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August 26, 2019
one monthly goal finish from Making A Lather

At the beginning of the month, my one monthly goal for August was to get On ringo lake mystery quilt to a top. and to have all the garden party blocks finished and the chaining blocks started.
Here is the top. When I put it together, I discovered that there was a mistake on the center row, and I had to take it apart and redo the sashings in the center row. At this point, I have one more sashing near the center that has to be flipped.

I finished all the garden party blocks, and I cut the strips ...

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August 17, 2019
pink star from Making A Lather

Great news, my hubby took me to Joann yesterday. I am 5 weeks out from surgery, so I haven't been in some time. I didn't make it all the way through a shopping visit, but I got my feet wet. They had an extra 30% off their fabric clearance, and another 10% if I finish the bolt. I picked 2, and then, hubby told them all of it, and stood in line to pay while I went and sat in the car. It was so fun. And ice cream afterwards, too.
I am still a little behind in ...

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August 11, 2019
Get Ready To Beat The Heat! from Sew Karen-ly Created...

We're about to start on the second week of Island Batik's "Beat The Heat" blog hop. Each week, Island Batik is giving away pre-cuts of one of the featured collections, and this week it's "Garden Party" by Colourwerx.  This collection just happens to be the one I worked with, so please drop back here tomorrow to see my quilt.  In the meantime, make sure you enter the Rafflecopter giveawa from Island Batik.
No photo description available.
Good luck!

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August 9, 2019
garden party from Making A Lather

I am so close to finishing the 100 garden party blocks. I have a few minutes each day to sew. I made kits with these blocks so they are easy to just grab and sew a few.

I am getting stronger each day, but the hardest part of recovery are the limitations- no bending, twisting, squatting, lifting. I wish I had prepared my sewing room for the limitations. Much of what I would want to work on is off limits. While my husband is home taking care of me, we spend a little time each day, trying to move a ...

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August 2, 2019
clean and organized from Making A Lather

My first thought when I saw this was, why hadn't I thought of this. Then I realized the "real" me was already thinking, this is a good reason not to finish anything.

After the glow of finishing a quilt, and I enter the sewing room again for the first time after, I wonder what kind of mad woman has been in my room? Is there any way the "real" me could turn into the tidy me? But, I did just finish En Provence, so I will give it a try.

I have sewn a few more Bonnie Hunter garden ...

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July 16, 2019
tiny tuesday from Making A Lather

I needed to get back to making my tiny Tuesday blocks for the rainbow scrap challenge. I am a "tiny"  bit behind. haha I have finished May and orange. I have 3 for June and blue yet to do.

I have a snowman finished for my rug hooking. I don't know why I am dragging my feet on this rug. The snowmen are adorable and they are easy to hook.

I am getting very close to having all the garden party blocks sewn. I will need to cut 1 1/2 inch strips for the chain blocks.

Tomorrow is ...

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July 12, 2019
finish along goals from Making A Lather

I finished 4 quilts for the 2019 finish along in the second quarter. I have plenty of goals leftover for the third quarter.  I will be having back surgery in the next week, so I don't know how much that will effect my sewing and blogging or for how long.
I am working on the binding for allietare, and, I have sugar mountain ready to put on the long arm.

I have a few more garden party blocks, and

another batch of 50 -4 patches for sand castles.

My list for the 3rd quarter:
1.wiggle time
2. allietare ...

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July 9, 2019
how I kit projects from Making A Lather

I had a comment from rebecca grace

Those little blocks are darling! How do you prep those garden blocks to make them portable? Do you have all the fabrics selected and cut out for each block in a baggie, or an assortment of cut strips that you work from, selecting what works together as you go? I would like to do better with portable sewing but I struggle with having something ready to go as I walk out the door. 

I really liked this question. It might be a very long answer. It all begins with a mess of scraps ...

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July 8, 2019
mess of sewing from Making A Lather

I have 3 projects going to the left of my sewing machine- liberty ( actual project), 4 patches for sand castles, and blossom time. I use the 4 patches as leader/ enders, but, sometimes, I just want to stick a tulip in while I am working on the liberty quilt. If I keep it nearby, It is easy to feed it through in between other projects.

I have more garden party blocks from my Friday sew group. Rebecca asked how I kitted these blocks as an away project. I will probably explain that tomorrow or Wednesday.

I am linking to:

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June 28, 2019
allietare and one monthly goal from Making A Lather

Earlier this month, I posted my goals for one monthly goal at Elm street quilts.

My one monthly goal for June
I wanted to:
1. Finish smith mountain morning - done

2. move allietare along- done
I cut and trimmed the outside of allietare, and I added the gold inner border. I like pressing the borders and noticing all the bits of fabric that I used. The red with black crows was/is one of my favorite Debbie Mumm prints.

I added a black outer border, and it is on the long arm ready to quilt.

3. make swap blocks - done ...

