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December 5, 2018
IQF- Modern Quilts from Humble Quilts

Here are a few of the more modern quilts that caught my eye. 

This one won a big prize. Look at that handquilting! 

What a fun quilt- make sure to read the sign below.  
I am pretty sure this is my 2019 motto! LOL 

I hope you all are having a wonderful week full of blessings.

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December 3, 2018
IQF Traditional Quilts from Humble Quilts

Here are several of my traditional favorites from the IQF Show 2018 in Houston.
Click on any photo tag to get a close up of the maker and quilt info.

 The toile was so beautiful.

I applaud anybody who executes a Sue Garmen quilt in the entirety!

 And another Sue Garmen pattern.

 This blog post HERE of Barbara Brackman's was about the best explanation of Quilts de Legende in English.

 One of my favorites. It's crazy, busy, intricate, traditional... amazing! All in one quilt!

 This was probably one of my favorites too. That quilting speaks to me!

I ...

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November 28, 2018
Working and Playing at IQF from Humble Quilts

Many of you have mentioned volunteering at IQF. It is a lot of work. When I was recruited that was the first thing that I was told! Work comes first!! (right Barb?)There are a lot of volunteer opportunities during the show in a variety of capacities.  I volunteer  in the education department and the entire team has jobs that help make your experience at classes, lectures, bus tours, and special events run smoothly.  (As a teacher or student, we are there for you!)

Last year I helped with bus tours, this year, Jill, on the right, trained me on ...

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November 26, 2018
LaGrange/ Texas Quilt Museum Tour from Humble Quilts

In Houston I opted for the Texas Quilt Museum and quilt shops tour. I had to go earlier in the week because many buses left later in the week and I was needed to work, not play. Here we are - Let's go!
This was our first stop and the employees looked happy to see us at 8AM!! The coffee was hot and cookies and snacks were plentiful.

I saw a lot of Laura Heine quilts and patterns, so many in the different shops I thought she may be from Texas. Turns out she isn't! This is so adorable ...

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November 19, 2018
Highlight of British Isles Quilts- IQF from Humble Quilts

The highlight of my Houston Quilt show for 2018 was to see these amazing, spectacular, antique quilts of Christopher Wilson Tate from England! WOW!

Here's a taste of these beauties!

Fabric to die for!! Well, not quite, but you know what I mean.

Unbelievable fussy cutting!!

These are early, early quilts! WOW!

Humble, beautiful, spectacular border! Embrace the humble!!!

This only adds to the charm of the overall quilt, in my humble opinion. LOVE it so much!

 Look at these vibrant prints!

 Such whimsical applique shapes. Check out that appliqued star fabric!

Better than the label is his description ...

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November 16, 2018
Quilts and Friendships part 2 and Sajou winner from Humble Quilts

My room mate, Sue, worked last year in the Education Dept but we weren't roomies and worked different areas. We hit it off great! We even took a little vacation to the UK to see Stonehenge! Well, that would have been fun, but that was just Northcott's Market booth.

Because we we checking in the bus tours early in the morning we always missed the morning photo. We thought we would take one ourselves. 
Debbie was my first year roomie and we hit it off immediately. She drives to the show and we try and spend time together ...

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November 14, 2018
Quilts and Friendships from Humble Quilts

My take on the International Quilt Festival probably won't look a lot like anyone else's. I told my room mate, helping in the Education dept is great, but it's the friendships that keep me coming back and is the highlight of my week.
So, I'll try and keep it relatively short..... LOL

 Lee is the owner of Two Thimbles Quilt Shop and is in Houston for quilt market so we only have one day that overlaps. Sunday evening after our education meeting we meet up for dinner. When I make trips to Seattle I like to ...

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August 28, 2018
Countdown to Houston! from Humble Quilts

These arrived while I was away. Time to get busy on my garment making! I hope I can do this fun fabric justice.

Every year Houston has special exhibits. The past 2 years I've really enjoyed them.

Coming in November:

Rising stars: This annual exhibit features the works of specially selected quilt artists who have developed and demonstrated substantial creative growth over recent time. 

The Power of Women: Join us as we celebrate the power of women. Entrants were invited to create a quilt or sheer art cloth
that expresses their love and appreciation of an influential mother, sister ...

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July 20, 2018
Fantastic Fun on a Friday! from Humble Quilts

It's been a very busy week but also a fun one. Super busy at work. 
Farmers are at the peak of "farming season". Silly I don't know exactly what's going on around me. I do know the garlic is getting flamed, the bees are pollinating the carrot plants, hay and alfalfa are being harvested. Many farmers work in the cool of evening, meaning they work on their bale wagons, water trucks, combines, during the day. 

Anyway...... fun cause they weather has been fantastic! Sunny skies as far as the forecast will let me look. 
I love summer ...

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June 20, 2018
Houston- Clear for Take Off! from Humble Quilts

As part of the education team for Quilt Festival Houston I am prepping already!

First up, choosing a pattern and fabric for a garment. Always difficult for me, since I'm not a garment maker. Using quilters cotton is another factor that doesn't help me make pattern decisions easily. But that part is done.
I'm making a dress this year! It'll probably end up being more like a tunic on me.

Including the eagles, for sure. You'll have to wait and see about the rest.
 This is called Road Trip by Andover.

And we had swatches ...

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November 15, 2017
Wednesday Fun! from Humble Quilts

A couple of months ago Christine K asked if I'd like to join a little quilt swap and I said yes!

 Here is the cute little quilt I received from Rosemary. I love the wool and little dolly. 
Thank you again, Rosemary!
 Here's the adorable backing!!
 Little dolly is keeping watch over my crock of rotating little quilts.
I received this adorable little dress from Wendy in Canada for me to take to Colombia. Thank you Wendy!! I love it and know a little girl will too.

A few more fun photos from Houston:

 How cool is this ...

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November 13, 2017
Tribute to Sue Garman from Humble Quilts

 The Tribute to Sue Garman was really amazing! It is really wonderful to see such a large body of her work all at once. Such a loss to the quilt community.
All of these quilts were made by Sue Garmen. 

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

Have a wonderful Monday.

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November 10, 2017
My Week at Houston International Quilt Festival from Humble Quilts

On our way to lunch on the last day,  two cohorts, Sue and Susan and I stopped by the photo booth!

My view of IQF is a little different than most attendees. I arrive on Sunday and Quilt Market is winding down, but still going on.

 Some booths are here for quilt market and quilt festival so they do not need to tear down and pack up until the following Sunday.

 Love the name of this booth.
I collect Pinocchio memorabilia, but this one didn't come home with me.
 Monday morning arrived early! I had to be ready to ...

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November 8, 2017
Jane Lury Collection- QuiltFest Exhibit from Humble Quilts

My favorite exhibit was the Jane Lury collection. (read the info at the end of this post) 
No words can describe- so enjoy!

So unusual to have a date- 1844!!! I love that tree? bush?  What a quirky quilt!

This one looks like a mosaic- not pretty, but so fascinating!

The fabric! the fringe! The hexies! Swoon!!

The book was published by Quiltmania- click HERE for more info.

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