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January 13, 2021
DrEAMIs and To-Dos from Melva Loves Scraps

It has been weeks since I have spent any significant amount of time in my studio... not that I haven't been doing plenty with quilty projects.  The bulk of my time has been on the computer writing and researching for the last few stories for the Pieces From The Past Sew Along.

I had been stalled for three or four days and then last Tuesday the floodgates opened and my fingers flew over the keyboard.  The ideas flowed and I felt good about it... I hope that all of you will feel the same about what is to come ...

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November 1, 2020
Words of Life - Postcard Swap II from Melva Loves Scraps

 I recently spent an afternoon doing "playing" as I waited for the delivery of the flannel backing I had ordered for the latest commissioned t-shirt quilt.  

My friend, Mark Montano, had announced a second postcard swap since his first was a resounding success and there were many that had missed it and wanted a second chance.

I had a new idea for postcards... quilted, of course!  I wanted to create some in the likes of the hand-sewn hello card I made in the World full of hearts post in April.

I chose some "words of wisdom" fabric.  Now, I'm ...

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October 13, 2020
Check-in of Tuesday's Two from Melva Loves Scraps

 Has it really been only a week since I last posted???  It flew by!  Yet there was so much that went on...

My To-Do List consisted of...

❧ Piecing the top for the third memory quilt in a month. 

❧ Write the last Kansas City Star quilt block pattern.

Did I meet those two goals?  I can answer with a resounding "Yes!"

Though there were plenty of distractions along the way, I completed both tasks just yesterday... well, last night.  For me to continue working of "quilty" projects into the evening is unusual, but the daunting task of that last block pattern ...

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July 5, 2020
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness from Melva Loves Scraps

As we celebrate our Nation's  Independence Day  I am wondering about life, liberty and pursuit of happiness...

Life... the life of the current age is so very different from when I was a child.  An age when accepting, admitting your responsibility for choices made and dealing with the consequences that came with said choices.

Make good choices... get good, may even great, results.  Make poor choices, pay the price of the consequence.

In the pursuit of happiness I have recently made the decision to remove facebook from my tablet.  Too much time spent with the time suck and increased ...

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April 24, 2020
A World of Hearts from Melva Loves Scraps

Saturday was my birthday... a speed limit birthday.  I had honestly forgotten what day it was - I'm pretty sure everyone is in the same boat since the days of the last month+ have all become a big ol' blur.  I was reminded when I sat down and signed into facebook.  The birthday greetings were awesome!

As my mind was waking up at 5 a.m. I had a quilt idea in my head.  it would be a tiny quilt... I'm not sure what my obsession with tiny hand-sewn hello 5" x 7" quilts are lately, but it was ...

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