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June 21, 2018
Ideas Into Form #4 from Quilt Paint Create

We left off with the flower fabrics chosen but nothing cut out.
I used the fabrics and the design as planned. Once I cut out all the flower pieces I auditioned leaf and stem fabrics the same way, by laying them out with the flowers.
After a lot of tracing, cutting and fusing it all came together.
floral runnerI plan to add some greenery between the flowers to fill in some of the open spots, but not until everything else is appliqued.
For now I need to set it aside and work on a few other things. It took a lot ...

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June 10, 2018
Sunday Stash June 10, 2018 from Quilt Paint Create

No fabric in or out and no money spent this week.
The full scope of the work changes became more clear this week. It will be months before things even out again.
My small group also decided to stop meeting. I really liked that group, and I’m sad to see it end.
Now I’m looking at the June The Short List and realizing my projects don’t work that well for me, and I need to add Safehouse quilts back to the list. I’m also looking at less time in the sewing room.
It will all work ...

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May 25, 2018
Ideas Into Form #3 from Quilt Paint Create

In the last post, the design was set but no fabric was chosen.
Now I have all the fabrics for the flowers laid out where they will go. It’s rough, but it’s enough to keep me going.
runner fabricsI couldn’t find a background fabric in my stash that I thought would work. Everything I had was either too dark or had too much pattern. Instead, I pulled out some white fabric and will paint it pale green.
Once all the flowers are cut out, I will choose fabrics for the leaves, stems and flower centers.
It feels like ...

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May 11, 2018
Ideas Into Form #2 from Quilt Paint Create

In the last post we left off with the idea of a table runner using these fabrics.
spring scrap bagI’ve had the idea to use motifs from Portraits From Nature by Jean Wells for a while now, but I knew I didn’t want to use the motifs in the way she did in the book.
I started by cutting a piece of drafting paper to the finished size of the quilt. Then I started tracing flower motifs onto golden threads paper. I traced the flowers separate from the stems and leaves to give myself more options. I taped the motifs ...

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May 5, 2018
Ideas Into Form #1 from Quilt Paint Create

In case you missed the first post, this is a continuation of how I’m going about taking my sometimes vague ideas and moving them into form.

To start the process I chose three ideas I’ve wanted to explore for a long time. The first is this scrap bag. I was drawn to the bright colors.
spring scrap bagThe second is this rough sketch I did eight years ago. The swan came from a book on stain glass. I thought the idea might work well in my next quilt in the Stitching To Dye series.
swansketchThe last idea was something I ...

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April 28, 2018
Ideas Into Form Intro from Quilt Paint Create

I love ideas. I love that they flow freely to me, hang out, talk to me, challenge me and help me learn and grow. Ideas create endless possibilities.
I have lots of ideas. I keep a notebook with lists, narratives, sketches, pictures and references. I have an accordion folder that holds the same. I have more ideas than I could ever use in a lifetime.
In knowing that, I realize that if I ever want to get those ideas into form, I need to start now.
And this is where I stumble. I have no idea how to do this ...

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