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June 19, 2017
The American Flag Quilt... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Last night I got this awesome American Flag quilt loaded on the frame.  I got the quilting started but it was very hot up there so I stopped. 
 This belongs to a friend of mine.  It's not real big so it shouldn't take me just a few minutes to quilt it.  I'll finish it up this morning before it gets too hot up there and then I will remove it and do the binding today as well.
 I am quilting this with my Becker's Stars or Becker's Shooting Stars panto.  I don't exactly remember ...

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June 17, 2017
Trimming up... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Yesterday I trimmed up my SIL's hexie quilt so that I could start on the binding.  I really didn't have to trim that much off.  I was planning on doing a scalloped edge on it but the hexies just didn't fall right and it would not come out even.  So I will be doing a straight edge.
 Trimming the other side...
 This is how the edges turned out before binding.  This morning I will sew the binding strips together and get them sewn on and then do the handwork. 
 Another pic of this beautiful quilt that she ...

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June 14, 2017
This is going to be a busy day! from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Yesterday was a good productive day!  I got about half of this beautiful king size quilt top quilted!
 I am using a panto called, Mint Julep.  I love this panto and it is a big one...somewhere around 15" or so.  I don't remember exactly without looking at it. 
 I hope to get it finished today and off the frame.  I don't have to do the binding on this one.  I usually end up doing the binding on 90% of the quilts that I quilt and I do it by hand.  So that keeps me busy too.  I ...

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June 13, 2017
Finally!...this baby is off the frame! from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Finally!...this baby is off the frame! was on there way too long but all my fault.  This is the beautiful Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt made by my SIL, Kellie. 
 She worked on it on and off for about 2 years.
 I don't remember the exact size but it is a large Queen.  All fabrics in this quilt are from the Paisley Park collection and Warm & White batting.  This baby is heavy!
 A pic of the back.  I quilted it with the Lush Leaves panto.  Now to square the edges and get the binding on it ...

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June 12, 2017
Blocks and Jam from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 After a wonderful Church service yesterday I came home and worked on some blocks.  I ended up with 6 more blocks finished.  This makes 11 blocks and I need 25.  I'm loving these little blocks they go together so fast and easy.
 I was winding a bobbin and look what happened.  I've never had one to break before.  It was an old bobbin, original to the vintage machine so it was probably just worn out. 
 Then last night I settled in to work on more of my EPP.  I enjoy working on these. 
 Here is my stack that ...

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June 11, 2017
Quilting and Camping from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 My weekend pretty much consisted of this!  LOL!  I had to pick it out because I had a big pleat in the backing.  No clue how I did that.  I've been longarming for about 9 years and this is a first and I'm hoping my last.  LOL!  I'm a little past the halfway point on it now.
 A closeup...
 Richard was off this weekend so Friday night he and Hunter spent some much needed father/son time together.  They went camping!  I stayed home and picked out that quilt.  LOL! 
 They set up camp in the middle ...

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June 8, 2017
GRRR.... I'm so aggravated. from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 I can't begin to tell you how aggravated that I am right now!  I should have had this quilt finished days ago.  If you remember, I am on a tight schedule this month.  Look what I am doing now...picking it out!  Yep! 
 I've been a longarmer for 8 or 9 years now and never have I ever had a pleat on the back until now!  Wouldn't you know, it had to happen now.  I don't understand how on earth that I did that.  You can see it in the pic below, it's huge!  Yes ...

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June 6, 2017
Fancy Fox...Block 1 from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 So here is my first block of the Fancy Fox quilt.  Very fast and easy!  I am making this for a customer as she wants it for her grandson due in a few months.  I got it all cut out yesterday and did one block just to see how it was going to go.  Very easy block so it shouldn't take me long to piece the top.  I'll work on it a block or two at a time during the evenings.
 A little peak of my SIL, Kellie's quilt on the longarm.  I didn't get much ...

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June 5, 2017
Quilting Delay... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Oh what a day! plan was to get half of this hexie quilt quilted yesterday and that didn't happen.  I mentioned before that I am on a very tight schedule this month so I really didn't need this delay.  :(
 After getting it loaded on the longarm all I was getting was thread breaks.  I quilted a pass of about 18" and broke thread 8 times during that.  I was just sick!  Long story short, I am quilting it with Warm & White batting and I had the wrong side of the batting up!  Yep!  Picked it out ...

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June 4, 2017
Busy Day... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

I worked hard yesterday getting everything ready to load this beautiful quilt top on the longarm.  This is the beautiful hexie quilt made by my SIL, Kellie.  I didn't have it loaded on in this pic so I will post a full pic of it soon.  All fabrics in this quilt are from the Paisley Park line.
 I carefully cut, pinned and pieced the backing for it.  I'm always nervous that I will cut it wrong. 
 This is the yardage that she got for the backing.  It is from the same Paisley Park line and also used in ...

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May 29, 2017
Manchester Quilting Bee ~ quilt drive from Charm About You

In the amazing way that quilters respond when people need love and comfort, there is now a quilt drive Manchester Quilting Bee calling for hexagons to make into quilts for those affected by the recent attack in Manchester.

