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November 27, 2020
a goal finish from Making A Lather

My goal for November and the one monthly goal:

1. quilt big easy Christmas -   I don't have a start date for this one, it was a class at a quilt store that has been closed a long time. I was in love with the Christmas fabric. One of the owners had made a quilt with the fabric and offered the class. I have the back pieced and the binding made.

I was fortunate enough to complete the quilt. It makes a nice lap quilt. And I love the fabrics. My notes say the pattern is in a book called ...

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October 23, 2020
patriotic boxy stars from Making A Lather

I began this project as a finish with one missing inner sashing border. I fixed that by taking the other border off and adding 2 new ones in their place. I added an outer border, and then, the quilting began.

But, then, I had some kind of crud that was not covid - 19 ( negative test). It sat for at least a week. 

I finally finished it. This is a free pattern at quiltville. I had this scrappy project in a blog post here in 2018 and blocks here.

80 x 97

I used a flannel wide backing for the back ...

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October 17, 2020
4 patch x finish from Making A Lather

I began this 4 patch x in  January 2016. It's a bonnie Hunter pattern from her book more adventures with leaders and enders. I enjoyed the piecing, especially the 4 patches. There is something classic about random 4 patches made from scraps. I love yellow as a color, so, I had no trouble going with the same color scheme as Bonnie.

74 x 84

I used a vintage calico for the binding. Using something like that makes me smile. I know it was vintage, as it was only 36 inches wide. I used a left edge foot, and, attached ...

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October 11, 2020
thoughts on finishing from Making A Lather

I made a commitment to finish this quilt a
nd a patriotic one, before, I would do any random sewing or work on wips. I did this because, I had reached overwhelm, with too many plates spinning in the air. With the additional end of the year approaching, I am losing steam. I have had a great finishing year, but I have started too many new projects, too. 

I bought this quilt kit at a blog hop a couple of years ago. I spent time making the pieces, and, eventually, assembled the top. It was much smaller than I had ...

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September 25, 2020
blue 9 patch finish from Making A Lather

This quilt began as a challenge this year from my daughter. She had too many 2 1/2 inch strips, and wanted to make a quilt with them. I had a blue 2 1/2 inch strip drawer that I couldn't close. She suggested a race. I talked about racing my daughter using 2 1/2 inch strips here.

We finished in June. Check here to see who won. I have been waiting for an opening on the longarm to do the quilting. I finished it last week and added the binding this week.

I used 3 large pieces ...

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September 18, 2020
fall finish from Making A Lather

I rarely manage to finish a topical quilt in time for any season. This year, I have finished patriotic quilts in time for July 4th, and, now, a fall quilt in time for fall. I must admit, that when I decide which quilts, in my personal blacklog, I am going to quilt, I start with the smallest or the easiest.

I started this one in November 2018 as a mystery quilt at my carolina home. Carole from from My Carolina home offered a quilt along mystery called autumn jubilee.  I worked on it  here and here

I used a flannel ...

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September 11, 2020
vintage finish from Making A Lather

I was able to finish this quilt that I started in January at a quilt retreat ( remember those?) I had bought 8 blocks from my hubby's Aunt's estate sale. The blocks were made by her before she married, and, it has the names embroidered by the laddies who made them. Aunt Melba's block is the purple tulip. I added my homemade hexies to the last block and put the quilt together. I love the fabrics and the signatures.

At first, I wanted to maintain the same time period in the quilt, which I could do easily with ...

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August 31, 2020
windmill finish from Making A Lather

The last of my August one monthly goals for this year, is squeaking in just under the deadline. It was a mad dash to finish this quilt by the end of the month. I couldn't decide if I wanted to add borders or not. I added the borders. Then, I couldn't decide how I was going to do the binding. I haven't been as happy with machine stitching the bindings of late, so I was contemplating hand stitching again.

My Friday quilt group was meeting again, and I took it with me. I had the binding cut ...

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August 29, 2020
baby quilt finish from Making A Lather

I have a baby quilt finish. It came to me nearly finished - only missing one border. I can't remember where I found it. I knew it would make a great donation quilt. Our guild donates to the police department for the the kids that are taken from bad situations. They often have only a brown paper sack to take with them. We also have a healthy family organization to which we donate.

It came with a piece big enough for the back. I must say, I like starting out like this, rather than from scratch. haha.

