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April 22, 2019
Happy Easter! from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday! I’m looking forward to a day of cooking delicious food, having fun, and eating way too much candy!

Easter egg painted with alcohol inks

I blew out these eggs and had some fun with alcohol inks on Friday night. I want to try this again, but using tape to seal off certain areas and then remove it to reveal other colors underneath. That would be beautiful!

James was in an unusually cuddly mood the other day and sat next to me on the couch. This hardly ever happens anymore, so I really enjoy it when it does ...

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April 17, 2019
Do You Ever Sleep? Podcast 102 from The Free Motion Quilting Project

Hello my quilting friends! This week I’m covering a topic that concerns all of us: sleep!

What’s Going on around the House

I continue plugging away on the Ms. Bunny doll spoonflower panel. This will be a print you can purchase from spoonflower with instructions and the full pattern to make your own Ms. Bunny doll. Ms Bunny is a character from my children’s novel Mally the Maker.

bunny doll sewing pattern

Leah Day with Ms. Bunny doll

Speaking of bunnies, I’ve finished my rabbit hutch! We’re going to start raising Champagne D’Argent rabbits. I built the hutch ...

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January 2, 2019
My Word of the Year for 2019, Podcast #89 from The Free Motion Quilting Project

It’s a new year which means it’s time to pick a new word to be my guide through the year ahead. In this podcast, I reflect on the past year and reflect on how the word Challenge has made a very big difference in my life. Then I share some exciting news and my new word for 2019!

Listen to the podcast or download it to your computer using this player

Friendship sampler quilt king size

Friendship sampler quilt king size

Kicking off the Friendship Quilt Along

I’m super excited about many things that are happening this year, but one of the ...

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December 26, 2018
A Very Merry Christmas! from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas today (or yesterday, depending on where you live in the world)!

We’ve had a wonderful, relaxing day playing video games, ping pong, and solving (then unsolving) a new set of rubix cubes. I’m so grateful for Josh, James and everyone in my family and all the sweet surprises they tucked under the tree for me.

We’ve just entered my absolute favorite time of the year. This pocket of time from Christmas to New Years feels like an extra bonus and it’s the best time to get a head ...

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December 15, 2018
Do You Still READ Quilting Blogs? from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I’m feeling a bit skeptical today!

I have a simple question for you today: are you still reading quilting blogs?

I have this sneaking suspicion that our behaviors online have changed. Let me give you an example:

Today I wanted to find a sugar cookie recipe that is keto friendly and uses Swerve as the sweetener. Can you imagine searching a Betty Crocker cookbook for that? Never! This type of diet-exclusive recipe is perfect for Pinterest searches though.

I opened Pinterest and scrolled through a mix of cookies and annoying ads and clicked on the prettiest photo. It looked ...

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November 1, 2018
Happy Halloween from a Flower Girl Pirate! from The Free Motion Quilting Project

It’s Halloween, which means I have a terrific excuse to pull out my Flower Girl mask!  James and I dressed up and hit the streets this evening as the scary masked guy from Scream and a Flower Girl… pirate? I was kind of a mash up of several different things at once, but it worked out pretty good!

Leah Day Flower Girl Costume

Unfortunately we’ve had a really bad stomach flu running through our house and Josh came down with it right before we left to trick-or-treat. This is the first year he’s missed out on the fun and we really missed ...

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