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August 11, 2022
Het Klossie Challenge, Panama Pyramids, Labrador Love, Flight of Fancy Fabrics from Canadian Needle Nana

 Even in what I think is the fulsome of summer, a little nagging thing has happened. Hubby pointed out that the light is fading a tiny tab bit earlier each day. As much as the continual heat waves and humidity are unwanted, the thought of the summer fading is not a good one.  

So just have to enjoy the growth while we can. Below is a neglected part of the garden behind the house. With so much in the front areas to maintain, this bit gets left out often.  The blue flowering bush hides the ac unit and I'm ...

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Three Free Patterns, Orange in the Garden and in Reds, Pigeon's Rare Visit from Canadian Needle Nana

Day lilies are all in bloom. So many striking colours it's hard to choose one to show you. But this orange is so bright it's like a blinding orange is what I'm calling it. Reminiscent of the poppies I shared last month. 
Here is a visitor we had for one day last week. Have never seen a Rock Dove (Pigeon) here before. It was of interest to see he was sporting bands on both legs and they were different. Wouldn't it be interesting to know this fellow's history!
Ned enjoyed keeping a close eye on ...

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August 8, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Wildlife, Jackrabbit Cross Stitching, Favourite Sun Block Cream from Canadian Needle Nana

 So what do you think? Lining one of the tunnels for a nest perhaps? Update...I've been told he/she is probably storing food for the winter.

The three small groundhogs, the chucklings, seem to have disappeared. I read they move on to establish their own territory and I hope that is true. This bigger one is spotted in the front yards nowadays often tearing chunks of grass. I've read a lot about groundhogs/woodchucks and have enjoyed observing and photographing them up close. Mid summer amusement. 

I've also enjoyed a few calm early mornings laying stitches ...

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August 1, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Kaffe Table Runner, Wheel Within a Wheel Progress, Me in the Garden from Canadian Needle Nana

The deer have been around and gnawed down a couple of hosta plants; here they eat the same one and leave all the rest. 
I've finished the impromptu/squirrel project, the Kaffe Table Runner. It finished at 13 by 25 inches. I enjoyed the hand quilting part of this project and how it used up some very old scraps.
I decided, because it was geometrical, I would try some rounded edges for the quilting as contrast. Sharing with the Purple Party at So Scrappy.
I cut a cardboard template and used my hera tool to make the quilting lines ...

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July 26, 2022
Thursday's Three Free, Basket Case Hand Quilting, Favourite Kitchen Gadget, Critters from Canadian Needle Nana

We are still in the middle of a heat wave. Temperatures are reaching to the 30's every day and the heat alone without humidity doesn't bother me happily.  I'm just thankful we seem to be stuck at a tolerance level and not breaking records(yet!) like in England and parts of the U.S. 

The tiny peepers have given way to the green frogs and brown toads. I'm now hearing the distinctive rumble of a couple of bull frogs at the pond. 

This happens every year though I've yet to see either a peeper or ...

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July 22, 2022
Simple Stars from Quarter-Inch Capers

Here’s a free pattern that uses one layer cake plus 2-2/3 yards of background and makes a quilt that is 64” x 80”.

I really like this one, and the fact that I can use a pre-cut is a bonus for me. Find the pattern here.

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July 18, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Chocolate Strawberry Cake, Kim's Flower Pots, Purples For July from Canadian Needle Nana

I'm not feeling up to par this morning. Yesterday I turned my left ankle on a late afternoon walk (am I fit to leave the house anymore???) and it throbbed lightly in the night, enough to wake me around 2 and I didn't get back to sleep till 4 ish. Up at 6:30 per usual with Ned and relieved the ankle is a little sore but totally walkable. That's the good news.

And that aside, what bothered me is this... it didn't occur to me to get up and take a Tylenol. That link between ...

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July 14, 2022
Bird Song by Pat Sloan from Want It, Need It, Quilt It!

My lovely friend, Pat has designed a new collection and I am so grateful Pat has asked me to be part of the tour. Join me today to showcase Pat Sloan’s new collection Bird Song for Benartex ( @benartex_fabrics ). A delightful collection of birds, florals, dots and strips. Imagine a spring garden, heavily scented...

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July 11, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Hand Embroidery, Summer Baskets, Poppy Love, Great Banana Muffins from Canadian Needle Nana

The Icelandic Poppies were in bloom. They bring very striking colour to the garden but my little complaint is they do not stay long. This particular orange is so glowing, you can't see details on the petals. If there is such a thing as electric colour this would be it.

The centers are equally wonderful. I have a small bank of reds too but they are not as interesting as these.

I bought a huge bag of bananas for $1 at Walmart  There were nineteen bananas and I ate most of them. But I also made a batch of ...

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Free Quilt Pattern from Quarter-Inch Capers


This is a cute one that I would personally make from scraps. The pattern is here. I kept reading the instructions to see if there would be a way to use some of the precut squares and strips I already have, and I think it could be modified to work. I will be keeping this one bookmarked for future charity quilts.

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July 8, 2022
Three Thrift Store Finds, Wheel Within a Wheel Block, Floral Motif Sampler from Canadian Needle Nana

The American Robins love the bird bath. This is a young one who just wouldn't leave it one day last week. Despite his grumpy look, he took such enjoyment it put a smile on my face watching hm.

