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April 28, 2016
Quilting The Big Quilt-Personalizing from The Inbox jaunt

Good Morning, Quilters! Join me in a Happy Dance-My sister’s Basket Quilt is finished! Can you guess how many hours of quilting it required (a king size quilt)?  Keep reading… The Basket Quilt was a group quilt stitched for my sister … Continue reading

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April 27, 2016
Exploring London - The Village Haberdashery from madebychrissied

I have spent the last 10 days in England, visiting friends old and new and I even squeezed in time for a bit of sewing.  An internet friend of several years, Trudi Wood, was teaching free motion quilting at The Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead, London so I met up with her and sat in on her class.

Even if you haven't heard of Trudi I know you'll have seen her work - in magazines, display quilts for fabric companies and quilting events far and wide Trudi is the queen of British long arm quilting and you can see ...

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A Baby Quilt for Henry from The Inbox jaunt

Good Morning, Quilters and Baby-Lovers! Henry’s Quilt has made it to the finish line! Celebrate with me!  Henry’s Quilt is complete-binding and all! Henry will be so happy! He’s as cute as a button and he’s always happy! This quilt is … Continue reading

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April 26, 2016
The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting - A Book Review from Red Delicious Life

Hey Quilty Friends! If you don't already have the latest and greatest machine quilting book, The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting co-authored by Angela Walters and Christa Watson, please stop reading right now and go get it! Okay, maybe finish reading this post first. :) Seriously, this book is amazing from start to finish. I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of the book in

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Mystery Quilt-a-Long — Swimming Along! from The Inbox jaunt

Good Morning, Quilters, Doodlers and Fishermen! Hope your quilts are coming along swimmingly… Last week we stitched Rows 3, 5, 12, and 13 HERE We are stitching Rows 7 and 11 this week. Row 11 Let’s add a little character to … Continue reading

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April 25, 2016
More deadlines from Quilting & Learning

I've often said in my blog that I don't like quilting under deadlines. Well, I still don't like it, even if I sometimes have to!

The first deadline was getting ready for the Fibre Fling 5 Show & Sale earlier this month. It was a huge success. The art was fabulous and I got everything done on time.

My two next deadlines are the Sew full of love quilt show with the Common Threads Quilt Guild (CTQG) from May 6 to 8 and the Art with Fabric Blog Hop (May 9th).

Sew full of love Quilt Show

Our ...

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April 23, 2016
Hurry! Time Is Running Out!!! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

In case you haven't heard already, Craftsy is having a fabulous sale on their top quilting classes right now!  But the sale ends tonight, 4/23/16 at 11:59 MDT, so you are running out of time!!  

You all know how much I love Christina Cameli as a free-motion quilting teacher, right?  Well right now, all three of her classes. INCLUDING her newest class, Wild Quilting, are $19.99 each!!!

So click here to be taken directly to the class sale - hundreds of classes are on sale, and you are sure to find something you will ...

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April 22, 2016
A Sneak Preview and Open Line Friday from The Inbox jaunt

Happy Friday, Quilters! I’m off on a road trip to Chicago this weekend–a round up of family…. Just thought I’d show a sneak preview of a quilt I recently finished–more details next week. In the mean time, I’m counting on YOU … Continue reading

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Weekend Workshop Warrier - Do you FMQ ? from Karen's Quilts, Crows, & Cardinals

Just back from a really great time with the Wiltwyck Quilter's Guild in Kingston, NY and I'm heading out the door for
an amazing Weekend of Workshops
in Arcade, NY.   

I'm looking forward to spending time with the lovely ladies at Creekside Fabrics, Quilts and Yarns and the 35+ patrons that have signed up for my Workshops -- Yippee!!  
Here's the lineup:

Friday Daytime -- We'll be learning FMQ Basics -- an Introductory class for those just learning to Free Motion Quilt on their home machines.
Friday Evening join us for a World of Susybee Trunk Show!

I ...

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April 20, 2016
Book and giveaway at Martingale from Craft Gossip

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting

Superstar quilters, Christa Watson and Angela Walters, have coauthored a book, The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting. Over at Martingale’s blog, Stitch This!, they are celebrating the release by giving away a copy of the book. Go there to get a chance to win. Link to post below:

2 quilting (stars) create the ultimate resource for machine-quilting ideas (+ giveaway!)

{Image credit:}

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April 19, 2016
52 prompts to blog every week : Week 15 from 13 Woodhouse Road

Aha ! my favourite this week, the favourite  FMQ design...

And a favourite from my favourite thing would be a difficult choice to make. However, I would like to go with paisleys! Its my go to design and is often repeated on a lot of my quilts!

