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January 19, 2021
Here be Dragons!: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Here be Dragons colour board at Clever Chameleon

Lunarcy Quilt: Year of the Dragon Block Release Day

Should it be any surprise that the Chameleon thinks he is a Dragon?

A Chinese legend concerning the origin of the dragon tells of an Emperor who waged war with nine tribes. As he defeated each tribe he added features of their totems to his own. Thus the dragon ended up with a lion’s mane, bug eyes like a shrimp, a big mouth like a bull, a nose like a dog, whiskers like a catfish, antlers like a deer, scales like a fish, a long tail like a snake, and ...

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January 12, 2021
Sniggering Snakes!: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Lunarcy Quilt: Year of the Snake Block Release Day

What do you call a python with no clothes on?


Hissssterical, right?! Well, my 10 year old lad thought so. Bahahaha.

Just dropping in with some Chameleon hiss-trionics to distract you from real life. 2020 might be hiss-tory but it seems that some of the dramas are taking a while to scale back. So while we patiently ant-hiss-ipate better times ahead, how about some more Lunarcy?

I ...

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January 5, 2021
Just Horsin’ Around: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

A little horse colour board at Clever Chameleon

Lunarcy Quilt: Year of the Horse Block Release Day

Happy New Year! I hope that 2021 will hold many moments of friendship, colour and fun for you all. Rainbows all round.

Having said that, I’ve already had my first small 2021 “scare”….. New Year’s Day: the Chameleon dragged himself dejectedly out of bed, claiming that it was time he started acting his age and being responsible. No more silly internet posts for him! On closer inspection, I noticed he was off colour and a little bit hoarse.

Thankfully he was just pranking me and trying to stirrup trouble ...

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December 31, 2020
You’ve Goat to Be Kidding Me: Colour & Inspiration Thursday from Clever Chameleon

You've Goat to be Kidding Me colour board at Clever Chameleon

Lunarcy Quilt: Year of the Goat Block Release Day

Welcome to a special edition of Colour & Inspiration….. yes, it’s a Thursday. One last curveball for you for 2020. Might as well finish the year in the manner to which we have become accustomed! </p>
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December 22, 2020
Monkey Mirror: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Monkey in the mirror colour board at Clever Chameleon

Lunarcy Quilt: Year of the Monkey Block Release Day

And bad Christmas-cracker joke day!

What carol do monkeys like to sing at Christmas time?
Jungle Bells, Jungle Bells!

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December 15, 2020
Rising Roosters: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Rising Rooster colour board at Clever Chameleon

Lunarcy Quilt: Year of the Rooster Block Release Day

What a fowl year it’s been for many. With a bit of luck though, our collective year of rising roosters is coming to an end. And I’ve got a fitting appliqué to send it on it’s way. Today I am releasing the Year of the Rooster block for the Lunarcy quilt.

Year of the Rooster appliqué for the Lunarcy quilt at Clever Chameleon

It’s been a few weeks since I managed to put out a blog post. Time flies (much more effectively than a rooster) at the best of times… and November/December always have us in an extra ...

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November 17, 2020
Dog Days: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Dog Days colour board at Clever Chameleon

Lunarcy Quilt: Year of the Dog Block Release Day

Dog Days: the hot, sultry, uncomfortable days of the Northern Hemisphere summer corresponding to the annual rise of Sirius (the Dog Star) over the horizon. Yuck.

Sirius (and its doggy constellation Canis Major) is a feature of the summer sky here in the Southern Hemisphere too. And since this past week was hot, sultry and super uncomfortable here… I’m proclaiming that our own Dog Days are upon us.

This was Arkaroola on Sunday. What you can’t see is the stinking-hot gales of wind to go with the humidity. It ...

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November 10, 2020
Lunarcy Pig: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Lunarcy Quilt: Year of the Pig Block Release Day

Another day, another dose of Lunarcy!

Ha! Ain’t that the truth?! Just for something different though, it’s the good kind of Lunarcy scheduled today – we are moving on to the next block of the Lunarcy quilt. Since we are working backwards through the Chinese zodiac (to arrive at the Ox on Chinese New Year 2021), our new block is the Pig. In the zodiac legend, the Pig finished last in the Emperor’s race. There are various versions, but one common story is that the Pig got hungry, had ...

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October 27, 2020
Rats! Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

2020 – Year of the Rat

In the beginning there was the Rat. And the Rat jumped the queue.

According to Chinese legend, it was the Rat who (somewhat dodgily) won the Emperor’s race that decided the identity and order of the Zodiac animals. And so it is the Rat who is the first animal of the 12-year Lunar Calendar cycle. As one version of the story goes, the Rat caught a ride in the amiable Ox’s ear to cross a river during the race, but then abused the favour by dashing across the finish line first, claiming the ...

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October 20, 2020
Branches and Blossoms: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Branches and Blossoms colour board at Clever Chameleon

The Lunarcy Quilt continues today

Wasn’t the “It’s A Garden Party” row along this past month fun? I hope you were left with lots of resources and ideas. Now that that intermission is over though, we should return to our regular programming to see what the Chameleon’s been working on.

Lunarcy Quilt logo

The big event in the main ring at Clever Chameleon’s circus at the moment is the Lunarcy Quilt, and it’s definitely time to get on with it! So, Part Two of the Lunarcy Quilt pattern is available for you to download today. This new pdf ...

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September 8, 2020
Take that 2020! Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Take that 2020 colour board at Clever Chameleon

2020: What a Rodent of a Year!

