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February 19, 2019
Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along - Trees Block!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Welcome to the farm!

It's week four in the 
Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along 
and we are going to make trees today:)

We are using Farm Girl Vintage fabric...

And making the 
Farm Sweet Farm Quilt!

if you are just joining us
 and want to know all about it!

My tree block kit is all cut 
and laid out on a small design board.
You should have all of your pieces cut by following the sew along guide...
easy peasy!!

Farm Sweet Farm
Sew Simple Shapes:
H4 - 3
H15 - 12
H22 ...

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February 15, 2019
Vintage Block Along - Quilting Bee Block Tutorial!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Good morning cute people...
it's time to sew vintage today!

I'm sharing another 
vintage quilt block with you 
from my grandma's pattern basket:)

I chose a red and a coral pink from 
Farm Girl Vintage 
to use for todays block:)

I added the pink vintage phone
 in the photo ...

And the pink thimble...

And I'm going to explain 
what these two things have in common 
and why I'm calling this 
traditional vintage block

Of course you know by now 
that my grandma and all 5 
of her sisters were quilters.

Anytime that there ...

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February 12, 2019
Farm Sweet Farm - Farmers Daughter Block!! from Bee In My Bonnet

It's our time to 
hang out on the farm:)

Because it's week 3 in our 

We are playing with 
Farm Girl Vintage fabric and...

Farm Sweet Farm

This week is all about the pieced 
Farmers Daughter Blocks.

I'm going to show you how to
 make the 5" size...
the ones that are sewn into a row.

Of course the 10" size
 Farmers Daughter blocks 
are sewn the exact same way.
You can sew them anytime you want 
or save them until the very end 
when you're sewing ...

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February 8, 2019
Vintage Block Along - Egg Money Block!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Good morning!...
Hope you are ready for
 another tutorial in the 

I've chosen another block from 
my grandma's pattern basket
 to share with you:)

This block from grandma 
is one that I have always loved.

Of course grandma and her sisters 
pieced this block using templates
 probably made with a cereal box:)

The angles are difficult 
as many vintage blocks were.
I was determined that it 
should go into this quilt and 
our Vintage Block Along so I persisted...
and with some extra creative 
quilty math my 
"Egg Money" block was hatched!
It finishes at ...

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February 4, 2019
Farm Sweet Farm - Week Two!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Good morning farm sweet farmers!!

I hope y'all are ready for
 Week Two of the 

We are using the 

And Farm Girl Vintage fabric ...

To make the Farm Sweet Farm Quilt:)

Every week right here on my blog
 I will have the tutorial for
 one or two of the blocks.

The sew along schedule is on 
page 1 of the Sew Along Guide.

If you are just joining us and 
need to download the guide...

The first block tutorial 
for this week is the sheep:)

Farm ...

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January 31, 2019
Vintage Block Along - Humble Block Tutorial!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Hello there and welcome again to the 

I have another block to share with you
 from grandma's pattern basket:)

It's a simple little block 
that finishes at 5"

It's a block that is easily 
pulled together with 
Farm Girl Vintage prints 
or scraps from your stash:)

As you can see in the photo...
the block on grandma's pattern
 shows a border
 but I chose just to use just 
the block alone 
because of how it's going in the quilt.

I named this block
because of it's simplicity and because...

We ...

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January 28, 2019
Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along - Week One!! from Bee In My Bonnet

I cannot even tell you 
how excited that I am:)

It's week one in the 
Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along!!

We will be sewing with my brand new 
 Farm Girl Vintage Collection...

And using the

To make the
 Farm Sweet Farm Quilt
75" x 87"

A few weeks ago I posted all about 
how you can "Bee Prepared"
 for this sew along.

I told you all about the free
 Sew Along Guide
 and showed you how I 
put mine in a binder.
to download the guide 
if you haven't ...

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January 27, 2019
Vintage Block Along - Star Shine Block Tutorial!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Hello there!
I'm back for another episode of the 

I'm sharing another vintage block with you
 from my Grandma's pattern basket:)

I named this block
and the name comes from my memories
 of camping under the stars:)

One of the things that we did
 as a family when I was a girl 
was go camping...
usually 3 - 4 times every summer.

When I say family...
I mean grandparents...aunts and uncles 
and cousins included!

We would load up the station wagon
 and head up to the mountains 
of either Utah or Idaho ...

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January 21, 2019
Vintage Block Along - Vintage Lily Block Tutorial!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Welcome and thanks for tuning in to the 

Today I am sharing another vintage block
 with you from my 
grandma's pattern basket:)

Grandma was a farm wife...
 so of course behind the house
 in the pastures there were
 vegetables...fruits and grains to grow...
but she always grew flowers 
and flowering shrubs in her 
front and side yards.

Her yard was pretty and well kept
with one very large shade tree
 and the flowers always smelled so sweet!

All of her flowers were the 
tried and true old fashioned kind 
that her mother grew in her ...

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January 12, 2019
Vintage Block Along - Little Farmhouse Block Tutorial!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Welcome to another episode of the

I have another vintage block 
from my grandma's basket
 to share with you today:)

I call it "Little Farmhouse" 
after my grandma's house of course!

I made the window in yellow because
 grandma always kept the 
front light on for us:)

Here's the photo of her 
little farmhouse that I 
showed you in the last post.

