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September 13, 2019
Cutting perfect circles with Olfa and TrueCut Circle Cutters from Quilt Social

I hope you’ve stuck with me all week for my look at the great variety of rotary cutters on the market. Yesterday, I showed the cutters which produce the very funfaux chenille technique by easily slashing through multiple layers of fabric.

Today I’ll show how to cut perfect circles with the Olfa Rotary Circle Cutter and the TrueCut 360° Circle Cutter.


The Olfa Rotary Circle Cutter makes perfect circles from 1½” to 8¾”.


Here we go ’round in circles

Remember the little metal compass we used to draw circles in school? We could set it to whatever ...

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September 12, 2019
2 specialized cutters to create beautiful chenille fabric from Quilt Social

Happy Thursday, everyone! Today is Day 4 of my spotlight on rotary cutters. Yesterday I shared some tips of using the smaller rotary cutters to quickly and easily cut garment patterns and I highlighted the Quick-Change system in many rotary cutters which makes replacing the blade super-easy.

Today I will share with you a super-easy and super-fun technique of making your own unique textured fabric to use for garments, tote bags, wall hangings, quilts, home dec, etc. The list is endless! Though it’s not particularly new, perhaps you’re new to the sewing/ quilting/ craft world, or perhaps, like ...

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September 11, 2019
There are more rotary cutter options than just the 45mm! from Quilt Social

Welcome back! Yesterday I looked at decorative rotary cutter blades and today continues my look at Rotary Cutters. Though they are quite commonplace now, with many brands from which to choose, Olfa pioneered the market 40 years when they introduced the bright yellow straight handle 45mm rotary cutter. It’s become the industry standard, though there are now many more sizes, types and colors of rotary cutters available.


The original Olfa 45mm straight handle rotary cutter


Rotary Cutters aren’t just for quilters!

Yesterday, I mentioned rotary cutters aren’t just for quilters anymore; there are many more applications to ...

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September 10, 2019
Decorative rotary cutter blades for fun, quick and easy edge finishes from Quilt Social

Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with me yesterday as I described the early days of what was innovative and revolutionary at the time – we’re talking 40 years ago when Olfa revealed the now ubiquitous rotary cutter.


Original Olfa 45mm straight handle rotary cutter


Not just for quilting anymore!

This time-saving tool first revolutionized the quilting industry, but now the garment and crafting industries, scrapbookers; anyone who wants quicker, easier cuts with more accurate results will often grab the rotary cutter before reaching for that trusty, sometimes rusty, old pair of scissors. A ...

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September 9, 2019
Celebrating 40 years – Olfa’s revolutionary time-saving rotary cutter from Quilt Social

This year marks the 40th anniversary of when Olfa took a slice through the sewing and quilting industry with the debut of it’s revolutionary, time-saving new product – the 45mm rotary cutter. Hard to believe it’s only been 40 years as it seems to be one of those items which has been around forever.


The original 45mm Olfa Rotary Cutter


I hope you’ll follow along with me this week as I delve into the now-ubiquitous rotary cutter; when to use it; new cutters you may not be familiar with; tips, techniques and products which make cutting easier and ...

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August 23, 2019
A perfect picnic quilt is made of a simple quilt design from Quilt Social

Here we are at our final day of 5 Days to a fabulous picnic set.

Our baskets are full to the brim with a beautiful reversible tablecloth, double-sided cloth napkins, reversible fabric bowl covers and even a bottle of wine in its own cozy.

A variety of products from UNIQUE, Heirloom, Fairfield, Gütermann, SULKY and SCHMETZ have helped us create our fabulous picnic set. Fabric from the April Showersfabric collection has given our projects such a fresh and cheerful appearance.

No picnic is complete without a soft and cozy blanket so today we’ll finish off by making a ...

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August 22, 2019
Keeping the wine cool at the picinic with UNIQUE quilting therm fleece from Quilt Social

Yesterday I had so much fun making a set of charming reversible fabric bowl covers to go with my new picnic set. Using UNIQUE and Heirloom notions, SCHMETZ needles and Gütermann thread sure makes sewing and quilting easy.

