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October 20, 2020
Fantastic Fall Festival Kick Off! from The Free Motion Quilting Project

It’s finally time to kick off Grace Company’s Fantastic Fall Festival! Click Here to check out the events scheduled and watch the live kick off at 11 am Mountain Time!

Fantastic Fall Festival Quilt Show

What is the Fantastic Fall Festival?

This is an online quilt show hosted by Grace Company. Just like an in-person quilt show, there are beautiful quilts, prizes, and giveaways. Even better, there are also online classes, live product demos, and a mini quilt along too!

I’ve created several quilting videos for this Fantastic Fall Festival. This has been my main focus for the last two months and ...

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January 3, 2020
How to Attach an Idler Rail to Your Continuum Frame from The Free Motion Quilting Project

Yep, I’m modifying my Continuum Frame once again, this time by adding an Idler Rail to the back! Learn what this rail does and how to install it in this video:

Click Here to find an Idler Rail for your Continuum Frame! – It’s never too late to add extra rails and make quilting easier and faster. The Idler Rail is a very easy upgrade and will speed up the process of advancing your quilts.

Click Here to learn more about the Continuum Quilting Frame – This is my favorite frame because it will continually grow with you (hence the ...

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November 8, 2019
Zippling and Simple Ruler Quilting on a Longarm from The Free Motion Quilting Project

We’re quilting our last Patchwork Daisy today for the Friendship Quilt Along! I’m quilting on the Grace Qnique 21 to quilt zigzag Zippling and simple ruler quilting designs. Learn how to flow around your block to minimize your thread breaks in this quilting tutorial:

Click here to find our last Friendship Sampler Quilt PatternThis pattern includes both the Patchwork Daisy block and the Hidden Hearts block patterns so you can finish your queen or king sized Friendship Quilts!

Click Here to learn more about the Grace 21. This is the longarm I’m using in this tutorial ...

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October 25, 2019
How to Quilt Blocks with Quilters Creative Touch 5 from The Free Motion Quilting Project

We’ve just recently upgraded to Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 and today we’re placing and quilting blocks! By the way, have you been looking for written instructions on Quilters Creative Touch 5? I have great news! Janet George has been hard at work creating PDF guides to help you!

Click Here to find all Janet’s QCT5 Help Files in one place! I struggle to learn something new unless I can read it and see it, so I hope this combination of video and written instructions will help you. You can find instructions for quilting blocks with Quilter ...

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October 19, 2019
Quilting with Rulers on a Longarm on the Scrappy Tracks Block from The Free Motion Quilting Project

Today we’re jumping on the Grace Qnique 21 longarm and Continuum frame to quilt out our eleventh block, the Scrappy Tracks Block! We’re almost done with our Friendship Quilt Along with this scrappy longarm block–just one more to go!

Click Here to check out the Super Slide Ruler I used to create the deep curving lines. I love using this ruler to quilt borders and curving lines in sashing too. It’s a terrific ruler because you have the same curve on both sides which makes it very easy to quilt long lines continuously over your quilt ...

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October 4, 2019
First Stitches with Quilter’s Creative Touch 4 (QCT4) from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I’ve been hibernating for the last few days as I take my first stitches with Quilter’s Creative Touch 4. QCT is software that runs a new motor under my longarm so the machine moves automatically to stitch designs. Watch how it works in this video on stitching a block on my quilt:

Click Here to check out Quilter’s Creative Touch (QCT). This package includes the motor, drive belts, and software which includes all the designs I showed in this video. It does not include the tablet to run the software.

Click Here to find the tablet I ...

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