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July 21, 2022
Follow us on Facebook. from Koolkat Quilting

 Two king size quilts from Robyn at St George - flower swirls and budget meander in use.  The best way to see our current quilting projects is to follow us, KoolKat Quilting,  on Facebook.  

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August 18, 2021
How many friends do you have? from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

 I worked very hard and was extremely focused, and I basically have NOTHING to show for it! 

I'm teaching some classes at Thimbles and Things in the fall, and the registration is being done by e-mail. I received MANY e-mails, and it was a tad confusing to deal with it all. Especially when the e-mail said, "sign me up for all." And then people decide they didn't want all after all. People -- this is a LOT of administration!!!! 

I had to make seven distributions lists, and each list has approximately 40 people on it. If their e-mail wasn ...

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June 7, 2021
FOMO? How to follow Curlicue Creations from Curlicue Creations

Do you currently follow my blog by email notification?  If so, please be aware that in July, the Feedburner that provides this service will no longer be available.  I don't want you to miss out on new patterns and inspiration!  So, here's a few ways you can follow me.  

Sign up for my newsletter, here: 

Subscribe to the Curlicue Creations Newsletter

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I promise I won't bombard you with an overwhelming number of emails.  My newsletter will go out to you every month or so, depending on what's happening at Curlicue Creations.  Each ...

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March 23, 2021
Social Media Experiment from Tink Squared

I think I have weird chickens. Every time Jim or I muck out the coop and replace the bedding, the hens use all the nesting boxes to lay their eggs… for the first day. It’s like, “Hey look mom! New shoes! I can jump higher!” Do they think they can lay better? Faster?

And then they all go back to sharing just one box, like always.

What on earth does that have to do with social media? Nada. Zip. But it’s part of the little things in life I take pleasure in… again.

A week ago I decided ...

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February 22, 2021
Join The Quilt Conversation!LIVE!  Weekly conversations about... from Living Water Quilter

Join The Quilt Conversation!

LIVE!  Weekly conversations about quilting are happening on Living Water Quilter’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The first Quilt Conversation Episode 1 was a couple of week ago. Now, it’s available  to watch on YouTube. 

Each conversation includes machine quilting tips, Q&A, and fun surprises.

Join us EVERY Friday at 7pm (EST)

Watch Quilt Conversations Episode 2   and learn about an easy smartphone app to help with sewing machine needles.

SUBSCRIBE to the Living Water YouTube channel and get notifications so you don’t miss out on machine  quilting tutorials and Quilt Conversations ...

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February 14, 2021
Who Doesn’t Love A Good Giveaway??? from Eric the Quilter

In celebration of the Eric the Quilter Facebook page getting 1500 followers, I decided to give something back! Here’s the kicker… 2 giveaways!!! One on Facebook, and one on Instagram!

Follow the jump to learn more!

First up we have the art roving! Who doesn’t love some good roving! This is a special art blend I whipped up on my drum carder. A friend pointed out the palette color is similar to Monet’s Water Lilies… So I think I’ll call it… I can’t come up with a name, so you guys give me one! It ...

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July 27, 2020
Quilt Challenge Day 1 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

I'm a scroller. You know how people post food and silly pictures and challenges and every little detail of their lives on social media? Well, this is my form of social media. The (I don't know, maybe 7?) people who come by.... you're my social media. I mean I have Pinterest and Instagram and, of course, Facebook. But Instagram is for when I'm stuck waiting and there are no old magazines from three years ago. Facebook is my grape vine, but I read with dubious interest. Pinterest, well, that's my game. However, I can play ...

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July 7, 2020
Memories of my Father & Designing from Where Art & Life Meet

My father was born and raised in Paris. And though he was Swiss, his first language was French. When he moved to the United States, he brought with him his preference for all things Swiss, he claimed the products produced there were far superior, and his love of the French language. So he would have… Continue reading Memories of my Father & Designing

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June 7, 2020
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Sugaridoo Bernina QAL from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Yesterday I told you that I've caught up with the Quilt-Along that Mettler Thread and Bernina sewing machines are sponsoring through the Sugaridoo blog. It's a fun QAL that you can join at any time. And it's also a beautiful way to be inspired. These are just a few of the thousands of photos on the QAL Facebook page.

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June 1, 2020
Ask Me Anything Facebook Live Moves to Tuesdays at 3 PM PST: Catch The Latest Episode Here! from Christa Quilts

I’ve had so much fun doing “Ask Me Anything” in my Christa Quilts Group over on Facebook the past few weeks. Your questions have kept me on my toes and I love that!

