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June 17, 2018
Sensational Solids and Wonderful Winnings from caledonia quilter

This beauty went home yesterday.

The slightly paler yellow in the wide outer borders is linen.  Very soft, and makes for a beautiful quilt.  On the down side, I found it a bit 'shifty' - think flannel or homespuns.  I suspect it would have been more challenging to piece with too, because of the loose weave.

The maker is giving this to her brother, so she didn't want "girly" quilting, and since music is his hobby that's what went in the wide borders.

Because the cross-hatching was interrupted by the squares, I chose to mark the quilting lines.  And ...

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June 16, 2018
Free-Motion Framework Launch Party Recap from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Free-Motion Framework Launch & Book Signing Party Thank you to everyone who came out to the Free-Motion Framework Launch & Book Signing Party! I had a great time, even if I’m making...

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June 15, 2018
My Dearest Cherrywood, from Lisa H Calle's Blog

My life would simply feel incomplete without special moments found in the presence of my quilting crush, Cherrywood Fabric.  Over the past couple of days not only was I fulfilling my passion of “quilting” but I also laid hands on the love of my life – CHERRYWOOD! Yes, Cherrywood Fabric ranks up there as my first love, but I also have a second love.  I mean, god forbid there’s no Cherrywood in my life I need to have options! So next in line would undoubtedly have to be feathers.  Oh, how I gush when I am quilting feathers into a ...

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June 14, 2018
Welcome Back! from Cowtown Quilts

I am giving up my website and coming back to this blog site.  I have no idea how this will work with the new Net Neutrality rules, but I’m okay with that.  I no longer quilt for others, but you will be seeing posts whenever I get a chance to quilt for myself.  This particular post will be full of tips, because I haven’t been quilting on a regular basis and just got back into the game – I’ve realized how many tips I’d taken for granted.  So, I will share them with you today.  Please forgive ...

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Fabric for Military Retirement Chevron Quilt from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Celebrating a Military Retirement In my recent post, I shared the first quilt which celebrates a military retirement. If one quilt is good, at least two or three is better, right? This is the second...

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June 12, 2018
Fabric Scraps for Military Retirement Quilt from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Adding Fabric Scraps to a Military Retirement Quilt Thankfully, we are celebrating a retirement here in the family! How does a quilter celebrate? With a quilt, of course! The quilt is a gift for...

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June 4, 2018
Free-Motion Framework Book Tour from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Join the Book Tour As you may know, my new book, Free-Motion Framework was made possible with the help of contributing quilters. A total of 17 quilters, including myself, stitched 41 quilts featured...

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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And that's a wrap, Hands 2 Help 2018 Grand Finale from Sue Daurio's Quilting Adventures

The grand Finale!! Hands 2 Help 2018 has come to and end. These wonderful quilters created 8 beauties for some wonder causes. Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo gets 2 quilts, Little Lambs Foundation for Kids gets 2 quilts, Project Linus local to McHenry Co will get 2 quilts and Sage Cancer Center in McHenry will get 2 quilts from this year and 5 from the previous year. DorothyVeronikaLaurieLiane KoehlRobertTomDeborah - thank you for all you do! We met our goal of 8 quilts this year, and I do think they are the best quilts we ...

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June 2, 2018
Let's Quilt Super Spiral! from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I have a new quilting tutorial for you today and this is a terrific mash up of walking foot quilting and longarm quilting.

Seriously, I quilt this design first with my walking foot, then switch over to the Grace Qnique to quilt it on my frame!

Click Here to find this tutorial at

Did you know that I'm a dealer for Grace Company now? Click Here to learn more about the Grace Qnique.

What is the best method to quilt your quilt? The way that works best for you!

I hope you can see from this quilting ...

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May 27, 2018
9 Reasons Why Your Longarmer Might Be Late With Your Quilt In The Spring, and My Fave From St. Jacobs from caledonia quilter

I don't know where you live, but HERE we had a bit of nice spring weather and then we got blasted TWICE with more winter.  Now that the temperature is finally Helen-friendly, I check the Weather Network and see that the pollen counts are off the charts - which explains the sneezing and stuffy sinuses.  Nevertheless... I love spring!!! When the weather gets warm and I can strip off the jacket, scarf and mitts I have a difficult time staying indoors.


1.  The asparagus is up ...

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May 26, 2018
A Finish at last... from Quilting Lots Moore Designs

I can finally show you a completely finished quilt.  This is called "River"  and was a range of fabric we sold in our shop quite a few years ago.  It was always one of my favourites.  It was a real happy chance that I found this lovely border fabric so many years ago that goes quite well with it.  My heartfelt thanks to my friend Lorraine who quilted it for me and made a great job and to Lyn who stitched the binding on for me.  These are the heavier jobs I struggle with now.

