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March 16, 2020
hazel's scraps from Making A Lather

I'm afraid I have lost my ability to chat and sew. I pretty much have a determined to get through this face right now. Hubby is recovering, and needs a bit of attention, and, I am tired most of the time. It isn't easy "resting". I am grateful for the timing of his back surgery. It gives us something to do, while we are hearing the news. If his surgery had been any later, It wouldn't have happened. Elective surgeries have been cancelled.

I had a friend from guild give a scrap bag to me. It was ...

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March 13, 2020
rug class from Making A Lather

Day 2 of my hubby's back surgery recovery, and, I made a good start on a drop stitch scarf. I'm sure I have altered the pattern with a little boo boo here and there. It is really looking pretty good, considering I was interrupted every 20 minutes. And was bored easily.

I realized I haven't posted about a rug hooking class last week with a teacher from Noblesville that our group invited for a workshop. We are learning shading using her flower pattern. Our choices were purple or red. My kit is the red.

This is our ...

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March 11, 2020
to do from Making A Lather

My hubby had surgery yesterday on his back. The surgery went well, but, he has had a few issues with his blood pressure and has made pain medications wonky.

His surgery was about 6 hours.
I had a waiting room all to myself.

I spent my time tracing bunnies for an Easter quilt.

I started to knit a scarf using yarn I spun myself.

Last week's to do:
1. bind sand castles - done
2. put Linda's quilt on the longarm - done
3. blog one monthly goal - done
4. make materials list for March workshop - done

next week's ...

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February 19, 2020
legacy quilt from Making A Lather

I started quilting in the late 70s with a group of older, lovely ladies at church. My mother in law was just retiring, and caught the bug. She went on to make quilts, and I went on to have babies. We cut our pieces, at the time, with cereal box templates. She hand quilted everything, and made quilts for her sisters and nieces. I hand quilted just a few, and gave them to my mother and sister and my first son. Mine were color coordinated, and hers were scrappy. In my 20s, I thought the scrappy ones were a little ...

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February 13, 2020
stitched pages in progress [Flickr] from Karen Ann Ruane

contemporary embroidery posted a photo:

stitched pages in progress

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February 10, 2020
Embroidered Journal Covers from Magpie Quilts

Every year I try to find some new products for the shop and for the markets I do in person. This past season, it was embroidered journal covers.
 The quilting stores are carrying some really great linen-look cottons and I chose a denim blue and a natural color for the backdrop to these embroidery designs.
 They were well received at all my sales and online. I'm learning lots about how to get a really great result on my embroidery machine - my first few attempts had lots of puckers and thread nests, but the more I practice, the less those ...

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January 14, 2020
to do from Making A Lather

A big thank you to  the hosts of to do Tuesday for the prize I received. It is wonderful and very thoughtful ( they added scraps) yippee. They host a linky party every Tuesday that is fun.

I don't usually open charm packs, because, they are sacred, but, I really wanted to see what was in there. It is beautiful. I hope to find a use for this right away.

Let's try this list making again.
Last week's goals
1. cut frolic 5 - done
2. sew frolic 5 - done
3, quilt one of my quilts - it's on ...

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December 10, 2019
mini template round 2 from Making A Lather

I went to a geneology workshop last night and feel motivated to try a little harder to search through my family history. I know it can be important to my Grandchildren who never knew my family. They were all gone by the time they were born. That is what happens to a late in life daughter of a late in life daughter of a late in life daughter. And Yes, I had a late in life child, even though I swore I wouldn't. It's a blessing and a curse......
Playing with the new mini pineapple ruler is addictive ...

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November 21, 2019
Travel Journal Italy from The Inbox jaunt

Bongiorno, Quilters and Travlers! Today, I would like to share my travel journal for Italy. With the news of  devastating floods in Venice this week, I spent a little time reviewing my photos and my journal. Our Travel Agent First, I’d like to give a shout out to our travel agent, Lindsay from Passion for…

The post Travel Journal Italy appeared first on Lori Kennedy Quilts.

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November 13, 2019
purple lantern block from Making A Lather

I have another tiny tuesday block finished from the rainbow scrap challenge. I used a batting design board to lay the pieces the way I wanted them to go. I think the block was called lantern.

I sewed each row. The smallest purple went with the largest neutral, and so on.

And, then, I sewed the rows together. It needed a trim.

This blocks is set with a straight border finishing at 7 inches

We have had a big snow with single digit temperatures, We are not used to it this so early. But, it is so pretty, and, the ...

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November 2, 2019
tiny storm block from Making A Lather

We had our first snowfall on Halloween. It was a surprise this early. It has been a pretty fall, and our sweet gum finally had yellow leaves. We bought sweet gum especially for it's fall color, but it hasn't changed in the fall in four years. It was lovely this year.

I stopped trying to catch up on the tiny Tuesday blocks when I ran into this little challenging block.
I was a bit intimidated.

It was all paper pieced, but the pieces were very tiny.

I didn't do it all at once, but a little every ...

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October 28, 2019
setting triangles from Making A Lather

I need to make setting triangles for Bonnie Hunter's garden party. The count for the 9 patch units included what I would need for the triangles, so I didn't need to make the 3 square unit. I did have to cut and make the 2 square unit and 1 square unit.

I need one more piece for the bottom, and it will be the extras from the 9 patch units.

And our youngest Grandchild - isn't he a cute lil pumpkin?

I am linking:

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October 18, 2019
string quilt from Making A Lather

I have been working on this string block quilt for a long time. It was interrupted by my back surgery. I restarted it as soon as I was comfortable to treadle again. So far it has all been done on the treadle.
There are lots of strings in this quilt. I have it to the top stage and need to decide on borders. I am glad to be far enough along that I can clean up the mess. A string quilt tends to be very messy.

It was pumpkin carving time with our Grandchildren last weekend and it was great ...

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October 15, 2019
quilt show from Making A Lather

The quilt show in Indianapolis was wonderful. They advertised  400 quilts which, for this ole gal, was a few too many. But I really enjoyed the quilts and left inspired.

I bought this pattern.

There were a few Bonnie Hunter quilts

I am sorry this is blurry, but I want to make this one with shirts. It was impressive in person.

I am linking to:
to do tuesday

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October 10, 2019
4th quarter finish along from Making A Lather

It's the fourth quarter for the 2019 finish along. And it is time to make a list of what I might get finished in the next three months. This is my first year joining the finish along. I think it has helped me actually finish a few extra projects. Making the list is hard, since we can list more than we finish, but not less.  So it is ok to go big.
I also have a list I want to do by month - One monthly goal at elm street quilts. I find that a little easier to keep track ...

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October 7, 2019
swap blocks from Making A Lather

It's that time again - a new month - a new set of swap blocks to make.  These are some that I have received from my friends in the swap. I really enjoy making these blocks, and, I have thoroughly enjoyed swapping. The year will end soon enough and it will be time for the hard work of assembly to begin.

We had a chance to attend a quilt show in Lafayette and enjoyed the quilts.

But I really liked the "garage sale" portion. I bought a scrap bag of blacks, a joann block of the month from the 90s. a ...

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September 16, 2014
Journal Quilts – May to August from Cloud CouCou Crafts

At the beginning of this year I joined the UK Quilter’s Guild and signed up for the Journal Quilt challenge. Each month I create a mini quilt that will form part of a collection of 12. There are obviously many, … Continue reading

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June 27, 2014
Journal Making Video from Texas Freckles

I've been a journal making fool lately and I made a little video of the process.
It is long, but it's kind of fun to watch if you are into this sort of thing. Enjoy!

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