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August 16, 2019
Half-Square Triangle Hooks Quilt from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

MSQC New Tutorial on the Blog!
New quilting tutorial with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company

When a favorite 10-year-old was learning to fish, she cast her line with loads of enthusiasm but very little caution. As a result, she made plenty of catches—but none were fish!

She caught one sister by the sleeve of her shirt and another by the ponytail. Worst of all, she hooked her father clear through the nose! (The poor fellow drove all the way to the emergency room with a shiny yellow lure dangling from his right nostril!)

This week Jenny is creating hazard-free hooks with our favorite ...

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August 6, 2019
Sunset Isle – Month 8: HSTs from Blossom Heart Quilts

Sunset Isle header

Another month and another row added to our Sunset Isle quilts! There’s been a fun flurry of activity on Instagram on #sunsetislequilt (see below).

Sunset Isle Quilt

Not to mention being able to take this gorgeous photo of three Sunset Isle quilts together while on quilting retreat a couple of weeks ago. From left to right: Kara who’s making a scrappy rainbow with a light denim chambray background; Jane who’s using rainbow Liberty with a scrappy Maze & Vale background; and mine – rainbow Liberty with a grey Essex linen background. Similar but all look so different!

Three Sunset Isle quilts in progress


This month marks ...

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July 12, 2019
Seeing Beothuk stars from The Academic Quilter

Hi everyone! It's been yet another hot and rainy week here, and really, it's starting to get old.  I wish it would pick one-- hot or rainy, but not both.  I know that some of you are rolling your eyes right now, but this has been one wet summer so far.  If I had a north side, it would be growing moss. 

Anyway. . .I have had some trouble focusing lately (can't think why that would be) but I did manage to put together the rest of the Beothuk Star quilt top, and I really like it!  See ...

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May 22, 2019
pineapple new round from Making A Lather

Yesterday was hijacked by my husband's heart and atrial fibrillation. They decided to shock him into rhythm. It was a long ordeal, and more waiting time than fixing time. It started in the morning, and, I thought we had circumvented the hospital by going to the doctor's office. Our doctor was out for the day, and his partner decided to be a bit more aggressive. So, we ended up spending a few hours in the hospital for a cardiac conversion.
He is much better and home. We have a million more medications and instructions, getting older isn't ...

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May 16, 2019
swap blocks from Making A Lather

I had a chance to work on my swap blocks for May. I am swapping with 4 other quilters to make our own version of circa 1880. Every month I make 30 blocks to swap, and I receive 30 blocks. It is like Christmas looking at what others have made. I haven't trimmed these yet.

I played a game with myself that for every block I finished, I could iron a languishing hst. I make them from leftover triangles but, I don't always get them ironed. This way I can do the boring part while making my blocks ...

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May 15, 2019
I May Have A Scrap Problem... Playing With Triangles! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

I've been spending a lot of time recently starting new projects, and most of them with new fabric - but I have been working on a collaborative project over the last few days...

...which is a scrappy project!  A simple signature quilt, made using black and red corners.  And of course, making those corners left me with some bonus HSTs - so today I decided to play with some arrangements to make a matching pillow cover.  

There's this basic layout...

Or this one, made a little punchier by alternating the red and black in the colored bands.

Then ...

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April 16, 2019
Ta-da! The Hst Medallion is a Finished Quilt Top! from Quilty Folk

It's been awhile.  Earlier in the year I had determined that this quilt top was going to be finished up just as soon as I could drum up the energy. Eventually it became obvious that I would never truly feel up to this particular task. And so I set a timeline, made promises to myself. And finally, there was nothing left to procrastinate over or 'accidentally' nudge in front of this difficult project.

Hst Medallion Quilt top finish
Ughh.. Whose idea was this to recreate this antique quilt anyway? Pretty sure it was mine. Regardless, I have trembled in ...

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January 10, 2019
Stringy Lanes from TheEclecticAbuela

I decided to make another traditional pattern but with the addition of string blocks.

I made a Sunny Lanes pattern in the past using calico in place of the usually solid "lane" fabric. My post about that quilt can be found HERE.

Calico Sunny Lanes

This time, I replaced the four-patch blocks with string blocks.

Stringy Lanes 74" x 94"

This is a larger quilt than the first, and I'm not really happy with how the lanes at the edges worked. Next time, I need to take a bit more time in the planning stage, to create a more ...

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December 11, 2018
Good Fortune Clue 3 from TheEclecticAbuela

So far, I'm keeping up with the clues in Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, Good Fortune.

Here is a sampling of my units from clue 3:

Friendly Bunny

Another rabbit--this one is all dressed up

Butterfly and Smiling Snail

I love having little up-close surprises!

I'm linking with Quiltville's Mystery Monday #3.

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Tutorial: 8-at-a-time HSTs from Goer

This tutorial features fabric given to me by Island Batik.

My two favorite ways to make HSTs (half square triangles) are to make them 2-at-a-time or 8-at-a-time. For my September Island Batik project I chose to make sawtooth stars. 8-at-a-time HSTs are perfect for these blocks, so I thought I'd put together a tutorial for you!

For this project I used precut 10" squares, but they work with any size squares. See the table below for size of squares and size of HSTs you can create. Two starting squares will create eight HSTs.

Step 1: With right sides together ...