To see all the details please click here. My friend Michelle is collecting them and you can find the address to send them to on the post pinned at the top of the facebook page ❤ If you are in the US then you could contact @madebychrissied via instagram as she has offered to collect hexies.

You can download the hexie template here ...

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May 24, 2017
Hexies and Quilts from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Here is my current progress on my Kindred Hexies.  I have a bunch of them prepped and I am sewing some of them together.  Sorry the pic is dark but it was late when I took this pic. 
 I enjoy the handwork during the evenings. 
 I should make more progress tomorrow (Wednesday). Hunter and I will be babysitting my little 2yr old niece, Addison.  She is so sweet and not a problem at all to watch.  I love babysitting her.  This will only be for a few hours.  

Here are a couple of Antique customer quilts that I quilted a ...

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May 23, 2017
Kindred Hexies from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 I am really enjoying being back to blogging.  :) Thought I would show you my Kindred Hexies.  My SIL, Kellie and I are both making a quilt with this shape.  I have a bunch of them prepped and have some already sewn together but not shown in this pic. 
 These are about 4.5" long so when sewing you see a lot of progress with them.  I'm just using scraps on them.
 I have a bunch of them prepped and ready to sew.  This evening I did sew a few of them as I relaxed on the couch trying to ...

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May 4, 2017
a new treadle treasure from Making A Lather

After plant shopping, we did a drive by shop at Front Porch Primitives near Peru. They have some wonderful antiques. I completely missed a treadle sewing machine that was very unique. My husband caught it though. In my defense, it looked like some kind of man tool. and covered with other stuff.

It has a wheeler and wilson name on the metal table. I think it dates 1860s
But I really like the top that folds down over it, and the foot shaped pedals.

It doesn't work and we don't really know if it can be restored, but ...

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April 30, 2017
lots of goodness . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

Super busy week at work . . . my poor coworker thought she had an ear infection, but it turned out she had shingles in her ear canal. Ugh. Needless to say, she went home and stayed home. I was very glad when 5:00 p.m. on Thursday rolled around!  On Friday, Todd and I launched the boat and took our last 'date day' for a couple of weeks.  
I never, ever get tired of this view.  Gosh, what a beautiful day we had! Not quite as fishy as the last outing, but Todd did pretty good. I opted to pick up ...

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April 18, 2017
happy sighs . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

What a great weekend we enjoyed! On Friday, Todd and I were able to take the boat out. The weather was just absolutely perfect for it! We launched at Honeycomb, which is a state campground . . .
Which was full for Easter weekend!

After a bit of cruising around, we finally (aka, Todd finally) found a spot that was very fishy! To the point that I put down my handwork and picked up the fishing rod!
Yup ... that's *my* first catch (to keep) of the day! We ended up catching about 75.  WOW! Yes, a very productive day!
And the ride ...

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April 12, 2017
first border happy birds from Making A Lather

I was finally brave enough to try attaching a border to Happy Birds. I needed to cut it down 1/2 inch, but, because the hexagons are centered, I took 1/4 in off each side of the hexagons. I knew that could be "dangerous". I had never bothered with mitered corners either, so this was challenging. Deep breath...take it slow.. reread 100 times...etc. I didn't do too bad. The miters are right, but even after fiddling, the checks didn't line up as I had hoped. But the quilt is a little off already, we will ...

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March 31, 2017
handbags and gladrags ✂ appliqué projects ✂ from Charm About You

Late last year I designed and made some projects that I can finally share because they are in this month's Love Patchwork & Quilting: Issue 46!

I made four appliqué projects, all with cuteness and handbags in mind! I always like to have little pouches to keep the contents of my bag organised, and this one is perfect for lip glosses and balms (hence the longer and shorter pockets) or pens, washi and sticky notes. The heart kam snap on the lips is a kitschy touch that works either way. 

The cord keeper is great for stopping earphones, USB cords ...

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March 27, 2017
working weekend . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

I *did* get in some good stitching time over the weekend . . . yay!!  And I managed to play in a wide variety of mediums/techniques, too, so double points for me!

I started off the weekend by tackling the sixth block for my fairy frosted orphan project . . .
I think this block fits right in with the other five, don't you think?
Oh yeah -- can't even tell it's not an original!  LOL!  I didn't get the short block fixed.  Fiddle-dee-dee.  There's always next weekend, right? ;)

I also set my hand up for this little wool trick . . .
Hahaha ...

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March 20, 2017
The Splendid Sampler – complete! from Texas Quilting

img_20170318_230959_289.jpgKathy, thank you for being the “kick in the pants” to get me back on the blog again.  I did indeed finally finish The Splendid Sampler quilt and yes, that finger that was sewn through was a huge factor in why it’s taken me so long.  That hurt.  It still hurts.  Anything that involves using the tip of my finger (it was just about 1/4″ in from the tip where the needle hit) is still very sensitive.  But wait!  There’s more!

In 6 weeks time, my mom passed away.  My husband was involved in a major car ...

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