I am very blessed to ...

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May 23, 2018
St. Jacobs Quilt & Fibre Art Festival, May 22 - 26 from caledonia quilter

I will be in St. Jacobs tomorrow (Wednesday) with the Beach Girls.  We all have a quilt hanging at the Schoolhouse - one each by:

  • The Electric Quilter -Diane Carson
  • Quilting For You - Carol Anne Tolton
  • Quiltingleah Cole - Karen Cole
  • Winnspired Quilting - Debbie Winn
  • and me... Custom Linens by Helen, aka Caledonia Quilter

This is an in-progress, planning shot of the vintage tablecloth of mine that you can find at the Schoolhouse.  HERE is a link to the brochure.  Scroll down to the section "A SAMPLING, UFOs & TEA".

Here it is finished.  But really - it's so pretty in person, go ...

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May 20, 2018
Free-Motion Framework Special Trunk Show Exhibit from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Free-Motion Framework Quilts Trunk Show! Take a peek at the Free-Motion Framework Quilt Trunk Show at Sew Special Quilts, in San Antonio, Texas. The show will be installed from May 18 through June...

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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May 19, 2018
Cathy's Folk Flower from Creative Longarm Quilting

After a week of storms, as well as UPS losing one of my competition pieces, I have finally managed to finish Cathy's Folk Flower quilt.  It is a super cute one!  Sorry, the photos aren't the best, no outside pics -- remember, rain. Detail pic: And a peek at the back: I share the process of this client piece on my Patreon account - if you're curious, here's a little clip of the travel

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May 18, 2018
Mill Girls BOM is going home from Sue Daurio's Quilting Adventures

It's time, this beauty is being shipped back to CA where she belongs.  I'm gonna miss this one!  We did spend some quality time together.  I managed to finally get some pics in natural light, just love when the sun is pretty low and shadows from the quilting show up so nicely.  You have to forgive my lumpy yard....there wasn't much natural light left and I wanted to get a few pics so no time to look for a flatter spot.  The quilt is nice and flat, it's my yard that isn't!
Mill Girls ...

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May 17, 2018
Afternoon Picnic Quilt by Nancy Zieman Productions for Riley Blake from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Custom Quilting for Riley Blake and Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC. It was my honor to custom quilt this sample for Riley Blake Designs’ booth at Spring Quilt Market 2018. The beautiful small...

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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May 10, 2018
Who's Quilt Is It Anyway? from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I've heated things up this week with a new Great Quilting Debate about quilt ownership. If you hire a service like longarm quilting, having binding attached, or even piecing, is that still just YOUR quilt?

Click Here to check out the podcast episode.

I had a lot of fun with this one and found the more I thought through each angle, the more interesting it became. There are so many different sides to it:

 - If I pay for the service, doesn't that take care of it? 

- If I don't end up liking the person that did it ...

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May 7, 2018
A finish - Customer Quilt - Going Batty from Quilting Tutorials

I have a customer who is a member of a Spelunking group. What is spelunking? It is for people who actually enjoy crawling around in caves and other dark crevices in the earth. I will stick to quilting and an occasional hike in wide open spaces.

Anyway, every year a group of Spelunkers gets together and they part of their activities is a silent auction. She always makes a quilt for the auction and this is the current year's installment.

Typically, her quilts for this event include bats in the fabric and I believe the last couple of years ...

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April 29, 2018
Quilt Basting, Spring Activities and A Bit Of Whinging from caledonia quilter

One of the jobs that a longarm quilter will do is baste a quilt for you so you can either hand quilt or machine quilt it yourself.  I charge a flat fee of $50.  Some quilters charge by the square foot which might save you money or cost you a bit more, depending on the size of the quilt.
When I baste a quilt I use a 4" grid and, generally speaking, will use up partially filled bobbins.  I don't do anything stupid like bright red bobbins on a white quilt though.  These jobs are slipped in, between quilts ...

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April 23, 2018
Salome Ruth’s Tummy Time Quilt from L&R Designs Quilting

Scrappy string quilts are one of my favorites for a new baby’s tummy time quilt.  Last month my sister hand delivered this to the newest family edition, Salome Ruth, her 8th grandchild and 7th girl!Sometimes, if I make the quilt after they’re born, I can stitch their name into the quilt.  And since this little one has 3 other siblings she can say this one is hers!I almost forgot to add my name and got it into the last little corner of the quilt!A recycle bed sheet package is a great way to send it ...

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