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February 10, 2019
Color It In - Project Quilting Season 10, Challenge 3 from Creatin' in the Sticks

This is the third challenge of Season 10 of
Project Quilting.

I'm excited to join in this challenge, "Bigger Than a Breadbox"

My entry:

Color It In


Kim announces a challenge and you have one week to create something quilty.
Prizes can be won and it's a great way to meet new blogging friends.

The rules:

  1. Your project must have one measurement (length, width, or height) larger than 16″, and another measurement larger than 8″. 
  2. Projects need to be created during the week of the challenge (started on or after ...

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February 8, 2019
Rhapsody in Blue - Reveal from Sue Daurio's Quilting Adventures

Oh boy will you look at this?   Country Quilters of McHenry Quilt guild have been working on this quilt for some time.   Fabrics selected and cut, little block kits made, and came back then trimming, rows and finally a flimsy.  Then guess what happened, that's right I got to quilt this sweet thing!  And quilt I did.  They let me do what I wanted, the only restriction was not too modern.  Ok, but when you leave me unsupervised with a quilt, this is what's gonna happen, some thread is going down!  I had  a lot of fun with ...

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January 27, 2019
Make it Love - Project Quilting Season 10, Challenge 2 from Creatin' in the Sticks

This is the second challenge of Season 10 of
Project Quilting.

I'm excited to join in this challenge, "Red, White, and Blue."

My entry:

Make it Love


Kim announces a challenge and you have one week to create something quilty.
Prizes can be won and it's a great way to meet new blogging friends.

The rules:

1. Your project should contain ONLY the colors RED, WHITE, and BLUE. It does not have to use all three, but it cannot include any additional colors.
2. Projects need to be created during the ...

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January 14, 2019
Open for business! from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

Do you have tops that need to be quilted?  If so, I'm here to help.
Until now I haven't formally opened my longarm quilting business because I was still working outside the house but now I am able to do just that.
 Basic meandering is $.015 per square inch.  I also have over 125 Edge to Edge designs for you to choose from, everything from open and simple to more complex and dense. Turn around time currently averages between 2 - 4 weeks.  At this time I am not taking any custom quilting orders.

You can see examples of ...

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November 29, 2018
Of Thanksgiving Travel, Needlework Memories, Embroidery, and Applique from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Hand Embroidered Pillows Made By My MIL circa 1959
Hello, my lovelies, and happy belated Thanksgiving to all of you in the States who were celebrating this week!  We've just returned from spending the holiday in Florida with my husband's family.  L-O-N-G drive, but well worth it.

More Needle Turn Leaves...
I shoved my Frankenwhiggish Rose needleturn applique project into my suitcase before we left and managed to get some leaves cut, prepped, and stitched down while visiting with Bernie's family, and couldn't help but notice striking similarities between my mother-in-law's throw pillows on the ...

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November 2, 2018
Charmaine's Orange and Yellow quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

The next customer top to be quilted was this bright Orange and Yellow number by Charmaine.  It was a project from a guild workshop in the spring.
The "before" shot.  Charmaine gave me free reign to do what I wanted and while I was severely temped to do some custom quilting on it, time and her budget weren't part of the equation.
The top's colors remind me of flames and that was my first idea for designs but when auditioned, I didn't like it.  So another idea was needed.  
The panto choice I went with is Whirlygig ...

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October 26, 2018
Marylou's Log Cabin quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

My customer Marylou certainly has been busy lately piecing a bunch of quilts.  As happened last time, when she picked up her Baby Animals quilt, she dropped off this Log Cabin variation one for me to quilt. It's also to be a gift for a new baby girl.
The quilting went smooth and it was on and off the frame the same day.  :)
Choosing which pattern to use took me a little while as many that I thought I would like for this quilt I rejected once auditioned.  I finally settled on Fire Flower and I'm pleased with ...

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October 22, 2018
Eiko's Peach Girl Quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

The 3rd of Eiko's quilts for her grandchildren is this interesting scrap and Peach one.  I don't know which block this is but it utilizes a lot of scrappy variety.
Here's a before picture of it on my frame.
I wanted to share a close up picture of the blocks.  There are a ton of bias edges and thankfully while the blocks had a little bit of fullness to deal with, it wasn't too bad.
Here's the completed quilt in all it's glory.  This is a big one, measuring 85" x 95".
As always ...

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October 19, 2018
Marylou's Baby Animal Quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

When my customer Marylou picked up her French Roses quilt she dropped off another to be quilted.   this is her adorable Baby Animals quilt.
I forgot to take a picture of the whole top before I started but I did snap this partial picture.
What a difference a bit of quilting makes.  The flowers and flowing lines look sweet and soften the square piecing nicely.
Marylou let me choose which design to use on this quilt (I love when that happens) and I felt Dainty suited it, especially since this quilt is a gift for a new baby girl. Thread ...

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October 15, 2018
Eiko's Blue Girl Quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

This is the 2nd quilt that I completed recently for my customer Eiko.  This one is destined for one of her granddaughters.  It's a nice mix of complimentary blocks.
I remembered this time to take a "before" picture.  I love to see the difference the quilting makes.
Finishing up the very last row is always satisfying, especially when the design spaces out so well at the bottom.

The quilting provides a lovely texture but doesn't overwhelm the piecing.
Eiko chose the Whirlygig panto for this quilt and I used So Fine in Fern thread on the top and ...

