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January 19, 2018
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 169 - Just Piecing from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Into the groove of sewing again (at last) after a winter knitting sabbatical, and now I have a couple of cradle quilt tops to show for my efforts.  I have used this fabric before, with shades of subdued blue and also with a red border.  This time I have concentrated on the green teapots and used greens to build up the colour range.  I also have the perfect backing fabric, so these should be fun-packed little quilts.  It is nearly two months since I have been near my treadle, and I am looking forward to getting going again.

Here goes ...

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January 12, 2018
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 168 - May Landscape from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Reality in thread - to my eyes anyway.  This is the first landscape that I have stitched from a photo, and it was an entirely different experience to the usual Never Never Land that I have always stitched before.  This time accuracy mattered.

The annual 12 x 12 exhibition at Midsomer Quilting kicked me into action last October.  The theme was "Where in the World?."  Some of the fabulous quilts on show can be seen here.

Although I was tempted to try a scene taken on holiday in Ireland or Spain, I decided to depict a scene only a few minutes ...

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January 4, 2018
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 167 - Chaos Reigns from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Easy to let things slide.  This is the state of my sewing room today. Just before Christmas I abandoned all thoughts of sewing and have only just recovered the inclination start quilting again.  There is a bit of tidying up to do first, as you can see.  Somehow I haven't got round to it yet.  I am far too easily distracted, for example by grapefruits when out shopping, so as a result this afternoon I have been preparing grapefruits for marmalade.  Anything but tidy up.

After a quiet Christmas with just three of us at home (just as well ...

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December 15, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 166 - Camera Case from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Easy as pie - why did it take me so long to get round to making this?  Probably because I was thinking I needed to make a specially shaped case for my camera, whereas a simple pouch does just as well.  

The quilting shows up really well, which I am pleased about...

...and on the inside the print fabric makes a surprise appearance every time.  I have never been sure whether I like the colours of the print, but I love the pattern and it worked a treat as a guide for the quilting. 

As for the brown with cream flowers ...

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December 8, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 165 - Binding Scraps from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Ever noticed I'm a slow starter?  For the third week running I am showing what I am going to do, but with zero progress.  This afternoon I chose two strips of left over binding from the scraps tin, and decided that I am going to make a simple rectangular shaped pouch for my camera.  But as for sewing... no, I'm still feeling far too sluggish as a result of the virus.  All my energy has gone into knitting.  And laundry.  And other things far too tedious to mention.

Here goes for Week 165.

The project that caught my ...

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November 30, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 164 - Spot The Difference from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

This photo looks suspiciously like last week's photo, but with a slight difference.  It is a picture of my new camera taken with my old one, as opposed to the other way round. 

My plans for making a camera cosy have come to nothing so far.  I have been thwarted by a ghastly virus, which kept my husband off work for a week and has now worked its way across to me.  Last Thursday in particular was a write off.  Sewing is still far too complicated and strenuous a task to tackle, but knitting.... now, that's a different ...

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November 25, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 163 - Planning a Camera Cosy from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Only four and a half years half in the cupboard, and finally I have decided how to use this free motion quilting sample.  The design looks fearfully clever, until you look at the back and find I was following a printed pattern.

My husband has bought me a brand new camera, a slightly belated 30th anniversary present.  After a few years of use and abuse (in particular, not keeping it in a case) my old camera is getting all slow and temperamental, so I now have the updated model.  I have been trying it out and found it is much ...

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November 17, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 162 - Just a Detail from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Under pressure, that's seems to be the only way I get these landscapes done.  The deadline I had for delivering the quilt was Monday, and I finished the sewing at about midday.  Then had breakfast.  Then got dressed.  Then pressed the picture flat and trimmed the edges off.  Then jumped in the car to drive to Midsomer Quilting, and arrived there some time before 3 o'clock.  

The annual exhibition of 12 x 12 quilts runs from 24th November to 18th December, and I had a sneaky preview of a couple of the other quilts.  It is going to ...

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November 12, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 161 - Almost There from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Only a few hours' work left, which is just as well because I have a deadline.  There has been very little progress since last week because I have had a trip away with my brother, and getting back into the groove has been a bit of an effort.  I need to deliver this landscape to Midsomer Quilting this weekend for the annual 12 x 12 exhibition, so tomorrow I hope to have it all but finished.  The sky will be fairly straightforward, just plain with a few hand-stitched birds, but the trees could be a bit of a tussle.  Then ...

