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July 1, 2021
FLOURISH QAL: Ready-Set-Stitch! from Nestlings By Robin


 I am beyond excited to bring my
FLOURISH quilt pattern to you!
Lots of information in this post
so please read to the end. 

As you can see at the time 
of this posting, I am still quilting it:)

Although I rarely use 
blue in my designs, the fabric
and the design itself both
required it for this layout
to be joyful and balanced.

Now to the QAL:
I am so excited you are here.
The FB group has continued
to grow & since this is a 
smaller project, I am looking forward 
to lively participation ...

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June 28, 2021
FLOURISH QAL: Supplies from Nestlings By Robin

 We are only 3 days away 
from this fun and inspiring quilt along!
So Exciting!!

Last time we talked FABRICS!
If you are new to the conversation,
go read the introduction HERE
We will wait...
Ok, now that you are back, 
let's talk supplies.
Some of my favorite supplies!
My swirly twirly designs
are back for this project
as well but I wrote the
whole pattern for 
fusible applique' and 
that is what we will 
focus on throughout
the QAL.

 *Still love the Magic sizing 
for PRESSING my seams.
*You see my favorite 
Bohin pencil is back.
That will ...

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June 26, 2021
FLOURISH QAL: Fabrics from Nestlings By Robin

 The first exciting step in starting a new

I had a lovely floral print, 
"First Impressions" designed by
Mary Anne Henderson 
from Red Hen Fabrics 
for Northcott 
that started it for me.
The color is true in the pic above.
I used the colors in the print
to pull my applique' and other
piecing fabrics.

 I placed a ruler over the 
fabric so you can get 
an idea of the print scale.
This print worked perfectly 
with the size of the templates.
You want a small to medium
print so that the fun details show ...

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June 18, 2021
FLOURISH: New QAL from Nestlings By Robin

 Well-Loved Ladies was a Huge success
and we still have many that are 
working on it because it really
isn't a quick project:)

As promised many moons ago, 
a smaller more attainable project
would be next so that those 
intimidated or not up to the 
task of WLL would be able to
join the quilt along fun and 
sharpen their skills for when
they are ready to tackle WLL. 

Twice a month starting July 1st,
I will present a tutorial via a
post here & FB that prepares us 
for the next step in the quilt along.

You will need ...

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