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January 17, 2017
January practice from remember your karma

I decided that instead of doing practice pieces that I toss, I would create an entire composition for FMQ practice.

I started with trying a different style of feathers. In a flower shape. With a cross-hatch background.

I added formal feathers in the corners. 

Then I pondered the border. It needed even quilting to balance the intense FMQ in the center. 

I did ruler work to create an architectural border. With loops in the cornerstones.

Finished at 24"square. I used a layer of Quilters Dream mid-loft poly on the bottom under a layer of Quilters Dream Puff. Quilted with ...

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January 14, 2017
border half finished from Texas Quilting

20170113181913_img_0508.jpgI made more headway on the Craftsy block of the month.  The border is actually the same blocks as the ones lined out for January, although it doesn’t immediately look like it.  I’m always amazed at just how much variety there is with half square triangles!

The border is made from blocks that I don’t have in dies and in fact they don’t make, so short of buying custom made dies – which aren’t cheap and also take time to have made and shipped to me – I rotary cut the pieces for it.   The quilt will ...

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January 13, 2017
Catching up on World Quilting Travel Adventure from Quilting & Learning

with JoJo Hall
I have a lot of catching up for the World Quilting Travel Adventure with JoJo Hall. We are going on a wonderful world tour and making souvenirs from our destinations.
Souvenir from Oregon
Oregon, United States

Our first stop was in Oregon, where JoJo comes from. I made a smaller, more whimsical version of her landscape. Check out her original landscape, it's gorgeous!

Hawaii, United States

The second stop was Hawaii. It's certainly an attractive destination, especially with the -25 C weather we were having in Ottawa! In November I started ...

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Finish Along - Q1 Planned Finishes from Red Delicious Life

Click here for the 2017 Finish-Along Details

Last year I attribute a lot of my successful finishes to my participation in the 2016 Finish Along so it should come as no surprise that I will be participating again this year. It really helped to keep me focused and was a great motivator for me, being able to check a project off of my to-do list. So, here is my list for the first quarter of the year. Yes, it's ambitious, but it's supposed to be. Better to have too much and roll it over, than to have too ...

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January 12, 2017
Quilting Basics 7: Free Motion Quilting Tips from The Free Motion Quilting Project

Yesterday we learned how to stitch in the ditch with our walking foot and I mentioned you could do this with free motion quilting too. Today let's learn some tips on free motion quilting and how this cool quilting technique works on your home machine.

Click here to find the Stippling worksheet in the Block #1 pattern.

I can't emphasize enough how weird free motion quilting is. This quilting technique uses your machine in a totally different way so that most of the things you can usually depend on like consistent stitch length and the fabric feeding evenly ...

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January 10, 2017
Block 89 – From Colorado To The MidWest from Texas Quilting

ss-to-date-2017-01-09Whew!  I am way behind in blogging and in reading everyone else’s blogs.  January is always a really busy month between birthdays, starting work again after the holidays and so forth.

I think I have all of the setting blocks sewn now for the Splendid Sampler layout.  I’m ready to start moving blocks into real places but I think I’ll still wait until all the blocks are released to start sewing just so I can make sure I’m 100% sure on where I want each of the blocks to go.  After all, I have plenty of ...

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January 4, 2017
Winter Sun from Quilt Art by Olena Pugachova

Now, this may seem a bit out of season, but I think it only makes it more welcome:

machine pieced flower quilt

A bit of history first. Last year I made a storm-at-sea bed quilt for my brother- and sister-in-law, and used the scraps from it to make a small wallhanging to match:

winter landscape quilt

This winter "landscape" has been on their living-room wall since, and every time time I saw it in person or in Skype I thought they need something more summerly for a change. What with one thing and another, I only got round to making it in December, in time to make ...

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January 1, 2017
Best of 2016 from Quilting & Learning

I love participating in these specials because they give me another reason to write a post and review what I've learned.

Best of 2016 Linky Party

Since my blog is about Quilting and Learning, I thought that I would focus on the lessons I've put into practice this year as well as some of the lessons I learned the hard way!

Lessons Put Into Practice

  • The lesson that I put most into practice was to use tape to mark off the edges of a quilt before doing FMQ. I did add to this lesson - place the tape very ...

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December 30, 2016
A little Christmas Quilting from Quilting & Learning

Perfect project to practice my free motion quilting 
I haven't done any specific Christmas quilting this year, but when I found this (it must have popped out of the stash!) I knew that it would be a great little free motion quilting (FMQ) practicing opportunity.

It's a hot pad with a poinsettia fabric top and a red pre-quilted backing. This project has been hanging around for about 10 years - since I inherited my Mother's quilting stash. She had sewn the front and back together but hadn't sewn the opening yet.

I must say that I had ...

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December 23, 2016
Looking Up Quilt-as-you-go Pillow from Mommy's Nap Time

A photo posted by Emily Lang (@mommysnaptime) on
The Looking Up pillow was published in issue 31 of Quilt Now magazine.

