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November 11, 2017
Canada - Still Celebrating, and Celery Soup from caledonia quilter

Yes, we are still celebrating this great country of ours.

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October 31, 2017
Modern Jelly Roll Race Quilt Tutorial from Carol Lyles Shaw

My Modern Jelly Roll Race Quilt Tutorial

Jelly Roll Race quilts are a favorite fast & easy quilt to make.  I decided to make a jelly roll quilt as a gift for a dear friend.  I started by reviewing the tutorials on Youtube by the Missouri Quilt Company because it had been awhile since I made one of these quilts. [See link at very end of this post].

Then, when I was ready to make my quilt I realized I had a design decision to make.  Nearly all of the jelly roll race quilts that I see on social media are ...

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October 26, 2017
Feather Quilting Design – Help Me Choose from AndiCrafts

I’ve been working on a new feather quilting design group I’m calling First Feathers. As with most of my designs, I started with a pantograph design (also called Edge-to-Edge (E2E for short) or Overall). Last year I created Wandering Feathers, which, if I may say so myself, is a beautiful design. Doesn’t it look great […]

The post Feather Quilting Design – Help Me Choose appeared first on AndiCrafts.

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Where oh where does FEAR come from? from caledonia quilter

In Tobermory, on retreat with the Beach Girls, normally I share a room with Deb.  Because Karen couldn't make it this year, Deb and I each got our own room.  I was praying to the Universe that I didn't have to take Karen's room... because it has patio doors.  I might be sitting up in bed reading, with the light on.  A bear might see the light through the curtains, burst through the glass, tear me to shreds, and then eat me.  Right!?  Right!?  One year I got up in the middle of the night to make ...

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October 16, 2017
Retreat! from caledonia quilter

Sleep.  Sweet, deep sleep.   In spite of two glasses of wine and a two-pak of Dark Chocolate Reeces Pieces.
Yesterday I started at 5 am, so I could pick up Deb at 7 am, so we could be in Elmira by 9 am, so we could enjoy a trunk show/demo by Kelly Cline before we headed up to Tobermory.

Kelly was fabulous, she works with heirloom linens and creates beautiful works of art, drawing on her art degree and interior design background.  Excellent day!
Following that was a very tedious drive which seemed to take forever, up to Tobermory ...

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October 15, 2017
Why can't I be like normal people??? from caledonia quilter

Before we get to talkin' about me, we will discuss the change of the seasons.
This is the end of the Summer Quilt for 2017. (Washing quilts:  do it in the washing machine, on gentle "wash" cycle but full "spin" cycle.  Use a gentle detergent.)

Say "Hello" to the fall/winter quilt.  This was made with the fabrics I collected in Asia in 2009.  Wool batting, which is my absolute favorite.  Wash as noted above, but use cold water.

Now... Why can't I be like normal people?  This is a patio planter.  A big pot, about two feet across ...

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October 11, 2017
Fossil Rim Blog Tour ~ A Dino-mite Baby Ensemble! from quiltscapes

Sometimes, the cutest fabric comes along, and you just gotta make stuff!

Baby Ensemble made by Debbie Proctor & Deonn Stott
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October 3, 2017
Variety Is the Spice of Life! from Quilted Joy

I’ve written before about how much we enjoy the variety of quilts that our renters bring in to quilt. This post will reflect some of that variety – have fun!

1600 inch quilt

First, we have a jelly roll quilt pieced and quilted by Judy. Some call this design the “1600-Inch Quilt” because it uses a jelly roll, typically 40 strips which are approximately 40 usable inches long. Judy quilted this top with the Funky Fleur de Lys pantograph and lavender thread.

1600 inch quilt

Campbell Ridge Elementary School

Next, Pat S. brought in this top which was created by the fifth grade class of Campbell Ridge Elementary School as ...

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Divide and Design: Planned Machine Quilting Designs from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

The look of planned quilting designs is amazing. I love how they compliment the quilt and bring out a whole secondary design around the quilt block. In fact, I love it so much I grabbed the Divide...

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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October 2, 2017
Jess - Quilting Continued from Quilt Fabrication

A little late, but as promised - more about the quilting on Jess.

Center and band quilting on Jess

Last week, it was all about the Sparkle Crosshatching, with a mesmerizing video of how the seed, crosshatch, and sparkle parts were quilted continuously. When I say mesmerizing, I mean even I couldn't tear myself away from watching it!

This time, it's about the (not-so-straight) line stitching on the print fabric.

Closeup of the quilting in the print bands of Jess

Notice in the picture how the lines change direction at the seam lines.

So how was that accomplished? Let's see!

This first video, 'Line quilting with a Twist', shows how the print fabrics were ...

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Winter is Coming...& Final Zucchini Report from caledonia quilter

Yes.  Winter is coming and the Christmas quilts are starting!

The fabrics in this quilt are just beautiful.

Stitch in the ditch, plus 1/4" outlining outside the motifs.  Trees in the trees, and a swirly thing in the stars.

