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February 7, 2019
Snow...2019 from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

We woke up to a world of white

here in Western Oregon

View out the living room window...

We will be heading out to do 

chores in the snow...

across the river are the calving barns.

The calves are due in 2 weeks.

In our yard...

Thread Shed and Hen House

We are now across the river,

heading over the hills to the cow barns

to feed the mama cows...

You can see our red barn across the river

@ our place...

These mama cows will be having

their babies very soon.

After all ...

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February 4, 2019
Hexagon Table Runner.... from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

It's time for a new...

Hexagons.....always a favorite to hand piece

This is what 170 hexagons looks like

This is how big they are...

A hexagon is measured by one of the sides...

1  1/2 inches along one of the 6 sides

I use a glue stick to baste the fabric to the 

paper hexagon

I am using 20+ fabrics...

some of them are my hand dyes

some of them are commercial batiks

they are all bright and cheerful...

which I need on these gray, rainy days of winter

here in Western Oregon

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January 17, 2019
Sarah’s Tumbling Block Quilt is an Example of Precise Hand Piecing from Quilted Joy

Tumbling blocks is a quilt pattern that many people are familiar with, even if they don’t immediately recognize the name. It is sometimes referred to as a rhombus cube. Sarah could have made this quilt with triangles, but that would have been too easy. There are no triangles, only rhombus parallelograms. This was pieced by hand with a lot of y seams.

Sarah's Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Tumbling Block Quilts have Y-Seams

Sarah's Tumbling Blocks Quilt

For those unfamiliar with the y seam, this means that she had to sew to a specific point and then turn to sew in a different direction. Typically, when a quilter pieces ...

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October 27, 2018
Lady Wigram from Wendy's Quilts and More

I'm thrilled to be able to show this quilt that I've been secretly stitching for the last six months.  I gifted it to my mother in law yesterday, so now I can share it with you all.

My mother in law has always admired everything I make, but she isn't a quilter herself.  When my mother and father in law decided to move into a retirement village, I thought it was time I made them a quilt for their new home.

This pattern is called Bella Ruby and it's designed by Emma Di Stefano who owns ...

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