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August 13, 2018
The Pink Tablet from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

The Kindle Fire, Kids Edition was a huge hit. I had her open that package last and she said “This is what I’ve ALWAYS wanted!” Chad used to say that about everything. I guess all kids do. Vince would say “Always . . as in since the day you were born?” She went to bed...

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On Raising Show Pigs from Needle and Foot

As you know by now, my daughter raises show pigs, trains them, loves them and then shows them at the fair.  After showing them at the fair, she spends time in the swine exhibit letting children ask questions and pet her pig.  On the last day of the fair, she shows her pig one more time during a huge auction and people from the community bid on her pig.  The highest bidder then works directly with a butcher and ultimately ends up with a lot of pork in his or her freezer to eat all year long. Lots of people ...

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Addie’s Birthday Cake from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Nicole made Addie a cake for her birthday. They had her party before they left to go on vacation but her actual birthday was while they were away so Nicole made her a cake. I’m sure Addie picked out the kinda cake she wanted. Looks like a fairly normal way to blow out the candles....

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August 12, 2018
fanfare . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

When I look back over the blog content for the last year and a half, it really makes me sad.  My little hiatus cost me the published 'memories' of what I'd done, both in and out of the quilty world.  Normally, I'd have shared the fan BOM that my guild was doing . . . the fan is our logo . . . a different fan block each month (for a total of nine), getting more technically difficult to piece as the year went along. It started easy, with this little fan . . .
And ended with a Cleopatra's Fan, that I opted out of ...

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A couple of quick projects from Quilting and More...

The other day I ran across some adorable patterns for zippered bags at the Disorderly Threads site, and I couldn’t resist making them for a couple of equally adorable young girls, one of whom is our granddaughter (of course!). The other is the daughter of our younger daughter’s boyfriend. Our granddaughter is very active in […]

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Two Days Of Mostly Traveling! from Quilting My Way

It's been an interesting 2 days. Between coming home and going to pick my brother up in Portland, it seems like we spend most of our time in the car.

We left Clarkston yesterday when it was 98 degrees and climbing. It was supposed to reach 114 degrees by the afternoon. Katt is doing good with her foot and resting. So, didn't feel to bad about leaving her.

We took a different way and had a better view of the wind mills.

And of course I had to make a stop at the first rest stop! lol

We ...

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August 10, 2018
Snuggling With the Gators from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

These three can pack a lot into a few days in Louisiana. This morning they went the Jeff Davis Parish Alligator Chateau. Her expression says it all! Poor gator! I’ll be even Mr. Sportsman Chad has never touched a live one. There’s nothing Nicole won’t try either. That’s where Addie gets it I guess. I...

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Crabbing from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Chad and Nicole took Addie down to the Gulf yesterday and she went crabbing somewhere down there. She caught at least one. She has so much fun doing the Louisiana things. She’s playing in the Gulf of Mexico. Not quite as pretty as Florida though. I wonder what Chad is telling her. That girl is...

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August 9, 2018
A Little More Shopping from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Dear Vince . . you gotta love him. The other day I had a 20% off coupon from some kind of Google shopping. I made the mistake of telling him about it. I should have known better. So, all this is my fault. I had heard that most paper products where going up at least...

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And I Thought It Was Hot In Chehalis! from Quilting My Way

Today was a relaxing day. Just here to help when needed. The air conditioning is on and I didn't notice it was hot outside.

I worked on my crossstitching.

I'm getting quiet a bit done! I started on the sewing machine then went to work on the threads. I need to get back home to be able to work on the circle by the machine. I need to get the color darker. That way I can see what colors go were. This is a colored chart. Not my favorite.

We went out to get supper and the temperature ...

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Busy Week from Needle and Foot

I am popping in to say hello!  It is a really busy time around here.  Julia is quite independent as far as taking care of Olive but I enjoy participating a bit with the fair process.  Over the weekend Julia and Ray had to get the pen ready at the fairgrounds.  Julia is showing “independent” this year which means she isn’t a part of a 4-H group or an FFA program.  The academically rigorous high school she goes to makes it really difficult to participate in those other programs. Since she worked with 4-H last year, we talked to ...

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August 8, 2018
Cooling Off from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Chad, Nicole and Addie are in Louisiana. Chad texted this to me this morning. He did tell me that the humidity/real feel temp is 94°. They’ve been there plenty of times in the summer but she’s in and out with Addie. Addie was out playing in the sprinkler and this was a great picture of...

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Enjoying The Day from Quilting My Way

Today we slept in. It was easier than trying to figure out what to do. lol

We went to get crutches and tben lunch.

Came back and watched TV. Then pulled out my cross stitching.

I was able to work on the quilt pattern today. Plus I started the ribbon on the side. I then decided to get started on the sewing machine. I may end up getting a lot more done than I thought. At least it's coming along. Can't wait to start another one so the sooner this is finished the sooner I can move on ...

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August 7, 2018
Enjoying A Visit In Clarkston from Quilting My Way

We arrived in Clarkston yesterday, so no stitching got done. It was a long drive. Katt was waiting on us. We spent the evening going out to eat and a movie.

This morning we were up bright and early to take Katt to tbe hospital for surgery. We spent about 7 hours there.

I was able to work on my "Three Wishes" and get a lot done one it. I'm starting to run out of beads. I realky like the way this is turning out.

Came back to Katt's and watched TV while stitching.

 I got in a ...

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August 6, 2018
Men! from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Vince does a lot so I’m really not complaining but he’s oblivious to so many things. Rita never goes out without a leash. I’ve asked him to never take his eyes off her because of rattlesnakes. You absolutely cannot see them until you’re right up on them and they can strike quite a distance. For...

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August 4, 2018
The First Fishing from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Vince is busy cleaning out boxes. There are tons of boxes that haven’t been unpacked so he’s going through all those, repacking, throwing stuff away — hopefully just the first process in getting ready to move again some day. We hadn’t been married very long and were living in Kentucky and there was a lake...

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August 3, 2018
Chad Woodturning from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Nicole posted this picture last night. I guess if Nicole wants to spend time with him, she has to go out and sit in the garage while he turns wood. I love seeing all his tools lined up and his saws on the wall, his canoe hanging from the ceiling. He’s way more organized than...

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My Uncle Was In Town from Quilting My Way

Today started out being "my day" and ended up being everyone's day.

I was able to sleep in, so I was happy about that. Sophie actually slept with me till about 4:30 am and then came back later to sleep with me after Patrick left. She was at my feet. It was nice having her there and it reminded me of my black cat "Nipper" who would sleep at the head of my bed with me.

I got up and did some cleaning. Got laundry in and vacuumed. Sophie wasn't crazy about that. But she did spend ...

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August 2, 2018
Not quite there just yet from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

Another life post...

Early last year I felt I was in a good place. I was thinking I could be happy right where I was in my home and career for at least the 7-1/2 years until my full retirement age.

Things change, right? And so do attitudes. And, I can't necessarily control my surroundings when the Chaos Factor comes around. And boy, it came around a lot this past 12 months.

So, here I am a year past that initial comfort zone setting, and this is what's happening:

  • I'm going back to school (!);
  • Retirement may ...

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I left my Heart in New Orleans from Butterfly Threads

On Tuesday, I found myself in New Orleans for the first time in over 20 years. I was born and raised in south Louisiana. I grew up less than an hour from Jackson Square (photo above). I have so many good memories of my childhood in this special place. While much has changed, most of this unique city has not. The people are still warm and smiling, the food is out of this world, and the sights and smells and sounds are like no place else on earth. It was great to let myself be wrapped up in this way ...

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