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October 7, 2022
Bright green wings from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone, and happy Saturday! Have your leaves started to turn yet? Though we have a lot of leaves on the ground, there has not yet been a lot of color. I attribute that to all the rain we've had. It rained here for five days straight and the ground is still pretty soggy. The creek behind us and on the property beside us has been quite full, too.

Today I have the last of the birds for this year's RSC quilt to show. I gave them bright green wings and some colorful feathers:

It appears the green ...

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July 29, 2022
Little finishes from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone! Has it been a good week for you? It has been okay here. I had a "playdate" of sorts with a quilty friend where we both rented longarm time at the same time and quilted away. It was fun-- and air conditioned, which we all know is vitally important right now. As I say every year, God bless Willis Carrier, and all his fellow engineers. Where would we be without him?

So, how many of you have small pieced bits of things kicking around the sewing room, just waiting to be quilted, but they never get there because ...

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July 1, 2022
Hiding in the scrap bin from The Academic Quilter

Hi everyone! I don't know about where you are, but we are back to hot and sticky, with thunderstorms every couple of days. It is summer, after all! And hot sticky weather is great for tomatoes and other good things that grow in the garden, so I am looking forward to a good harvest before too long.

Today's theme is: green! If you recall, I cleaned out the green scrap bin and started making a quilt top to use up every bit of the dark greens. Those things have been hanging around for far too long! But not ...

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June 22, 2022
Projects in progress from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone! How's it going? I'm having the strangest sensation lately. I think it might be something called "relaxation." Not sure, though, because it happens so very rarely.

I'm getting back to the sewing room and making some progress on various projects. First, though, there is this little quilty piece that I made up from the leftover green blocks from the RSC medallion:

Gosh, I think this is adorable, plus it uses up those extra blocks and keeps them out of the orphanage. I'm going to have to make more things with this block, too, because ...

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June 17, 2022
Blue and green all around from The Academic Quilter

 Hi all! Long time no see! I've been away for a conference in Atlanta, which was hot, sticky, and expensive, but so great to see people in person again. Everyone was so excited that it almost overwhelmed the presentations. Also, true fact: we shared the hotel with a comics convention, so there were people dressed up as various characters, including a full set of Power Rangers, interspersed with our very serious group. It was interesting! After the conference, the hubster and I may have made a couple of detours on the way home. It was fun!

Obviously, I did ...

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June 3, 2022
Cheerful checkerboard from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone, and a happy Friday to you. It is currently raining here, but that's a good thing, because it's bringing in cooler temperatures. Plus it's good for all the flowers I planted this week, so. . .hurray for the rain? After all the wet we've had so far this year, it feels weird to say that!
I'm finishing up a paper and getting ready for a conference, plus my niece is coming to visit this weekend, so I haven't done a lot of sewing. A little bit of this, a little bit of that ...

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May 31, 2022
May RSC Green Goals Met! from Sew........This Is My Blog

This has been an interesting month.  Partly because I finally overcame all the obstacles and finished Natalie's quilt (Hooray!), but mostly because I couldn't keep track of what day it was, and the month was almost over before I got around to making my green Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks.  Green, any shade, is my favorite color.  (I'm especially partial to chartreuse!).  So I had lots of greens in my stash to work with and got all my windmills, stars .....

..... and bricks made in one afternoon.  Whew!

I don't want you to think I was busy doing ...

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May 22, 2022
Pink and green lace from The Academic Quilter

Hi everyone, and welcome to summer. It may not officially be summer, but it's supposed to be 97* today, so I think that counts. I seriously hope no one gets too hot and passes out at baccalaureate tonight. I doubt that the AC in the chapel will keep up. Do you think that I can smuggle in some ice packs under my robe?

Well, thank goodness the sewing room is cooler, and I got to stitch a few things up this week. I'm catching up on the RSC projects, and I made the pink and green stars this ...

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May 18, 2022
Penguin's quilt from The Academic Quilter

 Hello everyone! How is your week going? I have turned in the last of my grades and graduation is Sunday, so you could say that my week is going well. I was actually working in my sewing room a bit earlier, so it is going really well. 

Today I have a very small finish and a very small start. First up, the finish:

It's adorable, is it not? This little tiny quilt is about 8-1/2 by 10-1/2 and is for a very special stuffed animal. About 10 days ago our granddaughter was over at our house, and ...

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February 28, 2022
Hexie Halves at QuiltCon from Goer

Back in October, with just a week left to the submission deadline, I finally dove in on my idea for the American Patchwork & Quilting Hexagon Quilting Challenge for QuiltCon. The moment I saw the challenge theme I'd had the idea of these "half and half" mismatch hexagons (which my daughter points out don't really count since they are actually octagons </p>
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February 16, 2022
SPRING GARDENS from Nestlings By Robin


AQ magazine with Spring Garden quilt by Robin Koehler
Inside you will find my fun and easy
strip quilt, "Spring Garden".

pepper cory shot cottons
Where do we always start,
the fabrics, of course! 

