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August 30, 2018
Electric Quilt and Sulky Intl Are the Featured Giveaways for the Row Along … Today. from Seams To Be Sew

Did you know that the reason I opened this blog when I did was because I had joined an EQ blog hop? Yep, I had originally planned back in 2013 for a summer opening, but when I joined that bloghop, I had barely been working in EQ and had to quickly learn something about it so I could post on my day of the blog hop… That was 5 years ago. Today, I love EQ just as much as the day I started learning it. I’ve been an EQ owner since sometime back in the 90’s.. I just ...

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August 29, 2018
Today’s Giveaways for the RowAlong Inspired LED, Aurifil, and Hobbs Batting… from Seams To Be Sew

The amazing giveaways for the row along come to you today from Inspired LED, Hobbs Batting, Aurifil. Among all the great giveaways being offered for the row along, these are amongst my three favorite items. I have used Hobbs Batting for as long as I can remember as a quilter and the warmth it provides when I sleep under it. It always leaves me with that feeling like why do I want to get up into a cold room.. hehehe. I have always loved working with this batting also. I find it very easy to stitch thru. My first impression ...

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August 28, 2018
Today’s Giveaways for the RowAlong from Michael Miller, C&T Publishing, and June Tailor from Seams To Be Sew

Well, today we are just 8 days from the Row Along starting. I have read all your comments over the last week and I can tell many of you are also ready for it to get started.  I would like to point out that the giveaway previews I am posting last week and this week are to be given away during the row along once it starts. I do this so you know what’s coming and what will be given away. Please note that most of these giveaways will be offered at the blogs of the designers on their ...

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August 24, 2018
Fabulous Freebees… A Small Project With A Cool Look… from Seams To Be Sew

So, today is my day on the Fabulous Freebees blog hop, hosted by my friend Joan at MooseStash Quilting. You’d never guess this was the first hop she’s hosted, she’s been great at getting it organized and keeping us all apprised of the happenings of the hop. Thanks, Joan for hosting this very fun hop. Free patterns are really everywhere on the web. I’ve heard more than once that we are inundated with them. Frankly, who doesn’t love a free pattern? I can’t tell you I don’t, because I do.  I’ve even ...

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Hoffman, Anita Goodesign, and Nancy Scott Featured Giveaways Today… from Seams To Be Sew

I didn’t get a post created yesterday. I was so busy trying to finish up Sam and Sam for a release that I simply forgot to get the post written, so today I’ll do three of the giveaways and do another three tomorrow or Saturday… In the meantime, some silly chitchat on website stuff… I have now secured my site to an https address. Please check the address and see if it will open for you in an https environment. I want everyone to be able to view my blog, so it was a necessary change that I ...

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August 22, 2018
My Happy Place Row Along – Barbara Dieges, & Kimberbell Giveaways… from Seams To Be Sew

Just as quilters who use bloggers have their headaches sometimes with Blogger, WordPress users experience the same issues. WordPress decides to make a change that is so massive in its change it can and most likely will affect your entire site. Normally because of some plugins I use, my site runs a bit slow, but recently, WordPress has decided to change the editor system that we use to create our posts in. Suffice it to say, I am old and set in my ways and I do not like it… Heck, I didn’t even survive 2 minutes trying it ...

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August 20, 2018
My Happy Place Row Along – Northcott Fabrics & The Fat Quartershop Giveaways… from Seams To Be Sew

As many of you know, coming on September 4, 2018 just two weeks and a day away is the My Happy Place Row Along. The Row Along itself will be 4 years old, each year it has had a different theme, but the Row Along part of the name has continued to exist. Each year, giveaways from sponsors have been offered and both Northcott and The Fat Quartershop are just a few of the great companies who have given us great products every year of this row along. I do have some other news at the bottom of this post ...

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August 3, 2018
BIGGEST WOOL EVENT * BIG Prizes in our Annual "Quilt-On-A-Stick" Contest, New Basin Gear, Simply Scalloped Mats & More! from Buttermilk Basin Design Studio

Hello!  We have SEW many much to chat about today so let's get rolling!
Did you know we host the biggest wool event in the Midwest?  Our WOOLSTOCK Event it unlike no other!  We sold out so fast, we have added a second round!  For more info, visit our website!
I know we are all savoring the last days of summer, so we thought it was the perfect time to release the last design in our "Chalk it UP!" series of 12!  Our JUNE design a a keeper!  It is perfect for all you Happy Campers ...

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August 1, 2018
My Happy Place Row Along News… from Seams To Be Sew

So I know you must be wondering about what is happening with the Row Along. Well it’s right on track at this point, some fun things have been happening in the designer’s group we have for the row along and I’ve been seeing some amazing rows come to life for the row along this year… But I thought I’d tempt you with a little sneak peek of one of the perks of participating today and lets you in on the final list of participants for this year. Northcott Fabrics has kindly given fabric to the designers ...

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July 24, 2018
Christmas In July…. from Seams To Be Sew

Unfortunately, today I just don’t have a post, with not having the ability to go upstairs and sew I didn’t finish my project. Its all cut-out and ready to sew, but that’s as far as it got. Yesterday was reallllllly bad day for us, while I can at least walk now, I can’t get quite make it up the stairs, but I’m so happy, I see it coming at least. But that’s not the bad news… Hail hit Colorado Springs today and our basement got flooded by a broken window that blew out. You ...

