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May 31, 2020
What Have We Become? from Quilting My Way

This morning I woke to the sound of thunder. I hadn't heard that in a very long time. It was nice to hear. It went on for a couple hours.

Then got laundry going again. Once Patrick was up, he turned the TV on to "Breaking News" in Seattle. My family is from Seattle. It's changed so much that a lot of them moved out. My cousin Cindy is in Tumwater. Anyway, the Rally's that were peaceful ended up with a bunch of others that went into Seattle and started fires, burning 4 police cars and a ...

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Getting Outside from Needle and Foot

Today Julia and I needed something different to do so we decided to do a few errands and then go for a short hike. We are fortunate to live in an area with tons of gorgeous walking trails. Julia chose Hirschman Trail for today’s walk.

We have walked here several times before. It is an easy walk and there are some really pretty sites to see.

The highlight of this trail is a beautiful pond. It comes up quickly but I look forward to seeing it each time – once on the way in and again on the way back ...

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May 30, 2020
A Georgia Girl Day from Jo's Country Junction

Kelli needed someone to watch Georgia as she had to work Memorial Day weekend and Jason was farming.  Kalissa said she’d watch her on Saturday and I volunteered for Sunday.  I told Kelli being she was working 12 hours shifts, to just let Georgie stay overnight here.  Kelli sputtered about that but finally gave in.

Georgia had been up some in the night over the last week so Kelli was nervous that she’d keep me up. I wasn’t worried.  I could live through a long night if need be.  After all, isn’t this all part of ...

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This Can’t Be Normal from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Vince. He isn’t normal, is he? One of us can’t be and I know I’m normal!

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Chicken Names from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Chad was telling me about all the names he has picked out for chickens. I’m not sure how many chickens he plans to get! Then Nicole called and was reading off all the names to me. I thought Chad had written them down on a sheet of paper. No! They’re all written down on the...

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Addie & A Chicken from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Here’s a funny video that I hope will bring a smile in the midst of another crazy news day. They got more chickens. I can’t help but laughing because Chad has given me so much grief about my chickens. Now, every time they go past a farm supply type store, they get another chicken or...

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Best Laid Plans....You Know ME from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up with the sun. I decided to get up and get moving.

I was able to get the laundry going again. It's really a big pile. Just haven't been able to work on it much.

Patrick wanted to go to Home Depot to see about getting a table and chairs to put on our deck - our Christmas gift. We looked but the round ones are really big for our deck. I like the round ones but they are just a little too big. We couldn't find a square one. It was interesting there ...

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May 28, 2020
Rita’s Eyes from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Just a little background for anyone who doesn’t know the whole story: Rita was dumped and showed up at our house . . maybe 5 years ago. I can’t remember. I do know it was in October because I was fixing to go to MO and I saw her. I tried to get her to...

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May 27, 2020
Projects and UFO’s and cooking from The Crafty Quilter

We are still sheltering in place here in Northern California. All this time at home finds me knee deep in sewing projects, UFO’s and cooking in the kitchen – all the things!

I wanted something easy and fun to do in my sewing room, so I decided to catch up with the Silver Linings Free Sew Along with Jacquelynne Steves. You can still sign up for this one and it’s perfect for beginners. This will be a small project that includes twelve 6″ blocks with optional embroidery squares to add in. The first three blocks have been released and ...

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May 26, 2020
MEMORIAL DAY from Quilting My Way

Today is the day to honor our war heroes.

This is Orville Grant Matheson. He served with McArthur's 3rd Army during WWII. I have been putting his letters on "Letter from the Past."  He didn't want to go into the Army. He was drafted. At 18 years old, he was drafted and enlisted in Bremerton WA instead of CA. He was then sent to Camp Haan, in CA for training. He was overseas and returned at the age of 20 or 21, where he died in Mississippi. He was still in the Army at the time. He came ...

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May 25, 2020
The Silver Lining from Quilting with Kimberly

The Southern Pacific Dogwoods which bloom in Lake Arrowhead in spring are spectacular!

Blooms larger than your hand!

