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August 27, 2019
What I’ve been doing from Romany Quilting

Its been rather busy lately, and I’ve had no time for my usual “Roll the Dice” Monday.  With our holiday fast approaching, (goodness me, it’s tomorrow), the only time I’ve spent at the sewing machine is to stitch up a few little house blocks.  All the pieces are cut, pinned,  and sitting on my cabinet, just waiting to be picked up and run through the machine.

A few more house blocks

So what else have I been doing?  Checking the fridge to make sure all the perishables have been taken care of.  I managed to plan our ...

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August 11, 2019
Slow Stitching with Gemma from Romany Quilting

It was time to start stitching the miles of binding down on “Horse Quilt number 2”.  Made for grand-daughter Megan, a keen horse woman like her older sister, the quilt had recently been collected from Deborah of Country Life Quilting.  So began the long job – sitting and quietly stitching away, a job which I quite enjoy.


Our young Birman cat Gemma didn’t want to be left out, so she burrowed into the folds of the quilt which was nestled on the floor.  This looks good, she was thinking, another hidey hole to relax in.  The only trouble was that ...

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August 2, 2019
A Friday Finish from Romany Quilting

I’m so pleased that I’ve managed to get my Jingle (Christmas) Table Runner completed this week.  With the straight line quilting completed earlier in the week, the next step was to do some FMQ in the stitchery panels.  Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike doing this sort of machine quilting?  Probably because I’m not very good at this free motion business and find it a strain to do.  As you know, when we are up close and personal to our work we can see all the flaws, but now it’s finally completed, it doesn ...

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July 30, 2019
Two Weeks in a Row from Romany Quilting

The dice rolled 6, two weeks in a row, dictating which particular UFO I work on.  Not that I’m complaining, it gives me a chance to hopefully  finish up my Jingle Table Runner this week.


When I left this project at the end of last week, I had completed the top,  made a pieced backing, using up some more festive fabric, and prepared the binding.  Yesterday I cobbled together a couple of pieces of batting, and  pinned the layers all together ready to quilt.  And today I started, using my walking foot, quilting in the ditch between the larger ...

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July 15, 2019
Neutral String Quilt–finished from Romany Quilting

After working steadily on my cot sized string quilt over the weekend, I’m pleased that I finished stitching the binding down last evening (Sunday).  A couple of days ago I took it outside and pinned the layers together ready for machine quilting.  The winter weather was pleasant enough to sit outside under cover and use the patio table for this job.

Getting the safety pins in place

Over the weekend we had atrocious weather, thunder and lightning, strong wind and heavy rain.  At the first clap on thunder Gemma took off, she really doesn’t like loud noises.  After ...

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July 8, 2019
Slow Stitching on a Wet Weekend from Romany Quilting

We have just had three rather wet and cold days away in the caravan.  Just as well I had some hand quilting to do.  I’m currently working on the Puriri Wreath block, on my New Zealand Botanical quilt.

A little hand quilting

The rain kept coming down, the wind blew, but we were nice and cozy inside our caravan.  Gemma was interested watching the rain drops trickle down the front window.  And any birds she saw looking for worms outside put her in to a state of great excitement!

Yes Gemma, it’s still raining outside

The weather may ...

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July 1, 2019
Time for a new List from Romany Quilting

With several items on my list finished, it’s time to write a new List of Six.  As I’ve said before, I’ll never run out of things to do!

No 1:  Chicken quilt.  Replaces NZ Botanical quilt which has moved on to become a hand quilting project.
No 2:   Sampler quilt – hasn’t has it’s number called yet.
No 3:   Horse panel quilt.  Purchased some time ago and this will be made up as a donation quilt.
No 4:  Caravan place mats.  Replaces my just completed Selvedge bag.
No 5:   Christmas Mystery quilt.  Now pieced together and ...

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June 16, 2019
Slow Sunday Stitching from Romany Quilting

I’ve just finished hand quilting the second block of my New Zealand Botanical quilt.  I’m doing Big Stitch quilting, and using a Sue Spargo thread, Perle No 8 in a pretty variegated pale green.


This block shows the Chatham Island Forget-me-not, and has large shiny leaves, with clusters of sky blue flowers.  The plants are widely grown in nurseries and gardens throughout New Zealand and overseas.

It may well be winter in our part of the world, but I got to sit outside for an hour or so making the most of the wintry sunshine.  Block number three ...

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June 9, 2019
The Slow Saga of the Selvedge Bag from Romany Quilting

I’ve never been good at jigsaws, and I’m not much better at putting the pieces of my selvedge bag together.  This is in spite of having an illustration on how to lay out the diagonal pieces in rows with setting triangles at the end of each row.  What I got completely wrong was trying to fit the setting triangles onto each corner to square things up.  Mind you, the instructions had this step shown quite clearly, but I hadn’t read them thoroughly!

Finally, I got it all sorted out and started sewing the rows together.  As I ...

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June 2, 2019
A Little Hand Quilting from Romany Quilting

A four day weekend away with caravan club friends – what could be nicer?  To be truthful the weather could have been much  nicer, but then, the season has just clicked over to Winter on 1st June.  After a long and very mild Autumn, Winter has arrived with a vengeance.  Winds strong enough to buffet the caravan, torrential rain, and low temperatures.  Thank goodness for fluffy winter sheets on the bed, and warm socks and slipper to keep our toes warm inside!  My quilting bag was packed, so I’ve been tucked up inside doing a little hand quilting today.