For this design I used 
shot cottons. 
Thank you, Judy Gauthier, of 
for getting these to me!

This quilt is SO EASY and 
these fabrics make it 
so soft and snuggable.
Piece your blocks...

Cut out your applique'.....

Make some vines.....

one applique butterfly
Use teflon pressing sheet
OR parchment paper to 
make completed butterflies.....

Applique butterflies all laid out
I absolutely love seeing 
these all together!

Model quilted with floral and swirl designs.


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January 4, 2022
Fresh new year, fresh new quilt from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone, and welcome to 2022! How is the new year treating you so far? I had a lovely break and the week between Christmas and New Year's-- hereafter known as National Slacking-off Week-- was a nice respite from all the usual stuff. I read some books, visited my parents, and I may have even cooked a thing or two. I think that feeling I had was called "relaxing," but I'm not very familiar with that term anymore. And hey-- I sewed, too!

Which brings us to today's finish, which is not really the first quilt of ...

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October 22, 2021
Quilted violets from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone! Has fall come to your house yet? Astoundingly, most of our trees are still green, though there do seem to be a lot of leaves on the ground. No really pretty colors, though. We're having some landscaping done, and the landscaper tells me there is still time this year to grow new grass. I'm quite skeptical, because it's almost November, for heaven's sake. How can it still be 80 degrees?

Ah, well. I suppose it will get here when it gets here, right? Kind of like quilts-- sometimes they have to age just right ...

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August 31, 2021
Grow'n Up from Sew Sunshine

Another UFO off the stack!
This is "Grow'n Up"
81"x 81" approx
made of a collection of green scraps and fabrics with a pop of fuchsia pink which I love, QCR pattern by SewKindofWonderful called Green Smoothie found in the One Wonderful Curve book
quilted by Sonya Nelsen @GraceElizabeth's 

I searched for a corn background that I could take some photos. I found corn and non-blooming sunflowers at this location but also a early morning Utility worker doing his paperwork on the side of the road. I didn't really want to shoot with him watching so ...

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May 1, 2021
Color chains from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone! The wind is about to blow me off my chair today. How about you? Holy cow, the wind is really strong out there. On the upside, the temperature got over 80 degrees one day this week, but then it fell back to a more normal temperature. I can feel the summer coming on already, can't you?

Today I am showing off my new RSC project. I know what you're thinking-- do you really *need* a new project, Mari? Well, yes, yes I do! I have sooo many scraps. Sometimes they make me tense because they seem ...

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March 19, 2021
Inspired by the color green from The Crafty Quilter

One of my favorite colors is green. I love its versatility and how beautifully it shows up in nature. It also shows up in my fabric stash – alot! And here we are in March where green is everywhere (thank you St. Paddy) and Spring is just around the corner. It’s so easy to be inspired by the color green!

I am inspired by the color green right now!  I have lots of images and projects to share that will inspire you too!

Over the years, I have posted many projects using the color green. Usually there are other colors included – they all play so well together! And there’s always something in nature (and my backyard) that inspires the combination. Tip: If ...

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March 17, 2021
Having Some Fun With Green from From My Carolina Home

Beyond the food, I’m not one that does a lot specifically for St Patrick’s Day. But I do have a couple of fun things I’ve done over the years, and thought you’d like to revisit some and see what is going on this year. It is the one day I bring out my Irish Coffee glass mugs. They aren’t big, about 6 ounces, but so festive and a fun excuse to add a bit of libation to an after dinner coffee.

To see this whole table, visit my post from 2015 on a beautiful, all ...

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March 3, 2021
Green Scraps from Samelia's Mum

After spending time organising my scrap tub last month, I was quite excited to start working with my green scraps as I knew they were all there in one place and easy to access.

CONTINUED (Keep Reading) ยป

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November 21, 2020
Crochet Giant Granny Square Throw Progress from Quilting Stories

Crochet Giant Granny Square

Crochet Giant Granny Square

Crochet Giant Granny Square

Crochet Giant Granny Square

Crochet Giant Granny Square

Crochet Giant Granny Square

At the begining of this new lockdown I started searching my stash of yarns with the aim of creating a new multicolor giant granny square blanket.

I picked up all the colored yarns I found for needles or crochet number 4, keeping the brown, grey and beige for another project. 

Here I used the brand Fonty quality Ambiance 100 % superwash Woll superfine SW.

This is a very simple and pleasant project. It is never boring as you change colors. I love playing with varigated colors when I work on a project, that is quilting or knitting. 

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October 7, 2020
Color challenged from The Academic Quilter

 Hello everyone! We are having some beautiful fall days right now, interrupted by furious bouts of banging and hammering. I'm happy for both! I have been outside every day, and it's been quite chilly when I go out walking in the morning. Why does 55 degrees feel so great in April and so bad in October? 

Today I have the September and October blocks that I've been doing for the Color Challenge at Patterns by Jen. This has been a fun project for me during this crazy stressful year. I don't usually go for blocks with ...

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