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June 10, 2019
How to Sew a " Prized Possession" Quilt Block Tutorial featuring Bloomsbury Fabrics by Bari J. from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

What’s your style? Are you a more is more kinda person or do you prefer modern, simple designs? Or maybe somewhere in between? I think my style falls somewhere in-between. I like simple designs mixed with gorgeous busy prints like the prints found in Bari J’s new fabric collection called Bloomsbury!

Are you a fan of Barj’s signature painterly florals? I seriously can’t get enough! Her prints come to life brushstroke after brushstroke to give us the most stunning fabrics to sew with! Today I want to share the next block I made for the #AGFQuiltBlockCollection ...

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June 7, 2019
How striped fabric for binding adds interest to Boho Beach picnic quilt from Quilt Social

It’s Friday! That means the Boho Beach picnic quilt will be complete today!

I’m so pleased with the softness that the fabrics from the Banyan Batiks Boho Beach collection bring to this comfy, cozy quilt.  


Colors of the Banyan Batik Boho Beach teal collection


So far this week, if my math adds up, we created:

  • (9) 16½” unfinished pinwheel blocks using (36) 8½” unfinished Half Square Triangles (HSTs)
  • (24) 8½” unfinished pinwheel blocks using (96) 4½” unfinished HSTs
  • (16) 4½” unfinished pinwheel blocks using (64) 2½” unfinished HSTs


Pinwheel blocks ready to be sewn into a quilt top ...

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June 6, 2019
Making Half Square Triangles out of fabric strips from Quilt Social

Ah, Thursday!

Today we’ll begin piecing the quilt HST quilt blocks, but before we do that, I’ll show you a fourth method for making half-square triangles (HSTs).

Fabrics selected from the Banyan Batiks Boho Beach collection are definitely the right choice for this project. Our quilt top will look great and have a casual vibe once completed!


Fabrics from the Boho Beach Berry colorway
Fabrics from the Boho Beach Berry colorway


We won’t actually be using today’s HST method for our Boho Beach picnic quilt, but it’s a method that every quilter should learn!

So, off we go!

Let’s face it ...

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June 5, 2019
AGF PURE SOLIDS - 20 NEW COLORS! from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Because we're always listening to you and hearing which colors you're searching for on your sewing journeys, we created 20 NEW COLORS for our PURE SOLIDS!

That's right! We decided to expand our range of hues, so you have more options to match with our collections or simply use on their own. Now you'll find that "slightly more lemonish yellow, brighter shade of red, or ever that super light lilac." Our unique and improved dip-dye technique leads to the most brilliant shades ever, and now all of our Pure Solids are internationally OEKO-TEX certified, so you ...

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In quilting, some seams take you from squares to Half Square Triangles from Quilt Social

Welcome to Wednesday! In only 2 more days our Boho Beach picnic quilt will be finished and ready to use!

With so many beautiful colors to choose from in the Banyan Batiks Boho Beach collection of fabrics, making a choice is a challenge, but, choose we must. So, to go along with the White on White background fabric, I selected a fabric from the Aqua and the Berry colorways of the Boho Beach collection fabrics along with the White on White.


These Aqua and Berry fabrics with the White on White on white make a great combo for Half Square triangles.
These Aqua and Berry fabrics with the White on White on white make a great combo for Half Square ...

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June 4, 2019
Making multiple Half Square Triangles using the grid method from Quilt Social

Welcome back!

I’m glad you’re here today to learn another way to make half square triangles (HSTs)! For those who are new to the term, HSTs is ‘quiltspeak’ for half square triangles!

Today, I’ll be using the following fabric selection from the Banyan Batiks Boho Beach collection to make more HST along with the Banyan Batiks White on White for the background.


2 wonderful fabrics from the Boho Beach yellow colorway collection
2 wonderful fabrics from the Boho Beach yellow colorway collection


Yesterday I showed you one method for making HSTs by adding ⅞” to the finished size of your squares. To recap, if the desired finished ...

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June 3, 2019
Making a Boho Beach picnic quilt from Quilt Social

What better time than now to gather and use fabrics from the Banyan Batiks Boho Beach collection?

