty good, but the back has some lingering issues with tension. It's time to dig deeper into my manual and online, and fine tune before I start a real piece. 

Black fabric with red thread is not ...

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June 19, 2015
Oh Canada…. from Lisa H Calle's Blog

I have been busy today packing up rulers and quilts to ship to Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton, Canada.  I will be teaching there on July 8,9,10 and 11th.  There are still spaces and I have a new hands-on based on my Divide and Design technique.  We will be working on a small nine patch block….

We will take something that looks like this…


and we will turn it into this…

Simple Nine Patch

Simple Nine Patch

This is a 6 hour hands on class….  I can not wait to teach it!  If you aren’t familiar with rulers and this looks ...

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June 18, 2015
Real Country Quilt finished from a class in 1998! from Quilting Lots Moore Designs

This is Jean's beautiful quilt that she began in a class taken in Palmerston North in 1998!!!  Now that is a year or two ago.  It took me some time to get my head around the plaids and strong colours and exactly what to quilt where.  However, in the end I am pleased with the result and Jean is too, which is the most important thing.  A happy customer is my aim after all. There are lots of photos as it was quite a large quilt...72 x 90 inches with lots of ditching to do and I found ...

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June 17, 2015
AQS Grand Rapids…. from Lisa H Calle's Blog

has accepted my little pink quilt… Petit a Four!  Yippee!

petitafourcloseupmarked petitafourfull markedIt was created to highlight my Divide and Design technique.  :)  I am pleased with how it turned out.

Quilt on, My Friends.



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June 14, 2015
Jinny Beyer Moonglow Quilt, and All About Purple from caledonia quilter

You can see why this quilt is called Moonglow.

Mmm - look how nicely those fabrics play together!

I wanted to add some bubbles to contrast with the spikey star points.

Limited use of a variegated thread - only in the bubbles, the courthouse steps blocks, and the flying geese.

The s.i.d. (and there was A LOT OF IT), circles outlining the stars, and straight line quilting behind the geese units was all done with black thread.  Oh, so much fun to quilt on black fabric, with black thread, at my age.  Can you say "aargh!!!"?

And since we're ...

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Quilting Eye Candy 06-14-14 from The Quilting Queen Blog

With all the top secret projects going on, it leaves me little to blog about and a lot to tease you with.  But I have been doing some customer quilting.  I'm very excited to report that I have my first Illinois quilting customer.

Bobbie brought me 4 of her quilts to quilt.  Bobbie does really nice work!  This quilt uses the quick curve ruler.  If you don't know about it you can check it out here.  There lots of possibilities with this neat ruler.  I have one but I haven't used it yet!  Oh my!!!

Quilting Pattern ...

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June 11, 2015
2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back from The Quilting Queen Blog

I am caught up on my customer quilts so what's a girl to do... Hmm... how about quilting a couple of those Flimsies I have in the closet.  Why yes.. what a great idea.

I picked this little wall hanging quilt to finish.  I made it as part of the Little Jo's Club I belonged to a couple of years ago.  It measures 28" x 32".

And then I quilted one of the big Flimsies.  But I didn't get the binding on it yet so I'll wait until it's a complete finish before I show ...

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June 7, 2015
How to deal with Prairie Points on the INSIDE of a Quilt, and the crossover between PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL from caledonia quilter

This little quilt has a row of prairie points on the INSIDE of the quilt, separating the body from the border. (Sorry, the row of flying geese is visually distracting here - but I'm sure you can see which are the prairie points.)

Stitch-in-the-ditch along the prairie points to make everything stay flat.  Try to stay on the LOW side of that seam.  Why did this photo decide to load sideways?  I have no idea.  Ask the computer gods.  Grrr.

S.I.D. done.

Now, pin all those little puppies out of your way so you can quilt the border ...

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June 5, 2015
TQS: The Quilt Show from Lisa H Calle's Blog

As many of you know I filmed the Quilt Show with Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson.  While there getting ready, they do a kind of get to know you interview… pretty informal.  Where can you see it, you ask?  I will post the link but first I want to say…. why couldn’t they lose this?  Really, I am really that boring… I realized that I have no one quilter that influences me or is my idol.  I gave this some thought yesterday after Gilbert posted the video on my Facebook page…. I am influenced by all of you.  That ...

