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December 6, 2018
Let's play catch up! from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Since I've not been able to blog the many goings-on in my life, I thought I'd just get it all in at one time. Or try to anyway.
Let's start with cute. Or ugly. Either way. A miniature horse newborn that looks like a donkey. Sweet little thing has no idea just how ugly she is. 

Momma and baby doing fine
within minutes of birth.
Two days later and she looks
even more like a donkey.

I've managed a little sewing.
A couple of burp cloths for baby Ryder due in January
And a couple of ...

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December 3, 2018
good fortune with a discovery from Making A Lather

I have noticed for some time, that especially pieces that are die cut, my fingers are not nimble enough anymore to slip them apart. I put on my thinking cap, and thought about money counters and how they wear little plastic finger tips to give them grip. I found these on amazon.

When I tried using them, I discovered they work - hooray. But, I also discovered their benefits in 2 other ways that I wasn't expecting. First, they make scootching the fabric together that last little bit of a thread, a piece of cake. I can line the matched ...

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December 2, 2018
stash report December 2, 2018 from Making A Lather

I really like this fabric I found thrifting, but I'm not sure how to use it.

stash report

Fabric Used this Week 0 yards
Fabric Used or gone from house year to Date: 778 1/4 yards  * 400 donated

Fabric Added this Week: 3 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 238 1/4 yards

Net Fabric for 2018: 540 yards used more than purchased. 

I didn't get anything done on this corner this week. I have been under the weather hmmmm why does that phrase, that I have used all my life, mean not well?  
I am feeling ...

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to sum it up . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

It was a very quilty week! On Sunday and Monday, I finished up the seven hexie flowers that needed whipping together . . .
All forty-five flowers (and parts thereof) were together, stacked and ready to "landscape" my garden!

Monday was a dual purpose day . . . a quilty friend of mine and I headed to visit 3 Hens and a Chick, a local quilt shop in nearby Athens. 
Sarah's one of my co-conspirators in the Quilting Intrigue Club at guild and we've been ironing out the details for our guild's mystery quilt, which we'll introduce (fabric requirements) at this month ...

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Scrappy Love & Social Outings With Guild Members from caledonia quilter

I love scrappy quilts.  Love, love, love.

Quilts that are visually busy just need a pantograph.  Something simple and blendy.

As you (should) know, I work at home.  Alone.  In my basement.  DH would dispute the "basement" part of that with a black/grey/white argument that "it's not a basement".  When we first moved to the country he corrected me for years when I said "our street".  According to him, it's not a street, it's a road.  Picky, picky, picky.
So ok,  I will clarify:  I work at home.  Alone.  In a room that is  below ...

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November 29, 2018
rug hooking from Making A Lather

The bottom right of my Cleveland rug is done and I am finishing up the little bits on the bottom left.

And this string frenzy book came from walmart to live at my house. I ordered it online when the first 500 sold out at Quiltville, and I knew I would not make any of the "announcements" in time.

Two weeks ago, I taught a feather tree class and we had a finish. It is so cute in person. I was so proud of her.

I am linking
needle and thread Thursdays
Oh Scrap

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November 26, 2018
webbing orca bay from Making A Lather

I have started the webbing for orca bay mystery quilt. I decided to web in quadrants, thinking it would be easier to handle. even though I had a mantra ( left, right, left right) on the cornerstones, I  know I will have to correct a few of them.

I was planning on using yardage for Good Fortune mystery quilt, but when I opened my strip bucket, I saw red and neutral.

A few miles later, I had pairs of strips

A little accu cutting and I had sets ready to sew

chains of red 4 patches

and the cutest little 4 ...

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November 25, 2018
stash report November 25, 2018 from Making A Lather

I have added another bag from the quilt guild garage sale. I like the puzzles as much as the actual fabric.

I don't think the fabric was part of the pattern. It isn't flannel, but the colors were scrumptious.

stash report

Fabric Used this Week 0 yards
Fabric Used or gone from house year to Date: 778 1/4 yards  * 400 donated

Fabric Added this Week: 4 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 235 1/4 yards

Net Fabric for 2018: 543 yards used more than purchased. 

I sewed at least 15 min every day this week -  orca ...

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November 19, 2018
seeing red from Making A Lather

I am feeling red today. It is cranberry season somewhere. I saw them on sale and decided to can some juice. I had never cooked cranberries before, and the instructions said to boil them until the skins burst. They actually burst with a pop that I could hear. too funny.

I made 6 quarts of juice. And thought I would try relish. I am not sure if I will like it cooked, but I make my relish by using a food processor. I use a bag of cranberries and a whole orange peel and all. I water bathed them and ...

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November 18, 2018
stash report November 18, 2018 from Making A Lather

I found this fun little project bag while thrifting this week. They are hand stitched and really interesting fabrics. Somebody spent a bit of time working on this. There is only one finished flower, but many hexagons cut. How dear of someone to share this. I just realized that I hadn't even measured the size. It is bigger than 1 inch but not 2 inches.

stash report

Fabric Used this Week 0 yards
Fabric Used or gone from house year to Date: 778 1/4 yards  * 400 donated

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date ...

