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December 5, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Scandinavian Christmas Hanging, Walt Disney Cartoons from Canadian Needle Nana

  Time is short; I can no longer afford to just drift. That is my mantra these days. Though in honesty I don't think I ever just drifted...I remember too much of it all, conversations for instance and my feelings during those conversations. No I have to think I was fully present, putting in lots of effort and responsible for whatever happened or didn't happen, whatever words came out of my mouth, whatever got done or got lost along the way, etc.  And now suddenly it's yet another December and hopefully bringing with it a wonderful gift- ...

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November 28, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Super Scrappy Finish, Costco Buys, Autumn Poem from Canadian Needle Nana

I just had to share another of my turkey shots in honour of the great American Thanksgiving 2022 occurring as I write this post. 

It's been a good week and I've managed to keep up my fitness, visit older daughter and older grandson, and do some Christmas shopping. SIL always drops me off a Costco chicken which I appreciate as I seldom get there myself. They are a good size and I get to use them right down to boiling the bones to make a little bone broth. Speaking of Costco...

Look what's on my bed...Black ...

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Pick Up Sticks from Quarter-Inch Capers

Sometimes you just can’t quilt, but you can always look at patterns and dream about what you want to make. I tend to dream of stash busting, and of course there is a good reason for that. I found this one from Windham Fabrics.

This one is made from a single fabric line, but it might work well for scraps also. The pattern is here.

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November 22, 2022
Three Free Patterns, 25 No Bake Cookies and Squares, Friendship Star Blocks from Canadian Needle Nana

A November pond view, the day before our snow fall. 

Yes, it snowed overnight Monday into Tuesday and we have a couple of centimeters on the ground. The pond was caught over with ice this morning. The air was cold and crisp on our walk. Here is Ned relaxing with Tony but with an eye on the door. A squirrel ran across his veranda. How dare it!!

LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's prompt this week is to share a favourite dish for Thanksgiving, that would be the great American Thanksgiving which is coming up.  I cook a traditional ...

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November 16, 2022
» Quarter-Inch Capers

This is so cute

Well, I am always attracted to the gray backgrounds. The pattern is called Barbados. You can find it here. It uses 16 fat eighths plus yardage, but it could be easily modified for fat quarters (which, of course, I have lots of). The dimensions are 50” by 74”. 

I do love a scrappy quilt, especially when I can use my stash. I have several baskets of fat quarters that are just gathering dust at this point. I think I just need some inspiration….and maybe some free time.

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November 14, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Sewing Tiny Trees and Poppies, Recipes Too from Canadian Needle Nana

Our laneway in view there and one of several mother trees on the property. To the right-the overgrown area was a rock garden originally. A few plants flower there from time to time and I would love to revive it.
I mentioned I tried growing herbs in a planter this summer. This is one of the culprits caught red handed or red pawed in this case. Look at him happily munching that plant. I recognize him as a "regular" because of the notch in his ear. 
Recently I made us one of those breakfast for supper meals. I used Turkey ...

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November 9, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Cross Stitching Birds, Pumpkin Crunch Cake, Panama Pyramids EPP from Canadian Needle Nana

We both got our bivalent vaccine booster shots on Monday and both had a sore arm but, thankfully, no other effects. At this point where there seems to be a smorgasborg of viruses circulating, I don't know if it will be a help or not. Lots of talk of a bad flu happening here though too. 

Leeanna's Not Afraid of Color's prompt this week was to share our favourite pumpkin recipe. I shared this dump cake recipe in this post back in 2019 because it was just so good and the perfect cake for autumn. As you ...

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Abstract Pinwheel Baby Quilt from Quarter-Inch Capers

I actually found this quilt while I was searching for something else, but it definitely caught my attention. With all the scrap cutting I have been doing lately, I am all about the 2-1/2" squares.

There is also lot of white background, but that could be changed to a soft gray or something. What colors are the new moms into now? I made several baby quilts a few years ago, and gray and navy was popular as well as navy and aqua. I really think I would just do what I wanted and hope it would be liked and ...

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October 31, 2022
Thursday's Three Free Patterns, Halloween Talk, Sharing Quilt Backs, Special Video from Canadian Needle Nana

 Autumn turned this maple tree into quite the marvel. 

Now those limbs are bare. And for a short time, we will enjoy our golden leafy carpet under foot on our walks.
Someone asked...yes the Swedish BungyPump Walking poles are fabulous in my opinion. You do get a workout- I can feel my heartrate rise, and I do believe my upper body and arms are getting stronger.  I usually spend 15-20 minutes walking  with them as many days of the week as I can get in. Not affiliated in any way.
LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's prompt this ...

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Quilt Block Test, Thrift Store Find, Attic 24 Crochet Latest, Another Great SAL, Autumn Love from Canadian Needle Nana

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were glorious days that showcased perfect October weather. The sun shone all day and warmed the earth. It was pleasant enough to sit on the veranda and stitch.

 I watched leaves gently letting go and kept thinking of the word golden. Ned joined me, keeping a sharp eye on the squirrels and sniffing the air, enjoying autumn in an entirely different way. 
It was perfect to be crocheting and I didn't mind the extra warmth of wool in my lap. I listened to this audio book, Miss Eliza's English Kitchen. A Novel of Victorian ...