These light and airy fabrics will make a pretty and perfect picnic quilt, measuring approximately 64½” X 64½” before quilting.


This week's quilt project, a Boho Beach picnic quilt
This week’s quilt project, a Boho Beach picnic quilt


Spring has sprung! Before you know it, summer vacations will begin! Whether your plans for summer include a “staycation” or far-flung travels, a gorgeous picnic quilt should definitely be part of those plans.


Fabrics from the Boho Beach collection that we'll be using this week.
Fabrics from the Boho Beach collection that we’ll be using this week.


To really set off and highlight the ...

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May 30, 2019
4 methods of making HSTs and the effervescent Boho Beach picnic quilt from Quilt Social

Clear every engagement you have for next week, we’re making the very effervescent Boho Beach picnic quilt!

Just in time for summer, Paul Leger designed this quilt using fabrics from the newest collection of Banyan Batiks Boho Beach. This quilt spells ‘picnic in sunny weather, not a cloud in the sky’! And the new collection is available now!


Banyan Batiks Boho Beach in Teal colorway
Banyan Batiks Boho Beach in Teal colorway


Not only are we making this quilt with Paul, but in the process, he’ll walk us through the 4 methods of making HSTs. He’ll explain which method is best for the type ...

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May 28, 2019
While waiting for fabric... from Grandma's Red Needle

... to finish some summer table runners and toppers, 
I'm working on Christmas items. 

Yep, another Advent Calendar
After the photos were taken, I added all the pockets, sleeve and binding on one calendar (I have three in all). 

Update: They are done! 

The calendar will be available in our shop in a couple of days, need to take a few more photos. 

Remember the Christmas Stockings from my previous post

I spent the entire last weekend to finish them all! It took some brain work to get the lining/toes the right way, but when I got the hang ...

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May 22, 2019
AGF Quilt Block Collection: How to Sew a "Twisted Spools" Block featuring Everlasting Fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hello Makers,

Wedding Season is among us. For all of you Bride DIYers let me introduce you to Sharon Hollands brand new fabric collection for AGF called Everlasting! Sharon designed this collection inspired by her daughters June wedding and childhood memories! To learn more about Sharon and her new collection make sure to check out the Everlasting Fabric Lookbook.


Today I am excited to share my new block made with Everlasting fabrics! The “Twisted Spools” block is such a fun and impactful block to make. All these gorgeous red, whites and blues have got me feeling all the summer Fourth ...

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May 16, 2019
Spring Quilt Market - Kansas City 2019! from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Happy Thursday!

We've officially landed and have arrived in Kansas City, MO for Spring Quilt Market! It's definitely a bit cooler here than in Florida, that's for sure. 

Super excited to show off our new collections, and reunite with old friends while we're here. We’ll see you all THIS FRIDAY! Stop by our AGF booth to come say hi and browse all our products. Can’t wait to see you there! If you're not able to attend, make sure to follow along on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see what we're up ...

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May 10, 2019
A sleeve and the binding, and the May Flowers wallhanging is done! from Quilt Social

I hope you’ve had a chance to explore modern machine quilting from yesterday’s post. If you’re finished, on to the binding!

For the binding, I chose an amazing bright yellow-green from Banyan Batiks Floral Boxes. I absolutely love it!

To make the binding, cut 3 strips at 2½” wide x the width of the chosen binding fabric (approximately 42″ on average). Sew strips together at a 45 degrees angle. Press seams and trim.

Press length of binding in half and make a 45 degree cut and fold at the start of the binding, as shown below.


When you begin your binding, make a 45 degrees cut and fold.
When ...

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May 9, 2019
Mystical Land Collection by Maureen Cracknell from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog



We love a fabric collection that tells a story. When you cut and sew with a collection of prints from a specific designer or whether you curate your own group of fabrics to make your new quilting project we love it when the fabrics provoke a feeling and take us to our happy place. 

If you're a fan of our designer Maureen Cracknell and her whimsical prints, well she's done it again and created another collection filled with gorgeous, mystical designs! Featuring unicorns, moons, shooting stars, hummingbirds, and celestial blooms, MYSTICAL LAND transports you to a magical forest ...

