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September 12, 2021
It’s a BIG Fish! from Heart Desire Creations

Fifty Five inches long, thirty six inches wide! How fun this was! Hubby was responsible for the fabrics I chose. He suggested I use some of the home dec fabrics in my stash. They are all bright. colorful and a nice heavy weight, and a no brainer as I have a ridiculous amount!

It was a bit odd to be cutting such large pieces and even odder to be sewing 5/8″ seams. My quilter’s brain had to really work on placing the fabrics at the right place under the needle!

The sewing was easy, but the stuffing – oh ...

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September 10, 2021
Low Hanging Fruit from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 In my efforts to pare down my project list, I decided to see what items I could complete quickly.  Early this year I cut up a bunch of fabric to make some little gifts.  

This was definitely some low hanging fruit and is now crossed off the list!

I finished up these eight little tissue holders.

I use the free pattern over at Two Brown Birds.  They really take no time at all to make and they are nice to have around for gifts.

I think I will probably make a few more once the holidays get closer.  
They can ...

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September 5, 2021
Gifting a Quilt & Gifting a Fish (?) from Heart Desire Creations

Lots and lots of quilts reside in my home. They’re on quilt racks, beds, sofas, a cupboard and a few walls. It’s not wall to wall quilts, but it does seem wasteful to me that they are not giving warmth somewhere. I have gifted many, many quilts and now it’s time to gift more!

A long time neighbor of 30 years is moving to a town north of here. We’re very happy for this new chapter in her life, but she has been an excellent neighbor and friend and will miss her. Yes, I’m going ...

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June 20, 2021
“Snuggle” from Heart Desire Creations

Finished the baby rag quilt I started here. It was a quick sew, but the clipping took a while. I’d clip, rest, clip some more, do something else, then clip, clip, clip! The quilt has been washed and dried twice to get it fluffed up. Each washing & dry will make it more snuggly.

I secured the outside of the quilt with an extra strip doubled over instead of binding. It too is clipped. The stripe brightens the quilt and pulls it all together.

For the backing I used a bright directional print, but altered direction of the design. SNUGGLE ...

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June 4, 2021
Visitors and the Changi Quilt from Romany Quilting

Three friends came to visit the other day for afternoon tea, which gave me the chance to wear my recently completed blue jumper.  I was really spoilt as they had brought along a pretty pot plant and some home baking too.


There was a pretty little card with the pot plant.  “We chose that one because we know you like blue”, I was informed, “and it’s about quilting too”.  And so it was, it showed one of the hand embroidered blocks from the famous Changi quilts.  I’ve seen this quilt in London, I told them.  The Changi quilts ...

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May 13, 2021
fun days . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

Not a lot going on in the Nook these past two weeks.  We've got Campers on Mission in the camp for their annual work.  This year they've been working on a new bathhouse for the camp.  It's so exciting watching it come together . . . 
Isn't that great?!  They've worked so hard for these last two weeks.  I am so excited for the benefit this adds to the camp! ♥  Speaking of the camp, one of the COM wives knew I sewed/quilted, and look what she made me:
Awesome, right?  That was so kind of her to ...

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March 4, 2021
Happy Mail from Romany Quilting

The postman delivered me some happy mail today, so much nicer than advertising brochures and bills.  Mary from Mariposa, California, had contacted me recently (through the blog) with a request.  No problem, I was happy that I could help.  A “thank you” note from Mary arrived today, and enclosed were two small hand made gifts – a bookmark and a small scissor pouch. 


Book mark and scissor pouch


And here they are in use, thanks so much, Mary

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February 28, 2021
Officially An Old Broad! from caledonia quilter

 First, here is the little Superbowl Sunday quilt, completely finished.

It's so pretty, thanks to the Moda Charm Square pack.  
I did learn a valuable lesson, though.  Don't write out a quilt label while you are messaging with the Beach Girls about March appointments for haircuts.  You WILL put the wrong date on the label.

I figured it was close enough that I was not writing out another one.


In the middle of a pandemic, I managed to have my 65th birthday yesterday.  Yay me!!

As I have been saying for months, YES, I had Bailey's ...

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February 7, 2021
Ultimate Gift list from Factotum of Arts

For Christmas, I wrote out an ultimate gift list of items, I thought I would enjoy. There is a mix of bought gifts and hand made options in the list. I tried to buy local or small shop owners or directly from the artist. I actually used this in a 12 Days of Christmas activity. I think any one of these gifts would be a great gift for someone that has interest in quilting or arts and crafts.

Printed Material/ Reference

Quilting with Liberty (Book)
Essex Fabric Color Card (Reference guide)
Half Baked Harvest Cookbook (my favorite cookbook at the ...

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January 23, 2021
Light Options from Quilt Paint Create

For reasons too boring to detail, I needed some new lighting options. My first choice was this light, which my son bought me for Christmas.

There are several variations of these on the market. You wear it around your neck pointing down at your work. You can also shape the black part into a base to make it stand. Each side lights separately and has three different settings. It charges via USB.