Ask Me Anything is moving to a new Day and time.

I hope you’ll join me on Tuesdays at 3 pm Pacific for all of the fun.
That’s 4 PM Mountain, 5 PM Central, and 6 PM Eastern. And sometime in the middle of the night for all of my Aussie friends (sorry guys!!). But you can always catch the replays later if you ...

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May 1, 2020
Quilting Affection Design Groupies from Quilting Affection

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. I know most people wish for things to get back to some sense of normal.  I would love to be able to go get a haircut, go shopping for new quilt fabric, and just get out of the house for a while. For now, the best we can do is stay at home where we are comfortable and stay safe. 

Well, over the last month, my team (my husband and myself) have been brainstorming ways to provide you exclusive content and information.  One of the ideas I came up with ...

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February 28, 2020
Viktig melding! from Iinas Sewing Machine Poetry

Jeg begynner å ha en hel del følgere fra andre land og derfor endret jeg tidligere i år navnet på både bloggen og fb-siden min.  Art Quilts by Iina Alho  fungerer så mye bedre internasjonalt enn det opprinnelige Iinas symaskinpoesi - selv om jeg er veldig glad i det sist nevnte.
Nå er jeg i gang med å fullføre den påbegynte endringsprosessen, så du som pleier å klikke deg inn her på bloggen må merke deg dette:

Fra mandag 9.mars 2020 vil denne sidens adresse være

Samtidig vil jeg gjøre en tilsvarende forandring med navnet på ...

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February 16, 2020
Cheesecloth - Osteklut from Iinas Sewing Machine Poetry

Jeg har tidligere fortalt om fb-gruppen "Art Quilts" som jeg har vært medlem av i noen år nå.
Denne gruppen er absolutt å anbefale for alle art quilt-interesserte. Medlemstallet er nå rundt 21 000 og her er det plass til både nybegynnere og til profesjonelle tekstilkunstnere.
Takhøyden er stor. Mange viser fram det de har laget og i kommentarene er positivitet stikkordet. "Stygge" kommentarer finnes ikke. Om noe slikt en sjelden gang dukker opp så lukes det fort ut.
I tillegg er det mulig å spørre om hva som helst - det er alltid noen som har et godt råd å ...

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January 9, 2020
Symaskinpoesi i sosiale medier - noen små forandringer from Iinas Sewing Machine Poetry

Dette er rett og slett en kunngjøring om noen små forandringer.

På bloggen min er forandringen ganske tydelig for den som har vært her før.
Jeg har forandret litt på designet, men den største forandringer ligger i navnet.
På grunn av en del internasjonale følgere og kontakter har jeg forandret bloggens navn til  "Art Quilts by Iina Alho".
Bloggadressen er den samme som før: - i alle fall inn til videre.

Den andre forandringen gjelder min Facebook-side. 
I dag fikk jeg endelig lov til å endre navnet på siden, etter litt fram og tilbake med Facebook. Det skal ...

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December 5, 2019
Papir og tekstil 2 from Iinas Sewing Machine Poetry

For litt siden fortalte jeg om at jeg hadde testet ut bruken av papir fra gamle bøker til art quilter.
Utprøvingen fortsetter - igjen som svar på en utfordring i Facebook-gruppen "Art Quilts". Denne gangen er temaet "Tree". Og det slo meg straks at et tre klippet ut av papir måtte jo være tingen.
Denne gangen tok jeg ut sider fra min over 40 (!) år gamle dictionary  fra videregående. Det er ikke mange illustrasjoner i boken, men jammen fant jeg én fugl, en mini-ugle, som kunne plasseres opp i et tre.
Du kan lese det forrige blogginnlegget om papir og tekstil ...

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November 11, 2019
Papir og tekstil from Iinas Sewing Machine Poetry

Jeg har mange viktige steder for art quilt-inspirasjon. Blant dem er en Facebook-gruppe som enkelt og greit heter "Art Quilts". Og den aller viktigste er den internasjonale organisasjonen for art quiltere, SAQA.
Hvorfor jeg nevner dette nå? Rett og slett fordi disse kildene er den direkte årsaken til at jeg satte tidligere i høst i gang med å teste ut bruk av papir fra gamle bøker i tekstilkunsten min.
Jeg er slett ikke den første til å gjøre dette, men som jeg oftest gjør, fant jeg også denne gangen ut av ting på egen hånd.
Og gjorde det kanskje litt ...

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February 18, 2018
Looking for a new post? from Sew Create It

For the latest news find me on Instagram

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