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September 22, 2017
Fossil Rim Blog Tour ~ A Dino-mite Baby Ensemble! from quiltscapes

Sometimes, the cutest fabric comes along, and you just gotta make stuff!

Baby Ensemble made by Debbie Proctor & Deonn Stott
featuring Fossil Rim fabrics designed by Deena Rutter for Riley Blake Designs
Boy fabrics seem to get cuter and cuter as the years go by, and this line is no exception!  My friend Debbie, (who just happens to have a new grandson!) agreed to collaborate for this fun blog tour.  When we saw that the line is also offered in knits, Debbie immediately thought of making a baby layette gown.

In her later years, Debbie's mother had made hundreds ...

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September 19, 2017
How Did You Quilt That? from Prairie Moon Quilts

I’ve been getting asked this question ever since the modern color version of the Sew Sweet Sampler made its debut . . .

So today, I’m here to explain my process of quilting it.

It’s a medallion quilt . . .

The modern setting, altho NOT asymmetrical, leaves lots of negative space for quilting. I wanted the quilting to give a sort of “traditional-meets-modern” feel to the quilt.

A few years back, I had purchased a wholecloth quilting design (printed on paper) from Sue Schmieden, called Rosemaling. (I wanted to do a wholecloth hand-quilted quilt, but that’s another story!)

I decided that ...

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September 17, 2017
Three Easy Longarm Quilting Designs from The Free Motion Quilting Project

What are the three easiest designs to learn how to free motion quilt? I'm sure if you asked three different quilting teachers you'll get three different answers! Here's my take on the easiest machine quilting designs to start with:

Click here to find my review of the Grace Qnique 14+. Remember if you're interested in this machine to call the company and mention Leah Day said Hello my quilting friends to get a discount on your order.

three easy longarm quilting designs

Last week I started quilting on this Building Blocks cheater cloth quilt. It includes all the skill-building quilt blocks ...

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September 13, 2017
MQG Quilt of the Month – September 2017! from Flying Parrot Quilts

I’ve made another science quilt (shocking, I know!), and this one is the Modern Quilt Guild’s September Quilt of the Month, meaning members can download the pattern from the community site! I’m so excited to share the quilt and just a little bit about the science with you.

Molecular Test quilt by Sylvia Schaefer, inspired by gel electrophoresis/Flying Parrot Quilts |

This quilt is called Molecular Test because it is based on a test called “gel electrophoresis” (pronounced “e-lec-tro-FOR-ee-sys”). Scientists use this method to separate molecules (typically, proteins or DNA fragments) by size. Basically, the samples are placed in a gel medium and an electric current is applied, which causes ...

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Railroad Tracks Quilt and Dear Universe: Please Bugger Off! from caledonia quilter

I love the colours in this quilt.  And I would never, ever do this much paper piecing.

Quilted with tons of s.i.d.  Added x-hatching in the blue background and some little feathers in the gold centers.


I've been up since about 2:30 this morning.  I think my stress levels might be just a wee bit too high. In the past month...
  • Door knob fell off (bought all new door lock sets = $600).
  • Fridge quit (quickie emergency fridge $400 plus new REAL fridge $3300).
  • New furniture is waiting to be delivered but ...

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September 12, 2017
Habit Forming, NOT from Gayle Bong Quilts Too

Quilting has not become habit forming for me yet. I have gotten some done though. Last week we were busy with several doctor appointments so if you need an excuse, I'd use that.

A few weeks ago I put another quilt on the frame in Studio 2. I've got a close up of the quilting here but if you still can't see it, double click on the picture and that should let you see it even closer. I've enjoyed quilting this design; probably cause I like the way it looks. I might be half done. I ...

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September 4, 2017
The Raven quilt, A Kitchen Story, and the Zucchini Report from caledonia quilter

This is The Raven quilt.  I love every bit of this quilt.  All hand applique.

Background quilting was simple crosshatching, following the lines of the fabric.

Everything was s.i.d.  Birds were feathered (of course!) and other bits were quilted as applicable.

It's much easier to see the quilting on the back.
Somehow, the kitchen story seems to be taking place on the back patio.  Whaaatt??

Yeah.  Remember a couple weeks ago I spent HOURS cleaning the fridge before my in-laws arrived?  Wasted effort.  "Clean" and  "Cold" are, apparently, two different things.  Today my "cold ...

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September 3, 2017
Let’s Catch Up With The Renters from Quilted Joy

Here are a few more recent finishes by our wonderful renters!

Sampler Quilt

Valerie pieced this interesting sampler from batik and white half-square triangle units. I’m not sure which pattern she used, but if you search for Triangle Gatherings, you’ll find a link to one half-square triangle quiltalong being offered by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings. If you look at the blocks one by one, you’ll see that each one is made up of sixteen half-square triangles, turned various ways to make different patterns. No two blocks are alike! Valerie used a white thread and A Little Bit This ...

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August 30, 2017
Modern Quilt Magic from Prairie Moon Quilts

It’s finally here!! Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s new book is out!

It’s called Modern Quilt Magic, and these quilts really look like they take magic to make, but she breaks it down and makes them really simple. Stunning results with simple techniques — what could be better?

I think I’ve been more anxious for this one to come out than she has, since I quilted so many of the quilts for her. It seems like ages ago, and now I’m finally getting to see them in print!

I certainly hope you’ll grab a copy of the ...