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December 4, 2018
Good Fortune Clues 1 & 2 and Donation Quilts from TheEclecticAbuela

Yay for Mystery Quilts! I'm enjoying Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery.

Clue #1

Clue #2

And a selection of each

Five Leader/Ender Donation Quilts--I provide only one picture, but all are 3.5" (unfinished) squares arranged the same way. Sizes: 2@ 67"x86" and 3@ 62"x74"

I'll be linking with Quiltville's Monday Mystery Link-up.

Soon it will be time for Winter Break--yay! I'm ready for some serious quilting time.

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November 27, 2018
MINI BLOCK QAL | Block #8: Cake Stand from 3and3quarters


Can you believe it?!

We’re slowly getting to the pointy-end of the series with our second-to-last block to make!

Today’s block is another one of those traditional types that I’ve always wanted to make but just have never got around to doing it! Not anymore though! This sweet delicious little block is called Cake Stand and is sooo scrumptious and lovely, I just want to make a whole quilt out of it!

As I was coming up to the colour ‘brown’ in my own theme for this QAL, I just had to combine ...

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September 26, 2018
Never Enough Time from Quilty Folk

How about a good long catch up post? First off, the HST Medallion quilt has been front and center for well over a week. I made the determination that nothing was going to get between this project and the sewing machine until all the small hst rows were sewn on. Two hundred breaks later for hand work or changing out the laundry or whatever else I could invent and....

More progress on HST Medallion!
Here we are, finally, at hst row #10. Woohoo! That's three more row sets added onto this quilt since the last time I posted any ...

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August 24, 2018
MINI BLOCK QAL | Block #5: Crossed Tile from 3and3quarters


Well here we are, five blocks in and still having a hoot of a time! (At least I think we are, yeh?)

I love this simple little block. It’s another super quick and easy one to whizz together and has the potential to be as fun and crazy as you wish it to be!

My best advice when pulling fabrics for this block would be to choose those that are contrasting from one another. That way, you’ll end up with a block where the design really pops and you can distinguish the unique ‘cross ...

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August 18, 2018
An Alison Glass Rainbow Quilt + Aurora BOM Relaunches from Blossom Heart Quilts

While I was teaching my Aurora BOM sampler quilt last year, I started another version myself using my pile of Alison Glass fabrics. It was a bit of a challenge, trying to make limited fat eighths and fat quarters work, but with a couple of small purchases and a little extra yardage for the scrappy low volume background, I did a Tim Gunn and made it work!

Alison Glass rainbow Aurora quilt by

Late last year, Katrina quilted it for me, using a gorgeous pointed swirls design with the occasional 5-pointed star thrown in. It’s her go-to handguided design, and it’s the perfect mix ...

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August 13, 2018
Christmas in July from Charm About You

I realise that some people are very prepared for the festive season and there are beautiful homes that are seasonally decorated throughout the year. As much as I admire that preparedness and seasonal living, it isn't something I've done much of. We have banners for certain celebrations, I made pretty spring bunting (free tutorial here) and, of course, we have Christmas decorations. Part of the reason I haven't taken the plunge into changing up the quilts and cushions we use depending on the season is because we don't have a lot of storage space! Despite that ...

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July 27, 2018
MINI BLOCK QAL | Block #4: Cain & Abel from 3and3quarters


After navigating through winter colds, endless days/weeks at work and my terrible habit of procrastinating, block four is finally here!


It may look tricky on the outside but once you delve into what makes this block tick, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how simple it actually is to piece together!

The only real ‘tricky’ bit to this one are the sizes of the pieces that make up the block. (But hey, that’s the whole point to this series isn’t it? Challenging our abilities to make gorgeous mini blocks out of ...

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July 24, 2018
Autumn Stars--Another Mystery Quilt from TheEclecticAbuela

Okay--you can call me the crazy mystery lady! 

I love making mystery quilts. I have a friend who works them up for a forum to which I belong, and I love her designs. The forum thread from which this quilt is made begins HERE.

Autumn Stars 90" x 90"

Front (detail)

Corner (detail)

Back and binding (detail)

I'm done with summer--bring on the Autumn!

I'll be linking with Fiber Tuesday 166 at The Quilting Room with Mel.

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July 13, 2018
Strings and Furrows from TheEclecticAbuela

Yet another string quilt! I do love them.

This one is a simple arrangement of string blocks and alternating white/beige HSTs that create furrows across the quilt.

I pieced the back from scrap 5" squares, and I used the trimmings from the back to make the binding.

I love the look of the scrappy binding, but with all those seams (thick!thick!thick!), it took me quite a while to hand sew it down to the back!

I love all the things you can find in a scrappy quilt.

A fox and a hedgehog

Scooby Doo!

Pastas and valentines ...

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June 29, 2018
The Two, Big, Bad Borders For This Round of Progress on The Hst Medallion from Quilty Folk

So this time I went bold and cut out two hst borders at the same time. The last time any work was accomplished on this quilt was back in February which is pretty pathetic. Time to make some serious forward progress or throw in the towel.

The Hst Medallion quilt
Mostly I've just been slacking from a general apathy in doing the work, not lack of desire to see this quilt grow. These hst borders have been 'easier' overall, it's just that they are quite, quite tedious. Lots of time involved in the cutting and sewing as the ...

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