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October 26, 2022
Flight Plan Quilt Pattern from Quarter-Inch Capers

This is done in Tonga batiks.

I like all four color ways, but the top left and bottom left are especially pretty. The free pattern is here. The pattern has a couple of more color ways that aren’t shown in the thumbnails. 

The fabric requirements include a Tonga treats six pack….I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one. It’s six inch strips. I’m sure fat quarters would work also, but it would take 20 of them.

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October 24, 2022
Thursday's Free Three, Panama Pyramids, Tidy Up Time, Autumn's Beauty from Canadian Needle Nana

Veranda view of the tree line edging our side, ball playing lawn. October 19. Leaves falling now and sorry the photo is not focused but I had to share for the colours, especially the purple Smoke Tree.

I've started my decorating for Halloween. LOL Need to add deep dusting to my chore list! Though I am peculiar in that I do abide the odd spider here and there in this house.

So happy to get a few more of the Panama Pyramids finished. Parked in front of the tv every night with Hubby is when I get hand stitching ...

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October 22, 2022
Sewcialites2 from Want It, Need It, Quilt It!

It’s day 1 of the Sewcialites2 sew-along. @fatquartershop has free downloads of each block and the final setting. The first block is named the Perennial Block by @flamingotoes and can be made as a 3”, 6” or 9” finished block. My 6” block is made using 2wenty thr3e by Eric and Julie Comstock. A blast...

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October 17, 2022
Many Free Patterns, Favourite Snack, Quilting Tilda from Canadian Needle Nana


Happy Thursday friends! The season is moving forward with news of snow flurries north of us. Here we are comfortably still in autumn with all the little things in nature changing, some faster than others as my photo captured here.

I'm soldiering away quilting Plaid Tilda.  It is going smoothly so far with the handling of the size of it and I haven't hit any lumps or tucks. It's interesting how fabric can behave well sometimes and other times not. I keep checking the back to be sure there are no snags and it's good to ...

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Free Pattern from Quarter-Inch Capers

I saw this picture on Pinterest, and was able to find the pattern on the Andover website. I will definitely be making this, just don’t know when. I have quite a few black and white prints that I was planning to use for another project that never happened, and this would be a perfect way to use them.

The pattern can be found here.

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October 12, 2022
Thursday's Three Free, Gardening, Quilting Tilda, Apple Love and Turkey Time from Canadian Needle Nana

That tree canopy was where I was chasing a Barred Owl yesterday. Caught two glimpses of it as it moved totally silently through the trees. I crawled through a lot of undergrowth and bushes, craning my neck, trying to find it. No luck but happy to know one is still around.
Recent frost warnings turned into actual morning frost a couple of times so I got busy and prepared my plants to bring them inside. Here I'd moved them to the veranda and at night I throw a sheet over them.  They all grew a lot over the summer ...

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October 4, 2022
Three Free Patterns Thursday, JackRabbit Progress, Cosy Afghan, Beautiful Face Cream from Canadian Needle Nana

In the late September sun, Pink Asters bloom as some of the hostas fade. And a tiny tree frog has been living in the furnace outtake pipe at the back of the house below our bedroom window. We hear his chirps sometimes at night and always wondered where exactly they were coming from. Such incredibly loud sounds from such a small fellow.

He was spotted by the eagle eyed Petey when we were playing ball back there one day and seems to be living there.
This week I've been laying down some cross stitches on my JackRabbit piece. The ...

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October 2, 2022
Scrappy Projects, Autumn Bouquet, One Monthly Goal, QAL News, Muffins by Ina from Canadian Needle Nana

I don't make many indoor bouquets anymore even though that is something I enjoy having; I leave it for the bees and insects. But I couldn't resist the beautiful contrast of the purple Asters and the mustard yellow Goldenrod. There are three varieties of  autumn Asters here, pale blue and white as well as the purple New England Asters.

It felt like a quilt making day on Friday.  The walk early morning was one with a bracing wind in my face. 2C overnight but the wind definitely made it feel colder.  I was thankful I'd opted for ...

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Autumn Jubilee 2022 Begins! from From My Carolina Home

Welcome to the seventh Autumn Jubilee!! Every year it seems to get bigger and better! Today, we begin with announcement of our fabulous vendor sponsors for all the prizes to be given away this month and a few details you need to know. We are going to sew a great new project, cook a new recipe, do some wool applique, read a book set during the Autumn season, and quilt a festive table topper. We’ll also play in our craft rooms, dig in our gardens, set an Autumn table, and more! Every post this month has a giveaway, too ...

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September 28, 2022

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers. Please enjoy this FREE HALLOWEEN PAPER PIECED PATTERN!


You will find the download for these patterns at the end of this post. You might also enjoy my series of WITCH BLOCKS. These are all sold separately on Etsy…

Here are links to all the witches:







Wouldn’t these witches make a stinkin’ cute table runner for October?


This is my favorite new Halloween Quilt pattern: GNOME ...

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