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Let’s try modern machine quilting! from Quilt Social

Congratulate yourself! Yesterday you did a lot of work! Applique can take time but the effect is wonderful. The quality of your applique is bound to be beautiful when using Banyan Batiks Floral Boxes.

Today we add some quilting to the background and prepare the ‘quiltlet’ for binding and hanging sleeve which I’ll get to tomorrow.

Press the quilt well and thread your machine with a color to match your background, in my case white.

Set the sewing machine at a slightly larger stitch length for machine quilting. If you usually have your stitches at 2.4, bring them ...

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Knit Set Up 2 from Tea Rose Home

I shared a knit set up in my last post. I loved it so much so that (and I have more fabric that I can use!) I decided to make a similar knit set up; I changed the skirt pattern and made it to a flare skirt with this one.

I can say that 90% of my wardrobe is skirts or dresses. Things like this is very comfortable to wear, washable and instantly looks put together. What's not to love? I made this just before I went in to get my procedure and I haven't sewn any clothing ...

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May 8, 2019
Making May Flowers wallhanging bloom with heirloom applique stitches from Quilt Social

Yesterday we prepared our applique pieces with Banyan Batiks Floral Boxes. Today we applique!

The first step is to prepare a piece of backing fabric at 26″ square. The design is for a 24″ square ‘quiltlet’. Next, add a 26″ square of cotton batting. Finally add your background fabric, also measuring 26″ square. Smooth your quilt sandwich and ensure there are no folds or ripples on the backing.


Arranging your applique flower design
Arranging your applique flower design


Next, create the complete arrangement on the backing. Take a photo to help you remember how you made your composition. I didn’t remember this and my ...

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May 7, 2019
Sowing the seeds of the quilted May Flowers wallhanging from Quilt Social

Yesterday, we looked at the colorways that make up the NEW and vibrant Banyan Batiks Floral Boxes collection. I also gave you the list of fabric requirements for the May Flowers wallhanging. Now that we have picked our colorway, onto making the May flowers!

I often use fusible applique and I encourage everyone to try it! It’s the perfect technique when you want something simple and achievable. The added advantage to using Banyan Batiks fabric for applique is that the high thread count ensures minimal fraying and maintains its shape beautifully.

Below are the three template pages you will ...

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May 6, 2019
Mystical Land Fabrics - How to make a "Columbian Star" Quilt Block Tutorial from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog


Are you a fabric connoisseur? When did you find out you were hooked and fabric collecting was almost as important as having another project lined up to make before you finished the one you are currently working on?

I don’t recall the day I officially turned into a fabric addict, but since starting my journey working for Art Gallery Fabrics five years ago I never could have believed how quilting and sewing would have become such a major part of my life and overall happiness! Can any of you relate? I couldn’t picture my life without sewing and ...

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Bringing on May flowers with Banyan Batiks Floral Boxes! from Quilt Social

Bring on those lovely May flowers by stitching up this fabulous floral wallhanging using the NEW Banyan Batiks Floral Boxes! I created this new design for you!

This simple pattern will show you how to make fusible applique circles and other simple shapes and finish them with decorative stitches. In only a few hours you’ll have a beautiful fabric floral vase to celebrate the new season.


May Flowers Applique Design!
May Flowers Applique Design!


You may remember my post back in January 2019… the marvelous mushroom table runner!

And you may also remember that I encouraged you to audition fabric before starting your ...

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May 3, 2019
Fabrics with pop! The NEW Banyan Batiks Floral Boxes from Quilt Social

I don’t know what the weather has been where you are, my precious QUILTsocial follower, but where I am, it has rained for weeks. The sun has dared to show itself but rarely. The only positive perspective is that after April showers, come May flowers, and more sunshine wouldn’t hurt either.

Welcome to another exciting week of quilting fun! And how timely for quilter Tania Denyer of to introduce the new Banyan Batiks collection, Floral Boxes starting Monday. This line of fabrics boasts vibrant colors with delicate prints that will make any quilt pop!


Introducing the NEW fabric collection Banyan Batiks Floral Boxes
Introducing the ...

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