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January 28, 2015
FloMo update from Field Trips in Fiber

FloMo and I were busy this past weekend.

Jan 28 CSQ quilts 3

This is veteran's quilt #3 for 2015. It was pieced by Miriam from fabrics left over from a beautiful Hunter's Star quilt that she made in 2014.

Jan 28 CSQ quilts 4

It's quilted with a feather pantograph using King Tut cream thread. I like the effect of the quilting on this one a lot.

Jan 28 CSQ quilts 1

This is the 4th veteran's quilt. The CSQ members made these blocks and I think that Becky assembled the top. I honestly didn't like it until I stepped back and looked at it from a distance. Now ...

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Mini Me’s… hmmm…. from Lisa H Calle's Blog

I have been teaching now for quite a while and I hear this phrase spoken quite often….” I want to quilt just like you.”  This is very flattering to say the least…. however, I want you to quilt just like you!

My friend Teri Lucas wrote a blog post that got me thinking about this. ( make sure you read her post)  She was so right when she wrote that master painters didn’t become masterful overnight.  It took a lot of failures along the way before they got to where they are.

When I first started quilting , I wanted to ...

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1976 Modern Baby Quilt from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

1976 Modern Baby Quilt | Machine Applique | ReannaLily Designs | Free Motion Quilting

Whoa.  That is alot of morning sun coming in on this fresh little baby quilt.  I’m naming it the 1976 Quilt.  It’s mod, it’s brown, it’s orange and it’s yellow.

Here’s the quilt before the quilting.

1976 Modern Baby Quilt | Machine Applique | ReannaLily Designs


I needed to trim that selvedge edge off and take this out to my HandiQuilter Longarm machine.  I’m a “part owner” of the machine.  My sweet mom is the “mostly owner.”

I tried to grab a little video.  The shot from the side was tricky.  I then decided I should just hold the camera with one hand ...

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January 27, 2015
ProSpine™ rulers have arrived…. from Lisa H Calle's Blog

ProSpine Small : Shallow curve

ProSpine Small : Shallow curve


The ProSpine™ rulers have arrived… poor Fed Ex had to trudge through feet a couple inches of snow.  I have a limited amount in this order but have a second order coming.  So to celebrate the arrival of the new babies…. I will be offering them at 15% off till Sunday Feb 1st!   I will have them at Birds of a Feather as well.

ProSpine™ Small Deep Curve

ProSpine™ Small Deep Curve


Quilt on, My Friends!



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Mastering the Mini!! from Lisa H Calle's Blog

ClairewallaceminiMMI love whole cloths!  There is something so elegant about just a piece of fabric and thread.  The problem with whole cloths as I saw it was that there was a lot of measuring (which I totally dislike) and a lot of marking ( which I detest as well).  Maybe you feel the same way?

In my Mastering the Mini, I teach you how to create a one of a kind whole cloth with no measuring  and minimal marking!  What could be better?

Crown Jewels: Won HM at Houston International quilt festival

Crown Jewels: Won HM at Houston International quilt festival

I used this method to create Crown Jewels and ...

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January 26, 2015
Gettin in the Groove!! from Lisa H Calle's Blog

I am sure it comes as no surprise to many of you, I LOVE ruler work.  So much so that I have my own line of rulers, Quilter’s Groove Rulers.  Since I have designed my rulers to do what I love with minimal markings, I was encouraged to create a class to teach you all how to use them.  If you already have some , thank you!  I’d love to hear how you use them and how they made your quilting easier.  If you are not familiar with them…. come to the Gettin in the Groove class to learn ...

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January 22, 2015
Selvage Quilt from The Quilting Queen Blog

One of my customers sent me this quilt to "finish quilting".  It's a double wedding ring and the "rings" are made from selvages from quilting fabric.  I've seen a few "SELVAGE QUILTS" and thought they were kinda neat but none really tripped my creative trigger and told me I really needed to save my selvages and make one.  Until now... I LOVE THIS SELVAGE QUILT!!!

I love the colors, all the selvages, the quilting, the pattern... everything!  Ruby made the quilt.  She hand quilted a little feather pattern in the middle of the rings and a simple little ...

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January 21, 2015
Dallas Cowboys Quilting Eye Candy from The Quilting Queen Blog

Attention all you Dallas Cowboy Fans.  Check this awesome quilt out that Loraine made for her nephew.  I think the pictures of the Quilting Eye Candy speak for themselves.  At one point I called William out to the studio to get his opinion on what to quilt in one of the sections.  His only comment was "that's a lot of stars on that quilt".  What else would you put on a Cowboys Quilt, certainly not feathers!?  Or at least I didn't think so.

The star in the center and the 4 corners Loraine says are paper pieced.

Look ...

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January 19, 2015
Quilting Eye Candy 01-19-15 from The Quilting Queen Blog

I told you in this post I had lots more QUILTING EYE CANDY to share with you.  I wasn't kidding.  I truly have been very busy.  Here's a few more to share with you.

Margaret made this quilt.  I like the hour glass block framed.  I quilted the pattern Pretty Posies in pink praline thread.

This quilt definitely has a story to tell. Margaret took it to another long arm quilter and the quilter but the wrong backing on the quilt.  The quilter mixed this one up with another one made from 30's fabrics.  Margaret was in ...

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Quilting Eye Candy 01-18-15 from The Quilting Queen Blog

I'm on a roll again.  A quilting roll that is.  Here are a few QUILTING EYE CANDY quilts to show you.