Today I’ll add another great item to the basket as I create a wine cozy to keep my beverage chilled. Once again I’ll be using fabric from the April Showers collection by Northcott.

Let’s get to it.


A wine cozy is today’s addition to the picnic set.




  • 1 fat quarter each of two different fabrics, April ...

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August 21, 2019
What it takes to make the best reversible fabric bowl covers from Quilt Social

It’s day three of five days to a fabulous picnic set. In yesterday’s post, I had a wonderful time making a set of double sided fabric napkins. Today I’ll be making reversible fabric bowl covers.

Many traditional picnic foods need to be served in a bowl. Potato salad, coleslaw, chips and dip are just a few of the foods that add to the pleasure of eating outdoors.

The challenge of serving a meal outdoors is how to protect the food from dust, leaves and flying things between servings. In the past, we would have covered the food ...

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August 20, 2019
Sewing double sided fabric napkins for a fabulous picnic set from Quilt Social

Welcome back to day two of 5 days to a fabulous picnic set.

In yesterday’s post, I had a wonderful time making a reversible weighted tablecloth. Today I’ll continue to fill my picnic basket with supplies as I make a set of double-sided fabric napkins using notions from Heirloom, SCHMETZ needles, Sulky threads, Gütermann threads and fabrics from the April showers collection by Northcott.

I’m excited so let’s get to work.


The picnic basket is starting to fill.


materials (set of four napkins)


  • 1¼ yds each of two different fabrics; April Showers  22595-61 and 22591-61 ...

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August 19, 2019
5 days to sewing and quilting a fabulous picnic set from Quilt Social

There’s nothing quite like a picnic to bring family and friends together. No matter the weather, food always seems to tastes better and the conversation is easy. With a basket full of supplies simply add your favorite foods and you’re ready to head out for a relaxing adventure.

My picnic basket was used for my wedding pictures (with champagne of course) and has taken my family to countless places over the years. I think it’s time to give it a fresh new look.

Over the next five days, I’ll show you how to use a variety ...

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July 12, 2019
Part 5 – Why Chaco Liner and UNIQUE Sewing Jumper are indispensable notions from Quilt Social

We did it! Thank you for sticking with me all week to read about my 10 favorite super-useful, time-saving products and notions to use when making bags.

In case you missed a day or two, or are just joining in the fun, here’s a quick review of the products and notions I’ve discussed so far.

Part 1: HeatnBond Quilter’s Edge iron-on fusible adhesive and Clover Wrap ‘n Fuse Piping

Part 2: HeatnBond Fusible Fleece, HeatnBond Light Weight Fusible Interfacing, HeatnBond Heavy Weight Fusible Interfacing and Fairfield 80/20 Batting

Part 3: Clover Wonder Clips (my all-time favorite ...

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July 11, 2019
Part 4 – Get a handle on sewing with Clover Create-a-Strap from Quilt Social

We’re getting close to the end of the list of 10 time-saving products and notions which will help make bag-making quicker and easier.

Yesterday, I highlighted how useful Clover Fork Pins are when pinning is necessary. I also shared how very useful the markers on the Clover Wonder Clips are SEW useful for a variety of reasons!

Today, Clover takes the spotlight yet again with another super-cool, super-useful, time-saving product – I’ll keep you in suspense just a moment longer, lol!

If you’ve been following along with me all week, you know that my favorite tote bag pattern ...

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July 10, 2019
Part 3 – In quilting notions, Clover is my lucky charm from Quilt Social

Wouldn’t our grandmothers be in awe of the amazing selection of notions we have available to us today which help make our sewing and quilting faster, easier, and more enjoyable?

Yesterday, in Part 2 of this week-long series, I discussed how using HeatnBond fusible fleece and fusible interfacing saved time when constructing tote bags. In part 3 of my spotlight on 10 products and notions which help make bag-making quicker and easier, I’ll talk about another of my all-time favorite time-saving notions – Clover Wonder Clips!


My all-time favorite notion – Clover Wonder Clips!


Since being introduced to them a ...

