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May 24, 2023
Lone Star Medallion, Pink Rainbow House, Free Pretty Patterns from Canadian Needle Nana

I normally want to cling to my time but have to admit I'm glad this week is almost over. There are some things you just want behind you. But there is always good stuff happening is not static thankfully. I felt off my routine so pushed myself to exercise this morning and jog the trail with Ned. I am better for the fresh air and activity.

Oh the greening up of everything outside is just wonderful to witness. Kitchen window view yesterday. That's the faucet there in the almost middle.

Here is a small Song Sparrow ...

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April 16, 2023
Free Patterns, Lone Star Medallion, Stitching Stars from Canadian Needle Nana

 I spied this mug among the mark downs at Winners the last time I was there. Still a bit expensive but I recognized the design. Sure enough when I turned it over to look at the maker, it said Rifle Paper Co, a fabric designer I enjoy. I used their Holiday Classics line for a quilting project two years ago. I think that is the same design there in the upper left. Beautiful fabric but costly. The mug is also beautifully made with gold trim.

 I didn't know they produced so many items featuring their marvelous designs- planners, vases ...

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March 18, 2023
Knitted Coasters, EPP Projects, To Do This Week. Woody of Woodpeckers from Canadian Needle Nana


I may have mentioned before that I knit scrappy wool into table toppers and use them underneath my plant pots. I've learned that wooden tables need protecting from the damp or scrapes that happen (even when sitting on saucers) when used for the plants. Smaller squares knit from prettier wool are good for a coffee coaster too. 

To Do This Week...I'm looking after Daughter's dogs, very lovable Abbey and Petey, this week. She is recovering from an exercise injury which seems like such an unfair thing to happen. Ned is in his glee. 

I woke up ...

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March 13, 2023
Free Patterns, Lone Star Medallion Progress, Cutest Thief from Canadian Needle Nana

Doesn't he look so innocent! 
Meanwhile, he is a thief, albeit a cute one. He is quite adept at robbing bird seed from whatever style feeder I use, even those labelled "squirrel proof". Luckily, I don't mind. All creatures deserve a little something to get them through our cold winters. This time of year, the furthest from anything growing, there's not much left of nature's food. 
This below made me smile; "my" squirrels still run away when I appear but the moment my back is turned, they are instantly like magic at the feeders again. 
I ...

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March 4, 2023
Carrot Cake Cheesecake, Projects Updates, A Show to Watch from Canadian Needle Nana

 Picture me that cloudy end of February morning gathering sticks on land that most of the year is a foot under water. A cardinal was singing its song in the background. This is usually the only time of year I can walk through there and the pickings are good. I  could see where some animal had clawed bark off quite a few of the trees. Porcupine perhaps. Ned trotted from tree to tree with me then patiently sat and waited while I filled the bag. So full I had a hard slog getting him and it back to the house ...

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February 27, 2023
Free Patterns, Lone Star Medallion, Edna's The Little Chairs from Canadian Needle Nana

 Snowing outside with another snowfall warning in place but cozy inside.  I had a special coffee this morning from the Nespresso machine, a Melozio, with cinnamon and frothed milk. I'm not at all one for fancy coffees but once in a while it is a treat. I bought a loaf of sourdough bread which toasts well and I like marmalade too. 

I've just begun listening to this book, The Little Red Chairs by Edna O'Brien; I do enjoy her writing and use of phrases, etc. It is sounding a little familiar to me. I wonder if I ...

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February 20, 2023
Two Thrift Store Finds, EPP Lone Star, HST Blocks Galore from Canadian Needle Nana

 We've been enjoying much warmer temperatures and sunshine during the days with freezing overnight; the sunshine makes me think of spring and that brightens my mood. Underfoot the paths continue to be tricky early morning. The deeper foot prints are frozen and you can catch your foot in one. My walk has been reduced to more of a creep around.

On last week's list of what to get done was sew another diamond for the EPP Lone Star Medallion.  I got that done and now hope to finish up another one this week. Yes Susie, these are Minick ...

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February 13, 2023
Lone Star Medallion, Cake Love, Napper or Not? from Canadian Needle Nana

 Recent -42C wind chill temperatures and here I am bundled up for my outdoor walks.  Don't you think I look chic? 

Will Hammell for Puck Magazine

I've yet to see Snow Buntings on my property. And imagine a world with "muffs" and where the word "chic" would apply to my day to day clothing. Oh dear, it's been quite a long time since I last "dressed up" even a little. 
Is weather worsening I wonder. Regularly we are being urged to prepare for power outages and have supplies ready.  I don't remember this being a usual ...

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Free Patterns, Not Sewing This (For Now!), Monty Don, More Panama Pyramids from Canadian Needle Nana

Older grandson, Jack, walking Neddy
This morning's walk with Neddy was accompanied by the sound of dozens of ravens cawing wildly. They very oddly seemed to move with us as we proceeded around the perimeter of the property. We were thankful all the while for the snowmobile run around Hubby did recently that flattened the trail making it far more walkable than it had been.  I kept a sharp eye on the ravens looking to see if they were chasing off a Barred Owl. But no owl was seen. One of my birder friends said this is mating time ...

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