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August 28, 2017
Letters on a Quilt, Company Overflow, Zucchini Report from caledonia quilter

This definitely rates as one of the more interesting quilts I've worked on this year.

Very simple, design-wise.  But paper piecing the letters and the leaf block would not be my favorite thing to do.  The piecer did a super job on this, for sure!  It was quilted with a Canada flag panto which has been getting lots (!) of use this year.

Last weekend we entertained DH's family, so I was kind of overrun with inlaws for almost a week.  They started arriving on Friday and we waved goodbye to the last of them on Wednesday.  I managed ...

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August 18, 2017
Paper or Digital Quilting Designs? from AndiCrafts

So while I’ve been quiet on the blog lately (well, okay, for a very long time!), I’ve had my nose buried in my computer creating new quilting designs and learning how to digitize. I recently purchased a wonderful program, Art and Stitch, which is just for digitizing quilting and embroidery designs. This program can do […]

The post Paper or Digital Quilting Designs? appeared first on AndiCrafts.

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August 13, 2017
Dresden Plate Quilt, Selvages, and Garden Update with Zucchini Report from caledonia quilter

The Dresden Plate is at the top of my FAVORITE QUILTS LIST.

I have made two of my own and I have a third in progress.  This quiltmaker repeated all of the fabrics identically in each plate, and also positioned them identically in the background square.  She used different fabrics for the centers.

I quilted S.I.D. around the sashing, outside of the plates, and around the inside circle.  Mauve thread was used in the sashing and inside the plates; the rest was white thread.  The maker requested feminine quilting, so I went with flowers.  So pretty.

One of ...

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August 9, 2017
Cool Summer Quilt, Zucchini stuff including a recipe & "the weekly count" from caledonia quilter

This quilt is so fresh & cool looking - perfect for summer.

Beautiful batiks.

So, as you can clearly see, it is August.  This is the first four loaves of the season.  DH had some for breakfast with peanut butter, and he managed to choke out the words:  "good zucchini bread, wife".  If you want my recipe, it's in THIS post.
Picked this week (up to Aug. 5th):  10
Picked YTD:  46

On one of my excursions down to the dungeon,  I mean the fruit cellar, I noticed that I still have LOTS of jars of diced tomatoes from ...

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August 7, 2017
I’ve Been Stitching! from Allen Quilts

Life has been sooooo busy. I think about my little blog, and I want to write more in it, but finding the time has not been easy. I will tell you that tonight I started a draft for the post I promised I would write … Continue reading I’ve Been Stitching!

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August 2, 2017
Linda’s Gravity Quilt from Prairie Moon Quilts

I recently finished quilting a Gravity quilt for my friend, Linda. You may have seen this pattern before — it’s by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, and it’s 97″ x 96″ and chock full of glorious color!

This was my first chance to quilt a Gravity quilt, and Linda wants to enter it into some shows, so we agreed on some over-the-top quilting for it. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a few sneak peeks of it as I was working on it, but today I’m here to show you a lot more pictures, so ...

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August 1, 2017
Colorado Avalanche Quilt from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Every quilt I finish for a customer poses its own unique challenges. This traditional Lone Star Quilt (90″ x 90″) was no different, until we added in the Colorado Avalanche logo* –...

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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July 30, 2017
Cute Kitties & Zucchini Report from caledonia quilter

This is at the top of my "Cute Quilt" list for July.

The pantograph design is "Hip Kitties" (purchased from Urban Elementz).  And serendipitously, the cat motif lined up beautifully along both side borders.

Friday was our 33rd wedding anniversary.  We took a play day.
 Together!  Mini putt, then lunch, then the afternoon was spent throwing dirt at each other.
 No, no, no, not like that.  We finished weeding and hilling the potatoes out in the garden.  Thanks for the help, darling.

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July 25, 2017
A Quilting Motif and A Longarm Technique from MMM Quilts

As you know, I'm working on quilting the Cows quilt. I have four heifers left, a few churn dashes and the barn. Well, I also have to finish the other half, or two-thirds more like it, of the border.  As is usually the case when I quilt a quilt, I have a very, I mean very, vague quilting plan in my head.  Once the quilt is loaded, it starts to talk to, sometimes whisper to, sometimes cajole, me.  Such was the case with this one.  I had no idea how I was going to quilt the churn dash blocks ...

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A Quilting Motif and A Longarm Technique from MMM Quilts

As you know, I'm working on quilting the Cows quilt. I have four heifers left, a few churn dashes and the barn. Well, I also have to finish the other half, or two-thirds more like it, of the border.  As is usually the case when I quilt a quilt, I have a very, I mean very, vague quilting plan in my head.  Once the quilt is loaded, it starts to talk to, sometimes whisper to, sometimes cajole, me.  Such was the case with this one.  I had no idea how I was going to quilt the churn dash blocks ...

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July 23, 2017
The African Quilt, Today's Pet Peeve, and First Zucchini Report of 2017 from caledonia quilter

OMG, this African Quilt is quite a work of art.

 Where to start, where to start?  Well, GOOGLE is where we all start today, I think.  Because the little corner of my brain where "African designs & motifs" is supposed to reside is apparently empty.

Lots and lots of s.i.d.

After s.i.d. then it's time to add in some African background quilting.

I have a great deal of admiration for quilters who are so adept at applique.  It also appears that she has an embroidery machine that (wait for it...) she knows how to use.


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