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February 27, 2023
My SEWJO is back from Northern Deb Quilts

I finished a top! This is super thrilling for me since lately I just haven't felt like sewing.  I lost my SEWJO in January and just couldn't get it back.
Well, this past weekend we met up with family.  I met a niece for the first time and her two adorable little girls. I have tops made for the little ones but just haven't had the ambition to quilt them. But now I do! 
First I figured I'd get this top off the floor and onto the "to be quilted" pile.
I woke up early, started ...

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February 18, 2021
Lone Star Block Mini Workshop from Quiltnotes All Blogs

Lone star block workshop

The Lone Star block is a classic design. It is traditionally made by piecing rows and rows of diamond shaped fabrics into larger diamond shapes. Piecing these diamond shapes, with all the bias edges, is often difficult to do, especially for beginner quilters. Instead of cutting fabric into diamonds, this workshop shows you how to use fabric strips. This free mini workshop shows you step by step how to make a Lone Star block. The following techniques will be demonstrated and explained:

  1. Strip piecing and cutting
  2. Sewing Y seams
  3. Matching seams
  4. Making the center flat
With all my workshops, I ...

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September 1, 2020
Turquoise and Red Lone Star Quilt Finished from Fret Not Yourself

Ninety-nine percent of failure comes from people who have the habit of making excuses.
~George Washington Carver


This quilt was a surprise for my newest grandchild. The turquoise/aqua colors match {or at least blend with} the mint in his older sister's quilt while the red is a stronger version of peach. Hopefully they will look well together like the beloved family they are. 

This variation looks amazingly like a kaleidoscope. A real one, not the quilt. ;-)

Main star in red, turquoise, black and green with smaller red and aqua stars around the sides
Lone Star quilt in Turquoise and Red

The easiest design for the central small diamonds was Orange Peel. It feels very ...

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August 25, 2020
Lone Star Quilt Construction Tips and Y-Seams from Fret Not Yourself

"A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes


After so many Lone Stars, LeMoyne Stars and other eight-pointed stars I have a few tips to pass on. 
If you are sewing smaller diamonds together, it's easier to  press those seams open.

The back of a larger blue Lone Star section shows all the seams pressed open
Press seams open on smaller diamonds

Of course, that means those intersections need more pinning when sewing one larger unit to another. I put a pin exactly one-fourth inch from the edge and through the seam on both sides then add pins on either side to keep it from shifting. Take ...

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August 4, 2020
Why Do I Ever Think Construction will be Easy? from Fret Not Yourself

"Opportunity's favorite disguise is trouble."
~Frank Tyger


Another baby quilt will be needed next month and even though there are ten previous stars, I thought up  another Lone Star variation. Small stars in the corners and partial stars on the sides means it won't need as much of a single fabric for the background. 

Last time the mother wanted mint and coral. This time I'm not asking. There's several mints in my stash, one red, and a couple of red diamonds leftover from previous Lone Stars. Using those as a start, I added some greens ...

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March 17, 2020
Lone Star Quilt for a Grandmother from Fret Not Yourself

Our ecological emergency demands proactive choices, not reactive sideswipes.
~Tommy Morton

How much more true in this global health crisis? Some countries are taking effective action while others exacerbate the problem by their past and current choices. By firing the CDC pandemic staff in 2018, our president ensured we would be less prepared for this emergency. We see the result in critical lack of testing kits, ventilators, and coordinated response.

We are under a shelter in place order. I had a visit to QS planned but postponed it due to the pandemic. We were already fairly well prepared because we ...

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December 10, 2019
Froggy Went a' Courting from Fret Not Yourself

"Quilts leave messages in signs and symbols."
~Kathy Doughty

This is absolutely the end of the stripe now sewn as the border. The top is quilted and bound. {No more sticking it back in the stash to age some more.} Instead of salamanders, this one features frogs. I finished the other first because it attracted me a bit more but I've changed my mind. This is my new favorite of the pair. Ha. How's that for fickle affection?

Lone Star quilt 8 with frog border

For the back there wasn't enough of any fabric that worked with ...

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October 22, 2019
Almost the End of an Era from Fret Not Yourself

How beautifully trees grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.
~John Burroughs

Cleaning out continues. This time I found six yards of beautiful linen, a gift my parents brought me from Europe years ago - before my oldest was born. All these years I thought it was yardage for a shirt and doubted my ability to make it fit correctly. When I pulled it out this time it was only nineteen inches wide. {It must have shrunk while in storage.} Perfect for hand towels or dish towels - some to use and some to gift. There was ...

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October 12, 2019
A Simple Border Variation for Lone Star Quilt 7 from Fret Not Yourself

The logic of nationalism always flows downhill, toward the gutter.
~ Adam Gopnik

Of course I had to use the last few toile diamonds - rabbits paired with squirrels this time.

Lone Star 7 baby quilt

The row where the diamonds split into points is the lightest round in this quilt. It's not usually my favorite locations for lights but the background is dark. I used the rest of this Australian print, combining it with a funky greyed chartreuse floral. when it ran out. The subtle variation works well... at least IMO.  

The centers went together easily but there were a ...

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