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September 4, 2015
Quilting Eye Candy - 09-04-15 from The Quilting Queen Blog

Not much quilting going on in the Queen's Palace lately.  There seems to be too many top secret projects to work on.  And to top it off, last weekend we had a lightening storm roll through DeKalb and we lost power for a while.  Not a big deal, or at least it didn't seem so at the time.  However, Saturday evening when I was headed upstairs to bed, I noticed a peculiar thudding, clicking noise coming from my studio.  After further investigation, William determined that my computer that runs my quilting machine had most likely been hit by ...

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Panel quilts from Tink Squared

Panel quilts

I’m not a big fan generally.  One of the girls brought over a quilt of valor panel this morning, and asked me to design something around it in EQ.  Here’s the panel.  It’s actually a pretty cool looking panel.

It didn’t take long to design this one, I liked it right away after adding in some beige fabric, instead of just red, white and blue.

A very simple quilt to piece, but I think it will look just great made up!  And… drumroll please… it fits into the Quilt of Valor’s rigid measurements!  Oops sorry ...

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August 31, 2015
Meet our Longarm Rental Machines from Laurena's Longarm Quilting

Wish you had a longarm machine? When you rent a Gammill quilting machines at Laurena’s, you grow familiar with the different models  AND you get guidance on how to use them. There are currently four Gammill longarms which you can rent at Laurena’s Longarm Quilting.

  • A Statler Stitcher computer guided machine on a ten foot table
  •  Two hand guided longarms (one on a 10 foot table and another with an 8 foot table)
  •  A  sit down free motion Charm

Take our Introduction to Longarm Quilting class (there’s still openings for the October 13th class!) to get an ...

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Selvage Quilt #2 from The Quilting Queen Blog

I was privileged to be able to quilt an awesome quilt recently.  It's a Selvage Quilt and it's just pretty darn cool.  Even William was impressed with it (and that doesn't happen too often).

 My customer Ruby made it.  Ruby is notorious for her string quilts anyway.  In fact, this is the second selvage quilt Ruby has made.

I quilted a pattern called Circle Meander by Wasatch Quilting and used Glide White quilting thread.

I love the fabric she picked for her backing too.  I'm not usually too fussy about the backing of a quilt and ...

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August 28, 2015
This weeks finish from Scraps of Life

Sandra was commissioned to make this quilt for a friend and asked me to do the Quilting on it.
She chose a simple design as the fabrics are pretty busy.

Sneak Peek
The Photographer from my Daughters wedding sent us a peek at the photos
Love this!! Cant wait to see more!

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August 27, 2015
Smoothing quilt fullness in video from Tink Squared

Smoothing quilt fullness in video

I did my best to record some video of me quilting and smoothing the fullness of the quilt in as I went.  It’s not the best, occasionally my arm or the handles are blocking the view, but there’s plenty of footage and you can clearly see what I’m doing.

The first half, I didn’t speak.  When I got to the other end of the quilt, I talked a bit about what I was doing.  I hope it helps!  My hands are continuously manipulating the fabric where it’s being stitched, so that section is flat as ...

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August 25, 2015
Lura's Choice blocks are done! from Field Trips in Fiber

Sep 3 Luras choice  1 

I’ve hit a major milestone with this quilt. All of the shibori blocks are done!


Sep 3 Luras choice  2 

Yay! These last 2 are 2 of my favorites.


Sep 3 Luras choice  4 

Now it’s time to work on the background blocks and borders. My friend, Estelle, helped me work through some ideas. I wanted a circle motif. I tried this cross-hatch and decided I didn’t like it.

So I ripped it all out.


Sep 3 Luras choice  5

I’m going with pebbles. I’ll do 1/2” cross hatching in blue around the pebbled circles.

I’ve gotten really good a pebbling on this quilt and should get even ...

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More Lura's Choice blocks from Field Trips in Fiber

With the wall on hiatus I’m making good progress on my quilting. I have gotten a few more blocks done this week. My pebbles are getting better and better and I’m really enjoying doing the outlining on the shibori fabrics. You can tell that I have been tackling them by color based on whether the blocks calls for smoke or clear monofilament in the needle and the bobbin thread color.

Aug 26 luras choice 1

 Aug 26 luras choice 2

Sep 3 Luras choice  3

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August 23, 2015
Longarm-a-Palooza from Cowtown Quilts

If you are in the Kansas City area next weekend and are interested in taking classes to learn Longarm strategies, learn how to maintain a featherweight sewing machine, or how to start a quilting business, check out the Longarm-a-Palooza at Quilted Memeories. I’ll be teaching the business class. Here’s a link for the classes: Longarm-a-Palooza


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FROZEN quilt, Zucchinis Demise & Zucchini report, etc... from caledonia quilter

If you have been living under a rock for the past year you may not know about Anna and Elsa from the Disney movie FROZEN.  They are very popular.  OK. Now that I've brought you up to date...

I have the PERFECT pantograph for these quilts.  This is Flurries by Lisa Calle, and I bought it through Digi-Tech.

Now for the funeral march.   
What the hell has happened to my zucchinis???

Some kind of bug infestation.  Little bastards.  Tunneling into the stems until there is nothing left but mushy pulp.  Some people have been suggesting that perhaps DH had ...

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August 21, 2015
Announcing Studio Rental Blocks from Laurena's Longarm Quilting

Laurena Longarm Quilting Rental Machines BostonAs of September 8, Laurena will offer choose half day or whole day studio rental block.

