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March 31, 2015
Hexagons, washing machines and bits & pieces... from Quilting Lots Moore Designs

Good grief, now it's March.  What happened I ask.  Hmmmm.   Well, we have been plodding on with the renovations and I can now report the most interesting washing  machine plumbing that you would have seen for a  Dh is so inventive!!!

Well, you have to agree, it certainly makes life interesting, and we are definitely going to appreciate the finished bathroom and laundry.  Last night I needed to wash my hair, so knelt in front of the shower base and Kerry held the shower rose while I did the shampooing and conditioning.  We at least found out ...

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March 30, 2015
A longtime UFO, finally finished! from Flying Parrot Quilts

This quilt top has been sitting around for a few years, but when I had an opportunity to try out my friend Marybeth’s longarm a couple of months ago, I decided it was time to finish it.

Matcrab Quilt | Flying Parrot Quilts

This quilt top was, in fact, made using science. The thing is, when you want fabrics randomly distributed across your quilt top, you don’t want them actually randomly distributed, because then you’ll end up with pieces of the same fabric next to each other. Coming up with an arrangement that looks random but isn’t is actually a challenge.

When ...

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Veteran's Quilts from Field Trips in Fiber

Since I finished Anne’s quilts I have decided to tackle a few of the veteran’s quilts that I have here. The next quilt I quilt for myself is going to take a while so I’ll spend this week knocking out as many veteran’s quilts as I can and each one will be quilted FAST. Here are 2 I did this weekend.


Mar 31 CSQ 1

This one was made from crumb blocks. Becky gives out a block each month for members to make. They return them and someone puts them together in a top. The crumb blocks were from one ...

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Anne's Double Wedding Ring quilt from Field Trips in Fiber

Mar 30 DWR 1

It’s done! It’s done!

This quilt is a wedding gift for Anne. Kim pieced the top and will do the binding. My job was quilting and I’ve been procrastinating for a long time. I finally feel that FloMo and I are totally synched so it was time to tackle this one.

Mar 30 DWR 2

You might think that the motif in the little white melon shapes doesn’t really go with the motif in the center. You would be right! I had a different plan for the center that included that little echoed scallop but once I got to the ...

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More on The Quilt Show!! from Lisa H Calle's Blog

Before I get to The Quilt Show…..  I am offering Free domestic shipping this week at Stone House Quilting!   Since I am taking the week off for a well deserved rest before MQX all orders will ship next week.   If you are attending MQX and would like to preorder and pick it up at the show… just put MQX East in the notes.


My episode of The Quilt Show will be on Divide and Design!  I love this class… it is one of my favorites to teach!

I made so many new friends at the taping….


Here are two of ...

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March 27, 2015
The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims! from Lisa H Calle's Blog


I had so much fun at the taping of the show!  I do not know when my episode will air but will keep you all posted…

Here are a couple of fun photos….


I got to watch Jamie Wallen‘s taping from the control booth…. It was amazing but not as amazing as Jamie’s show is going to be!  If you have the opportunity to take a class from him….run to it!  You won’t be sorry.


The very talented Andrea Brokenshire was there taping as well.  Her quilts are beyond spectacular!  Another talented quilter you must take ...

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March 23, 2015
On a mission from Field Trips in Fiber

I don't have a lot to share today because I am on a mission to get the double wedding ring quilted this week. I want to have 2 finished for March and this is my best bet for #2.

Mar 23 DWR

I'll get a better photo of the DWR by Wednesday but here's a shot of the back. I decided on some ruler work for the center and I like the texture from the back. It's moving along at a good pace and I have 8 of 20 rings done so far.

Mar 23 Chris

In other news, Chris indulged me ...

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On a mission from Field Trips in Fiber

I don't have a lot to share today because I am on a mission to get the double wedding ring quilted this week. I want to have 2 finished for March and this is my best bet for #2.

Mar 23 DWR

I'll get a better photo of the DWR by Wednesday but here's a shot of the back. I decided on some ruler work for the center and I like the texture from the back. It's moving along at a good pace and I have 8 of 20 rings done so far.

Mar 23 Chris

In other news, Chris indulged me ...

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Studio Happenings from Scraps of Life

Saturday was National Quilting day and I played with fabric all. day. long.
Did you?

I finished up this client quilt for Hazel.
 Hazel chose my new favourite design called Gypsy Feathers. 
It is such an awesome design for quilts with negative space. 

And I put together 2 of the 12 blocks for a quilt for me. 
I LOVE these colours!
This is going to be one purrrrty quilt!

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March 22, 2015
Tree Bird Blog Hop - my stop! from quiltscapes

First off, a big THANKS to Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt/Sew We Stitch, for organizing this hop featuring "Beautiful Birds" line of fabrics designed by Tracy Lisotte for Elizabeth's Studios, and to Lana at It Seams to be Sew for scheduling and cheering us all along the way!  

When I saw Mdm. Samm's little hop button and learned about the darling fabric we'd be working with, I had to participate - I couldn't help it!
 >>  Little Birdies Free Pincushion Tutorial & Pattern <<
You may have noticed that I have a thing for little birdies... I have a ...