I had this very odd thing happen to my finger on Thursday last.  Felt a searing pain and saw a blood vessel swell very suddenly in my right pointer finger. As I was thinking I need to get to the hospital, it stopped as quickly as it had started.  I now have a reddish bruise in the spot.
 Google has told ...

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July 5, 2022
Thursdays' Three Free, Five Fledglings, Two Bleeding Hearts, One Basket Case Quilt from Canadian Needle Nana

I have had a good week and by good I mean productive as per a retired old lady. Played ball and walked the dogs a lot, cleaned and refilled the bird feeders, dug around a bit more in the garden, tidied the pesky cupboard and flotsam drawer. I also washed our bed pillows. Do you do that?  I run them through the machine with clorox and then again with no detergent a couple of times a year.  We don't have fancy ones that might need dry cleaning.  I swam a little too and took photos as well.  It goes ...

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July 3, 2022
Free Potholder and Oven Mitt Pattern from Quarter-Inch Capers

I have been looking for patterns to make sewn items for the quilt guild sampler store. My (not too original) thought was to do some potholders and oven mitts. I found this free pattern on the Robert Kaufman website.

I read through the pattern, and I’m not real clear on the potholder binding; I may just have to try and see if I can work it out. The oven mitt pattern has a template I can print out, and I like that.

I have all the stuff required to make these, just need to get started.

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June 27, 2022
Three Free Patterns on a Thursday, More Panama Pyramids, A Prime Series to Watch from Canadian Needle Nana

I got the fridge cleaned out and one of the large corner bottom cabinets tidied too. Oh I hate those cupboards. Things get put in them and completely forgotten about. I have to get down on my knees to reach things at the back which is far from convenient. Anyway, I did decide to move some of the small appliances I use more often down there rather than having them way down the hall in a spare room. Big grocery shop is done and it feels good to have tinned goods restocked, things like broth, tuna, beans, etc. Also pickles ...

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June 13, 2022
Three Freebies on a Thursday, Hubby's New Toy, Tumbling Blocks, Rabbit in White Socks from Canadian Needle Nana

Hubby with his latest purchase.  Something called a Spyder which is three wheeled and has power steering.  I'm filing this only live once! He rides mid week with a group of similarly vintage drivers who ride the back roads and take all the precautions. I really don't worry about him...that much.

In the tall woods, I spied this little fellow. The ears gave him away.
His close up! His paws were still winter white when this photo was taken.
A new feature on this blog...I'll try to corral the free patterns to Thursday ...

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May 30, 2022
First of Three Mistakes, EPP Again, Wildflowers Free Pattern, Tiny Hand Stitched Needlebook from Canadian Needle Nana

 I made a large pot of -I don't know what to call it- ground beef, onions, tinned tomatoes, cabbage, corn and carrots all cooked together with a little broth. Sort of a stew I guess. It was tasty and I added a couple of the wild garlic that has just ripened. Being me, I made enough for the whole street, so the first night I cooked rice to go with it and the second night, mashed potatoes. I'm ridiculously happy when I make enough of something to cover two meals. 

I have a few more of the EPP ...

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May 20, 2022
New Tilda Project, Free Embroidery Patterns, Choki, Gardening from Canadian Needle Nana

Here I am up at the farm years back planting Morning Glories along the back yard area that the dogs roamed in. Murphy was keeping pace with me as I moved along. These are seeds I would have germinated in the tiny green house attached to the barn. I enjoyed training the vines up that fence to cover it up. Happy Spring Memories!

I've been following Choki on YouTube for about two years now. I've shared this before but thought I'd mention again for new readers.  I find whatever she makes looks so good and it also ...

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May 1, 2022
Weekly Wonders at the Wooden House from Canadian Needle Nana

The Eastern Phoebes are nest building on the back of the house. I'd cleared out last years nests and two pairs are using the exact spots again. Location, location, location, I guess. LOL

It was Anzac Day, April 25, recently. Newfoundlanders were the only North Americans to fight along side the Australian and New Zealand forces at Gallipoli in World War I. This event is marked by the Royal Newfoundland Regiment each year. In 2021, the bands of both forces, while continents apart, linked up to make this video.  The piece is called Invercargill, named after a city in ...

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April 28, 2022
Check out Passport to Quilting! from The Crafty Quilter

Hello quilters! I have exciting news to share that will make your quilt-y hearts happy! The Passport to Quilting event is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get lots of free sewing and quilting patterns just in time for summer sewing!

Passport to Quilting is a free bundle of sewing and quilting patterns from 20+ designers!

Passport to Quilting Details

So, what is Passport to Quilting?

This is a totally FREE event that takes place May 5th thru May 9th, 2022. I am one of 20+ designers participating and we are thrilled to be offering a bundle of free sewing and quilting patterns just for you! Think of it as ...

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April 11, 2022
Canadian Spring, A Gardener's Alphabet, Links, Free Patterns, Inspiring Quilts from Canadian Needle Nana

Crabapple Hill Designs A Garden's Alphabet BOM, pink crayon tinted and embroidered. Blocks all done; assembly required.

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