There are a lot of colors to choose from in my Farm Girl Vintage fabric collection...

And I chose these colors because 
they were 2 of her favorites.

Grandma had a turquoise ...

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January 8, 2019
Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along - Bee Prepared!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Good morning and Happy Monday to ya'll!

Today is the day for my annual 
"Bee Prepared"
 post that I do 2-3 weeks 
before my sew alongs start:)

Let's chat about how you can 
get organized and ready!

The sew along guide is available
 for download...and the first thing
 you will need to do is
to get your free copy!

The Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along 
will start 3 weeks from today 
and will go for 10 weeks.
The block schedule is on
 page 1 of the guide.
I'll do a step by step tutorial ...

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January 6, 2019
Vintage Block Along Block Three - Around the Corner! from Bee In My Bonnet

Today I'm going to show you 
how to make the third block in my 
Vintage Block Along

If you are just tuning in...
the short explanation of 
this tutorial series is:
1.My grandma was a quilter and made
 many many quilts in her lifetime.

2. She gave me her basket 
of patterns that she used 
to make her quilts.
I'm sure some of those patterns
 came from her mother (Martha) 
and sisters as well.

3. I am taking several of those 
vintage block patterns and drafting 
them so that they can be rotary cut 
and sewn by ...

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January 5, 2019
Vintage Block Along Block Two - Pattern Basket Block Tutorial!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Pattern Basket Block
finished size
15" x 15"
Well here we are again 
because I have another vintage block
 from my grandma's pattern stash 
that I want to share with you.

I have big plans to do several vintage block tutorials for you...
in several different sizes and then
 put them all together in a quilt!

I would love for you to come along 
on this vintage sewing journey with me!

I'm so grateful that my grandma's
 (both of them) 
shared so many patterns with me.

 I have often shared some of them 
here on my blog ...

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Vintage Block Along Block One - Grandma's Star Quilt Block Tutorial...with Farm Girl Vintage Fabric!! from Bee In My Bonnet

Today I'm going to show you 
how to make this vintage quilt block 
that I am calling 
"Grandma's Star"
But first...
stick with me while I tell you
 a little about this block 
and why it's so near and dear
 to my quilty heart!!

The pattern for this block
 was in the November 1950 
edition of 
The Workbasket Magazine 
and several years ago my 
grandma gave me her copy.

You know that I grew up in a 
quilting family and spent many hours
 first "under the quilt frames" 
and then joining my mom...
my grandma and her ...

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September 25, 2018
Farm Girl Vintage Show n Tell from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

Yikes - I'm not sure what I was thinking when I set up my calendar several months ago. But the month of September has been a nightmare. OK, not a huge nightmare, but this week, I'm out every night and last week was the same. That's just crazy! I see some weeks in October are just as bad. Note to self - DO NOT book so many nights out during the week. That cuts into my reading time!

Today I have the last of the show n tell from the weekend classes. This one is for the Farm Girl ...

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September 18, 2018
Motivational Monday update (or not) from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

I'd like to say that I have lots of pictures of stuff that I've done to show you, but I don't. I do have pictures, but no finished show n tell.

I did get the top and back done for the magazine quilt and it's hanging on the long arm waiting to be loaded later today. That was good.

I got something done for the upcoming QUILTsocial blog and all the pictures are taken and need to be loaded to the internet. That was good.

But I can't share them with you yet.

However, I ...

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June 2, 2018
Farm Girl Vintage - show n tell from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

I'm getting my act together! I've got some homework show n tell today and if things go as planned, I'll get it all posted in the next couple of days.

The book we're using is Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt of A Bee in My Bonnet.

Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt
As I've mentioned in the past, there are two sizes for each block. Either 6 inches finished or 12 inches finished. All are cute, but personally, I think the 6" are just the cutest things.

I think almost everyone is making all ...

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May 28, 2018
It was one of those days!!! from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

I'm running short on time this morning. I've already resigned to the fact that I'll be late for Monday sewing. That has NEVER happened before. But this morning, I HAD to get some paperwork done. I had goofed around on the weekend and didn't get it finished and it just HAD to be done by this morning. I'm happy to report that one of the patterns has been sent in for approval. It's funny how we procrastinate on stuff like that. I know how to write patterns - I could practically write them in my ...

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April 29, 2018
Just Can It! from Dueling Threads

Just Can It!  or Put a Lid on It!

I’m not sure of the historical timeline of these phrases, but as a parent of tweens,  I am positive that when a Mom says these things, she is definitely thinking something else!

So while we enjoy the very momentary silence that might follow this canning reprimand,   let’s take a look at the very last picture block from Farm Girl Vintage that I am including in my quilt, Canning Season.  I plan to use the Haystack layout in the Farm Girl Vintage book but with large 12″ scrappy haystack blocks ...

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April 8, 2018
Farm Girl Vintage from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

It's time for show and share!!!  I'm really, really going to try and be better at posting homework pictures. It'll be my goal to at least post them PRIOR to the next class.

As I was editing the pictures this morning, all I could think what that this group is having way too much fun making these blocks. The patterns are very cute - all of them! And I want to make a quilt with each block! Given the fact that there are two sizes for each block, some extra blocks that you can buy and make and ...

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