Well, I think it is safe to say 2020, the Year of the Rat, has not gone to plan. I, for one, will be happy to draw a line under this year and recycle all my 2020 New Year’s hopes and plans for 2021. Easiest New Year’s resolutions ever and environmentally friendly too! </p>
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August 26, 2020
V for VictoryWhat are your university colors? Make a “V” For... from Living Water Quilter

V for Victory

What are your university colors? Make a “V” For Victory quilt to remember the “glory days“ of university life or a winning championship game.

Or maybe you would like to make a gift for a family member graduating from high school or college?  If you start now, it will be ready for June graduation ceremonies.

My “V” for Victory quilt features bold bright colors from  Island Batik’s Solids collection. Thank you Island Batik for providing the fabric for this project.


My new quilt design, “V” for Victory is in the latest issue of Fons & Porter ...

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August 4, 2020
Monkey Business: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Golden Lion Tamarin monkey colours at Clever Chameleon

We’re Baaaaack……!

The Chameleon thought about slacking off and skipping another week…..


I know, right?!

It was nice having last week off, but the Chameleon is not really one to pass up on a bit of monkey business. So here we are – and monkey business is exactly what we shall have today. It’s time to look at the Year of the Monkey block of the Lunarcy quilt.

Year of the Monkey block from the Lunarcy Quilt at Clever Chameleon Quilting

Also, I thought you might like to see where we travelled last week. We went to Coober Pedy and stayed in an underground dugout apartment. Coober Pedy, is the “opal capital ...

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July 14, 2020
Dragon On: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Campfire colour board at Clever Chameleon, Photo by Timothy Meinberg

I’m on fire!

I’ve finished three assignments in one week and I’ve sewn down the remaining flowers onto the Lunarcy quilt. I even have a plan for finishing the flower centres, I think. Everything is on schedule for the Chameleon to be able to go AWOL for a few days very soon, touch wood!

Maybe my luck is holding because it is the week to unveil the Year of the Dragon appliqué block. My birth sign, and my favourite block on the Lunarcy quilt. Here he is…. one over-spec’d lizard.

Dragon appliqué at Clever Chameleon

The Chameleon knows a kindred spirit ...

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July 7, 2020
Guiding Lights: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Lighthouse colour board at Clever Chameleon

It’s the school mid-year break, so I have plaaaaans!

Since my days have been gifted back to me for a fortnight, I am going to …

  • finish all the appliqués on the Lunarcy quilt!
  • get ahead on my study assignments!
  • finally answer the comments from my last two posts! Got a bit behind there, sorry.
  • do more exercise!
  • win the lottery!
  • bake a whole batch of Sky Pies for the freezer!

LOL. All seriously and increasingly unlikely, but a Chameleon can dream. Since I don’t buy lotto tickets, that second-to-last one can probably be safely ruled out. But some ...

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June 30, 2020
Grumpy Sunflowers: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Sunflower colour board

I was going to pass. No blogging this week….

The Chameleon was just not in the mood. Grumpy. Not enough sewing, for one. My laptop ate my homework for another (no joke, literally corrupted my assignment during the last save, between proofread and submit….(&*$%@!!!) and we are all suffering varying degrees of end-of-school-term-itis here, etc etc. Nothing serious. Just pecked to death by the gloom duck, even after hubby helped me retrieve *most* of my assignment from wherever it is that corrupted files go to die.

But then I read through the link ups at last week’s Colour & Inspiration ...

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June 23, 2020
Winter Solstice: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Moth at Arkaroola colour board at Clever Chameleon

Desert winters are nothing if not unpredictable

Winter is a funny thing in the desert. The nights are mostly bitterly cold, while the days are pleasantly warm. But very occasionally we get a wind blowing in with heat from somewhere, and the night can stay ‘balmy’ for many hours after sunset. We had one of those evenings on Friday night. While the freezing cold nights (think frozen water pipes) are bug-free, warmer evenings bring small collections of brave new winter visitor species we haven’t seen before. Mostly lazy moths decorated in interesting patterns, like this pretty little thing that ...

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June 16, 2020
Arkaroola Birds: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Mallee parrot colours at Clever Chameleon

Thirsty, Busy, Romantic Visitors

June seems to be nesting season at Arkaroola. There are lots of pairs of birds around, and I’ve even been seeing a few different species collecting nesting materials. A Little Crow went past my lounge room window on the weekend with several large sticks in its beak. The Mallee Ringneck Parrots seem to be collecting moss or lichen from my roof. And all the lads have started trying to impress their dinner dates by bringing them to the very exclusive Chameleon’s freshwater café and bar.

The nights here have become very cold recently, which ...

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June 9, 2020
Ladybirds for Luck: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Ladybug colour board at Clever Chameleon

Ladybirds for Luck

So…… This week, things are going pretty well here…… Covid restrictions easing. My latest assignment written (and submitted!) on time. Three more blocks on the Lunarcy finished….. which gives me some breathing space to do some of the pattern writing for a change. And a four day weekend due to a public holiday yesterday combined with a student-free day today…. Puts me in the mood for a lighthearted look at Lady Luck, since that’s where the themes in my sewing room, the great outdoors and my linky inbox seem to intersect this week.

Why luck? The ...

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June 2, 2020
Salvation Jane and Ruby Dock: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Salvation Jane colour board at Clever Chameleon

Happy Winter, from the Southern Hemisphere

Our winter officially started here yesterday. Although if you were here, you’d be forgiven for not noticing: 18C (64F) and sunny. Truly lovely weather during the day, although the nights are chilly now.

Arkaroola in June
Arkaroola at the beginning of June

The desert knows it’s not summer anymore though. The Salvation Jane weeds (also known as Paterson’s Curse) are growing their incredibly perfect rosettes of teal leaves in the creek bed. Hate the weed, but got to admire that growth habit in our colour board! Also, another weed that has been insipidly hanging ...

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