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October 11, 2018
October OMG Charity Quilts Finished, Pineapples Progressing, and New Outreach Quilt Headed to My Frame from Cheeky Cognoscenti

First, I have to show my friend Colleen that YES, I am still working on my pineapple log cabin quilt:

S.L.O.W.L.Y., Joining These Blocks Into Rows
I timed myself, and it takes me a solid ten minutes just to get two blocks pinned together and ready to sew, due to all of the seam allowances stacking rather than nesting.  Once they're pinned, I'm sewing them together at a fairly slow machine speed, watching out so my needle doesn't hit any of the pins, using my stiletto to swipe beneath the work to ...

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October 9, 2018
Eiko's Blue Boy Quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

My customer Eiko brought me 3 quilts to complete for her, including the binding, which are to be gifts to her grandchildren.  This Blue quilt was the first of the trio that was completed.
This top was a challenge due to the fact that there was a lot of excess fabric in the blocks.
You can see it better in this picture.  The seams between the blocks were tight but the interior of the blocks had a lot of excess fabric to deal with.
Thankfully, with the help of spray starch, a lot of patience (and I'll admit - a ...

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October 3, 2018
My One Monthly Goal for October: Church Charity Tops Quilted and Delivered from Cheeky Cognoscenti

This is the third time I'm linking up with One Monthly Goal over at Elm Street Quilts.  I did not manage to ACCOMPLISH my goals for either of those previous months, but what the heck -- I'm giving it another go.

Just. ONE. Goal...  Hmmm...

OMG for October: Load and Quilt Second Church Charity Quilt Top
Okay, you guys, here's my goal: I have already quilted the first of two charity tops that I volunteered to quilt for my church, and struggled with it dreadfully due to the mix of fabrics in the top itself and the tightly ...

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September 19, 2018
Remember the Alamo: Why Your Longarm Quilter Won't Let You Use a Bed Sheet for Quilt Backing from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Oh my gosh, you guys -- this "easy pantograph" charity quilt is finally done and off my frame.  I'm battered, bloodied and traumatized, but I learned a lot and I survived.  Let's call that a win.  ;-)

"Remember the Alamo," 60 x 80 Charity Quilt Finish

Why Bed Sheets, Drapery Panels and Shower Curtains Make Bad Quilt Backings

I used to think that longarm quilters who refused to accept bed sheets as quilt backings were just being picky quilt snobs, but now I totally understand why a longarmer would have that rule.  The backing for this particular quilt was a ...

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September 3, 2018
Guild Pinwheel Churn and Dash Quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

My guild's charity quilt coordinator was happy when I said I'd be willing to quilt the larger (twin and up) tops that she had waiting to be finished.  She gave me 4.  The first one on the frame was this pretty Pinwheel Churn and Dash.  I'm trying to remember to take a "before" picture of each one.
This is the "after" though the lighting isn't the best.  After waiting through days of rain and/or wind to take the pictures, I gave up and laid it on my living room floor.
The texture from the quilting ...

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August 30, 2018
Susan's Double Irish Chain quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

My friend Susan's daughter is getting married next month and about a year ago she asked me for a pattern suggestion other than a Double Wedding Ring quilt so I suggested a Double Irish Chain and she loved it.  Here's her finished quilt.
She did a great job piecing it and quilting it was a breeze. Susan chose the very appropriate Hubby Love panto for this.
Since she knows that this quilt will be taken on a lot of picnics and other such adventures, Susan used mostly darker fabrics.  I think her fabric combo looks great.
A solid ...

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August 13, 2018
Save those memories with a baby clothes quilt. from A Ditchin' Time Quilts

One of the most fun quilts that I have made in a while is this adorable quilt made out of some saved baby/children clothes.  I was commissioned to come up with a quilt for my friend who wanted a quilt made from her two daughters clothes.  She wanted something very classic with white in it and this is what I came up with!  I did a stacked coin quilt with white sashing.   

my friend Julie and her family



I backed each potential piece of flannel/stretchy tee shirts/sleepers with 801 Pellon interfacing so it wasn't ...

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July 27, 2018
Recent happenings from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

The kids have been out of school for a few weeks and I've been able to do some sewing here and there recently.  They've been home with me up until this week but now they are going to some local camps so I've been able to get some things done.

A few weeks ago I finished quilting and binding this charity quilt for our guild.  I need to take a full set of pictures of it so I can post about it.
 Two moms in my Girl Scout troop have new baby that delivered a ...

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June 29, 2018
Marylou's French Roses quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

Fellow Girl Scout leader Marylou asked me to quilt her French Roses quilt that she made as a gift for the co-leader of her troop. 
It is a raw edge applique pattern and once it is washed the loose edges will curl up and make the flowers "bloom."
Marylou requested simple basic meandering but I also echoed each flower.
Choosing a thread that worked the best across all the colors in this quilt was challenging but I found a cone of King Tut Luxorious that was perfect.
The quilting added much needed texture to this pretty top.
Marylou was thrilled ...

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June 5, 2018
First time long arm quilting! from A Ditchin' Time Quilts

This is Vladimir.  He is one of my 3 Siberian Forest cats.  He loves to get under the quilts I am working on while they are in my lap.  In this instance, I am binding it and he is hiding underneath. 

This quilt is something I threw together in one evening with left over fabric from a much bigger project I am working on.  It's Amy Butler's Soul Mate fabric  but the pattern is her Lark Quilt on her website.

This ladder is very special to me!  It was my granddad's ladder.  He passed away about 3 ...

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