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April 5, 2018
Tips for Finding Your SewJo from Carol Lyles Shaw

Finding your sewjoWe probably all have those days or weeks when our quilting inspiration, motivation and energy just disappears.  It could be burnout (too much deadline sewing) or we might have lost our confidence (no one wants my quilts and, anyway, my quilts aren’t good, perfect or pretty  enough).  We have the time, we have the fabric, we have a pattern—-what we are missing is the energy to get in our sewing space and make something. What we need are easy ways for finding our SewJo. When our energy and motivation are back to healthy levels, we can tackle our ...

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December 4, 2017
Solid Alternatives for Modern Quilts from Carol Lyles Shaw

Solids are a favorite fabric for modern quilts and many stunning quilts are being made every day using solids.  I think it’s great that fabric  manufacturers have given us a wonderful range of colors, tones, values and shades in solid fabrics.  We actually have hundreds of choices!

But did you know that there are many ‘solid alternatives’ for modern quilts out there?  Sometimes, I want to create negative space in the quilt that has subtle texture without using a true print.

I paired a vivid modern print with ombres and Grunge.

In progress shot–Mini quilt. Moda Grunge, Gelato ...

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