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December 19, 2016
January pillow from Texas Quilting

20161212_082456.jpgWhen I was at the Quilt Festival, I happened to see a booth with a monthly pillow kit and best of all the teeny tiny pieces were precut so all I had to do was trim the backing fabric, put the pieces into place and move around as needed, sew and that was about it.

I learned my lesson from the December pillow and started this one at the ironing board once I got the brown background fabric trimmed to the size in the directions.

20161212_174433.jpgI started in the middle, between the “n” and “t” and centered both of those ...

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December 17, 2016
Christmas stocking from Texas Quilting

20161217_120244.jpgI bought a panel the other day that included the front and back of a Christmas stock as well as several gift card rectangles.  I’m not sure I’ll end up quilting the gift cards and use them.  However, as we are working through a different Christmas get-together than we’ve ever had I asked my sister if we were just doing stockings for the kids or if I needed to have stockings for the 2 parents in our family.

She said Santa hadn’t put anything in her stocking for years.  Awww….  We don’t actually put out ...

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December 14, 2016
Graffiti Quilting Dream Strip Quilt from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Graffiti Quilting on my Dream Strip Quilt Graffiti quilting was the plan for this old old old unfinished object, UFO, quilt. The larger solid stripes were perfect to showcase designs and the printed...

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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December 8, 2016
Greek blocks from Texas Quilting

img_20161207_051414.jpgThe Splendid Sampler is winding down with just 14 blocks to go.  Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt is fast and furious, running only through sometime in January typically. I’m finishing up the last 2 blocks for Leah Day’s quilt-as-you-go.  I learn a lot from these large groups so when Amy Ellis started a group to make a sampler quilt from her latest book, I jumped on board.

Last month we made the larger of 2 cross blocks.  This month are large Greek cross blocks.I spent a lot more time picking out fabrics than I did making these ...

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December 6, 2016
Ten Free Motion Quilting Motifs for Christmas and the Holidays from The Inbox jaunt

The Poinsettia Free Motion Quilt Tutorial Good Morning, Quilters! Happy Tuesday!  Today isn’t just Tuesday… It’s TEN Tutorial Tuesday–All Christmas and Holiday motifs! There’s everything from flowers to leaves and central motifs to background fills. Traditional?  Modern? YOU can find the … Continue reading

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Winners and More Winter Bliss Details from Karen's Quilts, Crows, & Cardinals

Many thanks to all that participated in the first ever Redbird Quilt Co Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale and Thank You for your continued support and encouragement.    
I'm excited to announce 3 winners (Blog, Instagram and Facebook) of the Really Mini Redbird and Berries Wool Quilt Kits
....Before I share the quilt kit winners I thought I'd share a few "process" pics and information about my recent "Winter Bliss" finish.   
My Version of Winter Bliss -- Original Design by Pat Sloan
Winter Bliss is a pattern by Pat Sloan and can be found in Pat's latest book ...

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December 4, 2016
Feather Faster Wall hanging from The Quilt Yarn

Making good progress on my Feather Faster wall hanging. What a great practice piece! Learned so much from stitching this out. As mentioned before this wall hanging came from a class called Feather Faster that I did earlier this year with Bethanne Nemesh. In her class Bethanne taught us her method of producing gorgeous, free flowing, no marking feathers that are easier and faster to execute.
I was very curious about this and stitched out one of my more formal feathers first. I am a self taught quilter and have come to like the backtracking method (in comparison to the ...

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November 30, 2016
Pat Sloan's Book Tour and Giveaway! from Karen's Quilts, Crows, & Cardinals

 Welcome fellow quilters!!

You've landed in upstate New York, USA
for one of the many stops along
A book tour you say ?
YES !!  
Pat Sloan has done it again with a new book in her "Teach Me" series -- this one is focused on one of my favorite topics,
Machine Quilting.    
Did you know:
Pat has published 33 books in 16 years?
Holy WOW -- See some of them here.
For this book,
Pat invited 41 of her Quilty friends
including !! ME !!
to participate in the tour.
If you haven't been following along ...

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November 29, 2016
Virtual Trunk Show from Quilting & Learning

For the second year in a row, Whims and Fancies is hosting the virtual Trunk full of Quilts. To prepare for this special event, I reviewed all of my 2016 posts. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount and the variety of my creations this year. There are:

I'm going to show you a sample of my favourites from each category. 

The Great Hockey Jersey Quilt

A few of my quilts have traveled far this ...

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Just Like Heaven from Texas Quilting

20161128_193108.jpgHot off the press – I just finished the hand binding on this quilt.  It’s in the washing machine and I’ll need to trim threads after it’s out but otherwise it’s ready to go in the mail to my nephew.  The pattern is called Just Like Heaven from Libs Elliott.  I knew when I originally saw it that I would end up making it and was just waiting for the right opportunity.

My official “quilt holder for the photo” isn’t home this evening so I just draped it over a chair to get a couple of ...

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