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June 25, 2019
garden party and liberty from Making A Lather

I have added more garden party blocks  (quiltville) to my project box. This is an easy block to take with me when I quilt away from home.

I have more liberty sewing finished. I am sewing the motifs together in sections. That way I can finish the 2 1/2 inch squares needed  to frame each one. And, if I read the directions right, It will go together oddly - not in rows.

I am not really paying any attention to keeping the fabrics separated. I am just sewing them together on a whim.

I am linking to:

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June 14, 2019
progress from Making A Lather

I am not in a finishing all. I seem to want to drift from project to project. I did another round on some pineapple blocks, more here.

I made a few more florabunda blocks, more here.

I made another section of sweet land of liberty, more here.

I have a few more garden party blocks, more here.

I am linking to:

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June 10, 2019
storms and garden party from Making A Lather

Uh oh - tree limb on top of house. We didn't hear it come down in the storm. But, this is an ash tree and has been infected by the emerald ash borer. We have been nursing it, trying to save it for 2-3 years. Some of the branches are dead, but some are still very alive. It may not have taken much to get the branch down. We called in reinforcements ( our son) and it was removed. I am so glad he is still young enough. I don't think we are.

I have my first blocks for garden ...

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June 6, 2019
tiny tuesday progress from Making A Lather

I have to catch up with all the blocks for the rainbow scrap challenge. Angie at Quilting on the Crescent. shared a tiny tuesday block last month that I have finished. I made a mistake with it, but it stays this way. It was supposed to have the orange print in all four corners.

Sally at The Objects of Design shared this cute block last month. It's called bear bowtie.

I was intimidated by this one. I am not very skilled at applique, and the reverse applique was scarey. But, once I made the decision to do it, it ...

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May 16, 2019
Works in Progress from Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm

I mentioned the other day that I would share some of the new projects I'm working on and my "one thing"

It's the first block of The Garden Party quilt I started last year.
This is the "one thing with Amy" I posted on Instagram. 

Top is where I am now and bottom shows the lace flowers added

there is a couple pedals left to applique and then the laced motifs flowers.

Goal is by Friday.

Now a new project is a stitch journal.
Have seen various form of these on Instagram and was intrigued but it wasn ...

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January 14, 2019
Not Slow Sunday from Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm

I have to admit it wasn't as slow of day as I would of liked.
Between cleaning, cooking and helping "the Man of the Place" loading and unloading wood to the back porch.

This is are 3rd pick up load and smallest so far this winter. we only burn wood to heat our home. Love wood heat but boy it is messy between the tracking in of dirt and wood shavings, then the cleaning out of the stove. Wish they made self cleaning stoves like they do ovens.

Also finished up cleaning my sewing room which I started ...

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December 18, 2018
ufo 2019 edition from Making A Lather

Patchwork times has an ufo challenge for 2019. I have enjoyed using some sort of ufo motivation for my quilting these last couple of years. She suggested 12 of them. I am sure my One monthly goals will also use help finish these projects along.

A couple of years ago, my daughter and 3 other quilty friends exchanged houses every month. It had to be before I was blogging since I can't find any reference to them here on the blog.They were to finish at 4 inches but could be anything and any fabric. It will be fun ...

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October 20, 2018
Garden Party DONE from Elaine Adair Pieces


I quilted each of the 4 borders in a different design.  Hey, a gal needs to keep practicing.  I did swirls, circles, paisleys and a leafy/viney thing in the borders.  Red on top, white on back resulted in "pokies" on the back.  The few pokies in the top just needed a permanent Sharpie.  No solution for the back pokies - many efforts -- I finally admitted defeat and called it good!  8-))   Thank you again, Ms. Bonnie Hunter for this fine project.  

The lesson I learned was that I used JUST WHAT WAS IN THE BOX.  No fiddling, trying new ...

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September 27, 2018
Garden Party - pluggin' along from Elaine Adair Pieces

I'm approximately half way into machine quilting this large quilt.  The first part I used Essential Pro quilting thread which has always worked wonderfully in other quilts but this project did NOT like that thread.  I experienced numerous skipped stitches, frazzled  and broken thread.  Despite the use of Sewer's Aid, 1 bigger needle, then a second new needle, the problems persisted.  So exasperating!!  I dug around in my threads and was delighted to find a large spool of a similar color from Superior Threads.  Wow, it works like a dream - I've worked 4-5 hours with not one ...

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September 17, 2018
Garden Party - Top DONE from Elaine Adair Pieces

What happened to my plan of "only smaller tops"???   This is 83 x 83".  Frankly it WAS just plain fun to keep using all the combinations of fabric.  mmmm I've said that about a previous quilt  ..."couldn't stop making the blocks." 

The backing is white with quarter-sized polka dots!  Exactly what it needs, MORE COLOR!  LOL 

And yes, it looks exactly like Bonnie Hunter's with same name.  I really didn't want to copy hers - it was just so adventuresome, and tedious, I was afraid to make it any other way.

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