6 blocks had ...

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August 15, 2020
jamestown landing finish from Making A Lather

I have a finish for my one monthly goal and PHD 2020.

jamestown landing is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her book string fling. It finished at 85 x 96 and used about 25 yards of scraps. I used a free motion swirl pattern on my longarm. I used my sewing machine to attach the binding.

I started this quilt in March 2013 in a class with Bonnie Hunter at the heritage quilt show in Bloomington Indiana. I put it on the top 2020 list of quilts I wanted to finish. And, I made it my goal for July to ...

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June 19, 2020
unicorn finish from Making A Lather

The unicorn quilt is finally done. I started this for my Granddaughter the fall of 2018. I didn't have a pattern, but, I had a panel and a layer cake. I prefer mindless sewing, so, I kept procrastinating. There is a certain amount of guilt that goes with procrastinating, and, that was the motivation to finally put my head down and get this done. And, it will be a good excuse to see my Grandchildren. It is about 70 x 80. I used a plain pink sheet for the back. I used a simple stipple with a few flowers ...

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June 12, 2020
countryside cottage finish from Making A Lather

 This is a 2004 Joann block of the month that I have had for some time. I needed to finish it. The colors are rich and lovely. I have a couple in mind that I want to gift this. It is queen size. I have many joann quilts block of the months that I bought each year. I was so excited when I found them. The fabric was included and precut. The instructions had cute little hints that were actually helpful. I bought them each year, and then they have waited in a project box. Some I haven't even ...

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June 5, 2020
silent night from Making A Lather

I have another older ufo finished. This was a quilt I saw at a local quilt shop. I really liked it, and they were happy to cut the fabric for me. I had it made right away, but, as usual, It has been in a pile that needs to be quilted. The date on the list is 2011. It is about 43 x 48. I think the reason, I didn't finish it, is that I wanted special quilting for it, and, I didn't feel like I had the skills at the time.

The houses were pieced, but, the ...

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May 29, 2020
template quilt finish from Making A Lather

I started making a quilt using the scrap crazy templates with an idea in my head. The blocks were not difficult, but, I did make a mistake. The fabric needs to be facing the same direction, either right side up or wrong side up, but, not folded together. Some I cut, the right way, but, then I would forget, and cut the wrong way. The hard part was sorting it out. The quilt came to a screeching halt. Every time I would see it, I would shake my head, and, go on to something else. One day, it clicked, I ...

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May 15, 2020
birch trees finish from Making A Lather

I started this quilt as part of the rainbow scrap challenge in 2018. I made blocks according to the rainbow color of the month. By year end, I had all the blocks finished. I made string blocks, and, sliced them for the "tree" part of the block. By following the scrap challenge, it was never overwhelming to work on it.

It is about 68 x 80. I used a green sheet for the backing.

I have this quilt on my May one monthly goal and my PHD 2020.

I'm linking to:

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April 12, 2020
sparkle punch finish from Making A Lather

Today the president of our church has asked us to fast and pray for relief from covid-19, for protection for those on the front lines, and for our economy to be strengthened. I know this can make a huge difference for all of us.

I started  making this quilt in 2014 when I saw a  picture in a magazine.

I had the top done within the year, but, it has languished in the quilting pile.

Today it is finished.

This is part of April's one monthly goal and PHD

I'm linking to:

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February 28, 2020
sand castle finish from Making A Lather

I am not getting the comments in my email. I wonder if blogger is having a problem. I am sorry if I am not responding to comments. I think I may have fixed it.

I started sand castles early last year and have tried to stick to it until it is finished. It was a massive project to cut and sew 3648 pieces and a bunch of strings together, and, more importantly, to keep me on the same project.

It finishes at 80 x 80 and used 20 1/4 yards of fabric.

Funny story: Cleaning up around my treadle ...

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February 16, 2020
woven finish from Making A Lather

We had the prettiest, fluffy snowfall, and, I was anxious to get a photo of this recent finish. What a fun combination. I started this quilt last year, as part of the rainbow scrap challenge. Every month I made the 4 patches in the color of the month from 2 1/2 inch squares. Otherwise, it would have been a quick and easy quilt to make.

I used a variegated thread and a free motion swirl pattern. It finished at 54 x 60 inches, and has 429 pieces, and used 7 1/4  yards of fabric ( mostly scraps ). I used ...

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