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November 25, 2020
Kimonomomo Library List Part 2 from The Ardent Thread

Sashiko and Boro reference books – hard to find/out of print editions worth seeking out

Three lovely books for visual and text reference. One in Japanese, and two in both English and Japanese. These are not how-to books, but beautiful resources for getting a feel for sashiko, kogin, and boro textiles in historical context.

Links provided were valid on Amazon at the time I wrote this, but as these books are out of print they may not be available or may be ridiculously expensive. I’ve provided ISBN numbers for the first two you can use to search for these ...

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November 22, 2020
Stitching Stuff: Week 47 of 2020 from Life In Pieces

It was one of those weeks for me.  Deadlines unfortunately are real things and I spent a lot of time this last week working to meet mine. That cut into my stitching (and blogging) time this last week.  How about you?  Was this an excellent week for you or did life have other plans for your stitching time? You can link up at the bottom of the post to share how the stitching went this week.  

I stayed late at work several nights last week and went in early a couple of days to stay on top of looming deadlines ...

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November 18, 2020
My Happy Mail from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 I finally had a chance to open up some happy mail I recently received.

I bought four cuts at 4 yards each from Connecting Threads for some future quilt backings.  The bottom print is a reorder - I love that soft red and was so happy to get more of it.

The fabulous green print is called is Chaise - and it is still available in four colors.  I hope to get more of these prints soon.

And the top two orange and blue prints are called Dapper.  I wasn't quite sure about these prints when I bought them but once ...

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November 14, 2020
Tea Dyeing Tutorial from Quilting Stories

Fabric dyeing in hot tea

Tea dyeing

Tea dyeing

Tea dyeing

To progress with my scrappy Giant hexagon quilt,  I needed more reproduction style fabrics. Instead of ordering new fabrics I thought of dyeing some from my stash with the tea method, in order to give them the appearance of old fabrics. This was my first attempt to dye using this method, and I must say that the result was very satisfying. 

Here is what you need if you want to turn your modern fabric into a vintage one :

For one yard fabric :

1 large saucepan
1 Litre water
2 tablespoons salt
5 black tea bags

Here is the method :
  1. Bring ...

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November 13, 2020
Color Weave Quilt Kit, Gray Fabrics Back in Stock!! from Christa Quilts

I know it’s been a minute since I posted but I have lots of exciting behind-the-scenes stuff happening right now. But I had to come up for air to let you know the fabulous news that my Confetti Crosshatch fabrics are now back in stock.

Confetti Crosshatch by Christa Watson

Click here to get Confetti Crosshatch by the yard in light or dark grey.

These are my most popular prints of all time and you can see why – because they are the PERFECT grays that go with just about anything!!

And there’s even more great news to share – my Color Weave quilt kit ...

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November 11, 2020
Let's Talk Background Fabrics from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 I have been wanting to make another stacked coin scrap quilt so I thought I would take some time to look through my background fabrics to see what I could come up with to use.

Background fabrics are something I like to pick up when I see good sales and keep in my stash.  I often have people ask me what some of my favorite stash items are.  So I thought I would share some of them today.

I do still keep a lot of Kona solids in my stash but I actually prefer to use fabrics that look at ...

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November 9, 2020
The Midlands: Classics Reinvented, by Deirdre Bond-Abel from Marcus Fabrics

Deirdre Bond-Abel of Hat Creek Quilts returns to the Marcus design team with THE MIDLANDS, a wonderfully traditional group of florals and geometrics inspired by its namesake region in Tasmania. The prints were derived from an antique quilt that was made in England, then found its way to Houston, where Deirdre purchased it, bringing it home to The Midlands. Both the collection and the quilt are the embodiment of a design trend defined as the Classics Reinvented, a fresh take on time-honored traditions.

“Colonial homes of the same era as the fabrics, were my inspiration. Whether they were grand or ...

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November 2, 2020
Fiber Projects from Becca's Crazy Projects

I'm still making progress on my mosaic crochet blanket. It isn't fast but I really like how it is working up. I learned this design by watching a YouTube by Tinna. You can find her on Ravelry. From there you will find her patterns and links to her videos. Totally worth your time if you want to learn about mosaic crochet. 
I finished a row on my Tunisian crochet shawl. Pattern is Ard-Ri, available on Ravelry. 
This is a project that has been set aside and I think I'll try to get back to it this week ...

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November 1, 2020
weaving with cloth, simple weaving, a page for an artist book. [Flickr] from Karen Ann Ruane

contemporary embroidery posted a photo:

weaving with cloth, simple weaving, a page for an artist book.

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October 26, 2020
To Pre-Wash or Not To Pre-Wash? from QUilting By-You

That is the question!

Who is right or wrong in this decision?

Should we all be doing the same?

Is it better to discover dye that runs

or use a catcher and end it?

First, my apologies to William Shakespeare for my poor parody.

Second, who is right? Those that pre-wash or those that don’t? The answer is neither. As I stepped into the quilting world, pre-washing was talked about in terms of fabric shrinkage with regard to flannels and whether or not the fabric was color fast (or would the dye bleed into other items) especially with regards ...

