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January 27, 2021
Mid Week Check In from Humble Quilts

How's everyone doing? Winter has come to Central Oregon! More snow and very cold temps are the name of the game right now. 

I picjked up this lovely lady in Ohio several years ago. 

I love everything about her! I had my friend, Kat, send it because there was no way I could check it or carry her on. She was worth it! 

I don't get to see my daughter often enough, especially with the covid bs. She is a hairdresser and is being responsible about exposure and she gets the same from her clients. We were able ...

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January 20, 2021
Wednesday Tidbits from Humble Quilts

For those of you who inquired about the quilt I am working on, here it is. 

If you do not have this book, Jan reprinted the pattern and it is available on her website HERE.

As I look forward to completing the applique on the final border I also start considering my backing. 

This is my preliminary sketch of my backing. I do plan on having this machine quilted so am adding 8" to both sides to accommodate.  As you can see this is inaccurate but gives me a visual of what I'll need to do.
This is a ...

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December 31, 2020
A Sampling of 2020 Adventures from Humble Quilts

Just a few highlights of my backpacking trips that kept me sane in 2020! 
Outdoors was a great place for me to reset and leave the cares of the world behind. 

 I'm looking forward to what 2021 has waiting for me!

Stay safe tonight and I'll catch up with ya next year!

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November 30, 2020
Multifarious Monday from Humble Quilts

I'm going to start this post with one more challenge quilt. 

Here is Sandra's description. (the bow tie top center was the block she got in Houston from me)

I just finished the top I designed after you let me choose an antique block when I was at the Houston quilt show with my mom last year. I just have to figure out the border now.

For the fabrics, I decided to go with the inspirations I got at the show. I picked up some wonderful vintage fabrics from a stall at the show, and I just loved ...

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November 23, 2020
Log Cabins from Humble Quilts

Here is the log cabin block for the Anniversary Quilt I'm working on. The borders are ready to applique! I pieced the strips on this one, then applied the fusible. 

One purchase I have NEVER regretted is the applique pressing sheet. Check it out HERE. (this is one of many sites with this product) 

This log cabin has 7 pieces. I can lay them all out on the pressing sheet, move them into the correct place, then press. The pieces all stick together, but once it cools I can lift it off the teflon sheet. Now I can place ...

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October 16, 2020
Poppy's Polka Dot from Humble Quilts


Gay at Sentimental Stitches is up to her usual antics!
A FREE BOM! Isn't this sampler quilt stunning?

Read about the history of this fabulous 1850-1860 quilt and get block 1 &2 HERE

Thank you Gay for your accuracy and generosity. 

My out and about this week.....

 We took my son out for his birthday and I said we must go see some fall color before dinner! 
We found it!

I had to go into Portland for business and spend a little time with my daughter and had to enjoy this different scenery on my over the mountain. 
Can ...

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October 2, 2020
Friendship Quilts & Labels from Humble Quilts

My dear friend Julie sent me this little quilt. I don't think she even had a reason! It is so precious. 
I really do feel blessed to have such a great group of online quilt friends! 
And I've even had the bonus to chat with her on the phone. She is as sweet as ever!!

Labels, labels, labels....
I attached the little label that was sent back with my International Quilt Fest quilts. And then I remembered I had an Oregon documentation quilt label that I had never sewn on! Only waited 10 years to do it!!  That ...

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September 23, 2020
Two color Quilts- The Sapphire Exhibit from Humble Quilts

I received my blue and white quilts back from Houston QuiltFest. I'm sharing them with you today! 

And if you prefer the link you can click HERE

Now a few photos from our week away. 
I'll let the photos speak for themselves. To get to the lake was a tough 9miles, but we stayed 4 nights and hiked around. It was nice not to pick up every night and move. 

Then we stayed 3 nights in a cute primitive cabin. 

When you see signs like this, you take is seriously and take precautions. When backpacking in bear country ...

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September 9, 2020
Buhl Bushong Update from Humble Quilts

I got some time this weekend to work on adding the borders to the Buhl Bushong quilt! Yay!!

It was so good to see it again.

Here they are attached before adding on the corners. 
Looks like I should have done a bit of editing, but my time is short this morning. 
Corner one. 

Corner two

Corner 3

Corner 4
I may add the year in applique as well. 

And when the corners are completely appliqued on I"ll get a better photo. It is fun to see it hanging on my banister. 

I was able to get away for ...

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August 26, 2020
What's a Humble Quilt from Humble Quilts

Good morning! Please check out my short video on What's a Humble Quilt?
I explain on the video why I'm opting to do this today. Thanks for any constructive input!!

I think it may be better to watch it directly on YouTube. 
click HERE for the link. 

Got out for a 4 day weekend!! Whoop! Whoop!  These overnighters will end soon because of weather. 
First up, Obsidian Trail. 
 Such a surreal place to hike. The Cascade range is a series of volcanoes which are so evident today. 
We had unexpected rain, but the morning brought this amazing view ...

