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November 25, 2019
More of Houston Quilt Show from Humble Quilts

Here is an antique block I purchased from Mary Koval-I'd love to have more than one block, but that's about all I can afford! LOL  It is so sweet. I think the upper right was supposed to have a red bud but the maker ran out of room. The top and left will be difficult to do much with since the applique is right up to the edge of the quilt. For now I am enjoying it on my design wall. 

And if you are interested: 

Here are a few categories that YOU can enter quilts in. This ...

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November 13, 2019
Kovals Antique Quilt Exhibit- Houston from Humble Quilts

Joe and Mary Koval generously shared an amazing array of antique quilts in Houston! Here's a sampling.

 This was actually one of my favorites. I can't get enough of this setting!!

 If I had to make 14 diamonds meet in the center, I'd never have a quilt!
 It's okay to cut up a toile. Still makes a pretty effective and fun quilt.

 I'm so glad I don't worry about which direction my stripes run!

 As precise looking as this applique is................
The maker added this funky folk art dog? I love it!

Quilts that ...

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November 11, 2019
Another Favorite Houston Exhibit from Humble Quilts

I came across this lovely indigo exhibit and it really was inspiring! Quilting in Japan has always been so completely perfect and over the top, which I appreciate, but I'm not necessarily inspired by it- thee was something different about these quilts. 
If you haven't heard of many Japanese quilters, let me introduce you to the
 indigo work of Shizuko Kurohah. 

This was one of my favorites. It was so unusual and unique.
She had to have designed it on paper ahead of time to make this amazing design work. I think you can click to zoom more ...

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November 8, 2019
Broderie Perse Exhibit and Almost Amish winner! from Humble Quilts

First, what is Broderie Perse? 
In French "broderie perse" means Persian embroidery, but it also came to refer to the lovely applique of printed chintz flowers and other motifs onto a solid fabric. These exquisite quilts have been made since the 1700s.
A good explanation of the history of it can be found HERE at

Cynthia Collier proposed to Quilts, inc an exhibit of currently made Broderie Perse quilts from a wide variety of talented women.
They accepted and it was one of the highlights of the International Quilt Fest this month.

Such an elegant block. One of ...

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