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February 5, 2021
Friday check in: presenting Code Name Welcome Home from With Strings Attached

Here it is!   The quilt I've  coyly called "Code Name Welcome Home" has been sent to and received by my friends B and K.  Its real name is Labyrinth Walk.  

Labyrinth Walk, 84 x 84

 The backstory: B does not sew. Not buttons, not hems, and certainly not quilts. Five years ago a picture of the Labyrinth Walk quilt popped onto her Facebook feed and she was teased about "her" quilt. It went viral--she says 40,000+ reposts--even though she clearly stated that she DID NOT MAKE the quilt. Last fall B and her husband suffered from a house ...

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November 26, 2019
Longarm Renters Have Fun with Geometry from Quilted Joy

What I love about quilting is the sheer volume of potential patterns that can be used in a top. I have seen quilts made from photographs, from graphic artist’s designs, and from landscapes. If you can see it or even imagine it, you can create it in fabric. The longarm machine renters who come in to the shop often bring us imaginative and beautiful creations. Some are new patterns from up and coming quilting stars, while others are from patterns decades old recreated from pictures of quilts in museums. Regardless of where these patterns come from, the results are ...

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