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Creative Clutter from Becca's Crazy Projects

Since Aunt Betty dropped off al this fabric I have been a little stressed about my creative space. Too much fabric and not enough room for creativity. 
Bags of yarn, stacks of fabric everywhere!
This little bookshelf wasn't doing anything so I brought it upstairs and made room for it. 
I filled that little shelf rather quickly with fabrics I really like and think I will use. Other fabric was stacked up and put back into the trash bags in which it came. I can see when there is more fabric than I can possibly ever use. I really ...

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Featured Designer: Heather Black of Quiltachusetts from Christa Quilts

Today I’m happy to have a guest post from my friend Heather Black of Quiltachusetts. Heather is a talented designer of modern quilts and when you visit her blog, you’ll recognize some of the designs on her published page.

Heather Black

Her most recent adventure is fabric design, and I know you’ll enjoy hearing about that. Take it away, Heather!

I’m so honored that Christa asked me to be a guest on her blog. Christa was one of the first quilters I met online and she’s been a mentor as well as a friend through ...

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October 21, 2020
Wardrobe Wednesday from Becca's Crazy Projects

Welcome to another Wardrobe Wednesday! Another wearable sewing project brought to you by Aunt Betty. 
My goal on Saturday was to make this pile of cut knit fabric into a finished garment. 
It seems I am limited when it comes to green thread. I often mix and match with the looper thread, considering the leading needle (left-most needle) as the most important when it comes to colors. 
Sadly, by the end of the day on Saturday this is how far I managed to get. Any time I have to switch my serger from overlock to coverstitch I slow down. It ...

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October 19, 2020
Odds and Ends from Becca's Crazy Projects

I saw a fund video on YouTube from Bigger Bolder Baking and wanted to give it a try. These are hand-held apple pies made from mostly scratch (purchased pie dough). They are Devine when warmed in the microwave, broken into thirds, and served with a scoop of ice cream. 
Aunt Betty made another delivery. 
I will never manage to sew with all this fabric.
This time there was some yarn, too. I have so many ideas for this yarn. I'll be busy all winter. 
I worked on my Tunisian crochet shawl after dinner on Saturday while watching television. Even ...

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October 14, 2020
Wardrobe Wednesday from Becca's Crazy Projects

There was supposed to be another fun garment sewing project here today. Sadly, there is only a partial post. 

The best part about buying pdf patterns is the instant gratification of getting that pattern in your inbox or downloading it. The not so great part of that is printing and assembling that pattern. This is another Ellie & Mac pattern. I love that designers now make patterns with layers so you can print only the size you need. Granted, this means if you want another size you have to print it again but that time is about the same as tracing ...

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October 12, 2020
Featured Designer: Charisma Horton from Christa Quilts

I’m having a ball seeing what everyone makes from my fabrics so I thought I’d share some of the amazing quilts my good friend Charisma Horton from Charisma’s Corner has made from my prints. She’s a prolific and talented pattern designer and chances are, you have one of her patterns in your stash! I’ll let Charisma tell us a little bit more about these beauties in her own words….

Charisma Horton

Hi Everybody! I am so excited to share a little about the quilts I have designed using Christa’s fabrics. I met Christa a few years ...

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October 9, 2020
EQ Design Challenge Call for Entry: You Could Win Good Vibes Fabric from Christa Quilts

Design challenge alert!! I’ve partnered with Electric Quilt and Benartex, LLC. to bring you a fun design contest. Download swatches of my Good Vibes fabric, design an original quilt using EQ, and enter to win a bundle of my fabric. This is a great way to stretch your creativity and you don’t even have to make the quilt.GoodVibes-Challenge

You DO have to use Electric Quilt to enter this contest, but you DO NOT have to make the quilt! 2 lucky winners will each win a Bundle of my Good Vibes fabric.

The exciting part about this design challenge ...

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October 8, 2020
English Paper Piecing with Accuquilt from Expect Moore

I’m so excited to share with you the newest Accuquilt Qube, which was designed specifically for English Paper Piecing. I got early access to these dies as I worked with Accuquilt to create patterns for the launch, and can’t wait to share all that I have been up to! If you’ve been around a while, […]

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October 7, 2020
Wardrobe Wednesday from Becca's Crazy Projects

I may have an unnatural relationship with this raglan pattern (link below). This time paired a fun stripe with a navy solid. 
This time I added side seam pockets. Half the fun of making your own clothes is adding details you really like. I like pockets. Pockets big enough for my hands. Pockets big enough to hold my mobile phone. You know, appropriately sized pockets. If you don't know about pocket inequality, you should do some reading. This article from Medium is a good place to start. It just scratches the surface. I'm sure you could find more ...

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October 6, 2020
Modern Logs QAL Part 5 – Spray Basting from Christa Quilts

It’s time to baste your Modern Logs quilt – are you excited?? I’ve developed my spray basting method using a design wall and it cuts the basting time in half!! I made a YouTube video below explaining the entire process. Hit play to watch and let me know if you have any questions!


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