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July 21, 2018
12 Days of Christmas… July 2018 from Seams To Be Sew

It’s a wonderful time of year. July is a good reminder for us all that we should get started on our Christmas sewing and quilting if you haven’t already. When I was single, I always waited to buy Christmas gifts till just right before Christmas, when I got married, I bought all year long, and now, I feel lucky if I get everyone covered, I’m really good at gift certificates now. This year tho, I am determined to create all my Christmas gifts for everyone. I have a new grand nephew/niece due next February and I ...

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July 2, 2018
Peek A Who?? 2018’s Halloween Event Of The Year… from Seams To Be Sew

Who? Who you say is going to step up to the challenge this year of participating in one of the most fun events of the year. I’ve gotta admit, this is the one event I look forward to all year, the excitement that comes with Halloween alone, the goblins, and ghouls, the ghosts, and the witches, with winter coming and then Christmas. From scary to joy all in a less than 60 days. Have you created something for Halloween that you’d like to show off?  This is the time you can do that. Whether your a blogger or ...

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June 29, 2018
Summer classes at The Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead from The Village Haberdashery

It’s summer at last! Why not make the most of the long days to learn a new skill in our bright and airy studio space in our West Hampstead shop! When the sun is shining we fling open the windows and it’s such a lovely place to be. We have classes to suit every level, interest and schedule.

West Hampstead Studio

We are also booking lots of parties and private classes for hens, birthdays and corporate team events this summer! If you’d like to book a special event just for your group of friends or colleagues, fill out our Private ...

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June 22, 2018
Kingsgate Workshops Open Studios Weekend is this weekend! from The Village Haberdashery

This is a great weekend to visit West Hampstead if you don’t already live here! Kingsgate Workshops are celebrating their 40th anniversary with an extra special edition of their Open Studios Weekend.

Back in 1978 in West Hampstead, a group of artists and small businesses gathered to take over and develop a derelict warehouse. Over the past four decades, Kingsgate Workshops has evolved into a thriving arts community housing over 75 artists, craftspeople, makers and designers. Alongside a packed programme of contemporary exhibitions in the Project Space, Kingsgate has supported generations of emerging artists with artist residencies.

Kingsgate Workshops Trust

The weekend ...

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June 19, 2018
Host your hen party or birthday at The Village Haberdashery! from The Village Haberdashery

We’ve had so much fun hosting private classes for hen parties and birthdays and we would love to host your next special event too! Our Classes & Studio section is full of info on the wide range of activities we offer, and we now have a special section just for hen parties and grown up birthdays. Browse a few of our ideas for your event here, download a pretty printable flyer here and submit an enquiry via our private party booking form here. Yay!

Hen Parties at The Village Haberdashery in London

We can accommodate groups of 6-20 and participants with all skill levels and packages start at ...

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June 15, 2018
Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Silver from Camelot Fabrics

June’s feature artist is Elizabeth Silver, the designer behind Amira, Game On and most recently Mod Blocks. Elizabeth’s style is always fun, always fresh, and always on trend. Read on to dive into her creative process! Camelot Fabrics – Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do! Elizabeth Silver – Hi! I’m Elizabeth- a

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June 11, 2018
Where Flowers Bloom Grows Today At Seams To Be Sew… from Seams To Be Sew

Today is a fun blog hop hosted by Carla at Creatin In The Sticks. The idea of this hop is that we should have a flower somewhere in our project… It can be in the fabric print itself, the pattern, the quilting, or maybe even a project shaped like a flower. When it comes to flowers, my favorite flower has always been Lilacs. I absolutely love the smell of lilacs, the pretty purple, pink and white colors I’ve seen them in and I love that they grow in a bush type shape.  I haven’t done lilacs for you ...

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June 8, 2018
Quilt Market Recap: Spring 2018 from Camelot Fabrics

in Portland, OR   What a trip! The show was full of inspiration, as always, and our heads are still spinning a bit. Before we lose that after-show-glow, here’s a quick recap of booth highlights from Portland.   Fresh Solids + Mixology in stock We showed our evergreen solids and blenders on mini header cards, each

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May 23, 2018
Free latch hook workshop on Saturday! from The Village Haberdashery

Guys, you know I’m obsessed with latch hook right now, right? Well I want to get you all in on the obsession with me! So we’re going to get all of our supplies out for you to play with for FREE in our West Hampstead shop on Saturday! We’ll show you how to use a latch hook and then let you loose with our yarn stash so you can create your own mini rug to take home. The event is open to  kids and adults of all ages and it’s super easy so you don’t ...

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May 22, 2018
Incredibly Amazing Quilts from Some of the Most Talented Machine Quilters from Quilter Chic

Inside: 2018 UQSM Virtual Quilt Show

I am not worthy! This is what goes through my head every year I attend the UQSM (formerly HMQS) quilt show. It is right in my backyard in Salt Lake City. I’ve gone since it started many years ago. It started out very small and now it is one of the premier quilt shows in the country.

The quilters that submit their quilts for this show are the best, and as usual I am wowed by their work. Enjoy this virtual tour! I was proud of myself that I took pictures of most ...

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