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Quilting Eye Candy 06-04-15 from The Quilting Queen Blog

There has been quite a bit of designing and top secret project work going on around here lately.  I did get a few quilts finished for some loyal customers though.  

Janie made this Hunter's Star.  

Quilting Pattern:  Demask E2E by Wasatch Quilting
Quilting Thread:  Glide Pearl

Ruby has been busy again.  This time it wasn't a string quilt she's so famous for.

The quilting didn't show up on the front so this is a close up of the backing.

Quilting Pattern:  English Oak by Urban Elementz
 Quilting Thread:  Glide Sand

And this is Ruby's quilt ...

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June 3, 2015
Summer is Here! from Pet It Design Co

Summer has arrived and we are taking full advantage of family time. We have already visited our old friends in Alabama and have tagged along to work with my husband.

In between house cleaning, gardening, chicken processing (we got our first batch of meat chickens this spring!) feeding the kiddos, and answering a million "I'm bored what should I do?" questions I squeeze in a few minutes here and there to quilt or work on other home decor projects. (Was that a run on sentence or what?)

If you want to learn more about that pretty little quilt I ...

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Updated from Pet It Design Co

I seem to have taken a really long blogging hiatus. I hope to get back to sharing things with you on this blog, but honestly I am finding instagram to be better suited to the limited time that I have for social media. I can easily share an image and a few sentences whenever I can find a spare moment rather than finding a larger chunk of time to write out a whole blog post and edit pictures.

I recently updated the longarm quilting blog with lots of pictures of quilts that I have had the pleasure of quilting. You ...

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Hello June! from Scraps of Life

I am just back from a wonderful vacation. I was away for 10 days. First to Seattle then on an Alaskan Cruise.  It was wonderful! Here are a few photos from the trip
We paid a visit the Famous Pike Place Market.
 It was overcast but no rain 
 Loved the fresh flowers & veggie displays
 Even found a floor tile with our last name on it! Amazing considering there are thousands of tiles and thousands of people. I just happened to look down and there it was!!

 And of course the Famous Ferris Wheel!

 Waiting to get on the Ruby Princess ...

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Overcast Wednesday from Lisa H Calle's Blog

Its been rainy the past couple of days but we have really needed it so I am not complaining.  Not nearly like what has been going on in Texas.  I hope all of my Tx friends are well.

Working diligently on projects for my book.  I will be a quilting fool soon.  I have 3 that are ready to be quilted.  I think I should have done them as I went.  Nahhh, that would be too easy.   Here is a peek…


ok, so maybe that’s not a peek but a tease…. I have missed my BERNINA  and it felt ...

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Lura's Choice update from Field Trips in Fiber

Recently a couple of people have asked how Ideal with stitch in the ditch on seams that are pressed open.

June 3 SID 2

In my opinion, the best way to handle seams that are pressed open is to do some sort of continuous curves like on this star. It takes the stress off the seams and looks nice too. It’s what Margaret Soloman Gunn did on my friend’s heart quilt and it worked great.

That wasn’t really an option for the effect that I wanted on my Lura’s Choice quilt.

June 3 - SID open seams

My solution on this one is to set my ...

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May 31, 2015
9-Patch & Shoofly Quilt, and we're under attack by "The Universe", and a book report from caledonia quilter

This turned out really pretty.

Motifs in the light areas, straight line quilting in the blue.

Ooh.  I just LOVE that border pattern.  

So.  In the past two weeks the friggin' Universe has decided to come down with annoying frequency on us.
  1. the computer exploded
  2. my windshield cracked
  3. the washing machine quit.  Although DH worked his magic and replaced a part so we are back to wearing clean knickers instead of turning them inside out.
  4. the pressure washer was stolen out of the back of the pickup truck
  5. one of my crowns (in my mouth, not the one I wear ...

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