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August 17, 2020
Hiking Connemara from From My Carolina Home

A short drive from our home is the 260+ acres of the Carl Sandburg estate called Connemara, in Flat Rock.  He purchased the home in 1945, and continued to write and publish here until his death in 1967, producing almost a third of his life’s work in that time.  His wife raised goats, and they still are raised on the property today.  After his death, his wife sold the property to the government to be turned into a national park.  She also donated all the furnishings and goats so the estate could continue as a historic working farm.  It ...

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August 12, 2020
Construction Zone! from Humble Quilts

Oh my goodness, what an ordeal it was for me to get these scrub hats completed!  I'll just leave it at that....
I got a bit more creative with the fabrics this time. 

They are going in the mail to Julie in TX today!
I just finished this book. It feels like it took me forever as some nights I could only read a few pages before dropping off to sleep.  I enjoyed it a lot and had no idea this went on during WW2. 

Elsa and I went for a beautiful hike on Saturday. 
Many of these areas ...

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August 7, 2020
» Humble Quilts

The next step to the Buhl Bushong is the borders I've been working on for several months. 

The first step will be to trim them near the line I made above the flowers. I'll be adding the borders to the center section I shared on Wednesday, then appliqueing the corner flowers on. 

I mentioned I was going to go huckleberry picking... I forgot how tedious it is!
It isn't like farm grown berries. I wore shorts and got totally scratched up too!

Yummy! It was totally worth it!

Of course while in the mountains I took a ...

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July 8, 2020
Buhl Bushong Continued plus Wildflower Wow! from Humble Quilts

I'm slowly making progress on assembling the center of the Buhl Bushong quilt. Get more info on it HERE. 

I knew this could pose a problem. I think I have a fix for this one. I'm not going to get crazy about all of them matching perfectly. It will quilt out, right?? LOLOL 

Since my son now lives closer to me we were able to get out on a mid week hike. We warmed up 2 miles down the wrong trail...heehee

  This is what we came to see! Hillsides of wildflowers!
From the National Forest website: Set ...

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June 29, 2020
Palmateer Point Revisited from Humble Quilts

In 2017 I had a little quiltalong and I called the quilt Palmateer Point, after an area my husband and I hiked.
You can find part 1 HERE.
Part 2 HERE
Part 3 HERE.
Part 4 and finale HERE

Linky party with lots of variations HERE.

I went backpacking this weekend and revisited Palmateer Point with my hiker friends.
 My view on the first night from my tent! Upper Twin lake

Palmateer Point with Mt Hood in the background. It was a perfect place to soak up some sun and eat lunch. 

 The second night camping was near this beautiful ...

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June 22, 2020
Buhl Bushong Update from Humble Quilts

As I mentioned in my Facebook group last week, I've been absent from my sewing room. 
The stress of life right now is brutal and I find my solice outdoors. BUT, I did enjoy a rare weekend home and I enjoyed some sewing. 

TA-DA! All my rainbow blocks are done!! Well, almost....

I had an incident trimming them up. Here was my fix. 

These little buds go in the corner of each block. I hope I can get them to line up when I sew them together. Someone did all 4 corners as one piece, which is a great ...

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June 17, 2020
Little Quilts and A Bear Story from Humble Quilts

I picked up this little quilt, made from a larger one. Originally I was to be doing a lecture on little quilts and wanted to use this, now I wonder if I'll be doing any this year. 
I would have been going to MO next week!! Makes me so sad!

 Closer view of these great prints!
 It has no batting.

Now to answer a few questions about hiking. 
Our tents are pretty close together- close enouh to where we can hear each other. We do not keep any food in or near our tents. We hang our food and ...

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June 7, 2020
Hiking at the Arboretum from From My Carolina Home

Early summer is a great time to go hiking.  The weather is not too hot yet, and the trails are full of flowers.  We like going to the NC Arboretum property, as it has a number of trails, and none are very strenuous.  Recently, the Arboretum opened up a few trails again after weeks of being mostly closed.  The number of people allowed inside is very limited, and there are only two parking areas open at trailheads.  This past week, the buildings were all closed, and they were working on resurfacing the main parking area.  We got there early one ...

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May 31, 2020
Getting Outside from Needle and Foot

Today Julia and I needed something different to do so we decided to do a few errands and then go for a short hike. We are fortunate to live in an area with tons of gorgeous walking trails. Julia chose Hirschman Trail for today’s walk.

We have walked here several times before. It is an easy walk and there are some really pretty sites to see.

The highlight of this trail is a beautiful pond. It comes up quickly but I look forward to seeing it each time – once on the way in and again on the way back ...

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May 12, 2020
Last Minute Colours: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Sunset colours at Clever Chameleon

As luck would have it…..

As I was trying to work out where I should draw colour inspiration for today’s post from, nature volunteered. This was tonight’s sunset, as seen from our back patio. The colours were brief, but some of the very best we’ve had since we moved here.

Arkaroola sunset May 2020

Good timing, Mother Nature. Just glorious, thank you!

Arkaroola sunset May 2020
Arkaroola sunset May 2020

Pinks, yellows and oranges and last minutes on the Lunarcy too

Progress continues on the Lunarcy quilt this week. I now have a Pig block to go with the Rat block from last week. I only finished the pig ...

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