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November 19, 2017
Cheekwood Gardens from From My Carolina Home

Last month, I accompanied DH on a trip to Nashville for a few days.  He had an open afternoon one day, so we went to visit Cheekwood Mansion and Cheekwood Botannical Gardens during the Harvest exhibition.  This is a huge estate with an American Country mansion and 55 acres of gardens built in 1929.  We only got to a small fraction of the gardens, taking the Harvest tour walk and getting to a couple of the specialty gardens, but we had to skip the Sculpture gardens because we ran out of time. Visiting in the fall, they had a wonderful ...

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November 18, 2017
Quilting, Piecing, Fall from Quilts....etc.

Murrieta Stars is coming along and will come along faster now that I decided to forego flowers or anything fancy and just get on with straight stitching on this flannel quilt.  This half of the quilt in the section across that I reach is now done. This much to go before it gets rolled down […]

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November 13, 2017
November in the Garden from From My Carolina Home

November is finally getting cooler, more like real autumn weather.  I’ve been waiting for the right time to plant some bulbs, and finally got the perfect time.  It was a cool day earlier in the month, plus the forecast was for rain for the next several days, so I could be sure all the planted bulbs would get watered in well.  I gathered up the bulbs I had purchased a month before, some tools and bone meal, and set out to find spots for all of them.

November in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

I started the planting with the crocus bulbs. They are planted fairly ...

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October 27, 2017
Plants and Quilting from Quilts....etc.

“They” the weathermen say possibly a freeze this weekend – have been saying that for several days now so I have been prepping – moving plants a little closer to the wall of the porch etc so that if I need to toss a blanket over them for a couple nights it makes it easier […]

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October 25, 2017
October in the Garden and a Giveaway from From My Carolina Home

Our weather has continued to be warm through most of the month, not really getting chilly at night until this past weekend. But I know that the garden is winding down, most of the flowers are done. It is time to prepare for some things to come indoors for the winter. One of the plants I want to keep over winter is this schefflera, and it was getting potbound. It was a gift, and I had not paid any attention to it other than to set it out on the veranda and water it. So it got a bigger pot ...

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Round We Go & Stencils from Quilts....etc.

I am trying to do 4 Round We Go circle-stars a month and the month is almost over and I only have 3 done of this round –thought I better get busy – can you believe it is the end of October already! A mess on the table while I work through fabric picking out […]

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October 12, 2017
Thrift Store Finds and Ugly Gardening from Canadian Needle Nana

I feel like I struck the jackpot when I found this tea pot at one of the local thrift stores.  It matches my dish set...the Friendly Village, and pours beautifully.  It also holds a goodly amount of tea which is great for Hubby with his multiple cups of tea a day habit.

Funny  how coincidences happen.  I'd just gotten this deal from Massdrop, Tula Pink's Free Spirit bundle of fabrics.  Isn't it bright?  I'm adjusting my liking to things a little bolder and brighter striving to move along with the times, as it were. I ...

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October 8, 2017
What Size Hydrangeas? from Quilts + Color

My son Jeff has a green thumb! He brought me these giant hydrangeas recently.


He saw the ones I had picked from my yard and his put mine to shame. In my defense I have to say mine are a miniature variety and this is a lot bigger than they originally were!

Years ago I too had a green thumb but life got in the way and now I share it with him and my grandson Nicholas who plants a really big garden.

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September 27, 2017
Saving Tomato Seeds from From My Carolina Home

It’s time to save seeds from all those wonderful tomatoes coming out of the garden.  I remember my grandmother’s little seed packets that she made herself using paper envelopes and the seeds from her garden.  I remember using them to plant, but I don’t remember her drying the seeds in the fall, so I wasn’t sure how she did it.  I’ve been working on the tomato pie recipe and almost have it right, but not quite yet. In the process of making those pies, I decided to save some tomato seeds, and I need to ...

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September 19, 2017
Back To Routine from Quilts....etc.

Yes back to my regular routine and maybe finally getting back on track for sewing and the last of the garden as well. I got Handful of Scraps back out to see where I left off – I really wasn’t sure how much was needed to finish this 3rd side that I was working on […]

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September 13, 2017
September in the Garden from From My Carolina Home

The garden is winding down, and the hurricane has helped to move things along.  A few critters did their share too. DH modified the bird feeder so that less seed would spill into the tray, which made it a bit more difficult for the larger birds like the cardinals to eat. So, feeling sorry for them, he purchased a second feeder, and mounted it below the first one.  The little birds like the goldfinches began using the new one pretty quickly. The cardinals continued to go to the big one.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Then later, success, they figured it out.  He later added ...

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September 8, 2017
Another Circle Started from Quilts....etc.

Round We Go is going to be addicting I think – I was just going to pick out fabric last night for another circle and before you know it while watching/listening to tv I was making another one!  Here I had pieces all basted and sat it aside for a minute while I finished up […]

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August 7, 2017
Sunday fun! from Quilternity's Place

I'm sitting in my living room looking out into the courtyard and this is just a portion of my view. I love the fountain... it's color dark and shiny as the water cascades down, and that heavenly sound of the water flowing from one tier to the next. I haven't used this room much since we moved in years ago, but decided it was time and moved my laptop down to the desk so I can enjoy this view more often.

I'm making slow, but steady progress with my finger, I think. I say I think ...

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