  • The half day block costs $80 (4 hour maximum). Half day quilt blocks begin between 9 am and 10 am or 1 pm and 2 pm.
  • The whole day block is $140 (8 hour maximum). Start times are flexible.

How does this impact the frequent renter program? You earn hours at 4 hour and 7 hour increments, receiving a half day block  of free quilting when you accrue 25 hours.

Laurena began renting longarm machines in 2008, with one hand guided Gammill machine. Today ...

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August 20, 2015
Custom Quilters in the Boston area from Laurena's Longarm Quilting

When she began Laurena’s Longarm Quilting in 2007, Laurena  imagined that she would use her hand guided Gammill machine to turn customer tops into quilts. It wasn’t long when she realized that new clients might enjoy quilting their own quilts and she began teaching others how to use longarm quilting machines.Laurena recommends Boston Custom Quilters

That was many quilts ago! Since 2008, nearly 500 people learned how to use longarm quilting machines at Laurena’s. She’s purchased a small fleet of hand guided and computerized quilting machines. As she looks at the future of Laurena’s Longarm Quilting, she realizes that ...

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August 19, 2015
Autumn Medallion Quilt from Quilting Lots Moore Designs

Here I am at last.  In all the moving around of the "stuff" I lost my cord for getting my photos onto the computer. Of course I found it when looking for something else!!  Isn't that always the way?

Been working hard trying to catch up on my customers quilts.  This beautiful medallion quilt of Maria's is a wedding gift and is going off to Australia.  Although it seemed like the never ending quilt for a while, I am so thrilled in the end with how it looks.  It was only a bit of a struggle because I ...

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August 18, 2015
Lura's Choice progress from Field Trips in Fiber

Since I’m on a wall hiatus I’ve been dedicating some time to FloMo and making progress on Lura’s Choice. Here are a few more blocks quilted this week. I’ll be done with the blocks soon so I need to get busy and plan with I’m doing in the setting blocks and border.

I see a lot of color issues in the photo but I think that’s a clue to the times of day that I was quilting each block. I will say that this quilt has been great practice. I’m getting so much ...

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August 17, 2015
Love longarm quilting? Become an LLQ Subscriber from Laurena's Longarm Quilting

Laurena Longarm Quilting Boston rentals
Another top becomes a cozy quilt!

Turning a top into a quilt is a great feeling! For many of our customers, becoming a Longarm Subscriber is a fabulous way to make sure that feeling happens every month.

What is the LLQ Subscriber Program? It allows quilters to pay monthly for longarm rental hours. Quilters purchase these hours at a reduced rate and use them as needed. If the hours aren’t used up in a month, the hours roll over and do not expire. If the subscriber needs more hours in a month, he or she is able to purchase ...

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Bonding time! from Lisa H Calle's Blog

As many of you know, I have recently become a HandiQuilter Ambassador.  My new Fusion came to me in May and I was quite excited and ready to jump in.

Now, those of you who teach will understand…. I don’t get a lot of time to quilt.  :(   I know, you are all thinking, poor Lisa.  A lot of my time is spent on class preparation and developing new classes.  My online business also keeps me hustling.  So while I had a chance to play a little  once I got it set up, I didn’t have a lot of ...

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August 12, 2015
It’s done! BOM 2014 on the bed for the first time from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

BOM 2014 08

I know, we’re three quarters of the way through 2015, and I’m just now putting my 2014 BOM on the bed for the first time. I’m finding everything takes 10 times as long as normal when you have a toddler running around the house.

I finished putting this beauty together at my guild’s biannual quilt retreat last spring, and then I spent a month quilting it on the longarm at Quilting By-You. I would spend one day a week renting time on the longarm. First I stitched in the ditch along all the borders and between ...

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August 11, 2015
Back in the Studio from Scraps of Life

I was able to get back into the Studio this week and finish up the last of the Quilts for Noreen
A wolf quilt and I sitiched a wolf paw design on it.

 This quilt is a Military Quilts with the actual Crests on it. I wasn't allowed to quilt on the crests so as to not spoil the integrity of them, so I just did a simple medium meander on the quilt.

Last week we took the Honeymooners to the Airport to begin their adventure.
Off to Paris for one week, then to Venice where they get on ...

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August 9, 2015
Medallion Sampler Quilt, and News From Mars, Garden Update, Zucchini Report AND Recipe from caledonia quilter

I love, love, love Sampler quilts.

Everything was s.i.d.except for the squares in the checkerboard border.

The pretty center medallion was s.i.d. then crosshatched in the background.

The checkerboard was quilted with diagonal lines.  The outer border was feather motifs and a fill of piano keys.

Such a pretty back.

Closeup of medallion.

Closeup of setting triangles and outer border.
also known as:  Can you believe this???
  1. DH and I went on a DATE last night.  Dinner & a movie.  I think he was hoping that if he was nice to ...

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August 6, 2015
Quilting Eye Candy 8-6-15 from The Quilting Queen Blog

It has been a long time since I've posted Quilting Eye Candy.  Since the move I haven't been doing much longarm quilting.  I don't have a customer base established up here in Illinois.  A few of my customers from Texas have been sending me their quilts but things always tend to slow down in the summer anyway.

Marijane made this baby quilt.  The nursery theme is elephants.  I think she captured that.

Quilting Pattern:  Modern Curved Diamond from Wasatch Quilting
Quilting Thread:  Glide Gray

Janie made this snail's trail.  

Quilting Pattern:  Deb's Swirls by Design ...

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