Delia made this lap quilt for her mother.  I quilted a vine panto in Pistachio thread.

She also made this quilt using a jelly roll.  I quilted Aster E2E by Wasatch Quilting in Peppermint thread.

I called it a Fiesta.  I love the bright fun colors.

And Delia's last one is this lap quilt from a charm pack.  I quilted the Pinecone E2E from Wasatch Quilting in Alpine Green thread.

Kathleen is going to be ahead of ...

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January 18, 2015
Blooming 9-Patch, Adult Entertainment in the Winter, Stash Report from caledonia quilter

The Blooming 9-Patch which has been on my UFO list for a long, long, time is now pieced AND quilted AND labeled.  I just need to hand sew the binding.

This is the quilt where I ran out of the butterfly fabric and one of my lovely (!) blog readers sent me some in the mail.  I've seen a zillion of these quilts and they are ALL so pretty.

I used up some "fuglies" on the back.

This is such a busy quilt pattern that I just used a pantograph on it.

Um, no.  This is not X-rated ...

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Quilting Hearts Around from From My Carolina Home

Quilting the Hearts Around Table Topper took longer than I thought.  The main issue was I couldn’t decide how to do it.  After taking several free motion longarm classes last summer, I have yet to actually do an entire quilt with free motion.  So, taking a deep breath, the ‘stand and stare’ began.  I almost caved and put a pantograph on it, but I need practice with custom design.

Hearts Around - 19

The quilt was loaded on the frame just to be able to move forward, and the stand and stare continued.

Hearts Around - 18a

For days.

Should I use feathers? That really isn’t ...

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January 17, 2015
On the Frame - Modern from Seeing Stars Quilting

Here's a modern baby quilt in progress.  The top was pieced last fall, but has waited patiently for the holiday activities to subside.

I think these fabrics are cheerful and fun, just right for a friend's baby.

Here's another view.  I'm still on the last row this morning.

I'm using Glide white thread with Warm & Natural cotton batting.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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Catch Up on Quilts from Late Night Quilter

Yes, it’s true.  I have neglected my poor blog. But I’m back after the long holiday break (and the flu) and I thought I would post some pictures of some lovely quilts I’ve had the pleasure of working on over the pasts couple of months.

Ready to check out lots of photos of gorgeous quilts?

This free-form hexagon quilt by my friend Judy was so much fun because it let me play with lots of free-motion swirls in negative space.

2014-12-16 09.49.26

Here’s an awesome Christmas sampler, pieced by Rachel as a gift for her lucky mom.  I ...

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January 16, 2015
Woodland Friends Quilt: Finished! from All Things Quilty

All bound and ready to send!

It was fun to quilt this one.

I used a purple thread, which surprisingly blends in well in the busy fabrics, but shows up nicely in the plainer backgrounds.

I adore the border fabric!

The back is made of eight-inch squares in coordinating colors.

I love a striped binding.  This fabric has diagonal stripes, so I did not have to cut it on the bias.

This was such a fun project!

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Just when you think you are done….. from Lisa H Calle's Blog

with the top that is.

I wish I could design a whole quilt top and then stick with the plan.  I tend to start with an idea whether it  be for a block or center medallion, could be appliqué or pieced.  I gather what I think will be enough of the fabric (which it never is and I scramble at the last minute to try and find more).  Once that piece is made it hangs on my design wall for eternity … ok, maybe not eternity, it just feels like it…. till it speaks to me.

So, I have been working ...

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January 14, 2015
Beat the Winter Blues…. Take a Road Trip from Lisa H Calle's Blog

Oh, the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful….. ok, no, I’m not going to torture you by singing.  I can’t carry a tune to save my life so I will spare you that.  But the weather has been terribly cold and most of you might know, I can’t stand the cold.  So I am flying south from Feb 6th -8th to Virginia Beach to teach at Birds of a Feather.    What?? you haven’t heard of it?  Where have you been?  This is a wonderful conference to further your machine quilting skills with ...

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January 13, 2015
QUILTING EYE CANDY 01-12-15 from The Quilting Queen Blog

I haven't posted many pictures of quilting in a while because... well, I haven't been doing much quilting. These were actually quilted right before the holidays and  you know what my life has been like since then.  

I thought I'd change it up a bit this year and show you what the quilting pattern looks like on paper first and then show you what it looks like on the quilt.  You might see something you like and want it quilted on your quilt too.

First up in the 2015 QUILTING EYE CANDY is "Christmas Tree Modern E2E ...

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January 12, 2015
Fractured Fragments - the end is in sight! from Field Trips in Fiber

It was a great weekend here. It was cold enough outside that the best option was to crank up the wood stove and stay inside. That's mostly what I did.

Jan 12 ironed fabric

I did go out Friday to sewing day with my Country School Quilter buddies. I didn't sew, I starched fabric all day long. About 25 yards all together. I'm ready to start my RSC project.....I realize that mine isn't going to be from scraps but that's OK.

Chris spent most of the weekend doing the wall repair and painting the guest house bathroom. I ...

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One Quilt Two Ways from caledonia quilter

I always find it fascinating to see the same quilt done with a slight variation in colour.  These two gals are friends who have been making the same quilt(s). One of them also has an extra border to increase the size.

This is one of my own.  This puppy cost me ten bucks last summer as a penalty when I did NOT get it completed for the guild UFO Challenge. Lord willing, and the creek don't rise * I will finish the quilting today and get back to customer quilts tomorrow.  * I'm not sure where that expression came ...

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