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Free Motion Mavericks - Week 160 - Joining Foreground to Background from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Having followed the photo slavishly until now, linking the foreground of the landscape to the background calls for a slightly different approach.  There is a fair amount of scribbling involved.  The danger lies in getting carried away, so I add a little bit at a time, with frequent breaks to hang it up and see how it looks from the opposite side of the room.

Here goes for Week 160.

The project that caught my eye in Week 159 were Andrée's test pieces, comparing different waddings.  If you haven't seen her blog post yet, nip over now and ...

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October 27, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 159 - Tractor Tracks from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Slowly the landscape is taking shape.  I have worn a groove in the floor walking back and forth between the sewing machine and the computer screen checking the photo of the crop of rapeseed.   Getting the position of the tractor tracks through the crop was crucial for the perspective.  In theory, all I have to do now is the equivalent of colouring in, except that it is not quite so simple. 

Today I have had a day off because there are a few problems to overcome. 

The degree of puckering is a little irksome, but that will rectify itself as ...

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October 21, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 157 - Anticipating Next May from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Looking a bit dull so far, but next May my favourite field should be a sea of yellow.

I have chosen the photo I am going to use for the stitched landscape and have made a tracing to use as a pattern...

... and I have chosen the threads.

It is a bit daunting, so I shall only stitch a little at a time.  Let's hope I don't mess it up.

Here goes for Week 157.

The project that caught my eye in Week 156 was Andrée's black and white wall hanging.  If you haven't seen her ...

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Free Motion Mavericks - Week 158 - Perspective from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Every subtle shade in variegated thread helps build up the picture.  The trouble I am having at the moment is that the weather is rainy and overcast and the light is dreadful.  Everything looks a dull yellow under the electric light.  At least I have been able to plot the main lines of the composition and am thinking ahead as to how I am going to stitch the bits in between.  It is slow work.

Here goes for Week 158.

The project that caught my eye in Week 157 was LeeAnna's Van Gogh inspired quilt..  If you haven't ...

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October 6, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 156 - Mulling It Over from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

X marks the spot...

It's not so fascinating at this time of year, but the view from this particular spot is intriguing.  It is something to do with the gentle undulations in the slope of the hill, the tractor tracks leading the eye to the trees, the angle of the sun.  In the past I have stood here and captured a dramatic sky, fresh green shoots, golden wheat and bright yellow rapeseed.

It's high time I stitched a landscape.

Here goes for week 156...

If you love free motion quilting, whether you are a beginner just taking the ...

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September 29, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 155 - Variation on a Theme from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Repetition is no bad thing when you want to churn out a few little quilts, but I have to confess that I am getting a little bored and need to do something different soon.  It's all getting a little too deja vu at the moment.

Having said that, I particularly like the shades of blue in this quilt.

The green spots give a nice fresh look...

... there is a bit of entertaining detail in the binding...

...and the butterflies on the backing are an absolute delight.

Here goes for Week 155.

The project that caught my eye in Week ...

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September 21, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 154 - Binding and Backing from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

One of my favourite fabrics ever is running out.  I love these butterflies!  The fact that they are printed in monochrome doesn't detract from their beauty.  They are accurate representations of butterflies I recognise and often see (peacocks, red admirals, orange tips), and some I would love to see more often (for instance, the Camberwell beauty, of which I have only ever seen one, in Poland). 

Today I have been putting the binding on a cradle quilt, and earlier this week I stocked up on fabric so I have plenty of backing when I make more.  How long will ...

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September 15, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 153 - Strips, Stripes And Checks from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

If there is an element of deja vu to this cradle quilt, it is because I made a job lot of strips of squares some months ago and am just coming to the end of them.  This quilt is very similar to one I made earlier this year, even using the same beige check for the strips between the squares.  However, I have a rule.  No two quilts can be identical.

So for the border I used a tiny check...

...and for the binding a bold black and red stripe...

...with more of the beige check for the backing.   Somehow ...

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September 8, 2017
Free Motion Mavericks - Week 152 - Pink Scooters Cradle Quilt from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Roses around the border put this quilt firmly in the girly category...

...and the colours of the scooters in the centre called out for shades of pink with browns and greys.

So in went a bit of teapots and jam pots on grey...

... and a bit of blue-grey batik...

...and even a tiny bit of khaki green next to some brown batik...

...and some reindeer on pinkish grey.

Pink binding holds the whole colour scheme together...

...and the reindeer put in an appearance on the back.

I loved working with these colours.  Somehow the finished effect was restful, perfect for ...

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