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April 3, 2020
Fancier Face Mask, More Work, Maybe Better, from Your Stash from Gefilte Quilt

This tutorial is for a lined mask that I find roomier, more comfortable and less claustrophobic than the simpler masks I've made. Here's one in a quilting fabric:  

...and another in an African print, with fusible interfacing between the inner and outer layer, and tee shirt cord substituting nicely for elastic...

And third, a mask I made from two cut-up polypropylene tote bags, which, according to a group of scientists and engineers working on the DIY mask issue, combines breathability with better filtration and water resistance than cotton. (Evidence HERE. Their website is 
Whatever material you ...

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March 29, 2020
Stars for Baby from Heart Desire Creations


When at my fall retreat in November, a lovely young woman who worked at the Inn shared that she was expecting her first child. After seeing all the quilters’ work, she asked me about having a quilt made for her baby.  No need to ask me twice! She wanted stars and the colors red, black and gray.  Hmmm.  At first I thought those colors would be challenging, but instead they were a joy!

I mailed the quilt off to her last week. Sadly, I could not gift it to her in person as the Quilt & Sew-In had to be cancelled ...

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March 25, 2020
Easy and Fast Face Masks: A Quilters' Tutorial from Gefilte Quilt

Here's what the masks in this tutorial look like: 

I've made about thirty of them, and have an easy, intuitive system that can take less than a half-hour each. In quilter's  language: It's an unbatted quilt, with two short bindings.

  • UPDATE (3/25)  This tutorial was created an eternity ago  - a week. Since then, so many more have appeared, including patterns approved by medical authorities. My version is not medically approved, but I tried to incorporate all principles I've read about and discussed with my scientist and doctor friends. I think this tutorial is a ...

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March 14, 2020
Face Masks from Quilt Fabric: Wishful Sewing from Gefilte Quilt

Nobody warned us there'd be days like this.

That's Day of the Dead fabric strapped across my face. It is possible that this will protect my health, and the health of those around me. Or, it may be that I have fallen over the edge of sanity, into the realm of magical thinking and performance art.
Or maybe both can be true. Reverse side: Hand fabric. If the hands weren't so tiny, I would have stitched a cross stitch on each, as a reminder to not touch my face.
That's just one of the three masks ...

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February 17, 2020
String Flying Geese from Heart Desire Creations

Although it’s not yet quilted, my Tula Strings is a flimsy that I am SO happy with! However, there were over 200 cuts leftover which I have now turned into triangles.


Lots of solid shot cottons have been cut into more triangles to turn the strings into flying geese.  About half are even pinned! These will be going to a sew-in with me next month where I will be joining two friends for two evenings.


Why such ahead of time prep?  I’ve been in the midst of a massive cleanout of our home – closets, storage, and workrooms.  The ...

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January 24, 2020
The Winter Blues - Let's Get Scrappy - Catching Some Blue Zees from Creatin' in the Sticks

Welcome to Creatin' in the Sticks
my day - the final day for the
Winter Blues Blog Hop.

To all that participated or commented -
Thank you so much!

My head is swimming with all kinds of ideas
and I can't wait to get to stitching.

But first, it's my day to show my
"Catching Some Blue Zees" quilt.

I'm combining two challenges into one project this month.

You see, I am an Island Batik Ambassador 
and the ambassador challenge this month is
Let's Get Scrappy

We are to make a fun project with a scrappy ...

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January 23, 2020
Strange Thrills: Put Your Quilts on Mugs, Notecards, Pillows, and/or Other Quilts! from Gefilte Quilt

Here are the two latest fat-quarters to enter my fabric stash. I'm certain that no one else on earth owns these fabrics. The first:

What the heck is it? A photograph of my recent Chicago quilt, downsized from its original 72 inches wide, to only 9 inches across. Six copies fit on a fat-quarter of fabric (FQs are 18" x 22"). 

They were printed onto a lovely organic cotton sateen by the custom printer Spoonflower's usual price is about $13.00 per FQ - I took advantage of a two-for-one sale to pay that price for the ...

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January 20, 2020
Turn Your Maxi Quilts into Adorable Mini Quilts (and Maybe a Mug) from Gefilte Quilt

In our last installment, I put photos of quilts that are about 70" wide onto fat-quarters of organic cotton sateen, with the help of I downsized each image to about 6" across.  Here's the fat-quarter with images of my Los Angeles quilt. Before cutting it up, it fit 8 photos, plus four partial images along the top. 
I decided to make the reprints into individual wallhangings, and this time I not only added borders, but also quilted around each building with "invisible" monofilament thread. Here's a finished Chicago wallhanging, 10" wide including borders:
The original quilt ...

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January 3, 2020
An easy kitchen gift to make from Winter Wanderings

I've learned how to make a new gift item for family and friends.  The supplies are easy:  
a kitchen towel (can be a special holiday towel, or any kitchen towel that makes you smile), 
a coordinating potholder with a loop to hang it by, 
a large decorative button 
and matching thread.

To make this easy-to-sew kitchen gift:
First, gather the supplies listed above: a dish towel, coordinating potholder, decorative button and matching thread.
Hint: Use a potholder with a loop as the loop becomes the buttonhole, but I am getting ahead of myself.  The loop can be placed in ...

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December 31, 2019
Los Angeles II: A Modern City Quilt from Gefilte Quilt

I'm on a roll with city quilts! I've made two New York quilts,  a Chicago quilt, and now, a second Los Angeles quilt. (Photos of  earlier quilts and an instructional booklet are here.) Below is the second Los Angeles quilt: 

It's a wedding present (a scant year-and-a-half late!) for my dear friend Elizabeth and her groom Rick, who whisked her away to the East Coast, leaving her family and friends happy for them, but sorry for ourselves. 