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November 15, 2018
rug hooking from Making A Lather

Next up on my Cleveland rug is the Westside market near downtown and in a great building. I am often fascinated by old buildings, and I worry that we aren't keeping them by tearing them down and building something new. They are part of our history, so I am thrilled they renewed this one for another purpose.

I taught a workshop for my rug hooking guild this week. We were making feather trees from wool strips.

I really like these women. They are creative and strong. I have learned so much from them over the years. My husband helped ...

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November 12, 2018
orca from Making A Lather

Last week, Bonnie Hunter was in Indianapolis and my friends and I attended her lecture. It was great to see her lovely quilts in person and living color. There were a billion show and tell On ringo lake quilts ( last year's mytery).
I took pictures of her quilts and didn't get any other picture of Bonnie herself. sigh....
I don't know how many quilts she showed, but as we looked at them after the program, I realized I had every one of them at least started. Oh my goodness, no wonder I have so many ufos.

And ...

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November 11, 2018
Stash report November 11, 2018 from Making A Lather

Lest we forget.

I picked up several scrap bags during quilt show season. This is one that I enjoyed because of the vintage pieces.

I think it would be great if calicoes came back into fashion. They are just a bundle of color and small enough to not be too busy like larger florals.

I really like neutral fabrics and I'm always excited to add more variety to my scraps.

Shirt plaids that I don't have to cut a shirt to get.

stash report

Fabric Used this Week 5 yards -mrs holder hexagon
Fabric Used or gone from ...

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November 10, 2018
QGI Fall Quilt Retreat 2018 from The Inquiring Quilter

The beautiful fall leaves I’m seeing around here have reminded me that I’m late in writing this one up. I went on a quilt retreat with my guild in September, and like all retreats, it was fun, fun!

2018 QGI Quilt Retreat 5.jpg

The retreat is held Frdiay to Saturday in the inn of a state park located in the southern part of Indiana. My friend Susie and I go down on Thursday, making a day of it and stopping at quilt shops along the way.

2018 QGI Quilt Retreat 17.jpg 2018 QGI Quilt Retreat 18.jpg

It’s so lovely there, with hills and lots of trees and of course the Ohio river ...

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November 8, 2018
More rug hooking water from Making A Lather

I had success at finishing the water and lower right side of my Cleveland rug. I have just a few attractions to do in the upper part and I can start on the night sky. I  hooked more water here and I hooked more water here. This is a big rug....

My friend Jan has finished her reindeer rug - so cute - great knobby knees haha.

And a quilting friend Sue has finished a turkey table runner          -gobble gobble.

I am linking
needle and thread Thursdays
Oh Scrap

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November 5, 2018
a whale of a mystery quilt from Making A Lather

I am still making the black and white HSTs for orca bay mystery. What makes this quilt interesting is the sashing that is string pieced and placed around the ohio star blocks. I tried one to see how it all works. It seems this is the quilt that will never end.
I started it as part of my mystery challenge in August 2018 here  and  ( here are other images
String piecing and the start of the blocks one month later here and the end of October here
The new mystery quilt and colors have been announced. I have only one ...

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November 4, 2018
stash report November 4, 2018 from Making A Lather

My favorite part of our guild quilt show ( besides the great quilts) was the garage sale hosted by the guild members.
I found this assortment of  Moda fabrics that I really liked.
There were 52 pinwheel blocks, 2 1/2 inch strips, and 10 yards of the light fabric, that I am guessing was the backing for whatever quilt these pieces were meant to be.

 I found these matching pieces in another bag

And these parts in other bags.

stash report

Fabric Used this Week 0 yards
Fabric Used or gone from house year to Date: 773 1/4 yards ...

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early darkness . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

Daylight savings time ends tonight!  To that end, this cartoon made me laugh, laugh, laugh!
It's funny ... but it's also very true, no?  Be sure you turn your clocks back ... and enjoy that extra hour of sleep in the morning! It's a little ironic to me that we get that extra hour of sleep on the morning that sun rises an hour earlier.  Why can't we get it right?!  LOL!

The girls were SO cute as the fairies from Sleeping Beauty!  
Aren't they just precious?! Of course, they were the tip of the iceberg . . .
Jason ...

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October 29, 2018
orca bay mystery challenge from Making A Lather

All the ohio star blocks are finished. All the main part of the quilt is finished for Orca Bay mystery quilt. I am working on the pieced border which requires a gazillion hsts. I am cutting out the pieces a bunch at a time. And, then, the fun part starts.

Jo of Jo's country junction is trying to finish all the quilts in quiltville's string fling book before the new book is published. I am trying to finish all the mystery quilts as part of that challenge before the new mystery in November. My challenge finishes are ...

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October 28, 2018
busyness et al. . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

It has been a busy month, which makes me feel a little justified in the huge gap between my last post and this one.  Of course, this is the (so called) blogger who skipped out on blogging from December  2017 through May 2018.  What's 26 days?!?  LOL!

But I realized I need to get on in here and plug the upcoming blog hop I'm participating in!  I'm so excited . . . and if you know me at all, when you see what it is, you'll know why!
It's the Pick a Pumpkin Blog Hop!  It kicks off ...

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