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December 31, 2019
A quick look back before forward to 2020 from Nestlings By Robin

Hard to believe 20 years have 
passed since this crew was 
together for a new year, decade,
century, millennium!!
We were stationed in Puerto Rico
for 2000 and what a party!
January in Florida is prime
'drink and a nosh on the water' time:)
March was more hockey watching 
the Bolts kick some ass 
(before imploding later in the season). 
Wearing my new awesome fingerless 
gloves my mom made for me:)
I find them so comfortable for 
handwork too.
April brought a new adventure working
the Connecting Threads booth in Paducah
with this crazy ...

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December 15, 2019
Living History Series from Nestlings By Robin

Coming in 2020 (SO WEIRD to write that!) 
I will introduce my Living History Series 
of workshops for guilds to book in 2021.

How interested would you be in 
seeing and touching and learning
about a 100+ year old
quilt and then making a small updated
reproduction of that same quilt?

That is what we will be 
doing in each 3 hour class.
You aren't out a lot of time
or money and you get to 
be a part of our quilting ancestry!

If you are super excited about
this idea, keep an eye out
for Houston next year ...

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December 12, 2019
My Energy is back-FINALLY from Nestlings By Robin

During my November craziness, 
I came down with a cold. 
Then I got better....
Then it came back....
I don't think I have ever had 
a cold come back but in a bit
weaker strain.
Very Frustrating to say the least.

Yesterday I felt I turned a corner
just in time to finish one deadline.
Now to start on my submissions
for Houston Festival so I
can see this lovely city
again in the Fall.

Do you have a technique or class
you would like to take?
Are you interested in reproductions
of 1800s quilts?
Miniatures ...

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December 5, 2019
2019 Houston Festival Part 2 from Nestlings By Robin

I truly was honored to be a part of
 the 2019 Houston Festival Faculty!

 Here is my fancy badge and pin:)
 The next 3 pics are of the Sweetest Surprise!!  
There is a gift bag for faculty members where
Quilt industry sponsors 
donate small gifts ....WOW!!
Quilters Select for the Appli-web and thread, 
Fairfield for the batting sample, 
Steady Betty for a fun tool I have never tried, 
RNK for a great tote bag and scissors, 
IQF for the great bag and everything else you did for us, 
Mountain Mist for the baby wool press mat, 

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November 16, 2019
2019 Houston Festival, "Had Me A Blast" from Nestlings By Robin

Where to begin?? 
Here is the pack out for classes and other presentations.
Could be worse;)

 Quilt shown is 'Harvest Nights' available here:
Arriving in Houston and my first time going alone without my 
designer friend, SuznQuilts.
We have been going to Houston together for 10 years.
 Here is the wall of 2019 Houston Festival Faculty 
and I am blown away to be included
 amongst these amazingly talented women!
I am bottom row, 3rd from the right.
 There was a cool wall that had photos of 
classes that still had openings.   
Quilters are visual ...

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