In my first LA quilt, I recreated significant buildings that would be fun to translate into fabric. For this quilt ...

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December 23, 2019
Last-Minute Quilted Christmas Gift Tutorial! And Chanukah Stuff Too! from Gefilte Quilt

Need last-minute gifts? The tutorial below may be educational for beginning quilter, and pure recreation for the experienced. It shows how to make gift'-themed potholders/trivets/ kitchen art from strips.

I made them from a roll of  Christmas strips bought on the "Sew Its for Sale" email list - formerly a Yahoo group, now on, here. This list is a dangerous cyber-yard sale - folks buy and sell their good-condition sewing supplies, for reasonable prices.

I'd been wanting a little Christmas fabric, enough to make presents for friends. When the strips arrived, I was delighted - it was a ...

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December 21, 2019
Little Gifts – Only 3 more days! from Heart Desire Creations

This past week I made a couple of more little gifts. A family member loves otters. I’d pretty much run out of ideas for something cute for her and then I remembered that I still had a couple of kitchen towels that I’d bought for embellishing. This little guy turned out so cute! The Applique wasn’t difficult and the best part for me was that it looks like an otter!


Next I wanted to send off a little something to a friend’s mother. Traditionally I make Pizzelle each year. This year I made almond, chocolate and ...

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December 20, 2019
More Holiday Making from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

Is there something that intimidates you?  For me, it is zippers!

I have been wanting to make some Sew Together Bags for years.  But whenever I thought about sewing in FOUR zippers, I chickened out.

Well look at these!  I have already made two and I have the fabric and the supplies all pulled for two more.  Again, I didn't plan very well on colors because I have to trade the thread color out for each bag.  But I am really pleased with how they are turning out.

I don't know why zippers scare me so much.  I ...

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December 19, 2019
Christmas Past and Presents from From My Carolina Home

Looking to past archives for some ideas that you may have missed, or for new readers to see, I’ve picked out some fun ideas from past years for your enjoyment today. Perhaps you’ll see an idea for a last minute gift for this year. Let’s start with a Nine Patch Star Christmas runner. We did this as a quick quilt along in 2017, in three parts.

Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

This Wool Applique Christmas Penny Rug was perfect for my tiny frolicking reindeer.  This handwork project goes together quickly and the post contains the free pattern download.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

See my Gifts from ...

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December 18, 2019
Eat Chocolate, Drink Coffee. English Paper Piece the Trash into Holiday Decor from Gefilte Quilt

It is not an exaggeration to say that English Paper Piecing (EPP) is one of the most addictive quilt-related activities I've ever undertaken. It wasn't enough for me to do EPP with fabric, first to make quilts, and then to stitch polyhedra.

But then, a couple of years ago, after my DH caved to supermarket displays (always blame the DH!) and bought a bag of Lindt Truffles (no financial affiliation!) I found myself fascinated by the wrappers.  One thing led to parties, I started following people around to collect their wrappers....and here are tutorials for ...

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December 17, 2019
Gift Ideas for Quilters from Fat Quarter Shop from A Quilting Life

Gift Ideas for Quilters from Fat Quarter Shop

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing ten of my favorite Gift Ideas for Quilters from Fat Quarter Shop. So many of these items I either own or saw in action when we visited the Fat Quarter Shop studios earlier this month. All opinions are my own; however, links provided are affiliate links which means […]

The post Gift Ideas for Quilters from Fat Quarter Shop appeared first on A Quilting Life.

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December 15, 2019
A "No Apologies" Tutorial for Improv Paper Pieced Log Cabin Triangle Quilts from Gefilte Quilt

When I started this quilt, the idea was to make a rainbow-colored 6-pointed star. I hoped to create a pattern people might use to make a wedding canopy, among other things.  The most relaxing way to do that, I figured, would be to start with log cabin triangles.  
So what you see in the central area of this quilt are a whole lot of log cabin pieced triangles - each center piece is light, and the three "logs" around it are darker. You're also seeing blocks I call "water lilies" - from left to right, the oddball orange, pink and purple ...

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December 13, 2019
Some Santa Sewing from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

I have been busy in my sewing room sewing lots of holiday gifts for friends and family.  I thought I would start sharing a few with links to the patterns/tutorials if you want some last minute ideas.

I can only reveal those gifts that I have already gifted, shipped, or know that the recipients don't read my blog.  I will share more in the coming weeks!

Here are a couple of the microwave bowl cozies I made.  I use this tutorial as a guide.

They can take a bit to make - especially if you make just one at ...

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December 12, 2019
Gift Ideas for Quilters from Amazon from A Quilting Life

Gift Ideas for Quilters from Amazon

It’s that time of year…gift giving time. And while your favorite local and on-line quilt shops have amazing gifts for Christmas, Amazon has some great selections as well. Enjoy this post with my twelve favorite Gift Ideas for Quilters from Amazon. (Note: I have used affiliate links for these suggestions which means that while you […]

The post Gift Ideas for Quilters from Amazon appeared first on A Quilting Life.

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December 11, 2019
Going Around with Modern Improv Paper-Pieced Log Cabin Triangle Quilts from Gefilte Quilt

Here are the projects that have consumed me in recent weeks.  The first started out as this pyramid of 11 hexagon-shaped formations that I call kaleidoscopes: 

I finished it just like that, with the pyramid shape and a dark grey binding. I hoped it was done, right up to the moment that it occurred to me that if I turned the thing upside down, and added another kaleidoscopic formation to the bottom..... would become an exclamation point! 
I love punctuation, so I stitched that "dot" to the bottom. The dot has quilted 60 degree triangles popping out from the ...

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