The design is a little difficult to begin with but with practice I have become one of the most loved paisley quilters in India. I might as well say, that my friend and family dare not disturb me when I am with Ross trying to do some paisleys! I am, at that point , in ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting - A Book Review! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a new book by Christa Watson and Angela Walters called The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting - and I can’t wait to tell you about it!!

This is a really interesting book, and unique in that it discusses both long-arm and sit-down machine quilting options for each project.  In the beginning of the book, each quilter introduces herself and her preferred method of quilting, then shares the tools of the trade that they recommend and their own tips on becoming a better quilter.

Then there are the projects - ten quilts ...

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April 17, 2016
Learning to write - again from Quilting & Learning

Colour Me Positive Challenge
Like most of you, I've been writing since I was 5 or 6 years old. At different stages of my life, what I wrote and why I wrote has changed. At first, I wrote mostly for school - homework, math, essays, posters and stories. As a mom, I wrote lists of things to do and buy, notes for sick or late kids and the occasional letter or card to family. Since working on a computer, I only write when I'm at meetings or when I have no idea what I'm doing - then I'll ...

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April 16, 2016
It's Coming Along! from Joanie's Trendy Quilts

Each step I made a decision as to what the quilting design would be, not planned ahead. So far I am quite pleased. I was planning on zigging every other block in the grid, but realized somewhere along the way the grid was not equal on each side. Any additional stitching would only highlighted that the grid was off center.

There are 2 layers of Warm and Soft batting which gives the star a trapunto effect. I used my hopping/darning foot to free motion quilt the feathers. This is the foot I have been using for years to free ...

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April 12, 2016
Fibre Fling 5 Show from Quilting & Learning

It was amazing to see my art quilts hanging beside other wonderful art and feel that they fit right in! I have to admit that I didn't expect this to happen to me, at least before I retired and got to play and create full time.

It was great to help set up the Out of the Box Fibre Fling 5 art show and sale. Some of the larger pieces were hung on the wall, but there were a dozen free-standing structures to hang the art pieces. I worked with one of the artists to set up the pieces ...

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April 11, 2016
Still Waiting..... from Sue Daurio's Quilting Adventures

No twins yet, but they will definitely be here for the next Monday post, so EXCITING!!!  I think I just may be a bit more excited than any of them.  In the spirit of babys' I did finish Veronica's Pachyderm Pals.  Such a cute pattern by Cheri Leffer.  Hobbs 80/20 batting, Glide thread on top, magna glide in bobbin.  I quilted elephants in the big squares, the fabric is so busy it's hard to see but creates a nice texture change for the little guy.  When you look a the back with the minky you can see ...

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April 4, 2016
Craftsy Giveaway! from The Inbox jaunt

Good Morning Quilters! My second Craftsy class, Creative Free Motion Techniques:  From Doodle to Design goes LIVE next Monday! Good news–YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN-JUST SIGN IN HERE!!! My first class, Divide and Conquer:  Creative Machine Quilting has been … Continue reading

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» Sue Daurio's Quilting Adventures

Still waiting for the twins, oh boy I know she's more impatient that me.  So rather than doing a lot of sewing on any on thing, I'm like pacing from project to project.  Are they here yet????  They may not be here, but this is a nice distraction - look as this wonderful hunk of  quilting sweetness!  Yep she's mine and her name Amelia.  But don't tell daughter #3.  Daughter #3 wants that name for her first girl.  I have 4 girls and 6 grandsons. That's right not one grand daughter. Ya ya I know how ...

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March 31, 2016
2016 Free Motion Quilt Along - Part VII Landscape & Background FMQ from Karen's Quilts, Crows, & Cardinals

Greetings Fellow Quilters!
Welcome to Part VII of the
2016 Redbird Quilt Co.
Free Motion Quilt Along
using the whimsical 
Lewe's Balloons Growth Chart
by Susy Bleasby
for World of Susybee

We're in the home stretch and it's sew exciting!
If you're just joining us be sure to checkout the previously published
Free Motion Quilt Along Posts:

Introduction => here
Sponsors =>  here
Supplies =>  here
Part I Pieced Borders =>  here
Part II Pin Basting ==>  here
How to Quilt That =>  here
Part III Tools, Setup + Practice => here
Part IV Let's FMQ => here
Part V More FMQ => here
Part ...

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March 29, 2016
Second Annual Machine Quilt-a-Long–A Mystery Sampler from The Inbox jaunt

Good Morning, Quilters! Thank you all for participating in last week’s Open Line Friday about “Sewers, Sewists, Seamstresses, Tailors….”   It was a fascinating discussion! CHANGE OF SCHEDULE Our Mystery Quilt-a-long was so popular last year that I decided to … Continue reading

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