A few days after that we saw this light on the clearance rack at Kroger.

It runs on batteries and has two settings. You can either clip it ...

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January 1, 2021
It's 2021! Some Year-end Gifts from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 Happy 2021!  Hopefully we all see nothing but improvements this year.

(I stayed up past midnight just to be sure 2020 left!)

Most of my items have been gifted so I can share some of the things I made.  I found a really easy travel Kleenex cover tutorial over at two brown birds.  I have been wanting to make some of these for quite some time.  They are super easy!

I made quite a few more but I always forget to take photos until I have things already wrapped up and in their shipping packages.  Every. Darn. Time.

I also ...

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December 13, 2020
bits and pieces . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

Right off the bat, let me put your minds to rest . . . 
This got finished, so this could happen . . .
Whew!  All is right with the (her) world again!

It's been a busy week, at work and home.  For the last eight years, we've gone to see The Nutcracker ballet every Christmas season.  This year they didn't do the ballet (go figure).  So instead, I've been putting together something fun to take its place . . .
We'll have a full-blown tea party with all the trimmings, and then watch the ballet on DVD!!  (I've got several versions, of ...

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December 11, 2020
Scrappy Slab Rainbow Fabric Book from Goer

Two years ago, my son I started making these 8 1/2" monochromatic blocks from my scraps. As with many of my projects, these were set aside in favor of other projects... to be worked on from time to time over the last couple years. I finished it up in October just in time to send to my niece for her 2nd birthday. (I also finished her "baby" quilt.)

The project consists of twelve 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" scrappy slab blocks in monochromatic primary and secondary colors. I prioritized fabrics that had animals and other items, fussy ...

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November 27, 2020
Sewing Gifts for Christmas from From My Carolina Home

Are you stuffed full of turkey from yesterday? Now it is time to get really serious if you plan to do some handmade gifts this year. I have a lot of quick to sew/craft/make gift ideas on the blog, and I thought it would be a good time to remind you that these are here and the patterns are still free.

Do you have a quilter on your gift list?  This Sewing Kit is easy to make, has no hand sewing, and can be used for jewelry too!  The link has a full tutorial.

Sew a quick, four ...

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November 20, 2020
Quilter's Christmas Gifts on Off the Wall Friday from Creations - Quilts, Art, Whatever by Nina-Marie Sayre

 As the years go by this post gets harder and harder  to write.  Now don't get me wrong.  It's not because there is any shortage of gadgets and fabric for a quilter to acquire.  It's more about coming up with a list of things that a "real" quilter would want and use.  After a quick investigation of the
web, it seems like the same things kinda popped up on all the lists.  Sighhhhh....I hate blog posts that aren't original or filled with fluff. (BTW, One great post I found which was definitely worth the read ...

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November 5, 2020
They're MAGIC! from From the Strawberry Patch...

I received a box of new patchwork (new  to me) pins in a gift box from a friend a few weeks back. They're called "Magic Pins". I'm very particular about my pins (read: obsessed), each pin has a purpose and each type is assigned its own, designated, pin cushion-- they're NEVER to be intermingled (ask my grandchildren!

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They're MAGIC! from From the Strawberry Patch...

I received a box of new patchwork (new  to me) pins in a gift box from a friend a few weeks back. They're called "Magic Pins". I'm very particular about my pins (read: obsessed), each pin has a purpose and each type is assigned its own, designated, pin cushion-- they're NEVER to be intermingled (ask my grandchildren!

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October 28, 2020
Sew Wot Tuesday from Romany Quilting

Heather was the hostess at our latest  Sew Wot Tuesday on a miserable and wet morning.   Our Spring weather here can be very changeable, hopefully it will settle down soon with nice sunny weather.  Heather showed us the donation gifts she had made for children, two placemats and some lovely bright pillowcases.


Heather’s pillowcases and place mats


I had taken my recently completed Rugby quilt to show everyone.

We all know that Carol enjoys creating cute little knitted dolls, and she had a new one to show us.  This one is Daphne Dabble the Painter, complete with her painters ...

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September 14, 2020
I Couldn't Wait For Christmas So Here's the Series I Finished from Quilts + Color

About 20 years ago I started a set of luggage for my daughter in law Julie. I finished one piece and gave it to her.
The remaining 5 pieces were not finished until this past week. I had intended to save them for her for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Yes, this is the series of 5 pieces I mentioned several times on Facebook.

I was too excited about them and gave them to her yesterday. She loved them.

This is the piece I gave her 20 years ago and she uses it all the time.

I'm so happy ...

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July 16, 2020
It’s not always easy being blue from Romany Quilting

Sometimes things just don't work out nicely, do they?  Although I’ve been sewing for ages, I’m not really an expert, by any means. This week I’ve been working on a “secret” gift project and have had a few hiccups  along the way.  This gift involves a little stitchery, some applique, and piecing.  I was asked to make the gift in blue, not a problem, as I have plenty of blue fabrics, some smaller than others, and I was looking for a half yard cut, or something similar.

Ready to start the secret gift

Over the last ...

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