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July 9, 2019
Part 2 – 10 super-useful, time-saving notions for quick and easy bag-making from Quilt Social

Yesterday, in Part 1, I talked about using HeatnBond Quilter’s Edge iron-on adhesive to position pocket pieces, trims, handles, etc. and using the clever Clover Wrap ‘n Fuse Piping cording to make quick and easy piping in a flash!

Today, I’ll share some more fun, time-saving products and notions to help making your bag-making quicker and easier, with more professional results.

The tote bag pattern I use most frequently is The Everyday Tote by Elaine Theriault for Northcott; a FREE pattern from their website!


4 versions of The Everyday Tote bag pattern by Elaine Theriault for Northcott – a ...

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July 8, 2019
10 super-useful, time-saving notions for quick and easy bag-making from Quilt Social

Like many quilters, I got turned-on to making tote bags a while back and just can’t stop. These useful, environmentally friendly totes come in handy, especially since I always seem to acquire more goodies in my travels. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


4 versions of The Everyday Tote pattern by Elaine Theriault for Northcott


Join me over the next 5 days as I’ll share with you 10 super-useful, time-saving products and notions for quick and easy bag-making, plus a few little tips and tricks along the way.

There are many great patterns on the market, but my favorite ...

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June 28, 2019
Making an original textile piece using the magic of Sulky Ultra Solvy from Quilt Social

Yesterday I showed you how to work with Sulky Paper Solvy and how it really helps when doing English Paper piecing. Instead of removing the paper, the Paper Solvt melts in water, and disappears.

Today I’m sharing an exciting tutorial that allows you to make your own textile project using Sulky Ultra Solvy and fabrics from your stash.

Oooh, can you imagine? You already have a stash of fabric and just love every luscious piece of it. I’m sure you also have lots of fabric scraps. This is your opportunity to use the tiniest scraps to make even ...

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June 27, 2019
Making easy work of English Paper Piecing with Sulky Paper Solvy from Quilt Social

Yesterday, I discussed using Sulky Paper Solvy as an applique backing to assist in the turning process for circles and then simply dissolving this miracle paper away.

Normally, with English paper piecing (also known as EPP in the quilting world), fabric is sewn or basted to paper, ironed, connected with slip stitches to other shapes and then the arduous task of having to remove the papers. Today, I’ll show you an easier way. I wish I knew about Paper Solvy years ago as I toiled at a year-long EPP project and removed hundreds of papers!

Because Sulky Paper Solvy ...

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June 26, 2019
How to use Sulky Paper Solvy to make appliques from Quilt Social

The Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch used for the basket made in yesterday’s post, helped to keep it stable.

Today, I’m happy to discuss Paper Solvy by Sulky. It’s another product in the long line of Sulky products that’s so lovely to work with.

Paper Solvy is lovely to work with because it’s a water soluble stabilizer that you can use as a foundation or stabilizer and it dissolves quickly in water, making it so useful for applique because it disappears and leaves no bulk behind the fabric. Paper Solvy also comes in 8½” x 11 ...

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June 25, 2019
Finishing a craft basket with Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch for stability from Quilt Social

Happy Tuesday, yesterday I started to discuss Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch the fusible stabilizer with great stability used to make an amazing basket. This basket is very useful to organize sewing supplies, knitting supplies, craft supplies, magazines and so much more. We all need a place to store our never-ending supply of stuff and have something that fits our decor.

Please refer to yesterday’s post Quilting and crafting with sensational Sulky Stabilizers for Part 1 of how to make the basket pictured below. See how to make the base of the basket with macrame cord and prepare fabric strips ...

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June 24, 2019
Quilting and crafting with sensational Sulky Stabilizers from Quilt Social

This week, all 5 days I get the privilege of discussing the most amazing Sulky Stabilizers with so much exciting project potential.


You can sew, craft, quilt and embroider with these fantastic Sulky products.


Projects for this week are shown below, make a basket, make your own textiles, applique circles and English paper piece all with Sulky Stabilizers. Who knew you could do this with ease?


awesome Sulky Stabilizer projects to be discussed this week.


In the past, I have done my fair share of embroidery. I really got into a habit of thinking that stabilizers such ...

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