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Tackling a Sampler Quilt from caledonia quilter

Usually, the first thing I do with a sampler quilt is take a photo of it.  Looking at the quilt on a computer screen gives me the opportunity to see the distribution of colours and shapes.  And sparing no expense (OMG, seriously!!  Do you know how expensive INK is for the printer???), I will also print this out so I can doodle some quilting ideas.  It is always a good idea to take a GOOD LOOK at the piecing here - you may find that some of the patches have been stitched in the wrong orientation.  You still have time to ...

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March 21, 2015
First Day of Spring? from Scraps of Life

Thats what the calendar says but we woke up to this! Ugh!

Good thing that yesterday my Friend an I took a little road trip to a Quilt Shop we love that was having their Spring Sale.
We had a Thai food lunch which was fabulous.
Then I found a few pretties that followed me home!

Today I finished up another Quilt for me. Yay!! This was a kit that I bought last year and it feels so good to get another project from my cupboard made up. I'm really trying to power through my stash & make up what ...

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March 20, 2015
Finally quilting and beading again from Field Trips in Fiber

Yesterday while Michelle Eno was here she helped me come up with ideas for Kim’s double wedding ring quilt. This is the last quilt that I have on deck to quilt for others. The rest in the pile are all mine!

Well, except for the veteran’s quilts which I do in between the big quilts. They are a nice break because they are so fast.

Mar 20 quilting

I was very happy to get this one loaded and started yesterday. To make sure that the quilt got loaded square I basted it horizontal and vertical lining up the intersection points of ...

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Bits and Pieces….. from Lisa H Calle's Blog

Spring Show season is upon us and I hope to see many of you in some classes.  I recently gave a lecture at a local guild and encouraged them all to take some quilting classes.  Whether you quilt on a domestic, mid arm or longarm, you should peruse the classes.  Many of the classes I teach are drawing classes so it really doesn’t matter how you quilt.  So jump on in and sign up, there are so many talented teachers ready to impart their knowledge on you!

I will be teaching at MQX in April, HMQS in May and ...

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The Queenie Is Back from The Quilting Queen Blog

Hip, Hip, Hooray!  The Queenie is back in service!  And the Queen is so happy!

As you can see in the background, I still have boxes but the numbers are getting smaller.  Now what to do with all the stuff that is no longer in a box but still needs a place to call home.    I'm pretty much through with the boxes in the main part of the house.  I still have a sea of boxes in the basement and in the garage.  

I commented to William that I was missing a couple of boxes of fabric.  He wanted ...

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March 19, 2015
Next on FloMo from Field Trips in Fiber

I’m getting a late start today but that’s because I had a fun visitor this morning. Michelle Eno from Virginia Longarm came over this morning to play with rulers. I always find it funny that people avoid using rulers. When I discovered rulers I was so happy and they have become a big crutch for me. I felt that, with rulers, I could quilt successfully from the beginning. I avoided free motion!

Apparently I’m different from everyone else. Which really isn’t news for anyone.

It was a fun visit. I forced her on a whole house ...

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March 15, 2015
Strippy Quilt, Pi Day, Stash Report from caledonia quilter

I hope y'all enjoyed Pi day yesterday!  We celebrated by having pie.  One of the six thousand dozen apple pies I made and stashed in the freezer.

Here is a gorgeous strippy quilt. Can you tell this will be a wedding gift? The layout is similar to the Cobblestones pattern from Open A Can Of Worms.

The placement of dark gold fabrics along the outer edges of the strips accentuates the design.  Mmm.  Love.  Quilted with a pretty-but-not-stuffy feather design.
I know you've seen this a few times, now, but I am really happy with my Urban Runner ...

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Spring Decorating from Scraps of Life

The snow is beginning to melt and the temps are rising so I decided it was time to put away the Snowmen and get out the Bunnies!
Isn't Mr Bunny Sweet!
 I picked up this roll of burlap at Michaels and then attached some eyelet lace for my stash to create my very own Pottery Barn knock off table runner.
I LOVE it!

I found the perfect fabric to make a new cuddle quilt for my Grandson. He's been telling me that his baby quilt is all worn out! He's 9 so I guess it should be ...

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How to Recover from a Longarm Quilting ‘Mistake’ from Charming Prints Quilting

I have some great mentors in the quilting world. I also take on the opportunity to learn from as many other quilters and quilts that I see at shows, shops and wherever else they pop up.

One mentor told me that as soon as I decided I didn’t like the pattern I was quilting to STOP IMMEDIATELY, because otherwise I would have to do the entire quilt with that pattern, no matter how painful or tedious the experience.

Another mentor told me, if you make a mistake three times while quilting (meaning variation from the pattern you wished to ...

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March 13, 2015
More Finishes from the Studio from Scraps of Life

I have been trying to keep up with the Quilts that are coming in and so here are the latest Client quilts

This Beauty is for Inge, quilted with Gypsy Feathers 
And so is this one. Quilted with Bauhaus
  Donna's, quilted with Flirty Butterflies

For Connie, quilted with Happy Times

Another Baby quilt for Jean, Quilted with Busy Bees

Its good to keep up as the quilts keep coming in!

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