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November 29, 2022
November 2022 OMG Finish from Quilt Paint Create

My OMG for November was to finish a challenge piece that included a piece of fused fabric made at an art quilt group (Art 2 Quilt) meeting.

Here is my section of the fused fabric.

And here is my finished quilt.

I talked about the process here.

I chose the solid black border so the fused fabric could be the star. It needed a little something more, which is why I chose a multi-color binding and variegated quilting thread. The quilt measures 22 x 11.

To see all the other November OMG finishes, head over to Elm Street Quilts.

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November 27, 2022
Sunday Stash November 27, 2022 from Quilt Paint Create

No fabric in this week.

I finished the fused fabric challenge piece for a half yard out. I actually like the back better than the front, which has me unsure about adding a label. I prefer to make small table mats reversible so they can do double duty. The piece is small, 22 x 11.

I’ll post a picture of the front in my OMG finish post.

I’m close to breaking even for the year.

Fabric In: 13 3/8 yards

Fabric Out: 12 yards

Net Fabric In: 1 3/8 yards

How did you do this week ...

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November 24, 2022
Me, Playing from Quilt Paint Create

Happy Thanksgiving!

My November OMG is to finish the fused fabric challenge piece. For that to happen, I needed to start.

First I stitched over the fused fabric with variegated thread, making sure to catch each fused shape at least once. Spoiler alert, I should have stitched in lines or a grid to catch each fused shape multiple times.

Then I cut windows in a plain piece of paper in the shape of a circle, fan, square and rectangle. The rectangle looked best. I cut the fused fabric into rectangular pieces.

My first idea was a wheel shape, but I ...

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October 2, 2022
Sunday Stash October 2, 2022 from Quilt Paint Create

Nothing to report this week.

At Art Quilt Group, we all brought in pre-fused geometric shapes in bright colors to fuse onto solid black fabric. We had enough shapes to cover two cuts of black.

Aren’t they fun?

Then we cut the black fabric into enough pieces that we could each take one.

Here is my piece.

I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. The challenge is to use it in a finished piece, due at the November meeting.

The black measures 22” x 6.5” (smaller than I count).

Fabric In: 13 3/8 ...

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March 19, 2022
More Or Less from Quilt Paint Create

Open Dialogue is coming along. I added more fabric bits, fused them and stitched them down with embroidery floss. I didn’t want anything falling off.

I did similar stitching on this piece. It may be a thing going forward.

Now I’m looking at the green splotches and listening. They feel out of place. Do they need toned down? So many choices to do that: paint, crayon, tulle, thread, fabric, lace, or any combination thereof.

A bolder choice would be to add more green to keep the others company.

Leave it, hide it or add to it – what do ...

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July 17, 2020
August online class offerings! from Art and Quilting in Camden

Sign up here!

I’m thrilled to share that I will be teaching online again in mid August, and for the first time ever you can take my most popular class, Collage the Garden, LIVE ONLINE! Sign ups are open NOW and are here. One of the best things is you will be home, so you can get whatever it is you wish you had brought to class, because you are at home and sewing on your machine!

I’ll be offering:
Wednesday, August 12, 2020: Collage the Garden: From Photo to Flower (6 hours) from 10-4 Eastern daylight (there ...

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May 11, 2020
Canticle of the Stars from Art and Quilting in Camden

Canticle of the Stars, or should I call it Anthem of Light? Chime in!
Completed May 2020, 36 tall x 46.5 wide.

There is a thing called star trails photography (just google it…it’s really cool). The earth rotates on its axis. The North Star is static in our northern skies. If you take time lapse photos and then “stack” (merge) them, you get star trails….images that describe the lines created by the light of the stars. Did you know that starlight comes in different colors??? It does… I love the feeling of the vastness of space ...

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April 18, 2020
Irons: from tiny to dragon! from Art and Quilting in Camden

For a while now I’ve wanted to blog about irons, and why I love the ones I have. Yes, plural…..I have SIX! Three are “small” size, two are regular, and one is Sirius the Black Dragon. Yes, my Janome M7 sewing machine is named Albus (the second, he had a predecessor named Albus). There’s even a video at the end of this post about all these irons!

From left to right: the CHI, my beloved Panasonic Titanium Nonstick, the little mushroom style, the (SOB no longer made SOB) Clover, and Sirius, a LauraStar steam generator. I have ...

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February 28, 2020
Check box! TWO Ribbons!!!!! from Art and Quilting in Camden

for Lupines and Rose Hip

And yes, I meant every single one of those excessive exclamation points. Usually I’m lucky to get two out of two quilts juried in to a given show. This time, not only did both Lupines and Rose Hip get in to the Mancuso Brother’s Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, they BOTH RIBBONED!!!!!! That is a bucket list item that I never, ever, Ever, EVER expected to check off! Guess what…done! To the judges: THANK YOU for making a dream come true!

Rose Hip, by Sarah Ann Smith (c) 2019. 36″ square. This quilt won ...

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October 6, 2019
The Quilt Show with … me(OMG!) … is live! Episode 2508 from Art and Quilting in Camden

Bucket list item: appear on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims: CHECK! Here’s the link to watch if you are a member. If you couldn’t tell, I’m giddy!

Sarah Ann Smith on The Quilt Show
Just took this screen shot as I’m watching my first of two “doing” segments on The Quilt Show….I’m over the moon!

To watch the show, you usually need to be a member of The Quilt Show community, which is an online “TV” show and so much more. Next Sunday, for one week from October 13-20, 2019, or thereabouts, the episode will be FREE ...

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February 1, 2017
Four in Art: Light- Shimmer from Faffling

With the New Year we have a new theme for our Four in Art group.
The theme for the year is Light, which provides a host of exciting possibilities. The sub theme that Catherine has selected for this first quarter is Shimmer.

I have been lucky to have been out in my kayak a bit over the last quarter. In November last year, just after the theme was announced, I had a great trip with my Dad and (then) 17 year old son on Lake Monowai over in Fiordland in the deep south of NZ. Only about three hours drive ...

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