How are you doing through this COVID-19 event? I pray you and your loved ones are healthy and well. If you have been affected by this terrible pandemic, I pray things improve quickly and you’re back to feeling as right as rain very soon.

As for me, I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. Several months have gone by in a flash. But it didn’t start out this way. While we were lucky to return from an ...

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May 24, 2020
Canoe Trip from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Friday when I talked to Nicole, she told me they were going on a canoe trip Saturday. They usually do several canoe trips per summer. I asked about the river conditions and she said Chad had called and talked to the canoe rental place and they said it was fine. Yesterday morning one of my...

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May 23, 2020
Addie & Her Favorite Chicken from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Addie called this evening. I was so expecting this phone call. Addie: Granny? When I come to your house, can I bring Bridgette?Me: I thought you might want to do that but I’ll have to check to see if it’s against the law to bring chickens from one state to another. We have to go...

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May 22, 2020
Meet and Greet with Lilly from Jo's Country Junction

I had a little meet and greet with my newest grand daughter Lillian Jo Elizabeth Kramer.  Oh my, she’s a cutie and a sleepy little girl.  I didn’t get any pictures of her eyes open.

After approval for a visit from Buck and Lora, I went on Sunday to meet her.  I’m so happy I did.  She is precious.

She likes to be snuggled in a blankie.  The whole time I was there…she didn’t say a peep.  She was awake for a just a bit but drank a bottle and was back to sleep.  Lora ...

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Thunder from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Last night was the third time we’ve had quite a bit of thunder and Rita hasn’t reacted. I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up that she’s gotten over her fear of thunder but it’s been so nice not to have her panic for hours. I don’t think she’s losing her hearing . . let...

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Amazing How Time Flies from Quilting My Way

Today I was up and ready to get moving. I got on the computer to look for some things for beading. I wanted a mat that would work for my beading. Trouble was, it's $100 for the bead board I wanted. NOPE, not paying that. I will work it out. I need to really think about what I want, and then figure out how I can do it without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Then after a couple hours flew by, I started working on my family history. I was able to add more to my ...

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May 21, 2020
I'm Getting Going On My Work from Quilting My Way

This morning I didn't want to get up, but I did.

I had to get the secretary work done for the water group. I had to send out bills. So, that took a little bit. When I was done, we went to get gas, visit mom and drop off at Phil's. Patrick picked up the plants that Phil had for him. I'm getting my herbs. Patrick has a really nice garden by Katt's bedroom window. I'm thrilled! He also got a few more plants too.

This is Patrick's pile to get put out. The ...

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May 20, 2020
Missing Jody from Jo's Country Junction

Today would have been my niece Jody’s 50th birthday.  There would have been fanfare.  There would have been celebration.  There would have been hugs and kisses and great joy…but there isn’t.

Jody didn’t make it to her milestone 50th birthday…49 is all this world allowed her….oh and what a time I’ve had this week missing her.

For you long time blog readers, you know some of the back story with Jody.  For those of you don’t, let me tell you.

Jody came into my life, 50 years ago.  I was four in ...

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Blessings, and QAYG from Elaine Adair Pieces

This  unexpected blessing showed up at my door today, from dear members of my husband's family.  Looks like I need to balance them a little.  

I've been working on a little girl's pink QAYG.  In the past, I disliked finishing the sashing seam on the front, leaving forever stitches but recently learned a better method from Marti Machell.  Her sashing is finished on the front and with careful measuring and a lot of pinning on the back, and sewing in the ditch from the front, a pretty neat stitching line is the result on the back.  In ...

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May 19, 2020
Jasper is in the House from Jo's Country Junction

We had a family day on Wednesday.  All of my girls were home.  Who was the star attraction…JASPER, Kayla’s little guy.

Jasper was born January 11th.  Initially I saw him three times I think…then Covid and I didn’t see him at all.  It’s been two months.  My he’s grown.  Jasper is a big time smiler and a sweet guy.  Here Kalissa is playing with him.

Well being he was coming the other girls wanted to see him so they came too.  4 of the 7 grandkids were at my house.  WOW.  It’s good ...

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