My ...

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May 27, 2019
The Secret Life of of Cats from Romany Quilting

Our cat Gemma gets up to all sorts of mischief at night.  Mind you, she does this very quietly and we don't hear a thing.  Come morning however, we see what she has been getting up to while we have been sleeping.  Not content with dropping her little mouse toys into her water bowl, as reported last week, she has been inflicting the same punishment on her toy snake.

Toy snake in the water bowl

Gemma often takes a swipe at the small wall hangings too.  She knows there is dingly-dangly cord hanging behind each one and this is ...

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May 22, 2019
Rolling the Dice and Two Drowned Mice from Romany Quilting

Monday is roll the dice day (if we are home and not galivanting away in the caravan), and it brought up number one again, the same as last week.  Not that I’m complaining at all, I’m more than happy to keep working on my New Zealand Botanical blocks.  It seemed a shame to pack this project away last week, as I was not too far from completing the quilt top.

Number one again this week

So some cutting, pinning and stitching took place over the last couple of days and I now have borders on my top.  I ...

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May 15, 2019
NZ Botanical Blocks from Romany Quilting

The dice rolled one this week, so I’ve been working on my New Zealand Botanical blocks, designed by Jenny Hunter. I’ve stitched them over the last year and a bit, with the earlier blocks stitched while traveling around in the caravan during our South Island holiday.  My first job was to trim them to size.  This is always a bit of a worry, hoping I get the stitchery centred correctly before I start slicing away. 

Then I had to decide how to arrange them.   This one went here and that one went there while I pondered and rearranged ...

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May 12, 2019
Another Slow Stitched Santa, and Mother’s Day from Romany Quilting

Santa is sitting in his sleigh with the sack of toys, all he needs is to get hitched up to the reindeer and he will be on his way.

Santa in his sleigh block

This is the final stitchery block of four of the Christmas table runner.  The next step will be to piece the fabrics for the centre of the runner, then add the stitcheries to each end.  I’ll add this to my List of Six projects when I write a new list. 

But never fear, I still have several hand stitching projects to work on.  Including this ...

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April 26, 2019
Road Trip Continues from Romany Quilting

After wondering if the Easter Bunny would find us while we were away from home and ensconced in Mt Maunganui, there she was with a basket of chocolate eggs.  We enjoyed a pancake breakfast on Easter Sunday, cooked by fellow campers over BBQs.  Pancakes, bacon, banana, drizzled with maple syrup, it was delicious indeed.

Easter Bunny at Mt Maunganui

We won a raffle prize too

The local Dog Agility Club brought their clever canines along to entertain us is the afternoon.  We all took our folding chairs up to the end of the playing field to sit in the sunshine ...

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April 21, 2019
Santa goes to Mt Maunganui from Romany Quilting

I finished stitching my Santa block in Mt Maunganui.  Here he is with his sack of toys, going off to gather us the reindeer and climb in his sleigh.

Hello Santa

We are up in Mt Maunganui over Easter attending a caravan rally, one of 50 vans and campers.  I discovered one of our neighbour’s  had a lovely quilt on her caravan bed and she kindly allowed me to take a photo to share.  Margaret loves dogs so was delighted to come across this quilt in a quilt shop, fell in love with it and just had to buy ...

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April 17, 2019
My Blogging Helper from Romany Quilting

Gemma is doing her bit to help me while I’m blogging.  As I’m tapping away on the keyboard she is keeping the lap top bag warm and secure as she stretches out on her back.   Basking in the sunshine is something that cats certainly enjoy.

A perfectly content kitty

Our road trip continues, and we took a trip to Kairakau Beach, a rather rugged coastline with plenty of good fishing we were told.

Kairakau Beach

Then stopped off at the local pub for lunch.  Fish Chowder was on the menu so that was what I chose.  So tasty ...

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April 3, 2019
Aqua for April from Romany Quilting

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour for April has just been announced, and it is aqua.  This caused a bit of mild panic to set in.  Why?  We are heading off on Friday for a three week road trip, not returning till the end of the month,  so many things to do.  Perhaps I wouldn’t get my RSC sewing done this month?  Don’t be silly, I told myself, you can sew them today.  So I did, and that’s one thing I don’t need to worry about.

I don't have a lot of aqua, so I had ...

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March 21, 2019
New Zealand Fuchsia Stitchery Block from Romany Quilting

My final New Zealand Botanical stitchery block is now completed, designed by Jenny Hunter.   The bright purply-red bell shaped flowers have stamens laden with intense blue sticky pollen.

My final NZ Botanical stitchery block

Photo bombed by Gemma

Kotukutuku  is considered to be the world’s largest fuchsia. In damp forest it can grow to 12m tall and form a trunk over 1m in diameter. It is one of New Zealand’s few truly deciduous trees, losing its leaves in winter in all but the warmest areas. Attractive, small flowers appear between August and December. They change from greenish-yellow to ...

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March 17, 2019
Stitching Fuchsias from Romany Quilting

We have been away in the caravan this weekend, a nice restful couple of days and I had time to enjoy a little stitching time outside under the awning.  I’m coming along quite well on this block, stitching fuchsias around the circlet of leaves. 

Working on my fuchsia block

Gemma came away with us too, she is quite at home in the caravan and likes to find a nice spot to lie down and keep an eye on us.  Right by the door, this time.  She is certainly getting bigger now.

Gemma likes caravanning too

We were staying the ...

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