Straight lines, x-hatching, and the cutest angel/tree/star border design.

Because Winter is Coming, the spiders have been very busy.

I took these pics on a morning just after the fog had burned off but everything was still wet.

I am scared of the big spiders that build these webs.

But I must say, they are certainly beautiful when ...

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September 19, 2017
How Did You Quilt That? from Prairie Moon Quilts

I’ve been getting asked this question ever since the modern color version of the Sew Sweet Sampler made its debut . . .

So today, I’m here to explain my process of quilting it.

It’s a medallion quilt . . .

The modern setting, altho NOT asymmetrical, leaves lots of negative space for quilting. I wanted the quilting to give a sort of “traditional-meets-modern” feel to the quilt.

A few years back, I had purchased a wholecloth quilting design (printed on paper) from Sue Schmieden, called Rosemaling. (I wanted to do a wholecloth hand-quilted quilt, but that’s another story!)

I decided that ...

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September 17, 2017
Three Easy Longarm Quilting Designs from The Free Motion Quilting Project

What are the three easiest designs to learn how to free motion quilt? I'm sure if you asked three different quilting teachers you'll get three different answers! Here's my take on the easiest machine quilting designs to start with:

Click here to find my review of the Grace Qnique 14+. Remember if you're interested in this machine to call the company and mention Leah Day said Hello my quilting friends to get a discount on your order.

three easy longarm quilting designs

Last week I started quilting on this Building Blocks cheater cloth quilt. It includes all the skill-building quilt blocks ...

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September 13, 2017
MQG Quilt of the Month – September 2017! from Flying Parrot Quilts

I’ve made another science quilt (shocking, I know!), and this one is the Modern Quilt Guild’s September Quilt of the Month, meaning members can download the pattern from the community site! I’m so excited to share the quilt and just a little bit about the science with you.

Molecular Test quilt by Sylvia Schaefer, inspired by gel electrophoresis/Flying Parrot Quilts |

This quilt is called Molecular Test because it is based on a test called “gel electrophoresis” (pronounced “e-lec-tro-FOR-ee-sys”). Scientists use this method to separate molecules (typically, proteins or DNA fragments) by size. Basically, the samples are placed in a gel medium and an electric current is applied, which causes ...

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Railroad Tracks Quilt and Dear Universe: Please Bugger Off! from caledonia quilter

I love the colours in this quilt.  And I would never, ever do this much paper piecing.

Quilted with tons of s.i.d.  Added x-hatching in the blue background and some little feathers in the gold centers.


I've been up since about 2:30 this morning.  I think my stress levels might be just a wee bit too high. In the past month...
  • Door knob fell off (bought all new door lock sets = $600).
  • Fridge quit (quickie emergency fridge $400 plus new REAL fridge $3300).
  • New furniture is waiting to be delivered but ...

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September 12, 2017
Habit Forming, NOT from Gayle Bong Quilts Too

Quilting has not become habit forming for me yet. I have gotten some done though. Last week we were busy with several doctor appointments so if you need an excuse, I'd use that.

A few weeks ago I put another quilt on the frame in Studio 2. I've got a close up of the quilting here but if you still can't see it, double click on the picture and that should let you see it even closer. I've enjoyed quilting this design; probably cause I like the way it looks. I might be half done. I ...

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December 30, 2016
Did you miss me? from Scraps of Life

Wow it has been a long time and I'm still really not sure how long I will keep this Blog going.

Do people read blogs anymore?

I'm on Instagram and it seems to be the way to go now days. You can find me by searching institchesquiltstudio
I update it almost daily or whenever I have news to share.

SO whats new?
After the rush of Client Quilts in November, the Mr & I took a trip to Mexico for some R&R

And our Daughter & SIL announced that we are going to be Grandparents again!

Our other Daughter ...

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November 14, 2016
It has been awhile! from Scraps of Life

My goodness times has flown by this Summer and now it is the middle of November! 
Crazy isn't it!
So much to catch up on but first I will start with the latest Client Quilts

These last 3 are for me :)

See I have been busy! 
On top of that I have been going out to our Summer Home at Trestle Creek every weekend but that will soon come to an end. 
Our weather has been amazing here and we still are seeing temps well above normal and no snow on the ground yet.

I have more to share ...

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August 24, 2016
Bunny Hill Fun from Sharon's Seams 2 B

These beauties were pieced & appliquéd by Dianne. I love all of the Bunny Hill Design patterns. 
They are so fun to quilt!

This one is the Simple Pleasures pattern.

So many fun details. I really loved the bird picnic!

This one is Pumpkin Hill.

The back always show the quilting details.

If you hear a buzzing sound. That's me & my machine. Busy & loving it!

Here are a couple pics of sunset from this week. Don't forget to look!


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May 25, 2016
Another Quilt Has Been finally Quilted. from My Love of Quilting and Sewing

Took a deep breath and just jumped in and quilted it. 

Nothing fancy bu still very nice. 

YES Completed!!!! I AM HAPPY!

Now to get going and complete the Binding. 

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